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WarriorBabe Livestream Q&A 9/16/20


Livestream Community Call 9/16/20.

Get Toned And Change Your Body Composition

Gain proven processes, eliminate all confusion around diet and exercise, join a community of badass women, and achieve the toned body of your dreams.


What’s up WarriorBabes. Hey everybody, Nikkiey here. And welcome our WarriorBabe Wednesday Live Q&A time together. I am super excited to be here with you guys. I love coming here on Wednesdays and hanging out with you all. So as you guys are joining in, you know, the drill comment say, Hey, what’s up or send me a wave emoji, just comment. Let me know that you guys are here underneath this video. And then plus the more comments that you guys provide underneath of this video right now to the start of our QA, it will help all of the other warrior babes see it, that we’re alive in the group right now. And they will join into this live Q and a. All right. So if you guys are doing in comment, say, Hey, what’s up. Let me know that you guys are here so that I can say what’s up back.

And then if you guys are tuning in at a later date or a time after this live is been complete, then just do the hashtag replay and keep all of your questions that pertain to this live Q and a day in one area beneath of this video, that way Kate can come back in. After this is done, she can answer any questions that, um, that were left after this QA was done. All right. So as you guys are joining in, make sure you comment say, Hey, what’s up nasty anybody comment right now? So make sure you guys comment and say, Hey, what’s up so I can see who’s here. And, uh, we’ll get started with this Q and a in just a few minutes before, before we do so you guys can also start commenting your questions, um, beneath of this video. So before, like, because there’s a lag time between the zoom and the Facebook.

So, um, you guys can start commenting your questions. Now that way, when we do kick off this live Q and a in just a few minutes, I will be able to, um, kick go right into it, go right into any questions that you guys have was Sarah. Missy, Nicky y’all need to listen to this girl. Hashtag gospel was Sarah. I miss you too, babe. I hope all is well. Ashley holla holla at you girl. Nice. Love it. What’s up you guys. I love coming here and hanging out with you guys. So the more that you guys are joining in, make sure you comment and say, Hey, what’s up smash the like button. If you guys are here and tuning in, um, cause that also helps with the whole algorithm and helps with our video being placed at the top of the Facebook group, more interactions with the other babes can join in and see that this is live.

So make sure you guys smash that like button right now. And if you guys have any questions that you guys want to start firing off, um, you guys can start commenting on them beneath this, this, this, uh, video and the threads that we can start firing the QA QA often just a few minutes. But before we do, before we do dive into the Q a day, I want to give a huge welcome to all of our new warrior beams who had joined this this week. You are all now a part, a community of thousands of women who are getting toned and becoming stronger, more confident versions of themselves. What is so dope about our community is that we are all in the same journey, working towards the same goals. We have some of the same things that we go through on a daily basis. Kids work trying to figure out the whole schedule, the routine, trying to get in a place, trying to find consistency.

And what’s so cool is like our community is there to support everybody and inspire everybody and motivate everybody, which I love. It’s awesome to see. So if you guys are new, you literally are a part of a pretty bad-ass community and I may be bias, but I think that I can definitely have some backup on that with how our community is. So, and, and also for you guys to know that you are new Warby is where strong is new sexy. That’s what we, that’s what it’s all about here. Like muscles are sexy. Being strong is sexy, not just physically, but mentally, right? The more that you show up, more confident in your own skin, more strong, more powerful, more unstoppable. That’s how the confidence comes within you. And that was something I was going to talk about on our rally call this past Sunday, but I had to cancel it due to the blueprint, blueprint Q and a going overboard or over an hour over time.

But anyway, that’s something that I may talk about on Sunday’s rally calls, just about confidence and how to follow through with becoming more confident in yourself. Um, and it really starts with your own actions and what you do on a daily basis that builds up your confidence, what you accomplish on a daily basis that builds up your confidence. But, um, as warrior babes, we strive to become stronger, more confident versions of themselves, of ourselves. And it’s just, it’s not just in the gym, but it’s also on a daily basis mentally. So I love our community. Don’t miss community. You’ll ever be a part of. Yes. Ashley Love it, Valerie. Hey Nikki. And babe, what’s up girl. Um, but yeah, our community is so freaking awesome. I love it. Uh, so if you guys are new, welcome, I’m stoked that you’re here. And if you are new, please, please, please, please, please.

