Losing weight could be one daunting battle. It might be easy to picture yourself flaunting your abs or your tiny waist, but it won’t happen overnight. After all, Rome wasn’t built in one day. To help you get into the game, here are the best 30-day weight loss challenge ideas.

Top 15 30-Day Challenge Ideas for Weight Loss

weight loss challenge

1.  Intermittent Fasting Challenge 

Intermittent fasting focuses on an eating pattern, cycling in between periods of fasting and eating. You’ll have to take on a fixed eating and fasting window to lose weight in this method. The 16/8 technique is the most popular IF method where you’ll have to eat your meals at noon and end your eating window by 8 pm for 30 days. 

2.    Track Your Macros Daily Challenge

You can also try to track your macros for 30 days to lose body fat/weight. Protein, fats, and carbs are essential nutrients that our bodies need for energy to maintain systems and structure. These components of food can make our bodies fit and healthy. 

3.    Count Your Calories Daily Challenge 

It is important to count your calorie intake for 30 days if you decide to try this weight loss challenge. To help you track your daily calories, you may use a calorie app. However, be wary of this challenge as you cannot totally cut your calorie. It may put your health at risk if you have a calorie deficit or binge eat. 

4.    DIY Meal Cooking Challenge 

If you want to have something fun while losing weight, you can try the DIY meal cooking challenge for 30 days. This meal cooking challenge will not only help you lose weight and sharpen your creativity in cooking various recipes/dishes. You can also control your food portion sizes and improve your lifestyle.  

5.    No Soda Challenge 

This may be one of the toughest challenges for those who enjoy drinking soda every after meals. Cutting out soda for your one-month weight loss challenge will reduce your daily caloric intake and sugar. Hence you may lose weight faster even without restricting your food intake. If there’s something you need to stop doing, it’s drinking soda for 30 days.  Drinking water and having more protein intake are better alternatives. You may also add this challenge to your teen’s weight loss plan

6.    Low Carb Challenge

This weight loss challenge for 30 days encourages people to lose weight by cutting carbohydrates intake. Take note that the keyword here is “cutting,” not totally removing it from your dietary needs. We suggest eating whole grain bread options and chicken instead of white bread. Eating high-protein meals with healthy fats is recommended to compensate for your low-carb diet.

7.    No Alcohol Challenge

Alcohol contains calories that may result in weight gain and lower your inhibitions. If this happened, it might lead to bad eating habits. Staying out of alcoholic beverages for a month will help you jump-start your weight loss challenge for 30 days. It could also result in more positive changes that could affect your body and mood.

8.    Eat A New Fruit/Vegetable Every Day Challenge 

This new weight loss challenge for 30 days is fun. You’ll get to binge eat a new fruit or vegetable for your everyday snack/food instead of munching cookies, any junk food, or other sweet treats. They could be a more delicious, more satisfying, and more energizing dinner for you. 

Most people fail to eat these healthy snacks because they think they aren’t as tasty. However, having different types of vegetables and fruits for your 30 days weight loss challenge is enough to change your mindset.

List the leafy greens/vegetables and fruits you eat daily to avoid repeating them.

eat fruit and veggies

9.    Walk/Jog Every Day Challenge 

This is the fun part. Brisk walking for about 30 minutes every day for a month is one of the best habits for people who find it hard to do strenuous exercises/workouts. Walking along the beach, basking in the sun, and breathing fresh air could be fun.  

Going for a 30-minute jog is a fun way to shed some weight and have a goodnight’s sleep. It will give you feel stronger for the challenge, better stamina to lose your fats, and healthier life. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle. Stay hydrated!

10. No Elevators Challenge 

This weight loss challenge is recommended for people who live in high buildings and use the elevator on a daily basis. If you happen to work on the fifth floor, you can also try the no elevator challenge. 

Instead of waiting for the elevator to take you to your destination, why don’t you try climbing those stairs every day for 30 days? Don’t focus on the leg spasms you’d feel; those are the calories burning away. This is an exercise that doesn’t sound like an exercise.

