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If Your Goal Is To Tone & Shape

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This is actually a module from our premium course, the WarriorBabe Blueprint — normally, you’d have to buy the entire course to see this video … but I know it’s going to be so valuable to women who are struggling right now, so I’m giving you a peek into the program entirely for free!

If you want to get rid of the ‘fluff’ and know you already have some muscle hiding underneath it — this training will help you melt off that outer layer.

Or if you have any flabby or saggy areas and want to tone them specifically — this will help you do that.

But the only way you can start is by knowing your body type.

There are 6 possibilities in total … and I included the exact questions you need to answer in order to know which one you fall into.

Once you know that, you have the foundation for calculating your macros. If you try calculating them without knowing your body type, you’ll end up eating for someone else’s body … and it will be nearly impossible for you to see any meaningful results.

I include a quiz with all the questions toward the end of the video — but I tell you exactly what these body types mean, so don’t skip ahead!

If you’re ready to learn more about the WarriorBabe Blueprint, you can send in an application and we’ll see if my team’s the right fit to help you.


Get Toned And Change Your Body Composition

Gain proven processes, eliminate all confusion around diet and exercise, join a community of badass women, and achieve the toned body of your dreams.


Here we are for the tone and shape goal. So who is this goal not for? So this goal is not for somebody who is lacking in muscle structure. Meaning, if you have a small frame, you’re skinny, and you lack a bit of muscle structure, this goal is not for you. If you are not looking to lose weight, if you are looking to maintain your weight and build more muscle first, then this goal is not for you. Who this goal is for is those who want to decrease the fluff, decrease the fat, lose some weight, reveal some of the muscle tone that they got underneath of it. You’ve got some muscle structure but it’s just hiding beneath the fluff in the fat and you wanna show more of it. And guys, if you are overweight, you focus on this goal. And in the process of losing the weight you are going to put on some muscle as well. So it’s like a two for one. You’re gonna lose weight and then when you decrease the weight you’re building muscle in the process and you’re gonna see that shape start to come to life. This is also for the women that have flabby arms, thick thighs, saggy booty and you wanna tone and work on those areas. This goal is for you. Mainly overall tone and shape as somebody who wants to lose the weight even if you are overweight. And if you have some muscle structure underneath of the fluff, this is what you want to focus on, toning and shaping, bringing that muscle structure back to life. So inside of this module we are going to talk about these main topics, failing forward, consistency, planning ahead. Guys, don’t just fast forward through these. Listen to me as I talk about each one of these topics. Drill them home now. And then at the end of this is when we’re going to go through operation macros and personalizing your macros for your goal. Failing forward, let’s talk about this first. Look, let me be brutally freaking honest with you right now, you are gonna fail multiple freaking times. Guys, I failed so many freaking times but that’s why I am where I am now. And I’m gonna share with you why? So guys, just accept this right freaking out. Accept it right now you are going to fail multiple freaking times. Now, a better way to look at failure is not that you failed, it’s not that you fucked up, there’s no need to get frustrated with yourself. You just learned what not to do the next time. So failing, actually equals success. You learn what not to do the next time. Once you fail, once you mess up, you didn’t track right, and you ate off course one day, you ate off course one week, and the most important thing that you can do is to forgive yourself and then the next day you get right back to it. Guys, the next day, don’t keep dwelling on how yesterday you messed up and oh, I’m drowning myself victim mentality and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. ‘Cause that will just turn into a downward spiral of multiple days, weeks and then you’re gonna find yourself two months in. You’re like, “Oh shit. All because I messed up on one day, or two days, or three days, I ended up by myself here. Two months later and I’m now still trying to get results.” Now look, listen, if you do this over and over and over again, that means that you truly didn’t learn from the first time that you fucked up and that’s on you. The only way that the current stops, the only way that you stop fucking up is within your control. You feel the pain of you messing up. Why would you wanna continue that? So learn moving forward, fail forward. It’s all in your