I’m sure all of the veteran worldviews could recite what I’m about to say next, but please make sure that you are going through the warrior Bay revolution, blastoff emails. They are so important for you and your journey here inside of this program. Okay? If you are just starting out and you’re just coming into warrior, babe, you need to help yourself transition into this lifestyle and not feel so overwhelmed. And that’s why I created the revolution blast off email sequence. It’s 14 days worth of videos. One day per one video per day, that gives you one task to complete, which will help you get set up on this journey moving forward. Okay? So that is the first 14 days in your email, one task and complete. It will help you with mindset. It will help you get aligned with the goals that you want to accomplish your what your, why, why you’re doing it and making a committed decision to yourself.

And once you have those in alignment, once you have your mindset or with the goals you want to accomplish, everything is easier. Figuring out goes becomes easier. It becomes more exciting. I’m going to the gym becomes more exciting. Getting your workout stuff becomes more exciting, but you have to get your mindset on board first, rather than just diving into a program and going to the gym and hitting, trying to hit macros and have no idea why you’re doing it or a deep seated reason why you’re doing it. So the first 14 days is going to help you get set up in that arena with your mindset and make sure that you have a goal to focus on. It gets you super excited to wake up on a daily basis. Super excited, hit your macro, super excited to crush your workouts. And then I’ll help you transition into macros and into workouts.

Now, by the end of the 14 days, you’re going to feel hella motivated to go crush the next day. And the next day after that, whereas a lot of people come into new programs and the 14 days into something and they want to give up already. And that’s where that the motivation dips down. Um, they don’t show up anymore, but that’s not how warrior babes. That’s not how we are. All right. That’s not how we choose to go about our goals. And that’s why the first 14 days are so important. If you are new to make sure you are going through that sequence, make sure you were setting yourself up for success here. Those little tidbits and tips and, um, um, little things that I give you inside those videos will help you to establish a foundation here and establish long-term success here and help you get to your goals are realistic fashion.

All right, what’s up Shawn? What’s up? Kimberly WhatsApp, Carolyn WhatsApp guys. Hey, everybody smashed like button for me right now. So we can get the likes up so that all of the babes that are inside the community can see that we are alive and they can join into this call right now. So smash the like button. If you guys are tuning in you’re here, you’re watching me right now, hit that like button so we can help everybody. All the other babes see that this is live right now in our community. Um, before we dive into the Q and a awesome you guys rock. Thanks. You let’s go. Keep going. That’s awesome. Y’all rap. So before we dive into this live Q a day, please, please. If you are new, make sure you are taking the time to go through the application. Take the time to search there, listen to everything that I’m sharing with you.

Um, because there’s tons of golden nuggets. There are tons of pieces of information that are going to help you understand how to implement macros, right? Macros are more than just the numbers that you get on a calculator, how to implement them. One to show how to structure your days, how to do a rusty is how to do cardio days. All that kind of stuff is in there inside the application. So if you are new, make sure you’re taking the time to go through that and search, um, inside the application for the questions that you may have may have at the beginning, um, don’t flood our community with questions that can easily found inside the application. All right, take the time, go through there. Then if they’re not there, go to the home screen, click help because my team has literally taken the time to make our frequently asked questions, resource page, so clear and concise with the common questions that we get on a daily, weekly, monthly basis that are common from when we first started to now, we all do them every single month. So there’s tons of have answers to questions that you may have inside the frequently asked questions, resource page, all right.

They, they can’t be found there and

There’s two sort of resources. Then come to these Q and A’s guys like this is what’s all about everyone. Say I’m here at 6:00 PM Eastern standard time to help you with any questions that you have, any verification that you need, clarification, that you need support, tough luck. Like I show up for you guys so that you feel supported and you know what you need to be doing after I leave this call with you all. All right. So make sure you attend these Q and A’s so you can get your questions answered. Um, and by the way, if you guys have any questions, start firing them off in the comment area beneath of this video. So that when I do dive into starting our Q and a, we can just start ripping some questions. All right.

