WarriorBabe Interview – DeeDee


DeeDee worked out constantly and cut down on her eating, but she still wasn’t seeing results. After joining WarriorBabe, she realized she actually needed to eat more — a lot more — and that working out more wasn’t the answer. Almost 2 years later, she’s healthier than ever before at 104 pounds without depriving herself.

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– Hey, everyone. Welcome to our first WarriorBabe interview with our veteran WarriorBabe DeeDee.

– Hey.

– DeeDee has been a WarriorBabe for what now? Like a year, almost a year and a half, almost two years.

– It’ll be two years in October.

– In October yeah. And she’s a part both of the Blueprint and the VIP program. And literally has made a 180 turnaround, from where she started to where she is today.

– Yeah.

– Along her journey, she’s had amazing accomplishments both mentally and physically, and one of them being conquering her first bodybuilding competition. And today she is here to share some pointers for you babes, so that you can adopt some of her tips, into your own journey moving forward. So welcome DeeDee. I’m so excited to be chatting with you right now.

– Well, first of all, welcome ladies to your new journey. It definitely is a journey.

– Yes.

– For sure.

– For sure babe. So tell us about your story. Tell us about DeeDee’s story and how you got to where you are right now.

– All right. Well, I was 51 when I started with you, I’m gonna be 53 in August. And I’ve always been, I’ve always loved fitness. I’ve always walked. I’ve always done classes. And then I got certified to be a fitness instructor and long story short, I own my own bootcamp business, so I teach classes. So fitness is my life. I’m a physical therapist assistant. So I like helping people. I like helping people towards their goals and with their journeys and everything. But I needed some help myself, especially in the nutrition department. I could workout all day long, but I was obviously, I learned that after joining this group, that I was not doing the right, I wasn’t eating right, because I wasn’t seeing the results. I was working out all the time, but you couldn’t tell that I was working out all the time.

– Yeah.

– And that was my biggest concern. I’m like, I work out all the time. Why can’t I see any results? So you really brought it to my attention that I needed to really work on my eating. And that was a struggle

– For sure, for sure. Yeah, I’m gonna ask you some questions about that in a minute, but awesome. You, like I said, have made such a huge turnaround, 180 from where you were when you first started, when you first joined WarriorBabe, to where you are today. And talking about today in the time that we’re all in, how are you handling this quarantine with the goals that you’ve got in mind for yourself?

– Like I’m not working, and I had a really hard time with them for a load, I got a job to go back to I hope, but I had a hard time with that mentally. As far as the working out and everything goes, I’m pretty disciplined with that. And when I started with you, I was doing home workouts anyway and I love doing home workouts. But then when I started my prep for the competition, I joined a gym. Well, what do you know? I loved the gym. So hit the gym, was loving it and then I had to go back to the home workouts again, which you know, it’s a struggle, it’s weird. The phone rings, you answer it. Well, you’re not supposed to answer it. You’re supposed to pretend that you’re at the gym while you forget. And so it’s different now that I’ve been at the gym, because it’s your time. It’s your time. You’re there for you. And so it’s been a struggle, but I’m getting it done. I mean, I’m home, so there’s absolutely no excuse. I have absolutely no excuse not to do them. And I just remember well I can’t stop now. I can’t.

– I love that. I love that. Do you think that you would be… Say we were in quarantined two years ago, before you started WarriorBabe, do you think that you would have this same mentality that you do now?

– I don’t think so.

– Yeah.

– As far as eating goes. I would do the workouts, but then I would go eat pizza and I would do whatever I did.

– Yeah.

– Now, I’m staying real, I’m so proud of myself. Like I’m really staying, really pretty good with the macros. Yeah, I’ve had some days, and I’ve told you, you know the chocolate. You get in your head and it’s like, what? I’m all by myself. No, one’s gonna see me eating this chocolate. No, one’s gonna see me eat a bag of chips. No, one’s gonna see, but I’m gonna know it.

– Exactly.

– And I’m not gonna see the results that I’m wanting to see if I keep doing that crap. So I did it. I’ve done, it’s done. And now I’m back.

– Yeah.

– I’ve got more goals. We got more stuff to work on.

– Damn straight we do.

– I’m not gonna get there from like doing the bad stuff.

– That’s such a great pointer and so great that you said that, that’s gonna help so many of these babes know that it’s you versus you. And just because you’re home, you gotta catch yourself before you really go down into the trickle of five days of eating bad.

– Right.