control. Consistency guys, consistency, consistency, consistency. It is the name of the game. The name of the game towards any goal that you’re working to accomplish. Staying consistent helps your body adapt and generate results quickly. Listen, someone who starts stops. Oh excuses, oh off track. Start, stops to excuses, off track, starts. Guys, it will take them four months to start seeing the results. How do I know this? I have dealt with women who are just like this. And if you are just like this, don’t be this person. There’s two types of person, there’s people that make excuses and there’s people that make shit happen. The ones that are making the excuses are gonna take four months to figure out their own shit and then it’s gonna be four months until they start seeing the results. Someone who starts, overcomes this resistance, says no in support of their goals, which I’ll talk about this in lesson four of goal setting, somebody who continues on controls and stays consistent. Someone who is the warrior in themselves. That didn’t take that person two to three weeks to get their starting results. So guys, there’s two types of people like I said, which one are you going to be inside of this course? Are you gonna be the excuse maker or are you gonna be the action taker? Are you gonna be the one that make shit happen? ‘Cause I’ll tell you there’s two drastic results that you’re gonna see what those. Consistency freaking matters. Start developing your consistency muscle now. Start working towards it every single day and it will get stronger and stronger and stronger. Planning, if you fail to plan, plan to fail guys. Write that down. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Meal prepping, pre-planning your meals ahead of time is going to help you win big and stay consistent. I will tell you the number one failure that I see in women with macros especially when they start off, they use the excuse I don’t have enough time. And then they wake up the next day, they log their breakfast and then as they go about their day they start logging lunch, and then they start logging dinner and by the end of the day, they still have 40 grams of protein and 100 grams of carbs and 60 grams of fats. And then their day is pretty much shot. Guys, don’t be that person. Take the time because let me tell you, that has caused a lot of frustration when people lose track as they go. Take the time for yourself at night or first thing in the morning to structure your macros. Now I wanna talk about this inside of the implementation side of things. You’re gonna know exactly how to do this. But I wanted to just drill it home right now that planning ahead is going to be the absolute game changer. Second to consistency and second to learning that failure is success. Planning ahead is going to help you far succeed the goals that you’re trying to accomplish. Take the time for yourself. You deserve it to plan your nights, plan your day the night before, or sit down in the morning, first thing, plan day, structuring your macros. This is where like the call it the 10 by 10 method. Literally, at first, it’s gonna take you a bit to get down the macro game, it’s gonna take you a bit to play around in MyFitnessPal, to learn quantity, quality all this kind of stuff that I’m gonna talk about inside implementation in less than two. But once you do get it down, the ones who do show up and do this every single day, more repetitive basis, it just gets easier, and easier, and easier, and easier. At first, it’s gonna be you take the time to get used to it and then over time it’s just gonna get simple, simple, easy, easy. Just like it is to brush your teeth every single night. So it takes 10 minutes to program your macros inside of whatever macro fitness tracker you’re using. I use MyFitnessPal. I’ll get to that and decide the implementation side of things. But 10 minutes to program your macros, 10 minutes to prepare. This will save you 30 minutes of trying to figure out what to eat. And two days wishing that you didn’t eat off track. Did you guys hear me say that? 10 minutes to program your meals and macro. Program your macros out inside of the fitness tracker, I use MyFitnessPal, 10 minutes to prepare that in your meals, inside it like top of where it’s gonna save you 30 minutes trying to figure what the fuck you should eat and two days of wishing that you didn’t go off track because you couldn’t figure out what you wanted to eat or you were tracking as you went. Mark my words on that one, guys. Okay, operation macros. This is the exciting part I’m so stoked. So there’s three steps in doing this operation macros. To start building the beautiful body, getting you more confident and become a stronger version of yourself. Step one is learning your specific, unique body type. This is what makes this macro accelerator course completely different than anything that is out there. It is personalized specifically to you, your stats but also to your body type because not everybody is the same. Step two, is you’re gonna take the body type quiz to figure out exactly what your