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How To Build Your Own Build Workout Program

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This training goes through the exact steps you need to follow in order to consistently build up muscular strength in every area of your body you want.

There are a lot of “unsexy” tables and calculations in here … but it’s the stuff that’s going to help you see actual improvements to your muscle tone. (And if you’re a numbers girl, more power to ya!)

Here’s what you’ll find in the video:

  • The total number of exercises you should do to maximize your strength gains (if you work out too much, you could improve your endurance but end up losing muscle)…
  • How to find the heaviest weight you can safely press and build your entire workout around this…
  • How much you should lift during each set — and how long you should rest in between them…
  • A “follow along” 2 block workout program you implement right away and stick with for 10 weeks (so you can get started while you build out your full personalized workout plan)…

And a whole bunch more material.

It also reveals a cheat sheet on how to design workouts that strengthen specific muscle groups (and how to vary them month by month for the best possible results — they should change every 5 weeks).

If you have any uncertainty around how to design your workouts (especially for building muscle), you definitely want to watch this.

And if you’re ready to take it a step further and have someone guide you through building a program that you can stick to, click below to apply for a private strategy call with my team and we’ll help you through the process you don’t have to do it alone.


Get Toned And Change Your Body Composition

Gain proven processes, eliminate all confusion around diet and exercise, join a community of badass women, and achieve the toned body of your dreams.


