Having tried ALMOST all the diet plans out there but still not satisfied with the results is frustrating. Losing weight isn’t just about counting the number of calories per day. You also have to track your macronutrients that your body needs to be healthy and fit. But how do I calculate my macros to lose weight as a female?

5 Steps to Calculate Your Macros  

Here are five steps to calculate your macros when you don’t have a macro calculator:

macros calculator

Determine Your BMR

If you don’t have a calculator, it would be best to determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) or total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). You can follow the Harris-Benedict equation for women (metric) to find your BMR: BMR = 655 + (9.563 × weight in kg) + (1.850 × height in cm) – (4.676 × age in years).

Determine Your Activity Level 

To do this, you need to find out your exact macro ratio based on your activities per day. Here are the different activity levels:

  • Little to no exercise (Like a sedentary desk job): 1.2
  • Light exercise (A few strength training): 1.375
  • Moderate exercise (3-5 times per week): 1.55
  • Heavy exercise (More than 6-7 times per week): 1.725

Afterward, multiply your BMR with your average activity level. 

Select Your Macro Split 

You need to split your micronutrients into protein, carbohydrates, and body fat for your meal prep choices per day. If you want to stay lean and gain muscle, we suggest that you make your protein at least 40%, your carbs to 30%, and fat to be 30% to lessen your calories per gram. However, your macro split may still differ depending on your fitness goals.  

Determine How Much Macro You Need? 

Next, you need to determine the macronutrient numbers that you need. Your body’s macro needs are never equal. If you want to determine how many grams per meal you need to eat, multiply 0.4 grams per calorie to get your target protein and 0.3 grams per fat and carbohydrates. 

A gram of protein and carbohydrates provides your body with four calories of energy. In comparison, you’ll get nine calories for every gram of fats. Also, it is best to learn how to calculate your calories.

Make A Plan 

For the last step, a detailed plan to hit your target macro is recommended. You can make a plan of all the foods you want to eat while determining how much protein, fat, calories, and carbohydrates to reduce your body weight. It is also best to stick to your daily meal prep plans so you’d never go off track. If you are overweight, you may also try the Lean Mass Formula.

But as a woman, how many carbs do you need daily to lose weight?

What are Macros?

Macronutrients or macros are molecules our bodies need in large amounts to survive. According to MD Anderson Wellness Dietitian Lindsey Wohlford, a macro is a nutritious meal component that our bodies need for energy to maintain structure and systems. 

There are three macronutrients: protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Despite what many people claim about cutting off carbs and fats for your weight loss program, you actually need all three to stay fit and healthy. In fact, cutting out any of these might put you at risk for nutrient deficiencies and illness.  

Counting your macro also gives many advantages like losing fat, achieving weight gain, or maintaining your current body weight. It would depend on how many or how little your body burns every day.

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How Many Macros Should I eat?

According to the federal dietary recommendations, it is suggested that people need to have at least 45 to 60 percent carbohydrates and 20 to 35 percent of fats. Since every man or woman differs from their height, weight, and age, their preferable macronutrient intake also differs. 

Carbs are the body’s main fuel source, and it’s the easiest macro that converts from food to energy. Protein and fat are more complex than carbs, and they take longer to get absorbed, too—proteins composed of amino acids, which our bodies also need.

Always remember that your macronutrient ratio must depend on your health condition, fitness goal, and how your body responds to particular foods. When trying to lose weight, you may opt for a low-carb or high protein plan, depending on how your body takes the process and your goals.

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Why Should I Do Macro Counting?

Macro counting helps you understand where those daily calories are coming from and how they can affect your body. It also allows you to understand that not all calorie amounts are created equal. [1]

Counting the grams of carbs, proteins, or body fat percentage you’re consuming may help you track your macro. Tracking macros is somewhat similar to counting calories per gram or point. Any information may also help you make smarter and healthier meal prep choices. 

What is a Macro Calculator?

macro calculator

A macro calculator is a flexible dieting tool developed to be the most comprehensive fitness calculator for people following a certain diet like the IIFYM or “If It Fits Your Macros.” This dieting tool gives accurate macro calculation that takes the guesswork out of dieting, like tracking your daily calorie amount. Just enter your details, select your macronutrient goal and retrieve your macro.  

Tracking macros may sound simple and easy. However, most people might think it is more complicated, so a macro calculator is suggested.

Well, logging information on your every bite and computing calories in your macro calculator can indeed be time-consuming. Still, if tracking macros would give you a healthier body, it should be worth your goals

Measuring Macros to Lose Weight As A Woman  

Measuring your macro ratio is an excellent way to lose or gain weight. With this method, you can still eat foods without depriving proper nutrients for your body. With macronutrients under your control, you won’t need to cheat your diet by sneaking in a cookie because you can eat cookies once in a while. You can choose your flexible eating habits and calorie intake. 

When counting your macro, there’s no such thing called as “cheat” food. Macronutrient counting can also help you maintain lean muscle mass while keeping your human diet satisfied. It also helps facilitate fat loss and build muscle. 

If you want to learn more about this flexible dieting or the IIFYM, make sure to find a professional hand. Try signing up to Warrior Babe, your ultimate guide to having that healthier body weight you have always aimed for. Who knows, you might also find more ways to shred your weight.

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