– And another thing that you said too which I loved, is that just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you run to the phone, and it doesn’t mean that you answer those text messages. You need to remember that it’s your time. Put that phone on silent, put that phone on do not disturb. Make sure that you’re doing what you need to do in order to hit your goals.

– Yeah.

– Yeah. So right now during this time, how do you find the accountability to stay on track?

– It’s me. I’m pretty self-disciplined, because I know that even if I didn’t have another goal, another competition, this is my life style. This is my life. And you know, the accountability is people are watching. People are-

– I’m watching you.

– Yes, and so I can’t. But I wanna be healthy. My fifties have been so far really good, and I wanna continue to do that. I had an emergency surgery two years ago, and if I hadn’t have been in the health that I was in, I wouldn’t have had the recovery that I had, the quicker recovery that I had. And I have to tell people that, I’m like, you gotta take care of yourself in case, God forbid, something happens and you get sick, at least you have something to work with.

– Absolutely.

– At least you have a strong body and you’re going into it with a different mindset. It’s not about being skinny mini, it’s about being healthy, strong and healthy. And that’s where I wanna be. I don’t wanna be skinny mini. I wanna be-

– Strong.

– Strong. Yeah.

– Absolutely. So along that line of being strong, and now that you’ve been a veteran WarriorBabe for so long, for a year and a half, almost two years, how did you, how do you deal with the psychological side of things now, eating more food in order to get that strong look that you want?

– Well, I’m just starting to get it. I went from like… But I was still eating pretty good actually for my comp.

– Oh my gosh. DeeDee I mean, when people ask about comps, and I’m like, yeah everybody’s different. You were just a variable that is completely different.

– It was so weird.

– You were eating two cheat meals the week before your show, weeks before your show, we had to reverse you into your show.

– Yeah, my body just totally responded so quickly to what we were doing, it was crazy.

– It did.

– But I was like one hundred thousand percent. Like I did everything you told me to do and once we got my macros down… You know at the beginning, I wasn’t measuring correctly. I wasn’t doing grams. I wasn’t doing ounces. Once we got that down, that made a huge difference in now going forward. It’s made such a huge difference. So as far as me eating more now, yeah it’s different, and I’m trying not to do the bad carbs, because I’m like, well, she wants me to increase my carbs, so I can throw some chips in with my burger or something. So it’s one of those things, it’s like, no, you gotta eat the right carbs still.

– Yes.

– It’s different. And I have to admit I was so small that I’m nervous, but I trust the process and I hear that in my brain constantly.

– Yes. That’s very valid too, as well. Before you joined WarriorBabe, what were your eating habits like?

– I never had a weight problem and obviously we can tell with the comp training, I have a pretty high metabolism.

– Yes.

– So I could get away with-

– Even at your age.

– I know it’s crazy. It’s crazy.

– It’s incredible.

– I was a pizza girl, you know, I like my beer, I still do, but I put it in with my macros, unless it’s a Chine and then I just kinda let it go. But pizza, pasta. I am a carb girl, but the bad carb girl. Yes

– Yeah, I would do pretty good during the week, but on the weekends it was like, Whoa. I would just lose my… I would just lose it completely. So I wasn’t ever seeing anything, there wasn’t anything happening. And I’m like, I don’t understand, I eat good. I wasn’t eating enough either, that’s my biggest thing. I would have like probably two shakes a day and then dinner.

– Yep.

– I totally was not feeding my muscles. If anything I learned through this is you’ve got to eat. Yes. You say it louder DeeDee.

– You gotta eat. I say those words all the time. I was eating more in my bikini competition than some women are eating now. And I was so small, I’d never been that small ever in my life. But I could see, like it was so nice to see the tone, and that was really cool. And I was eating quite a bit of food.

– You were eating a hell of a lot of food, and you were dropping weight. Every time we had that cheat meal and I looked at your check-ins and I’m like Jesus Christ, she dropped another pound. Like how low are we gonna get.

– Be careful now.

– I need to get her more food.

– It was an awesome journey. I loved it. I thought it was great.

– So incredible. Awesome.

– I love how you can transform your body just by eating different, eating differently.

– Eating more, eating more.

– Eating more, yeah.

– Eating more of the right types of foods.

– Right.

– You see those results. Like you’re saying you were eating, you were loving the carbs, bad carbs, not essentially the right things that your body needed in order to feel the process of getting toned and showing that definition.

– Right, yep.

