Top 3 Most Common Dieting Mistakes

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Jan 1st, 2020

3 Myths About Dieting That Are Holding You Back & How To Avoid Them...

Very common advice is often very misleading, because what is common are poor results..

1. Calories are good to go by.

Most women think...

"if I just eat less than 1200 calories I should get toned right.."


Without considering the macros you are dusted.

2. You have to eliminate carbs.

Carbs are muscles best friends.

If you want to get toned, and have a sustainable diet you are going to be eating carbs.

And yes the best bodies in the world are built with carbs.

3. You have to eat very little.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

90% of the women who are attracted to me (ones who want to get toned)

Come to me under eating.

Once I show them how to eat more properly.

Their metabolisms fire, their muscles grow, fat melts, and their bodies just love them.

If you want to build a body that commands respect.

And back it up with a lifestyle and mental that deserves respect.

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