WarriorBabe Interview – Denise


Denise hated eating — all she faced were restrictions on her calorie take, and she actively avoided eating more food than she had to. WarriorBabe helped her completely change her outlook on food, and now she’s eating what likes every day. At her school, her co-workers even ask: “Are you still eating?”

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– Hey, everybody. Welcome to our second WarriorBabe Interview with our veteran WarriorBabe, Denise. Denise has been a WarriorBabe for just about 13 months now, right?

– No, not even. I think I’m just at the beginning. This is my first week of month nine

– Month nine, but okay, how about comparison to the revolution and the VIP programs?

– Oh, adding revolution? Okay, yeah, probably.

– About like 13 months, a little over a year. And in her journey with the VIP you’ve dropped 25 pounds in the seven-nine month range?

– Yeah, eight months cause we’re just starting nine, yep.

– Yeah.

– Yeah, awesome.

– And to be honest, speaking for the whole VIP group right now, we didn’t even recognize you on that like two Q&As ago.

– That’s what they were saying, well the haircut’s part of it.

– And your face, your everything.

– You’ve made incredible changes with your entire body. And from a coach’s standpoint, I know that Madeline and I, we see it as a blessing working with you because you literally just take the macro numbers and the workouts and you just do the work.

– Do it.

– No questions asked.

– Nobody else can do it for me, right? I have to do it, so.

– Yeah, exactly.

– It’s for me to get it done.

– Yeah. So everybody welcome Denise here. She’s here to share some pointers for you babes, so that you can adopt some of her strategies, some of her mind strategy, some of her of techniques into your own journey here, moving forward. So, welcome Denise. I’m excited to have you here.

– Thanks.

– Yeah.

– I’m excited.

– Yeah, likewise. So let’s kick it right off. So tell us your story and how you got to where you are right now.

– Well, I brought a picture.

– Yeah.

– This is a little over 10 years ago. Hopefully you can see it and tell me.

– Yes, wow!

– This was me. We were on a vacation out West. Can you guys see that?

– Yeah.

– That was a little over 10 years ago and that was kind of my defining AHA moment. Couldn’t keep up with anybody. I mean, I was over 210, in that picture. And that’s when I saw that picture, I said that’s it, I’m done. I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs without, you know, really taking deep breaths. I’m not going to become victim to my family’s genetics, so that’s it, I’m done. So, over these years, it’s been some up and down. I started on my own. And it was really more in the summers, ’cause for whatever reason, I felt I didn’t have time during the school year when I was working and I did, I just, it was my excuse. So after a couple of years up and down there, I hired a trainer. I said, I’m done. I was with my trainer for six and a half years roughly before he left the business, couple injuries in there that slowed me down with hip surgery. So that kind of slowed me down for a good year. Soon as I got going after that, you know, ruptured a ligament in a thumb. So then that slowed down the upper body. But once he left, I kind of didn’t know where to go. I didn’t wanna be with the other trainers there, ’cause they weren’t going to be hard enough for me. They closed up shop. So I went on my own. And within those two years before leaving there, and joining revolution, the workouts were great. I rode my own, my son who’s a trainer would help me ride workouts. But nutrition was, that’s it, gone, and I just put all that weight back on. I didn’t get quite back to that, but I was getting real close. And that’s when I gave in, joined revolution. And six months after that I said, “we’re going deep. Let’s do VIP.” And, and here I am. I can’t be happier.

– Yeah, your transformation is insane. It’s incredible.

– Yeah, I’m ready to go too. So, pretty soon I’m gonna have a body like you.

– Let’s go, let’s go. You are on your way. On the Q&As, we see, you could see the shoulders starting to really take

– Yeah

– Yeah, take shape. Yeah. Awesome Babe. You’re an inspiration to not only myself but everybody that’s inside the program. It’s incredible what you’ve done and incredible where you came from and where you are right now.