body type is. And then step three, that’s where you’re gonna develop your personal macros for your biotype and the goals that you were here to accomplish. So step one, just the broad overview of the three specific body types. The first one is ectomorph, small frame, usually known as skinny fat. Mesomorph are athletic. They’ve got the broad cap, nice shoulders. They’ve got like that athletic look to theirselves. And endomorphs are that round body and they’re known as being like short and stocky. They’re known as being like the big girls, like the big bone girls. That’s the endomorph side of things. And before I go any further, everybody’s body type is perfect. Love yourself no matter where you are at your journey you are making yourself better. You’re already good, now you’re making yourself great. Everybody body type is perfect but there are unique styles to our bodies and everybody’s body is different. Let’s talk about the ectomorphs first. So these guys are generally thin and lean. They have slender waists, very narrow hips and shoulders. Like their hips and shoulders are in a line. They got small joints, they got long legs and very long arms. These guys are slim without much body fat or more noticeable muscle mass. These guys should not be focusing on toning and shaping. These guys are the ones that wanna maintain and build. They’ve got a very fast metabolism. I have a VIP warrior babe, who is this body type and is eating 350 grams of carbohydrates and two reveals a week where she has 400 grams of carbs. These body types have a very, very, very fast metabolism. They burn calories quickly. Like they need to eat. And regardless of what and how often, or how much they eat, they don’t gain weight or muscle very easily. That’s why like these guys you have to eat. So the mesomorphs. The mesomorphs, this is what I am, naturally muscular, moderate size frames with wider shoulders and narrow waist, very strong arms, strong legs, modest amount of body fat. These guys seem to build muscle easily. Require like a higher macro intake. They’re able to lose and or gain weight pretty freaking easily. I didn’t go through the examples of the ectomorphs. There’s the examples of the ectomorphs, the supermodel Gisele, and then Cameron Diaz. And then mesomorphs has Madonna and Serena Williams. So guys like, start thinking like, Hmm which am I? Which one do I look like? If my body resemble? Like start kind of getting a grasp on that before you take the actual quiz for yourself. And then there’s the beautiful endomorphs. These guys had a larger bone structure. Like I said, like the big girls the ones that like got some muscle to them but they have a larger bone structure, narrow hips. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, narrow shoulders, wider hips. Their hips are wider than their shoulders. They’re pear-shaped, curvaceous and full figured with higher amounts of body fat. They carry any excess weight usually in their lower abdomen, their hips and their thighs. I’m sure a lot of you guys probably like ding, ding, ding that’s me. Challenging for them to lose weight but with the right approach, it can be done. And with the approach here that I am going to share with you, it can be done. How do I know? It’s helped thousands of women a lot of them being endomorphs. Examples are Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. So some of you guys, as I’m going through this maybe like, “Hm, I resemble kind of a mesomorph but I also have like the lower half issue going on.” I’m sure you’re like Nikkiey, yes. So with that being said, there is such thing as a hybrid body type. You could be a hybrid body type. I tend to mix between a meso and an endo. Whenever I start putting on some weight or building it all goes in my lower half. So there’s ecto-mesomorphs. These guys are increasingly common in the athletic world. They’re very aesthetically pleasing and appealing. They have the fitness model look. Like an ecto-mesomorph as a perfect example is Michael Phelps, perfect example. Often muscular with a V-shaped torso, lean and agile with strong looking, but not bulky arms and legs. Then you’ve got the meso-endomorphs. Thick arms and legs, boxy chest midsection. This type looks powerful. These are like many powerlifters and contact sport people in rugby and football. And like I said, like the women, you guys may resemble these meso-endomorph, where you’ve got like a nice upper body, but it’s like the lower body that’s such a pain in the ass when it comes to losing a decreasing body fat and like shaping it. I am that one so I can feel you babes. So, and then there’s ecto-endomorphs. Usually, this one’s commonly becoming more well-known. It’s usually behaviorally acquired body type. And why I say it’s becoming more commonly well-known is because so many of us go through these fucking fat programs and destroy the inner metabolism. And then this resembles this type of body type. And it’s usually behavior required. It’s because you might’ve lost your way in terms of diet and physical activity for so long that the hormonal system has just gone