What’s up babe, Nikkiey here. And with this module, we are going to discuss how to build your own WarriorBabe build workout program. So if your specific goal is to maintain and build this is a programming that you want to follow. So what we’re gonna cover today is just a brief overview of the bill of programming. And then we’re gonna deep dive into the key fundamentals behind building the actual workout. So choosing your focal points and then programming the workload and then beneath this video is a 10 week WarriorBabe build workout program that I have built for you to be able to implement right away. But I expect from you to look at this three month or 10 week program as a study guide on top of reviewing this module again and understanding the key fundamentals behind building your own WarriorBabe build workout program. And then I’m also going to discuss and show you a template that I’ve put together on how to build your own warriorBabe build program. So let’s first discuss the overview of the bill of programming. So this specific program increases strength. It is the growth of the muscle tissue. That is what changes your body composition and makes you look more of that. Like athletic built, toned figure gives you more of that figure, this type of programming. It focuses on personal and individual strength. And your percentages based off of your max is to ensure that you are putting your body in the perfect environments to build lean muscle tissue. Okay, so let’s dive into the key fundamentals behind building this specific programming for yourself. Before I deep dive into this with you I want you to take out a notepad and take some notes. And if you haven’t already listened to the workout terminology, one-on-one a module. I do recommend that you go back and listen to that because I’m gonna use verbiage and language that I explained inside of that module moving forward. And then I also expect you to always come back to this module. Once you are complete, completed with a 10 week programming that I’m giving you come back to this module and you will just follow the steps I’m going to discuss with you right now, and you’ll know exactly how to build your own programming after you’re finished with the programming that I’ve given you. All right? And then with the steps that I’m going to discuss with you right now, I’m also going to be showing you visuals so that you understand what I’m explaining here. And these visuals are available for you in the downloadable section to be able to also print out download and print out and add to your arsenal of all the action items that you have here inside this program. So let’s first discuss choosing your focal points. So the first step that you are going to take when you’re building your own programming is honing in on the specific muscle groups that you want to be focusing on. So I personally recommend a five-day training split for this type of specific training. And three of those five days are always going to be compound focus lifts. And then the other two days are going to be accessory muscle groups, lifts that you want to personally focus on. So visual example here this is the 10 week program that I have made for you. This is block one. So this is five weeks. This is week one of the five weeks. So you can see here that Monday through Friday or a day one through day five whatever you want to name it, you’ve got the bench press. You’ve got chest you’ve got deadlifts and you’ve got squats. Those are your three main compound lifts. And then you’ve got the two accessory days. All right? So you’ve got shoulders and triceps. You’ve got rows and biceps. You can make these days whatever you want them to be when it comes to building your own programming and another cheat sheet that is available for you below this video is a split muscle group cheat sheet. So you can follow, you can by following the muscle groups and working out muscle groups, you will understand that these guys are complimentary when they’re work together. Meaning that while you are working, one muscle group in additional muscle group is being fatigued too as well naturally. And so these small muscle groups are called your accessory muscles. And these are really good accessory groupings that go well together, right last and biceps shoulders and biceps, lots and chest back and biceps. So you can just pull from this cheat sheet what you want your accessory days to look like. Or if you personally, wanna work on developing your shoulders inside of this programming or you wanna focus on building up your glutes a little bit more or you wanna focus on building your back. There is also this cheat sheet that is available for you below this video to print out a specific muscle muscle focus. So let’s say you do want to build up your shoulders while you can chew and end glutes. You can hit on, you know you’ll have your three compound days. Well that one accessory day could be shoulders and glutes. And then your second accessory day could just be shoulders. Okay or if you’re somebody who wants to be focusing on your back, well, you could have three compound days and your accessory days could be lats and biceps and then Rose and triceps. So, and the same goes for legs and glutes which you’re going to be hitting your legs already dead lifts and squats. So I don’t know that you want to really add in another accessory a day focusing on legs but you could definitely add in like a back and glute day or like an arm and glute day or shoulders and glute days into those accessory days. So this is really cool cause it’s really personalized to you. So that’s with the first step you’re gonna be choosing your what group what muscle groups you wanna focus on outside of the compound lifts. And then the second step is is putting in the total amount of exercises. So on your compound lifts days those will consist of your compound lifts, right? So you’ll have your compound lifts and then you’re gonna have two accessory super sets. So here’s an example. You’ve got your compound lifts. Here’s a better example with percentages which we’ll talk about in a second You got your compound lift and then you’ve got the two supersets. And then your accessory lift days focus on specific muscle groups that you personally want to build. Those consists of four supersets with eight different exercises. Okay? So here’s an example. You got shoulders. This is an example from the time we split that I’m giving you, I’ve Got shoulders and triceps and you’ve got four super sets and you’ve got eight different exercises inside. Now this is, this is just a little tip for you guys. But when you’re, when you’re focusing on two different groups here, or even like biceps and triceps or rows and biceps, four of those eight exercises are gonna be shoulder exercises. Four of those eight exercises are gonna be tricep exercises. And I explained that here too as well. Now when it comes to what exercises do you want to fill in? There is an entire cheat sheet of all of the different exercises you could imagine for hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, triceps, calves, back chest biceps, everything that you could imagine. And it’s even broken down for you. Compound exercises and isolation exercises per each group here. Now, not only are there gyms Focused exercises here, there are also home focus exercises. So if you have dumbbells or body weight, or a band or a barbell, you are able to look at this exercise list and choose what equipment that you have and put it into your Programming. All right. So I’ve specifically discussed the first two steps, right? Just figuring out your muscle group focus. And then you’re putting in the amount of exercises that you want to be focusing on. And then you’re gonna use that exercise, cheat cheat sheet to fill in those exercises. Now listen up loud and clear. Once you’ve established that you’re gonna be testing for your one max rep. This is a common way to find out the heaviest way that you can once for the key compound lifts, that being squat, dead lifts and bench press, then you’ll build your exercise programming around this weight. So it’s really personalized to you. You’re gonna figure out what is your one max rep in each one of these lifts. And then you’re gonna build your exercise programming around this way to ensure that you are challenging yourself to build muscle effectively. So I’m gonna show you how you will test for you on max reps and figure out that specific weight. And then I’m also gonna show you how you would programming your percentages based off of that one max rep weight. So let’s first talk about testing for that one max rep. So it’s already programmed for you. You literally just have to follow it. It’s programmed for you in the 10 week program