– Yeah. Now diving into you know, what we’re all experiencing right now especially you, since you’re in New York, you know, you’re experiencing it heavy up there with the COVID situation. Before I dive into the next question I have for you I wanted you to share what your coworkers said to you when you did you had to go back to like go back to the school.

– Yeah. Like two weeks ago we went back to school, a group of us were there collecting books. We had the kids drive up, hand us books and yeah, yeah And it was a it was a 90 degree day and I’m standing out front. So I’m in a, just shorts and a tank top cause you know it was hot and a coworker walked by me and she’s like, “Holy crap, you look amazing.” And I’m like, great, thank you. And as she continued walking by me she said to someone else, she was like, “Oh my God I want to look like that.”

– So it was, it was, she didn’t know I heard that, but it was awesome.

– So incredible. This quarantine has done you real well.

– Yeah the quarantine has been good for me actually.

– Yeah. So I want to dive into that, how are you handling it with your goals?

– Well, as you say, I’ve continued to drop during quarantine. It’s just kept me in a routine. You know, my husband was only home for a couple of weeks, but that kind of kept the routine kind of weird because he was using my workout space for his workspace. So am like get the hell back to work.

– Once he got back to work, I really got into my routine. I get up me and the cats and I just do my thing. You know, my foods are already in a refrigerator so I don’t even have the temptation to go after something else cause every afternoon you use that time. Boom, boom, boom. Got all my meals made they’re in the fridge for the next day. Yeah. It’s just been, it’s just been keeping me on a routine. Can’t go anywhere, can’t do anything so, stick with that.

– You got to state, You’re in control of what you got at home, right? Your nutrition, your, your workouts you’re in control of that with everything that’s going on you can’t really control that stuff, but you can control the things that you want to do for yourself.

– There’s even 10 boxes of girl scout cookies in my house that I still have not touched.

– You rock. I put them in the freezer and I just left them there out of state, out of me, I don’t see him out of sight, out of mind, So they are there, but

– That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Love that discipline. I’m going to dive in and a couple of minutes, how you, how you have everything prepared, you know, like your you said your foods and your fridge is already done. Its there, it’s not even a thought. You just go and grab it. So we’ll dive into that in a second, but right now how do you find the accountability to stay on track?

– Well, after doing this for so many years when I had my trainer, they kept me accountable for my food. Even though they were kind of forcing me to eat food. I don’t want to say forcing me, they weren’t there feeding me, but they’re really trying to teach you to eat foods that are, you know whole foods, healthy foods, clean foods, and its great but they really wanted me to eat foods I really don’t like so, having this I don’t know, just knowing that I can eat foods I like, and still stay within those macros has just kept me in a better mindset that it’s not like I don’t need to go and cheat because I really was gagging food down before to the point that I don’t want to eat it so I wouldn’t eat at all. So obviously not eating at all was just as bad as eating all the crap food. So now I’ve just got, cause I’m eating foods I like, I’m just keeping myself accountable, you know? And I mean, I have you guys looking at it. So that helps. It’s part of the reason I did this.

– Yeah that’s right risked everything.

– No, it’s just been keeping me on track. I don’t know, I’ve been good. Just keeping true to myself.

– Yeah. Yeah, that’s awesome and kind of stemming off of what you said with you, you find it a lot easier to be enjoying the foods that you get to enjoy.

– Yeah. What, can you shade a little light on like what that, what, what kind of experience you did when you saw with working with other trainers Like, did that, did you feel restricted or did you just, or did you, was it that you just felt like you couldn’t veer off?

– It was kind of both. I mean, I felt some restriction because you know, they’re like,”Don’t be in the burgers cause I don’t want you to having a burger. You need to cut down on the carbs.” Okay. I get it. No, let’s cut down on the dairy too much sugar, you know they’re really really restricting me things that I do like and trying to get me to, I’m not a vegetable person. Come on, you need that broccoli. You need the cauliflower. No matter how I doctor it up, I was gagging it down. So I just wasn’t eating. So when it would, you know, come time for an assessment once every four, six weeks not every time, but there were times where I’d be like I know I ate bad, so I’m just going to fast for a day before an assessment stuff like that. So it’s just, you know, I was trying to play with the system instead of just doing it the right way because I was feeling restricted with the foods that they want you to eat.

