Macro Accelerator

The WarriorBabe™ Macro Accelerator 

  • ​Full Stack course on learning, adjusting, and PROPERLY using macros including 18 jam-packed video lessons that will turn you into a "Macro Genius"
  • Learn "The WB4 Method" to change your body composition on-demand using macronutrients.
  • ​Gain a personal understanding from the ground up that will leave you in control of your body and the way it looks for the rest of your life.
  • ​Every possible thing you need to know on how to tailor, use, and adjust macronutrients like a pro... (even as your body changes so you never hit a plateau again)
  • BONUS: Action Items & Worksheets
  • BONUS: ​Lifetime Access
  • BONUS: ​14-day money-back guarantee