Um, if you’re okay,

Questions. If, if you can’t attend the Q and A’s, there’s always a replay, you can find them in the app can’t from FAQ’s. Um, then come to the Facebook group. All right. Come to the Facebook group, ask your fellow warrior babes. Hey guys,

I got this question. Can somebody help me? And

Guaranteed, like Ashley said, dopest community around somebody will be there to help you within a matter of like 30 seconds to like two minutes. And your question will be answered. All right. But make sure you’re doing, make sure you’re learning this stuff for yourself. Because like I say, all of the time, macros is not another diet. It’s a skillset that will serve you for the rest of your life. So all of the knowledge I’m giving you inside the application, how I’m helping you structure the macros on a daily basis. Those are things that you have to implement and you have to learn and it’s work that you have to do, right? So you came here to worry, baby, you have this goal that you want to accomplish. I’m giving you the tools and the resources to accomplish that goal, but you got to put in the work, right?

And then it’s my job on these Q and A’s, I’m giving you tough love. I I’m calling you out. I’m making sure that you, you know, what you need to do in order to get to your goals. And if anything is not in alignment with what you’re saying here on the Q and A’s and with the goal that I know you guys have with being here, I will call you out, right? Cause like you have to put in the work, I’m not going to grocery shop. I’m not going to be like, I wish I could hang out with you guys on a daily basis, but I can’t, you have to do that work. And you have to put in that work. And when you put in that work, you will get the results. All right. So remember, you’ve got a goal. It’s a 50 50 team effort. I’m giving you the tools and the resources. Now you guys do work. All right. So let’s fire off this cue and day y’all, I’m excited to be here.

All right,

Carolyn, you are awesome. I started back in October, but seriously strained my MCL on an accident and have been laid up. Ready? Get started. Now, is there a way to reset the emails to go, to get started back up? Yeah. So you don’t have to restart the emails Carolyn, but what you can do is you can go on the face Facebook group. You can click on units and inside the units is all of the warrior Bay blast off video. So all 14 of them, you guys who have been in it, veterans who have been in it and want to revisit that, which I highly you recommend. I mean, I like to think of as like a movie, whenever you watch like a movie, again, you always miss things. Um, so you always want to go back and revisit that and go back and reset your goals, right?

Go back and reset your why or get clear on your why again, so that you get excited. If you guys have a vision and that you’re working towards for your body, what you want to accomplish, then that, that vision should get you excited on a daily basis. But you got to go through the emails that I’m sharing and talking about, um, in order to, you know, get excited to set that goal, to set that why when you have that goal and that why, and you can see that vision, everything else macros is exciting. Workouts is exciting. Nothing is hard. Yes. Ma’am come on, guys. Give me more of the hearts. Smash the heart for the hearts. If this makes sense, right. Have to have a vision. And I know that it’s really hard for a lot of women that aren’t vision oriented. So when, when that happens, go to Pinterest, right?

Find something that you can resemble the body that you have. And look at that on a daily basis. Like always, never go for somebody that’s like skinny and super muscular. But if you have weight to lose, find somebody who’s a little bit on the heavier side, but less weight than you. So you’re realistic with yourself and realistic with that vision. Keep going with the hearts, keep going with the hearts. If this makes sense. And this is hitting home to you. Smash those hearts smash the like button smash, the hearts let’s keep going. Let’s keep rolling. Carolyn, thank you. Because it’s opened up so much verbiage right now to help you guys on the mindset arena, right? For me like I, and this is another thing don’t worry about the, how, like have that vision, but on a daily basis, don’t worry about, well, how am I going to get to it?

How am I going to do it? How am I going to do that? If I have this, don’t worry about that. Because that’s where all of this anxiety comes from. That’s where all of this like, well, how am I going to do it? You know, I’m never going to get there. All you have to do is have that vision. And then you have the tools, the resources. So all you got to do is put in that work and get excited about it, right? If you’re up, if you’re negative about on a daily basis or you’re negative after one week of not seeing progress, re go back to your goal, go back to your why, why are you doing this? What’s your goal. Get yourself excited again, so that you have something that you’re towards on a daily basis with the vision that you have. All right. And Pinterest really helps with people that can create visions. Print. Pinterest really helps. You’re finding like something that a buyer is realistic to you, um, and your goal that you want to accomplish.

All right. All right. Cool.

Sandy just I’m in the same boat, Lara. What’s up?