– Yeah. Yeah. Wow. So how do you feel like, what kind of, like okay, share a little bit about like that nutrition plan you were following. Was it macros? Was it, or was it just like eat this?

– It was more, we found that, you know playing with different things with me. I love oatmeal, but oatmeal doesn’t love me. So we, we tried playing with a couple of different plans and we’ve, I would say mostly I was eating more of a paleo type of plan. It wasn’t macros the way you teach macros. And they would say, well let’s have you eat, you know, 1500 calories a day. But we didn’t really break it down into macros. It was like, let’s just do this many calories but eat a paleo style. And it worked but we’ve also found my body adjusts, fairly quickly to a lot of changes I make. So it’ll work for a few weeks and then boom I would just plateau and be like that for weeks. So my body, it’s always, it’s always a lot of tweaking but there were tweaking more in that, that sort of way as opposed to using the macros. The only time we really got macros every once in a while they’d offer these, all right you’re already a client, but okay, so all of these clients we’re going to offer you a new program and let’s do this eight week thing and we’ll have a group of do do it. And that’s when we’d get more restrictive with specific macros. Other than that, it was more the paleo plan for me.

– Gotcha. Would you say that in that fall when you were following before WarriorBabe are you eating more food now than you were with warrior, with other programs?

– Yeah. I only, because even though, like, let’s say calorie wise, I’m kind of eating the same amount of calories, but eating the other way. I was being very restrictive and again, I was trying to eat food that I didn’t like, so I would stop eating. So my numbers were supposed to be the same in terms of calories, not macros but I wasn’t really eating it because I didn’t like it.

– Yeah.

– So I definitely eat more now and I eat, I’m doing five meals a day instead of six, just cause the way my numbers are, it’s easier to fit them in five. I definitely eat more now much more regular foods I like.

– Yeah. How would, how do you, how do you deal with the, the psychology of eating more food in order to get to the kind of goals that you’re getting to right now.

– It’s surprising. You only wouldn’t think you’re going to you want to eat all that food. Yeah. I mean, I love it and there’s, it surprises me that I can eat that much and still be hungry. Not that I always am hungry, but I’ll have days past couple of days, I’ve actually been hungry and I’m eating the same things I have been. So I have up and down days with that some days I just don’t even want to eat but I’ll force myself to eat it. Cause I know I need to.

– Yeah.

– It’s surprising. You wouldn’t think that you can eat this much food and continue to lose.

– Yeah.

– Its sarcasm.

– It is. Isn’t it, it, from what we’ve all kind of especially you guys, you grown up thinking that eating less is the way to lose the weight.

– Yeah. And then you come into WarriorBabe and you’re like, we’re like, no you got to eat like, you know, 15, 16, 17, 1800 calories and then you know, you’re starting to drop in the weight and you’re just like no more leaf system just gets thrown out the door.

– Well, when we’re actually in school when people see I have a little refrigerator under my desk and I just I bring my food every, in every day and shove it in there and people will come in and out of my classroom and they’re like, “Are you still eating?” Am like, yeah. You know,

– That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So yeah, you’re, you’re a teacher. So can you share a little bit insight on cause there’s other, you know, women who have, you know me being a nurse, we were in the emergency room or there’s other women that have a very focused job where it’s hard for them to veer off, to eat a meal. So how do you go about your day in the work field with eating your meals when we were working in?

– Yeah.

