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Emily tried keto, Weight Watchers, and even SlimFast shakes, but nothing was working. Then she learned about macros and knew they were important, but had no idea how to count them properly — she signed up for WarriorBabe and tracks everything easily now. She wakes up knowing exactly how many grams of protein and carbs she has to eat to stay on track every day.

Get Toned And Change Your Body Composition

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– Hey, everyone. Welcome to our Warrior Babe interview with our veteran warrior babe Emily. Emily it’s been one year, almost one year.

– Almost

– As a warrior babe. You started out at 163-ish pounds. And your goal at first was to lose 4% body fat, right?

– That’s right.

– And you wanted to do it by your birthday by November. So putting your perspective guys let’s think about last year when she started, that’s about like what? July, August, September, October, four months and you crushed it.

– I did.

– You crushed that goal.

– I did, I got more than I wanted and that’s even better.

– Yeah so you lost, you said about like six, around 6% body fat and now you weigh, up to this day 150 pounds that being a total of 13 pounds which is incredible because if you watch, if you look at your transformation photos you’re like, ain’t no way that’s just 13 pounds. I mean you have, your transformation has been absolutely incredible. You have completely changed your body composition. You are shredded. Like I have some quad envy on you.

– Aww stop it. Hey, you started all this so I had to just try and follow.

– Love it. Also your support and inspiration inside the community is speechless. I love seeing your posts, your encouragement, to the other babes. So, everybody Emily is here today to share some pointers for you babes so that you can adopt some of her strategies for your own journey moving forward. So welcome Emily. I’m excited to have you here.

– I’m excited to be here.

– Yes, all right let’s kick it right off. So tell us your story and how you got to where you are now.

– Okay. And like you had said earlier, I let’s see, I think I was scrolling ironically on social media and Facebook, you know, and I’d see this chick that has these shredded arms and abs and she’s got these ropes doing this and I’m like, okay, look what is this? That is you girl. I was like, okay, I need arms like Nikkiey Stott is all I know because she’s freaking shredded, she’s got the arm vein, which I like, it’s part of my goal too is to have the arm vein it’s getting there, but you know I’m working on it.

– You’re getting there.

– So anyway, so I clicked on and read everything ’cause I’m kind of getting nerdy when I’m like into fitness stuff and I’m like, you know what? I’ve tried Weight Watchers, I’ve tried keto, dear Lord I’ve tried, I have had stupid SlimFast shakes, not working. You know, I tried it all and I, you know, it worked for a little bit and then it’s like, eh, you give up and then I’m like, oh well I eat good during the week, but then comes weekend and I eat like shit and I drink. So, let’s see that doesn’t work. So anyway, so I was like I wanna join this, this Warrior Babe. I’m like, I like the name too so I was like let me get in on this this is fricking awesome. So I signed up and I did my, oh and I also meant to tell you that I had heard the whole macro stuff and I was like, yeah, I don’t know how to do that. You know, I was kinda like, like really hesitant but I was like you know what I’m gonna do it. So sure enough it took me almost three months to learn how to do the macros ’cause I was like I can’t do it but I’m like can’t does not work with me. Will, I will do this and so I did it. And like you said, I’m almost a year in, I’ve decreased my body fat by almost like 6% within four months. I love to work out and now that I know how to do the macros, it’s easy, I love it so now I’m here.

– I love it babe, love it. And so when you talk about macros and your journey with it at first, the first three months, when you, and you talked about what you’ve previously done, keto, SlimFast all those kind of things. How would you compare that to the macro side of things now that you have learned?

– Black and white. It’s like, you know you think you’re eating good, you have your, you know your chicken or whatever and you know, broccoli, rice, I mean really you know, just your healthy food. And honestly I would eat okay, but I wasn’t eating enough. And so now that I know how to eat and what to eat, I mean it’s a no brainer. You know, before I was like, oh you know you eat good and no, I mean I could eat good but it was maybe 1200 calories a day and then like maybe 10%, 20% protein you know, just, it wasn’t enough so now that I, now that I am a macro expert, I’m in girl.