All right,

Sean. Doing done, doing hand cut. Now I to go into build again, but this time I don’t have a gym membership right now, exercising with the mass doesn’t work for me. So I’m still working out from home, lots of dumbbells, barbells bands, et cetera. Is it still effective to do the Warby of bill and modify some exercises to work at home? Absolutely. 150000%. Okay. I’m going to, I’m going to excite excited because I’m going to bring Cheryl Beaver. You guys all know Cheryl Beaver, right? She was in the revolution for a while. And now she’s up in the VIP program. She consistently works out from home and guys, she is nearing the 400 card club right now. She’s at 380 grams of carbohydrates and she’s crushing it. And she’s doing the bill program from home. So yes, it’s absolutely freaking possible. You can do it. You have barbells, you have Abdel modes. You have bands. You have, you have enough equipment, a hundred percent, as long as you just make your workout super effective. No problem with transitioning your macros into a bill.

All right,

Laura, I got my food scale and weight scale, but I tried a mock-up with my foods, but I always off with my macros. I see. I’m not going to always be perfect, but I’m going to start a Monday. Yeah. I’m using my fitness paddle, log it. And in the best I can, but I know I will get better. Good, Laura. That is a perfect fricking mentality, babe. Yes. At first, like I always say, and like commonly say on these Q and A’s with you guys is macros is a skillset. So it’s something that you have to learn and you have to constantly get better at doing. It’s just like working out. It’s just like starting a new job. And you’ve no idea what you’re doing, but you, you learn the skills that have to be put in place for that job. Right. And I don’t want to re I don’t want to compare macros to a job because it’s something that you start loving to do because you know, it’s going to help you reach your goals.

Um, but at first it’s, it’s gonna take you time and it’s gonna require a lot of your patients is going to test you at first. But if you can consistently keep doing it on a daily basis and get better and better and better at it, not only will you get better and better and better at it, you will get faster and faster and faster at it. Okay? So give yourself grace know that you’re going to come up on some days at the beginning and you’re going to be way over. You’re going to be way under whatever, learn from that. Okay? You didn’t fail. You just need to learn from that and then make better arrangements with your macros. And I always say you guys, and you listened to Emily’s interview, which was absolutely fire. If you guys haven’t listened to that interview, make sure you go into the announcements and, or check out our YouTube page and listen to it because she is somebody who also, and I also preach this always plan ahead.

Okay? So Laura, this may not pertain to you, but just saying this in dental to everybody, if you are new, you do not. If you are tracking your macros, as you go throughout the day, stop, you are a destined to do. You are destined to failure. You are destined to negative chitchat and your brain saying, this is never going to work. I’m never going to make this happen. Macros is too hard. I’m going to fall off, right? So if you’re tracking as you go, don’t stop. Let me tell you how much easier it is to set up your macros the night before. It’s an absolute game changer. Plus that next day you’re already accounted for in your food. So a, it eliminates any temptations to want to go out to lunch or buy food, which saves you money. It eliminates you from going off of any macros.

You had it already has you set up with the meals that you need to eat. It’s already right there in front of you, right? Your day is already planned. So if at first it’s going to take you a good 20, 30 minutes, maybe each night to just play around in my fitness pal, go on your kitchen, barcode, scan everything, and put them in alignment with your, and within my fitness pal. Um, and then you’re set and you’re ready to go. All right. But as you do that every day, I can do my logs in literally three minutes. Now, not even probably like if I could time myself, which I think I did before, it was like two minutes or three minutes max. So yeah. And Ashley’s, I was saying is a huge game changer. It is. It’s an absolute, huge game changer to all of you, new babes who are listening to me right now, jokes on you. If you track as you go now, moving forward. Okay. Cause you know, it’s gonna bring, it’s gonna bring you defeat. You don’t want to feed because then you’re going to, it’s going to take you a step back rather than a step forward. So make sure that you’re logging your meals the night before and you stick to that, those meals the night before. All right.

Anybody got any more questions? Carolyn. Awesome. Thank you sir. Very much. You welcome beam. Perfect things thinking. You’re welcome, Sean. Enjoy it. Have fun. Enjoy that food and enjoy the workouts. Push yourself member. I’m building muscle. I am building muscle. I am changing my body composition. I am so excited. I am so happy and grateful right now that I am building muscle and adding muscle to my body. I feel strong. I feel empowered. Tell your shut that tell yourself that every single day that gets you so excited to make you want to go into the gym and crush your goals, right? And I’m not saying like, Sean, you have to, that’s not really pertaining, pertaining it to everybody. Right? Everyone get excited about your goals. What do you want to accomplish? You want to lose 5% body fat. I’m so happy and grateful.