– So many things that I see inside the WarriorBabe revolution, is that women really struggle with the planning ahead. And you know, when I see this, I think back to one of our first conversation in the Blueprint Q & A calls, where we were able to talk to each other, and still are able to talk to each other, and you came on the call and you were just… Why don’t you share that? What are some pointers that you could provide those women with that story at the beginning of your journey?

– How many times did I get my hand slapped? How many times?

– I virtually was like yelling at you.

– Oh yeah.

– You’re like, you are not gonna see the results if you don’t do it right. And I’m like, arg.

– You were planning as you went, right? You were planning as you went.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah. That day I would start planning and I just can’t do it. The other night on the call, I was planning my next day. I mean, you’ve got to plan the next day. You’ve got to. But now I have to admit that I pretty much eat the same, same foods all the time. So now I know what I’m pretty much having for the day and stuff. So if I don’t get to it the night before, I’ll get it on that morning or whatever. But it’s huge. What works for me is that I’m simplicity. Like I eat the same stuff, so I don’t spend all day Sunday planning my food. Some people do that, and I think that’s great if that’s what they need, but I just eat the same, but that’s just me. I need easy peasy, but it works for me. I eat the foods that I like. I go to the store, I get what I need and I know what I’m gonna have for the week.

– I love it. But that was huge for me. I mean, you could not drill it in my head enough at the beginning. I was like, I don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t, I don’t know. That was wrong. That was what was wrong.

– Well, what was wrong? You were wrong. You weren’t planning ahead. I’ll never forget that call. You came back to the Q & A a couple of days later and you were like, Nikkiey, I feel so empowered, I did it.

– I remember saying that I’m like, Oh my God, this is crazy. It really does make sense. What do you know? Yeah. And that has been the biggest thing for me now. Like every time you say, “what was your win this week?” I’m like, I did my macros. Like I’m right on it. I’m pretty good. Now I’m trying to stay within the fiver, but when I was doing comp, I was like trying to get all zeros. I mean, I was so anal about it all, but now it’s like I give or take a few, but-

– Absolutely.

– It’s not bad. I feel really good.

– And before you-

– I felt that, that is huge to me.

– Yeah.

– That was huge.

– That was a huge light bulb off on your head, huge game changer moving forward for your entire journey, just by planning ahead.

– Yes. And I say now, I tell everybody I am a macro lifer. That’s how I’m gonna live my life for the rest of my life, is just because I finally found what works. And simplicity, you gotta keep it. If you get too crazy, it’s too overwhelming.

– Yeah Absolutely, totally agree. ‘Cause you weren’t doing macros before WarriorBabe, were you?

– I didn’t even know, no.

– Didn’t know what it was. Yeah, crazy. Okay, so then if we were to go back to your starting point, and what you’ve already learned, let’s say somebody who’s just starting off, what advice would you give someone who is just beginning their fitness journey?

– Oh God patience, patience. I guess you really gotta have patience, but you really gotta be, you gotta learn consistency. Yeah. I mean, I did it. I mean, I would do really good and then I didn’t. I remember this summer you were saying, “You better get on the ball before we start this competition training, or you’re not…” I remember you saying that and I’m like, I will, I promise, I will. But I slacked. I was having a great summer. The beers were really good. The hotdogs on the grill were really good. But every week I’d be like my pictures aren’t changing, I don’t look any different. And you’re like, cause you’re not doing it right.

– Yes.

– So this summer is gonna be different. Yes, I’m gonna have my beer and I’m gonna have a hot dog, but I gotta plan it better.

– Exactly, but you can now. See with your journey, you didn’t have that much food. Like you had food, you were eating way more than you were eating before you started, but now that you’ve done it right, now that you’ve trained your body, you now have way more freaking food. And you’re maintaining your shape.

– It’s crazy. I’m 104 pounds now. And I’m eating 275 grams of carbs. Most women would be like, what?

– And DeeDee we could go higher if we weren’t stuck in this quarantine right now.

– I know, yeah. But I feel great. I feel good. My body feels good. I’m looking forward to going a little heavier, maybe on the weights, but I’m not stuck on that. You know what I mean? I feel a good pump and I do what is right for my body.

– Yes.

– You gotta listen to your body too, that’s huge.

– You gotta eat, absolutely. And looking back to where you were with the last summer, to where you are now that’s a year.

– Yeah.