11. Weigh Yourself Daily Challenge

Sometimes, people forget to remember the very reason why they wanted to shed some weight. If there’s one thing you need to do, it is to measure your weight on a weighing scale every day to help you keep track of your weight loss program. It will help you gauge whether you’d been slacking off or you’ve been doing a really good job in losing some fats. One way to record your weight is by using an app. 

12. Planks Every Day Challenge

There had been a time wherein planks became a trending topic on social media. However, planks aren’t pranks. They are considered an excellent fat-burning exercise. If you’d plank each day for 30 days, you’ll surely see your physique shrinking in no time. Work your planks, and changes will surely come. Planking can also help if you want to lose an inch off your waist in a week

13. No Dessert Challenge

no dessert

Life without ice cream, cheesecakes, apple pies, and cookies for 30 days is way too horrible for some. However, a challenge wouldn’t be called a challenge if it was too easy to achieve.

In this weight loss challenge, you’ll get to cut your calories, sugar, and carbs without having excessive effort. It would also help if you’d list all the desserts you need to avoid. Drink lots of water, too.

14. No Fast Food Challenge 

Ditch that giant fast-food chain you’ve always gone to whenever you felt lazy to cook your lunch or dinner. The takeout foods may seem a great help in managing your time, but the grease they all got would make you feel bloated in the long run. 

So we suggest cooking yourself incredible food that would control the nutrients that go into your bodies. It would even let you save some money and even your life. The list of benefits you’ll get from this challenge will be really long.

15. Yoga Every Day Challenge 

Hop on your yoga mat and burn your fats while making your mind at ease in your every sleep. The yoga everyday challenge is an affordable challenge that will give you fast results in losing weight. There are many Yoga courses found on the internet that could help you start your one-month weight loss journey. Don’t forget to drink your water.

How Will These Challenges Help Me? 

These challenges will help you lose body weight, manage your time, strengthen your body and improve your overall health. These steps could also serve as your motivation in your one-month weight loss journey. They will also give you accountability, faster results, self-control, and confidence.

Tips to Successfully Complete Your 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge


Set a Realistic Goal 

It is always best to set a realistic goal to achieve it. Don’t set weight loss goals that are impossible to be attained because, in the end, it may only frustrate you. For example, decide how much weight you are willing to lose. After doing so, find time to check whether you have attained your objective. We also encourage you to read positive weight loss affirmations.  

Generally, to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, you need to burn 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume each day through a lower calorie diet and regular physical activity. Depending on your weight, 5% of your current weight may be a realistic goal, at least for an initial goal. [1

Prepare Yourself

Things like preparing yourself physically and mentally before doing any weight loss challenges are essential. Some things like obstacles require profound willpower and patience to achieve your goals.  

Feed your mindset with an ideology that could help you realize the importance of losing weight. We suggest deserting your bad eating habits and start to plan an exercise on how to keep your physique energized. Gratitude will come next if you’d do all of these to improve your lifestyle. 

Track Your Progress 

It would help if you were accountable for whatever things you have decided to take. We recommend buying a notebook or a diet journal. This is where you will enter all the necessary information about your weight loss challenge. 

Tracking your progress in a journal will also encourage you to go beyond your initial target, if possible. You may also use some apps found on the internet as your journal to track your progress easier.

Summing Up Your 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge Ideas 

It may be harder to choose if there are many options to choose from. Deciding what challenge/exercise would work or wouldn’t work for you should be on your priority list before doing the things listed above. Identify the factors that need to be considered before choosing a 3-day weight loss challenge idea.  

However, if you still find it hard to choose which challenge will suit you best, finding a professional coach could be a better option. Sign up to Warrior Babe to find the best coach to guide you in achieving that best version of yourself. Don’t waste your time trying out all of the challenges you found without knowing the basics. It won’t let you move forward. There are certain things that only pros could provide.

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