– You’re a macro genius now.

– Not quite but it’s work in progress.

– I love it, oh I love it. There is something else I was gonna ask you. Oh, okay so in terms of the, so what was, when you started those keto and SlimFast, what was your, what did you think you were going to achieve with that?

– I thought I was gonna lose fat. And you know, lose fat, I’m gonna tone up, I’m gonna get those shredded abs and ’cause I was working out with it but it was just a terrible combination, you know. So, losing fat is not, that’s not the way to do it just saying at all.

– How many years did you do keto and everything like that or those other programs?

– Oh gosh. Okay so I had my daughter in 2005 and so like 2006-7 I was doing Weight Watchers. Which I did, I mean I lost a little bit of weight, but I mean honestly I got bored ’cause it’s like okay, it was working, but it really wasn’t working. So then I was like, oh, what’s this keto thing? You know like, it’s almost like a little rabbit after a, you know, something I’m like, ooh what’s next? Let’s see I can find the next diet to make me skinny. So I did keto for honestly like maybe 10 months and I lost, again, you know you lose it, but then once you go back to eating normal, it comes right back if not like double time. So I was like, okay well I guess I’ll go back to my whatever healthy eating in my eyes was at that plan so, I gave up on that I didn’t like it. Plus I couldn’t eat any carbs and I was like yeah no, this is not gonna work sorry. This relationship, I’m already breaking up with you so.

– Yes. I’m out sorry, peace.

– Yeah deuces, bye, nice knowing you.

– Now you’re eating all the carbs, right?

– Heck yeah I love it.

– That’s awesome.

– Yes.

– So, and that’s such an inspiring, like your journey watching you inside of the community, like I said, like you’re so supportive but then you throw up your transformation photo and I’m just like hot damn where did that come from?

– Boom. I learned how to flex and it helped.

– My jaw dropped when I saw that in the community. I was like, what?

– I know so excited.

– So I know a lot of people are struggling with the times that we are in right now, so how are you handling? ‘Cause I mean, again your post, so inspiring but how are you handling this quarantine with your goals?

– So we all know it sucks big time and who in the world would have thought any of us, no matter what age we are would have survived or been amongst the pandemic. Lord knows that wasn’t really in my life plan. So my thought, ’cause I kinda get a little psycho brain and body morph and you know, kinda like we all do. I was like, okay, well, if I’m stuck at home thank God I was, I had some weights to work with and that’s my dog in the background I’ll go ahead and apologize for that. I was like, okay, well I’m gonna do this at home you know. Plus for, I had kind of a, well, a stressful job so I was like I’m gonna take an hour at least if not more, for me time. I mean for me I had to do it just to keep my sanity, and I was not about to walk in that gym one or two pounds heavier needless to say the COVID-15 or what everybody’s calling it. Yeah, no, Emily is gonna walk in there looking fine as hell and that was my motivation. I’m like, this is not gonna bring me down. I mean, yeah, I can’t go anywhere but if I’m gonna be stuck at home I’ve got some weights and I ordered a couple of things before they all went MIA and I’m gonna make it work, so that’s what I did.

– Amazing, guys like pause and rewind and listen to that ’cause you are in control of your workouts, even body weight I mean, we got a body weight program you can definitely check that out. There’s no excuses. You’re in control of the fitness, you’re in control of the nutrition. How are you handling the nutrition side?

– I mean, it hasn’t really changed and I’m kind of like a creature of habit. I mean, I pretty much had the same thing like every other week I just switch up proteins. You know, I have a Chick-fil-A filet. I have the Chick-fil-A grilled nuggets, I have ground turkey, I have salmon. I mean, you can still, if you’re out and about and you’re like, oh my God, what am I gonna eat? No, you can still have protein, you just have to, you know, IIFYM so it fits your macros. It’s gonna work. So you just make it work. It’s like, you know the puzzle piece that one piece that you can’t find once you lay that down and bam, your masterpiece is there so.