– Well, I mean I have to admit it’s probably a little bit easier for me cause I have my little refrigerator in my room. A lot of teachers don’t have that and they bring their food and keep it in the teacher’s lounges we have a whole bunch of different ones. Cause all the different departments have their own little areas. So some of the teachers, you know don’t have the ability to run in there and go get their food. Whereas I have my refrigerator and I’ll just grab it. You know, the kids will be working. I don’t care. I’m just going to sit there and eat in front of them. Kids eat in front of us. So I mean, that’s what I do. Other teachers I can understand t’s a little harder for them, but if they were to plan it out and just say, Oh, I know I’m going to be in class let me bring this with me. You know, it can be done.

– Yeah. Yeah. A hundred. That’s simple as that. It can be done.

– Yeah. You got to make it work.

– Yeah. Yeah. So there’s a lot of, a lot of babes struggle with hitting their macros or planning ahead. So kind of touching base on what you said with your routine during this time they’re all facing and how you plan ahead and bring all your stuff to your work space. What are your some pointers that you can provide those babies who struggle hitting their macros or planning ahead?

– Wow, I, I mean, I prep constantly. I don’t want to say it’s just every weekend. Cause like I just made my potatoes for next week. I just finished doing that. So I’ll use a couple of days a week. I actually plan a week at a time. I mean, everyone’s different. You got to find what works for you. But like one night, a week is some, showing out watching TV. I’m going to be on my fitness pal. I have three meals that are pretty much staples that I don’t change. My, my pre-workout my post-workout. And then I have another meal that is just kind of like my comfort, the yogurt and berries and almond butter that I’ll have now it’s at night it used to be during school at seven in the morning. but so those three always stay the same. I always plug them into my fitness pal first and then work around that and to make my numbers work, you know I find whatever living protein and what other carbs I need to fit. Everyone’s different.

– Yeah.

– It’s kind of hard, you know you got to find just something that works for you. I also keep things very simple and need a lot of the same foods when I was trying to do, be creative and eat lots of different things. It just didn’t work. So you got to keep it simple.

– You do. Right? Because especially when you’re learning the macro side of things, it can be a little overwhelming at first to start off and you’re like, Oh my Gosh how do I fit in protein fats and carbs and get it within plus or minus five. And it’s like, but when you just figure out like if you just sit in there for like, you know couple hours and play around while you’re watching TV like you’re saying, yes, that’s what you did.

– I D I, I definitely find if they, if you do if any newbies, you know, really trying to get used to it and do your pre and post first, cause you really want to make sure those numbers are where they should be and kind of leave them and then play with everything else afterwards. I think that’s a really good starting point.

– Yeah. Do you find it fun playing around with those numbers in my fitness pal am always like I got it, I got it, I know this can just come down and quantities and this could go up.

– My heart goes like, “Seriously, that one little extra bounce.” I’m like, yeah. It makes a difference.

– It does make a difference. It does.

– And it’s funny.

– Yeah. That’s awesome.

– I had a little cream, you know, I’ll find the tiniest little thing, is it whatever will fit.

– Yes, exactly. That was me last night trying to fit in my last like six carbs. Like how do I, how do I how am I going to maneuver this one?

– Yap. My husband looks at my food sometimes and he’s like, “Seriously, you’re having that.” I’m like, Hey, it all fits in. I don’t care what the combo is. Yeah.

– Do you eat more than your husband eats, side note

– Oh definitely.

– Yeah

– And I’m not, and I’m not a big eater but I definitely eat more. He tried, he’s tried a couple of times where he’ll go and buy some plan from somebody. And he tried it. He was really good for about a month but it was exactly the same food. So he’s like, I can’t do this. I’m like, I’ve been trying to help you. I make extra food and I’ll throw in a freezer for him. And he was like, “Yeah, but then I got to heat it up when I get home.”

– Whatever.

– That’s awesome. Yeah. So the pointers are great. Cause in terms of just planning ahead, it’s to eliminate the thought processes mentally of like what am I going to eat is just so much easier to be eating the same exact thing for like, and like you said having your staple meals and just being able to fit in some other things you are kind of graving.

– And I just, every afternoon, put them all together throw them in a fridge and then you just grab. It’s not like I haven’t all the pieces in the fridge and I have to put it together. I literally put each meal together. Just grab it.