– That’s what a lot of people don’t understand with this. Like, especially when it comes to building muscle and changing your body composition. I mean, people are so stuck in results yesterday and two weeks, and oh my God, why am I not seeing anything.

– That’s me last summer? Right.

– Why is this happening? And your one takeaway to provide those women is patience.

– Always, you’ve got to be, you’ve gotta be. I have so many girlfriends that struggle all the time. They want it, like they want it now. And I tell them like, look at what I’ve gone through. You’ve gotta work at it.

– Yeah, and you’ve had the ups and the downs. And finally a year and a half year, this summer you’re like, this is it. This is the summer where I’m gonna be able to fit everything in. That’s year and a half going up, down, up down.

– Exactly.

– Where so many women, if they go up and then go down, they stay down.

– Yep.

– They think that it’s just lost cause from there on out.

– And another thing too, what I learned. I knew it, but I feel better about it too, is if you do have a bad day, tomorrow is a new day. Get back on it. Don’t let that bad day turn into two bad days and then 15 bad days, and then you’re gone.

– Yes.

– And then you’re starting from scratch all over again. Yeah, you had a shitty day yesterday. Get over it. You know, it was a bad day.

– Yep, absolutely.

– You can’t be so negative either.

– You can’t, because then you get lost in the negativity, and the negativity creates the emotion to want to just eat more.

– Right, and I’ve been there are too. We’re human for God’s sakes and especially going through all this crap right now. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I was really low, but it was a rest day. I went out, I was able to go for my walk and I felt much better. But it’s just you have those days, especially as a woman.

– Absolutely, absolutely. We could talk about hormones in a whole nother one.

– It’s crazy.

– Yeah.

– But you can’t use it as an excuse all the time either. And I hear it all the time. I’m like, Oh, I’m over 50, I’m like, so am I hello.

– Say it louder.

– Who cares.

– Say it louder.

– Yeah, man, say it louder, seriously.

– Who freaking cares?

– So for somebody who would be in like, you know, say… Let’s use last summer for an example, where you were enjoying your summer, having a good time, and you knew you had to start up again. And this is where a lot of women come in. They’re just enjoying themselves. They’re not really paying attention to their eating habits, but then they joined something and they’re like, they gotta almost make like a change. They gotta make those changes in order to get them on board with the goals that they want. So what do you think would be a good pointer for that transition? What did you have to do for that transition? How did you have to get your shit together?

– I think having that competition in the back of my brain. But not everybody does competitions, so I think you have to think about your life, your lifestyle, are you worth. That’s what I’m going through right now. I’m not training for the competition right now. Like I could be fluffing off, but I’m gonna be 53, I don’t wanna… I think my thing is that we’re getting older. It doesn’t matter if somebody’s starting out and they’re in their thirties, or if they’re starting out and they’re in their sixties. You wanna be strong and healthy at any age. It’s hard for me, because I’m looking towards another competition, but not right now I’m not.

– Exactly.

– So I think they have to think of their life as a competition maybe. Some people think of their grandchildren, like I wanna be strong and healthy for my grandchildren. I wanna be there for this and for that, you gotta think of it that way. But you gotta think of it as this is you, this is all you got.

– Yes, the one body we’ve got, why not just treat it right.

– Yes, some people treat their vehicles better than they treat their bodies. They get their oil changed. They put their miles on, you gotta move, you gotta move. You gotta feed. You gotta have the right fuel.

– These are some golden nuggets you’re providing these babes, seriously.

– Well, I hope so. I mean, I learned it.

– Yeah, absolutely.

– And I thought I knew everything, because I’m in the fitness world, you know, well you can’t work a good diet.

– Yeah.

– You can workout all day long, but if you’re not-

– Words of wisdom.

– Not putting the right gas in that car, you’re not gonna get anywhere.

– Absolutely. Absolutely.

– That was the biggest takeaway for me is like you have to eat, you have to eat your food.

– Like you said it before, it’s the biggest thing you’ve learned on this journey.

– Oh my God, it’s the hugest thing I’ve learned.

– Crazy.

– And it was just so nice to actually have people say, “My God, I would love your arms. I love your arms. That’s all I ever wanted was nice arms.”

– Show those guns.

– Well you know.

– Oh yeah, yeah, amazing.

– A little but they’re mine and they’re good.

– Exactly, exactly. They’re yours, you’ve worked hard to get them.

– You could see them better when I was 94 pounds, ’cause there was nothing there, but no, it’s good.

– You look incredible.

– Oh, thank you. I feel good.