Now that I have lost 5% body fat. I feel stronger. I feel stronger with my body. I feel sexy with my body. I feel confident with my body. You always want to have that an affirmation, something that is against the limiting belief that you have, somebody who’s more positive. You never want to say negative, negative stuff. You always want to have positive. And then you want to connect it with the emotion of you accomplishing that goal, right? That’s your future self, that’s your future self. Um, you saying what your future self is going to be and going to look like? So you are reaching out to your vision and you’re pulling it closer to you on a daily basis. And when you do that, you are creating those actions that you want to accomplish on a daily basis. And it’s getting you to that vision that you have, and it gets you excited.

It gets you positive, right? So I highly recommend that stuff. I think affirmations is one of the blast off emails. So I teach you how to write them. And they are, they are another game changer too, as well. I remember I did it straight for like four months and you should really keep going and going and going. But for four months, man, that that was an absolute game changer for me. Like so many things were changing, so many things were happening and it’s all in your control. You have the ability to change any negative thought that you have about yourself, about your body into a more positive thoughts. And you can say that over and over and over again. And when you say it over and over and over again, you’re reprogramming your subconscious mind, which majority of us operate from all of the chatter that’s going on inside your brain.

You can rewire that by just saying more positive things about yourself and the things that you want to accomplish. And when it’s more positive and in alignment with your goals, that is when it becomes easier and funner and you see things come into you like your reality on a daily basis that are one step closer to your goal or helping you get to your goal. All right, the workouts are actually building muscle in my arms and did back today. And I’m so sorry. Yes. I love it. That is beautiful. I’m happy to hear that girl. Keep it up. Kimberly. So would you recommend heavier weights or more sets if the weights are feeling later, some have said that more sass for weight loss, which I do want to focus on right on weight loss. Is that true? So I would go for heavier weight. I would keep the sets the same, our focus on three sets, four sets, whatever your, whatever is programs, but just go for a more challenging weight, right?

Like I shared on my Instagram story. If you guys are don’t follow me on Instagram, make sure you do. Because I talk about that’s basically where like I hang out, that’s like my downtime. I go to IgE. I talk to you guys, like, know what you guys are thinking. Um, and I love hanging out there and I love just giving you guys what I’m going through too as well. So this is something that happened to me yesterday, where I like, we always underestimate ourselves when it comes to the way arena. We either are afraid to live the heavyweight because we don’t know if we’re going to get answered. We are, um, alone. So we don’t really have that spot or somebody to help us out, but always, always push yourself to do a little bit more, do a little bit more like Arnold Schwartzenegger says he doesn’t stop until it starts hurting.

Right? So always go for that for a little bit more challenging weight, make sure we were formed as good. Like guys, I challenge every single one of you, every single one of you. And did you guys do this? If you guys are a little bit, if you Andres underestimate yourselves, give me one. If you guys are, do you guys, if you guys challenge yourself and you do this on a rack on a consistent basis, give me a two in the, in the common area. So give me a one. If you underestimate yourself with the weights, give me a two. If you’re somebody who, you know, this doesn’t really apply to them. You challenge yourself weekly with weights. So I want to challenge everybody. Who’s going to give me that one right now. Let’s see.

Hmm. This a little bit of a lag time. Yes. One

On two NYSA one, one. Okay. So I challenge everybody. Who’s going to give me a one tomorrow with your workout, go five to 10 pounds heavier and just watch yourself Excel, wash yourself, lift that weight, watch yourself performance with really good form. And then that will help you to get outside of your comfort zone with weights and give you more confidence to push it a little bit more. Each time that you go into the gym. All right. I challenge every one of you share in the Facebook group. Let the other worry viewers know that you guys are doing this. Um, but I challenge you to do it because this happened to me yesterday. I challenged myself do more weight than I could that I thought that I could do. And I did it with no problem. No problem. Like I could have gone heavier, but I was on my last set.