– So solid.

– Yeah.

– Well, how do you during this time with, how do you find the accountability? Like it’s kinda you know,

– Well, my psycho brain takes over and it’s one of those, ain’t nobody gonna bring me down, I’m gonna hold you down. Oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving. I mean it’s.

– Oh my God I fucking love this, this is great.

– I’m serious I’m like, if I can’t take accountability for myself who the hell else is going to? I mean you know, you gotta own it. You gotta own it and make it your little bitch so.

– That’s damn great, hashtag make it your bitch, don’t be a little bitch you be stronger bitch.

– That’s right, hell yeah seriously.

– I love it. Absolutely, you’re preaching, you’re preaching, you’re a 100% right. You can’t let COVID, you can’t let your kids, you can’t let, you gotta be on point with you and you gotta make the time for you to get the shit done.

– Seriously.

– You got goals ’cause your goals ain’t gonna get nowhere if you ain’t gonna put the work in.

– You might as well not have any if you gonna put the work in just saying, yeah.

– Yes that’s damn straight. So going from, you know, keto, Weight Watchers and things that you’ve tried, how do you deal with the psychological side of things with eating more food to get you to the goals that you’ve accomplished so far?

– So that was major number one hard I’m just gonna be honest. Like I told you the first couple months I was like, oh my God, how in the hell am I gonna eat all this food? It’s gonna be like a fricking job. I’m like, I already have a job I’m good I don’t need another job. But, once I figured it out, you know, it was okay. But it literally, it’s like a little game. It’s almost, I think you’ve referred to as Tetris. It’s like a Tetris or a puzzle piece, you have to just make it work. I mean, and that’s what I’ve done. You know, it’s not overnight you know I know a lot of people think, oh well if it’s not working in two weeks I’m not gonna do it, you can’t do that. I mean, you have to be, you have to own it and you have to want it, and you just have to go through the process you know. I mean like the two weeks of the emails that you get when you first sign up, I did everything. I posted that and I still have it. The warrior babe mantra is what I call it. I have it when I brushed my teeth on my mirror, I have it in my closet right where I get dressed and I have it actually right here I’m at my desk computer right now and I have it right here. So I look at it all the time. And you know what else is funny, if you sing it in your ear, while you’re brushing your teeth it’s almost like two minutes. So it’s like, hey, this is a win-win right? I’m like, if I totally brush my teeth,

– Row, row, row your boat, the more it’ll be a mantra as you’re brushing.

– As a warrior babe I realized that I’m badass, yeah. I’m telling you it’s like the little things that matter that people don’t even think about so.

– Hell yeah, so spot on. And would you say like your belief system around that food did that get completely shattered when you were like I’m eating this and I’m what? I’m dropping weight, I’m getting toned, like what?

– Yes, yes, I mean food is fuel. And I think you said that a billion times. I mean, this program just goes to show that food is fuel. And I used to be the person that would be like, ew I’m not gonna eat anything before I work out because that’ll burn more calories and I’ll be shredded. No, I you’ll freaking pass your out is what’s gonna happen.

– Yes.

– So, I mean, and I had been preaching to all my friends at the gym now that I can go back, to eat ’cause I have so many friends that believe that well if I don’t eat then I’ll burn more calories and then I’ll, no, you’ll burn out for fricking muscle if you do that you idiots. So yeah.

– Keep preaching that.

– Eat, eat and eat.

– More women need to get that. I don’t know what this like, I think it’s either from the way that you know people were brought up, they’re watching their parents, the whole internet and everything saying that you know this, just eat less, blah, blah, blah but there’s so much scarcity around food.

– Yes, yes and it’s terrible. I mean, I’m like, would you go drive a car without any freaking gas or oil on it? No. I’m serious like, no, you’re not gonna do that. So don’t work out on an empty stomach unless you’re doing cardio, I mean, you can do fasted cardio, but like weightlifting, you might as well just go back to sleep. So no.