– Yeah. So that’s how, that’s your routine now? Like, especially being at home that’s how you just plan everything the day before and then it’s in there in the fridge and you can just walk in and .

– Yeah. And even when school was in, I would still do that same thing. You put everything together. So the next morning, get up grab my cooler, boom, boom, boom. Pop them all in there that I need during the work hours. Yeah. It just keeps you on track. It keeps you accountable. And instead of, Ooh maybe I want to mix this up and nah.

– Yeah.

– As long as it’s together, I’m not going to change it.

– Yeah. Awesome. And then do you feel like when you’re at school you don’t really have the temptation to one of your off track you’ve got, you know you’ve got your meals in place.

– It’s huge especially when that, that all those bake sales and all those things that aren’t going to happen anymore,

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

– Oh yeah. Definitely kept me from temptation.

– Awesome. So what’s some advice that you could give somebody who is just starting their fitness journey.

– Definitely need to ask questions. Yeah. Start coming out of your shell. I’m, I’m the quiet one of the group.

– You are. You are.

– Just how I am, but I take it all in, you know?

– Yeah.

– That’d be willing to ask questions. Even if you are quiet like me and you don’t want to speak up in a group, message your coach, they will get back to you. Ask the questions, don’t sit there going, Oh, I wish I said, I asked this. I wish I asked that cause you’re not going to get the answers unless you ask somebody else may or may not ask that, but you know and join to the zoom meetings. It took me a couple of weeks to really get going. But you know, there’s just so much information and we’re all there for each other.

– Yeah.

– You know, you don’t feel like you’re alone because you’re not.

– Yeah.

– Even if you don’t have the outside supports at home, you’ve always got the support of the group and it’s huge

– A hundred percent. And that goes to the VIP, the Blueprint, to the Revolution, , access to the Q and A’s and all of the groups. And I always say, never assume that, you know the answer cause then you kind of get lost and like, well it could be this, it could be this, it could be this so you’re, or you’re a hashing up all belief systems that could be answering your question for you when you could just answer it and then have clarity.

– Absolutely.

– By me or the coaches or anybody who’s in the Warrior Pit.

– Yeah and it pronounced. We all at some of us might just jump in and answer a question. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you guys.

– Absolutely. Absolutely.

– I know if some of them even talk to each other outside of the zoom meetings, you know we’re all here for each other and it’s just, it’s huge. You need it.

– Yeah, absolutely. And plus, I always like when I, when I get questions, I’m like they’re in it. They want to do it.

– Yeah. And because when somebody is asking a bunch of questions like what about this and what about this and why this and dah, dah, dah that means that they’re like focused and I want to do it the right way. Whereas like people that don’t ask questions I’m kind of like, you know, I don’t feel like they’re, as in it, as I feel like they would be, if they’re asking tons of questions. I love questions and that is great. A great starter point to anybody that’s listening is just ask questions.

– Yeah, absolutely.

– Yeah.

– Absolutely. I mean, I mean, everyone’s going to find their own thing and what works for on too. I mean, I even keep a little journal where, I’ll actually have my workouts written out and not just in the app. And I know they’re in the app, but what if the app crashes I’ve got them written down in a little journal. So I know exactly what I did each week. Even if I have to write a note to myself it’s something that I might not be able to put in the app. Cause I’m at home. I can’t, you know, I have bands, I can’t say, Oh I put green band in the app so I can write notes to myself. And you know, that’s something else that works for me too. I don’t know how many other people may or may not do that.

– Yeah.

– You got to find what really works for you but asking questions and just join in it’s huge. And don’t be afraid to make a mistake. You know, you make a mistake, I’ve made mistakes. I’ll, you know, I could have my meals plan but then all of a sudden we’re at a friend’s house and I don’t have my food with me. All right. I’m going to screw up for the day.

– Yeah.

– You just jumped back on the next day. You can’t, you can’t let it get to you. You can’t dwell on it. Boom, new dates over and done and just keep looking forward.