So I was like, no, I’m just gonna pull it back. But I challenge you guys, you know, and the way you can kind of engage this and with what I recommend for you guys, when it comes to the weight arena to make sure you’re still doing good formative kind of give yourself a competence boots. Like yeah, I can do a little bit more is like the first set kind of dual weight that you know, you can do. You’re comfortable with doing okay. The next set up that way by like five pounds go a little bit heavier. Fill it out. Last couple of reps. Feel like you can do more. Okay. Third set goal a little bit higher. Go and increase that weight a little bit more. Feel it out. That’s where you might stop. And then bang that same way for the four set, but challenge yourself guys, because let me tell you yesterday when I did it, it was a whole nother feeling of amazing.

Like I just like elevated, like totally elevated. And I want that for you guys too as well. So give it a whirl, try it out. Challenge yourself tomorrow and gave me a smash like button for y’all are gonna do it. Make, let me see. Let me see the light buttons. Just rain right now. Let’s go. I see a lot of hard, so I’d love it. Yeah. Do it guys do it because it’s going to push you outside your comfort zone and muscle is going to grow outside. The comfort zone and muscle is what gets you toned. Muscle is what changes your body composition. So you have to get yourself outside of this comfort zone, um, in order to make your body adapt to change and make your muscles adapt to change. So let’s go squat. I love it.

Light bonds are firing

Mary. Hey, Hey, Nicky newbie here at nice welcome babe macros and MyFitnessPal. My two new best friends. Let’s go down eight pounds so far. Ah, that’s amazing. Yes. I love reading your success stories, guys. I love seeing your success stories inside the Facebook community. That’s amazing. This is just the beginning, Mary, just the beginning. I cannot wait to see her during the another like six months, eight months fire. That is so exciting. Christine. I am literally so excited listening to you. Let’s go away. That’s awesome. Valerie, loving your swag. I can see it even though your hair is hiding it. So I don’t know if I should say this, but I’m screwing excited for the last like week. I have been back and forth with wholesale, figuring out a screen printing so we can get the swag printed on some tanks. Some t-shirts some other small things and I can cause I had to rely on my team too as well. So I want to say that I can confidently say, and at the next

Very soon,

This flag is going to be dropped and I am so ungodly excited. You guys, if you have been a warrior for awhile, you know that it’s been like this it’s been like this with the swag, it’s been a focal point. Then something else came up in the company. We had a focus on that and then it was focal point again. Then COVID at 19 hit and then the drop shipping wasn’t working because it was taking too much of a lead time to get the shipment to me or to you guys. And then so now we’re doing it old school and yes, we see the of people like buns confidently say that it’s coming very,

Very, very, very soon. So stoked. All right,

Nikita. I always thought that I lift more than it will make me look like a man, but I’m trying to lose weight. No, you guys come on. Do I? I have a very, I have put on a lot of muscle in my five years. Sometimes on Instagram, it can be blown out of proportion because I’m probably after like a Pope of my workouts, but I have a very, very feminine look to my body. You are not going to look like a man. All right, men have testosterone. We have little amounts of testosterone. So there’s no way that we can reach what men look like. There’s no possible way. Unless you are taking steroids and pumping growth hormone into your body and your voice starts changing or jaw line gets all out of whack. That is the only way that you are going to look like a man.

All right? I promise you us. If you do what I’m telling you to do, you do the waves. You do the macros, you push yourself, you go for heavy weight, you become a beast. Turn on your beast mode. There’s no possible way that you will get insanely jacked. Guys. I’ve been doing this for five years and my muscle structure is very, very feminine. All right. So I’m a little bit, maybe a little bit deeper on the feminine, like on what you guys have a one for tone. And I totally understand that you don’t want as much, but I’ll show it like this is putting on a lot and it’s not, I don’t look like a man. Okay. I know my Instagram or Facebook ads. If you guys get on my ads, there’s so many women who say, Oh, I’m juiced up or I take steroids or all this kind of stuff.

It and they turn it and they tell me that I look like a man on my Instagram or my Facebook ads. It’s ridiculous. Don’t don’t let that thought. Don’t let that limiting belief get to you. Not possible. You don’t have as much testosterone as anybody who’s taking steroids or men do. Yes. Michelle hashtag challenge accepted. Let’s go, babe. Let’s go. I love it. Thank you so much fire. Awesome. Yes. You’re welcome. Getting back on track with my nutrition and posting the group for accountability, Angela to go, babe. I saw your post the other day. Let’s go kick it into gear. All right. Pull your, pull your together. My tough love dude. Cause I know you’ve been a worry Bay for a minute. Pull your together. Let’s go.