off course. So this is somebody who is really like an ectomorph underneath but just added significant body fat. And it’s from poor eating habits, being sedentary way for way too long, or a combination of both. So these guys have like longer limbs and smaller bone structure, but like the rounder softer midsections, flabby upper arms legs and it’s just from like sheer neglect. But this one is just like the diet induced body type I’m gonna call it. There we go, this is brand new it just came up with a diet induced body type. It’s not your fault babes, we’re here to fix it. So, those are the hybrid body types. So, start to think, “Huh I may be one of these guys.” Now we’re gonna drill it home. Step two is you’re gonna take the body type quiz. That is linked to below this module inside the action items section. So, and I’m gonna run through it with you in just a second. I’m gonna show you exactly what the quiz looks like. And then step three, once you are done completing the quiz, this is where you’re going to develop your personal macros. It’s gonna lead you to a calculator to type in your stats, your age, your height, and your weight. And it’s gonna pump out exactly the macronutrients that you have to follow for the goal that you are here and working towards. So step one, we discussed the body types kind of get an idea hm I maybe this one. Now let’s actually go find out which body type you are by taking the body type quiz. And then, we will develop your personal macros. Let’s do it, babe. I’ll see you inside the body type quiz. Here we are inside the WarriorBabe body type quiz. Guys, this is again below this module video in the downloadable section where the action items are. So you can download it and you can take the quiz for yourself and go through this at your own time. So, let me just drop some rules right now when it comes to taking this body type quiz. You wanna read through the following questions and statements. You wanna read them thoroughly. And when you’re doing this, read through the questions, read through the answers, pick in real honest time what the answer applies to you and then move on. Don’t second guess, move on. Because if you start second guests, guys, you’re gonna get overwhelmed then you have five different body types or it can go one way or this way or this way, whatever. Look, just answer it as honest as you possibly can for you. And that’s it. You may have two responses that apply to you. Trust your instincts, choose both because you could be a hybrid at the end of this. So, you’ll see the questions are here, read through them. Again, answer what answers apply to you and your specific body type. And then once you get through all 10 of them, you’re going to scroll to the next page for your scoring. Let me discuss the scoring with you. You’re gonna add up the number of times you answered A, B or C. Do that to the side of the paper. If you choose mostly As, you’re an ectomorph. If you choose mostly Bs, you’re a mesomorph. If you choose mostly Cs, you’re an endomorph. Your responses are divided fairly equal as in five and five or even six and four, between two different letters, then you have a hybrid body type. So to be more specific with that, if your responses are split between As and Bs, you’re an ecto-mesomorph. If they’re spread between Bs and Cs, you’re a meso-endomorph. If you find your responses are 50, 50, or 60, 40 split between As and Cs, then you’re an ecto-endomorph. So then that’s how you can determine what your body type is. Once you figure out what that is, write it on the piece of paper for you. And then, this is really important you guys, if you find yourself being a hybrid body type, if you are an ecto-meso, or if you’re meso-endo, you are going to follow the mesomorph personalization when it comes to finding your macros. If you are an ecto-endo, then you are gonna follow the endomorph personalization when it comes to finding your macros. So, they’re right here. If you’re an ectomorph, click here to personalize your macros. If you’re a mesomorph, click here to personalize your macros. If you’re an endomorph, click here to personalize your macros. It’s that fricking simple. Don’t overcomplicate this. Take the time to go through this quiz, determine what your type is, read through what I’m writing here for you because it’s literally written plain and to the point and simple for you to know exactly where to go next with your personalization for your macros. Now, when it comes to the calculators and you know the body type that you are, the calculators are also found in the downloadable section here where the action items are placed. So if you find out your an ectomorph, if you find out you’re a mesomorph or you find out you’re an endomorph, you can click on the ectomorph, or mesomorph or endomorph calculator and that’s where you can personalize your macros. All right, guys, see you inside of the next lesson where we will implement all of this stuff that we are starting to learn. I’m so excited and I cannot wait. I’ll see you there.

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