WarriorBabe Tonya Stiles (Can Learn If Advanced)

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WarriorBabe Tonya Stiles (Can Learn If Advanced)

Hey everyone. My name is Tonya. I am 43 years old and I just want to take a few minutes before I head into the gym to tell you how much I appreciate becoming part of the WarriorBabes Blueprint Program. I'm 43 years old. I have four kids, two of them are still at home. The oldest is actually in the Navy and stationed in Maryland and then we have an 18 year old that's getting ready to graduate and go off to college and then a 12 and eight year old still at home. So busy mom. I work outside the home as an insurance agent, selling employee benefits to employer groups and I would consider that I was a little bit advanced when it came to the macros. I've been tracking on before. I've done a fitness competition about a year ago, but the information I got from this program was unbelievable.

I actually had not even taken into consideration my macro's pre and post workout. So once I started doing that, it made a huge difference. Also tracking different things and different energy levels throughout the course of a month, being a female, made a huge difference. Being 43, realizing I may be going through some hormonal changes, made a huge difference.

So I stumbled upon the program on Instagram one night when I couldn't sleep. I listened to the videos and I was hooked. Called, got the programs, started listening right away. I still go back and I listen to the modules and I get something from them, every single time. I printed off the job aides that came with each module. I make notes, I go back and review them whenever I'm struggling, and it's just really invaluable information that I couldn't be where I am now.

I've put on about 10 pounds since the end of my competition but I'm at the same body fat. So I just started the cut phase after doing the muscle building phase, and I'm really hoping that at the end of this, it'll be showing me all of the muscle that I put on during that initial trial. So definitely encourage everybody to give it a try.

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