Spit it out.

Yeah, that’s great. Can we for the word base baggy swag. Yes. That’s exactly what we’re going to be doing. Michelle. We are going to be, um, probably launching the pre-order so that I can get an idea of how much units I need to be ordering, um, that way. So it’s going to be, we’ll probably launch the pre-launch in the next soon. I want to keep it exciting when they get really excited because my team is watching me, Nicki, um, we’re gonna launch it soon. We’re going to do a pre-launch that way. We have an idea. It’s probably gonna take like a bout like three weeks to get everything in four weeks to get everything in. And then we will be able to ship it to you guys. So we’re going to do a pre pre-launch and a very soon, and it’s all coming together and I am so excited. We’re all going to be rocking warrior babes. So I, and what’s even cooler because I know that you guys have kind of reached out to each other. You were in the gym and you would see other women doing the same workouts that you were doing to walk up and be like, are you worried? Now? It’s going to stand out even more. So now everybody’s been wearing worried baby. So I you’re like, Oh my God, you’re worried. Oh my God, you’re warming up. I can’t wait to be awesome.

Woman looks so beautiful. One tone. Yes, yes, yes, yes. They really do a plus your body exudes your mentality, your body exudes, the strength that you have, your body exudes, your confidence, like muscle exudes, that it shows your strength. It shows your confidence. So, so exciting. Nikki, I’ve been on your program for several weeks. I’m not seeing any results. I believe I need to adjust my macros. What is the recommendation for adjusting macros to get to the right numbers? So it’s not, I wouldn’t recommend adjusting your macros first. I would probably increase your cardio expenditure first. So depending on how many cardio days you’re doing, if it’s three days, I would do four days. If it’s 30 minutes, I would just bump it up to 35 minutes and I would make sure that you’re consistently hitting your macros on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t adjust your macros.

At first. I would just increase your cardio expenditure. First. Angela got it. The, to love this woman. Love you, babe. Michelle makes sweatshirts awesome. I got you. I trust me. Gosh, you guys, I don’t want to say everything. I got to keep next. Cite me. Like I got to keep it exciting. Although I don’t know. I’m not going to be able to sleep until we launched this. So I can’t wait. Alana. Can’t wait to rock this shirt. Can’t wait. Yes. That’s awesome. I found out there’s so many beams in Florida close to me. Yeah. Yeah. If you guys want to fire off in the community, um, Hey babes, where’s everybody beefs. I know we did that before and I got like 300, 400 comments of where everybody was from and you can just sit there and like scroll through and you can see if somebody is in your area and like connect, which is so awesome.

Um, Nikita, I know this program is for us women and my husband and loved it too because he eats what I cook and said that he is losing weight. That’s awesome. As fire you guys, I’ve had so many people recently reach out to me and say that their husband was the one to do this too as well. Whether they’re macros for men completely different, by the way. But you know, maybe it’s the next, we do worry babes or warrior dudes or something like that. Would you be so freaking cool. All right. You guys let me know if you have any more comments or questions. Um, I love hanging out with you guys. I love coming here on these Q and A’s every single Wednesday and just helping you and being here and getting the whole troop, uh, fired up and excited and answering all the questions that you guys have providing you. Guidance.

Love it.

Nice. My husband loves the workouts that’s fired. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

All right, you guys, I’m going to pop off for a Q and a. I appreciate you all. Remember the conclusion of that? I think this Q a day is get excited about your goals. Get excited about what you are working towards so that it doesn’t feel like a chore. It doesn’t feel like a job. It doesn’t feel like, Oh, this week I’m not making progress. Well, not every week. Are you going to make progress? Okay. So get your vision, get what you want to accomplish. Get excited about it and go back to those blast off emails. There’s videos that are inside the Facebook group and in the unit section and just watch them because they will help you write affirmations, help you get your goal down your why’d. I make a committed decision, all that kind of stuff. All right, do that. I highly recommend it because when you get this in alignment with your goals, it is so much easier. It’s so much funner. You will start accomplishing everything that you need to on a daily basis. That’s how you gain confidence. That’s how you get your results. All right. Love you all beams. Keep up the good work, keep crushing it and I’ll catch you next time. Bye everyone.


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