– Good.

– And I appreciate the guidance and help from you and Kayla, and just all the girls and everybody’s still supportive. It’s a great place to be.

– Amazing. Thank you Dee.

– And I think that helps too, knowing that I don’t wanna let you down. I mean, you put a lot of work and energy into helping us with all this stuff.

– Yes.

– And we’re paying for it hell.

– Yeah, exactly man. It’s you energy.

– I’m investing in myself, that’s a good chunk of change and so why am I gonna fluff off and waste that money too?

– It’s energy, it’s energy. It’s your energy going into something. You better give it your all, if it’s gonna be what you’re paying for.

– Exactly.

– People need to hear that louder too as well.

– Yeah.

– So talking about the programs and talking about what you’ve been a part of, you’ve been part of the Blueprint and the VIP.

– Yep.

– So what was your favorite aspect of the Blueprint program when you were a part of it?

– Well, I think just getting my feet wet. It’s like putting your toes in the water there and doing the sheets. Doing the macros and figuring all that out and still like, I still need to learn more about that. But that kind of stuff, listen to the videos. It’s just all those little nuggets. It’s like, oh, that’s interesting. Oh, you know, and then going over to the VIP, it’s just more involved, but we don’t have to think about it. Exactly. That’s so well put.

– That was the biggest reason why I’m like, just tell me what to do and I will do it. Again, my I’m so simple. Like keep shit simple, it works for me.

– Silly, stupid, simple. Absolutely, I hear you loud and clear. I would rather just pay somebody tell me what to do, but eventually, I mean, I wanna learn how to do this stuff. I’ve got to learn, you know what do I eat during the build? What do I eat during the maintenance? What are we doing? And I was learning that in the Blueprint, but I’m not, I don’t like doing that. So this is so much easier.

– The VIP is so much easier, You open up your app and you’re like, okay so what do I have to do today?

– I love it. It’s fantastic. No, it’s been a good transition.

– Yes.

– I think everybody should-

– You always have the blueprints to refer back to. and you get to keep that forever. So if you want to go ahead and write that down, and put your noggin back on into learning, that’s always there too as well.

– Yeah Yeah, that’s a good point actually.

– It’s interesting the science and stuff about it, it’s just interesting. That’s why like on some of the calls, I’m like, so why are we doing this again? It’s just interesting how you can look at a picture and say, “hmm, we need to…” I don’t have the eye for that, but-

– Yeah.

– You’ve learn that. But anyway, it’s been awesome.

– Yes. So to close off our interview which amazing information. Your journey, like I said, like 180, like if I’m talking to the DeeDee that I’m talking to now, it’s mind blowing. You have made such a different transformation both mentally and physically. Huge turnaround and now you’re carrying it out. It’s not just something that you got into and you did for a couple of weeks or you did for a couple months, this is something that you turned into even more of your life than it already was before.

– Oh, for sure.

– So closing it off. What does being a WarriorBabe mean to you?

– I just get goosebumps.

– Ooh.

– And you know me I’m so emotional, probably start crying. I think it’s being around like… I’m gonna cry.

– Wow, I love you DeeDee, you’re great.

– It’s being around like-minded strong women, that all have, we all have the same goal in mind. We wanna to get stronger and we wanna get healthy. I mean, we all have that, but it’s getting there. It’s hard. You have to work for it. And no one’s gonna do the work for you. You can tell us everything to do, but you gotta work for it. But I think being part of it, like being a WarriorBabe is empowering. You’re part of a family and you don’t wanna let that family down. You don’t wanna let everybody down. And they’re watching you, even the WarriorBabes, we’re all watching each other. We’re feeding off each other. It’s like, oh my God, look at so-and-so’s biceps, I want those. I think we feed off each other and it’s good energy.

– Strong knit community for sure.

– Absolutely yeah.

– Oh DeeDee.

– It’s awesome being around strong women, that’s just my life. I love it. I love helping them get there and I like being a part of it.

– Amazing. You’re great. You are great. And thank you for your time here.

– Oh my God, you’re welcome.

– And for those of you who want to learn more about WarriorBabe, if you’re not a WarriorBabe already, or you wanna learn more about the programs that are offered, you can go to WarriorBabe.com and become a part like DeeDee is saying, of thousands of women who are working to build a strong body and feel more confident and strong within themselves. So check that out you guys. And thank you DeeDee for your time again. I appreciate it.

– You’re welcome. You’re welcome.

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