that I built for you. And it’s also in the templates that I’m giving you as well. So you just literally wanna follow the week. Week one of your block will always focus on you retesting for your maxes to see where you’re at. So you’re gonna have it here in chest for bench, press, dead lifts and squats. You can see it right here. You’re just gonna follow these steps. So gradually, like you’re gonna first start off with like lightweight, warming up. And then you’re just gonna gradually keep adding weight until you feel like you can’t push weight anymore. And once you get to that one, when you’re gonna go for your one, max, I highly recommend you speak up, right? It’s one of our principles, speak up and ask for a spotter so that, you know, you can do you can be at your personal best. You can know damn I did it right, but you, you want and you may want to have a spotter when you’re hitting this one max rep. So speak up and make sure that you are still establishing really good forum when you’re going for your max rep. So if you want to take a video of you, you you doing your one max rep and share with the Facebook group, do it. Cause I highly recommend that because you know you gonna, you’re gonna get some people to chime in and be like, ah, that was really good Forum. Or I would Probably lower your weight and focus on a lighter way to hit for that while max rep so that you’re you’re doing it effectively and smart. All right. So this is already done for you testing your one max reps here first week of your book. All right. So before I dive into talking about programming your percentages just really quick, I want you to understand that you want to change you it’s recommended to change your workouts and to retest for your maxes every five weeks. So you’ll be testing for your maxes. Basically, either you either way you look at it and you have to either at the end of your block or the start of your block, I like to say, it’s the start of your blog. The first week of your new blog is when you’re testing for your new Max’s, this is what will create the most challenge and confusion for your muscles to constantly be growing. Okay? So take out your notebooks. If you don’t already have them, I expect you to already have them, but now we’re going to be talking about how you’re gonna be programming your percentages based off of that weight that you’re going to be figuring out. Right? And once you do figure out this weight, like I highly recommend when you have your one max rep, you write it down write it down somewhere cause you’re going to need this weight to figure out your percentage All right? So your, this, this is this, this This is based off your one max representatives, which is key for breaking down and building muscle tissue. So I’ve already programmed your percentages in for you. Like, you’ll see right here, it’s already programmed in for you. Here we go 65, 75, 85. They range from like 60 all the way up to like 85, somewhere or 50 all the way up to like 95. Okay so it’s already this the pro the percentages are already programmed for you. What you have to figure Out is you need to determine that the weights that you’re gonna what that percentage looks like, like in weight for you with calculation. So I’m gonna show you some examples right now. So jot down this, this is just an example is what you’re going to get my concept here. So let’s say you can squat one 35. That’s your one max rep. Let’s say that on the day, this first day, you’re gonna be doing 65% of that one max rep, which is you’re going to be six, doing 65% of that 135. So you would type, you would dial in 135 times .65. And this one Would always be whatever percentage you’re focusing on that day. So that gets you 87. You know, I would route it to like 88 that would get you to that. 88 pounds is 65% of your one max rep. So then I would like jot that down right here whatever that is, you would, you would want to jot it down right next to it. So you know what weight you’re going to be putting on inside of your workouts. Okay. Now let’s do another example. Let’s say you’re doing Like 185 for deadlifts and you’ve got to hit a 60% or less. Let’s do 85%. You got to hit 85% of your one max rep here. So you would do 185 is your one max rep times .85 equals 157. So that would be 157 is 85% of your one max rep. So when you find that, when you’re doing 85% you will just want to jot down that weight right next to it. This is how it’s really personalized to you. Your you have your unique, whatever you can hate for your one max rep and then your percentages are unique to whatever that one max rep is for you. You just have that’s the only thing you have to determine. I’ve already programmed the percentages in for you. You just have to determine that percentage of calculations based off of your one max rep. So that’s a four step. Now the fifth step is programming your reps and your sets. So within this five-week training block your reps and your sets will change, but let’s see now It’s already done for you but I want you still to understand this concept. So the compound lifts consists of five sets right here. You’ll see that these equal up to five sets with a two to 25 rep range. So you can see like all the rep ranges change here. It’s already done for you, but just understand. And the accessory lifts, they consist of three sets of 10 reps. So you’ll notice that there’s some higher reps with that go with a lower percentage, right? Cause that’s less weight and you’re doing higher repetitions. And then there’s some lower reps that go with a higher weight percentage. So again, this is already done for you. You just need to follow it. You just need to figure out the percentages based off of your one max rep. The last thing here is programming your rest periods. So your compound lifts, these guys require 60 to 90 seconds rest in between your sets. This helps to maintain performance from set to set and for you to regain strength from set to set your accessory lifts. These guys, anything with a super set is going to require a 30 to 45 second rest period. Right? So keep that tension on that muscle and to keep your heart rate high. Now I have just talked about every single step that you need to complete when it comes to building your own blocks and your own build workout programming. So I would personally recommend whenever you come up when you’re done with the programming that I’ve built for you, you come back to this module and you relisten to these steps again, so that you understand exactly what how you should be building your own. All right? So beneath this video is that 10 week for your babe build workout program that I’ve already made for you. But I want you to look at it as a study guide on top of following this module and on top of listening to the fundamentals of building your own workout program but a lot of it’s already done for you. You just need to test for your maxes and then you wanna jot down your weights and then you just need to do the simple calculations that I’ve already walked you through. And then this is a template that is beneath this video that you would just, I just recommend printing it out. And then when you are building your own after you’ve completed, the time we program I made for you you know, this is something that you would just fill in the blanks, right? As you’re listening to the steps, just literally pull this out and fill in the blanks and use your cheat sheet. So available below this video is all of the cheat sheets that I talked about here inside of this module. So you’ve got the split muscle group cheat sheet which is the entire cheat sheet for you to understand which muscle groups are complimentary when they’re work together and how to implement those in. And then you’ve got the specific muscle focus, cheat sheet. So if you wanna make it, you know if you personally wanna focus on specific muscle groups and just follow that cheat sheet and then you’ve got the exercise cheat sheet too, as well it’s an entire resource. It’s broken down to each muscle group for you to refer to when you’re building your own program. And then you’ve got the 10 week WarriorBabe build workout program that I built for you to follow along to block workout program for you to implement right away. But I expect you to use it as a study guide so that you understand how to build your own. And then there’s that template which is an empty template filled in with some artists done for you steps, but there is a step-by-step on how to build your own workout programming moving forward after you’re done with the 10 week program. So these are all available for you below this module. And then I do, I just highly recommend that you come back and you listen to this module when you’re ready to build your own.