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Never Do This If You Want Toned Glutes

Never Do This If You Want Toned Glutes

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You don’t have to learn the hard way how to build a body you love

I went into the gym once and noticed something absurd:

There was a woman on a StairMaster doing kickbacks.

(If you’re not familiar with this exercise, it essentially involves kicking backwards and raising your leg up close to the height of your glutes)

I know exactly why — she was doing this with the intent of toning her glute indent.

But while I understand the motivation behind it…

This is one of the silliest, most ineffective (yet oddly creative) ways I’ve ever seen to get toned glutes.

Any form of cardio, whether running, StairMaster, elliptical, etc., will not increase your muscle definition.

Cardio works for general weight loss, but when done in excess, it will pull from muscle stores, NOT fat stores.

Adding ballet poses or swinging your legs around won’t change that fact!

That’s a dangerous path that leads to working continually harder for diminishing returns, and I’ve seen way too many women fall into the trap of doing hours of cardio and tearing their bodies down from the inside out.

I was one of those women.

But after way too long doing things the hard way, I found a better one — one that works for every body type and means working out less while eating a more flexible diet than I ever thought I could have.

Since then, I’ve used my WarriorBabe Method to help over 10,000 women build the toned body composition they want sustainably, while living a lifestyle they love…

And I’ve been able to simplify the process into a plan that adapts to each woman’s body, allowing each babe to build her own vision for her body on her own terms.

I’ve even adapted it to work during and post-menopause, allowing my babes to get toned at any age.

If you want to see how they did it and how you can too…




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