– Yes. So many people need to hear that Denise. Yes. It’s like, you know, a lot of people they’ve, they they mess up and then they met, they allow it to fall into the next day and they’re like, okay, Monday I’m gonna just start fresh. You have the ability to start the next day fresh.

– Absolutely.

– Yeah.

– Yeah.

– That’s awesome. Awesome Babe. So what does it mean what does being a WarriorBabe mean to you?

– Being a WarriorBabe, to me is that, what come full circle. I know where I want to be. And I know what I have to do to get there. And WarriorBabe allows you to use your weaknesses to make you stronger. You know, it really teaches you that you don’t give a crap what other people are thinking. Yeah. If you’re at the gym don’t worry about other people watching. Maybe they’re trying to learn from you. Cause I know I’ve had that happen to me, you know? So I don’t care what other people think. It’s just taught me more about myself, you know? And it’s given me insight on who I truly am. It’s it’s just amazing. I, you know, I want to be that strong, healthy person and it’s, it’s nice to have that group out there and that that community to help me get through it because we’re all going through it.

– Yeah. That we’re all here to help each other and push each other and, and just learn from your weaknesses, learn from your mistakes. And I it’s just, I don’t know, it’s defining me at this point. You know, just working out is part of who I am and I don’t let other people say, you know I don’t understand why you’re doing this and, and, and you’re not eating right. You know, I’m like, no, this, this is me. This is who I am and, and I’m proud to be part of it and I think it’s awesome.

– That’s amazing. You just gave me the chills.

– That’s awesome.

– I mean, I’ve really, it’s been over 10 years and I’ve never had this kind of progress so quickly. I’m just thrilled to death. I’m happy to be here and I’m just going to keep going.

– Yeah Babe.

– It’s been over 25 years since I’ve been at this weight. Yeah. It’s fantastic.

– That’s incredible. Incredible. Well, you definitely are a WarriorBabe through and through a hundred percent. You, you put in the work, you have discipline. You have just a no BS. I’m just going to do it. No excuses that can get done and

– Absolutely.

– That, that is a WarriorBabe. You are a WarriorBabe. I love it.

– Great. Yeah.

– I love it.

– Waiting for that spark. Yes. Yes. It’s coming. It’s coming.

– Awesome Babe. So to close off this interview, I just want to ask and I’m sure that people could use this and to their their macro plan and just hear what your favorite snack is. What’s your favorite macro combo or favorite snack that you love to enjoy? My favorite snack is it’s my yogurt with my berries and my almond butter. And I have to say I’ve tried the All-American butters in it, I’ve tried cookie butter in it, just plain old almond butter. To me. I’m in butter with some berries, yogurt. That’s a It’s just a, it’s a comfort food. It’s not too filling. It’s refreshing.

– Yeah.

– That is that’s my favorite combo right now.

– Love it. Love it. And how about your favorite muscle group to be trained?

– Well, before my hip injury, I would have said legs. I loved working with legs. I mean, I love squatting. I can hardly squat any weight anymore. I’d say arms and shoulders at this point.

– Yeah.

– Be the best that I can do without injuring myself and yeah.

– Awesome.

– Yesterday’s arm workout was awesome. I was actually ready to type in there. You guys are slowing me down.

– I was kind of staying ahead of you.

– I love it. I love it. That’s awesome. Oh, that’s great. All right. Well, Denise, it’s been a pleasure hanging out with you here and for all of you who want to learn more about the programs that WarriorBabe offers and how to get started, go to www.WarriorBabe.com and become a part of thousands of women as you’re hearing the needs of the community. Yeah. It’s amazing. They’re all focused. They were all focusing on getting tone becoming strong and more confident versions of ourselves.

– Yeah, you won’t regret it.

– Yeah.

– Do it.

– Nice. Thank you, babe. Thank you for your time here. I appreciate you.

– Thank you. Thanks for having me. Awesome. Thank you.


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