– Absolutely, preach that ’cause yeah your muscles are, your muscles are active tissue. Y’all, if you don’t eat man you’re just dipping and you’re literally it’s counter productive to what the results that people want. It’s literally counter productive. You are eating away at your muscle stores if you were doing a workout fast, a weight lifted workout fasted.

– So true, it’s so true.

– And let me, this is a little side note but like, with weightlifting and eating, there’s so many people that think that they need to do HIIT all the time. What’s your take on that?

– This is my take, not all the time, no. Again, yeah you might feel good and sweat good and that’s another thing, I’d be like oh I’m sweating and I burned all these calories and I was doing HIIT classes and that’s, and I just kinda go off on tangent so you can stop me if you need to. There is a trainer at the gym that noticed when I was losing the weight in the beginning, he said, oh well I’ve noticed that you’re upstairs ’cause upstairs is where the weights are and then downstairs is where the classrooms and stuff are. He’s like, I noticed you, haven’t gone to class in a while I’m like, yeah, no, I’m on a new program and I’ve got some goals and I’m gonna shit get done. And he told me, ’cause he was the one that did my body fat, that in November, after I’d set my goal he goes, if there was, what did he call it? If there was a customer or a whatever of the month, that would be you. He goes, you have shown that you don’t have to do classes all the time and do HIIT to get toned. He’s like, and he goes, you have been a real example. It kinda gets me teary eyed but yeah, it was pretty awesome. So I was like, boom, HIIT is good on moderate, it’s like moderation.

– All you need to do weights. Resistance with the weights and you can do one HIIT if needed a week. Depends on your body type, obviously it all depends on your body type. But yeah I mean I see the women leaving like literally at the gym yesterday I was watching the woman leave the classes I’m just like, I just wanna like go into that class and stand in front of everybody and be like, you’re doing the wrong thing.

– Yes, you just, I just wanna be like get out of there, go upstairs it’s okay. Everybody’s scared, they’re scared and I’m like, it’s okay. Why don’t you just ask and just figure it out.

– Yeah.

– So, yeah.

– Gotta become strong, a more confident version of themselves so, I mean I’m but I do get it. Like, were you ever intimidated by the weight room at all?

– I think maybe in the beginning but then I’m so like, you know, screw it. I mean, okay yeah there’s, you know, got your big muscle heads and you’ve got the girls that had their hair down and their makeup on and they’re like, and then, you know they got their phone, oh wait, you know, texting, I’m like, if you’re gonna text get the hell off the machine like, I’m not, like, what are you doing? But yeah, no I get it, but I’m kind of the mindset all you can do is, you can ask and all you can do is say no, so I’m like, I’m gonna go up there and I’m gonna make it happen and make that weight room my little bitch, so yeah.

– Exactly. And you’re saying it so well, and some of the people are worried that they’re watching you, people are watching you, and people are just worried about watching themselves. They are not worried about watching you.

– Not at all. Unless you’re doing something awesome and you look good and they’re like, oh, what’s she doing?

– Yeah.

– Yeah, then that’s a different scenario.

– Yeah, yeah. So at the beginning of a lot of babes journeys and maybe you can speak on this because it took you a little bit, like it took you three months to kinda get used to the macro side of things. But a lot of new babes struggle with hitting their macros and or planning ahead. So, what are some pointers that you can provide them?

– My number one advice is I use the MyFitnessPal and I know there’s some other ones out there to track your macros, do it the night before or the day before. Like have it done so when you wake up it’s a no brainer. You wake up you’re like, oh, I have to eat, you know 50 grams of protein, I have to have carbs, you just make it happen. You know, you do it the night before, ’cause if you do it the day of it won’t happen, it won’t work. You’ll eat, you won’t eat enough or you’ll eat too much. So my best thing is do it the night before or the day before. So you can, what is it? Plan to fail, fail to plan one of those two, that shit’s real, like it’s legit.

– Absolutely you get to the, if you’re not tracking the night before which is a common thing on these interviews, it’s saying plan ahead, plan the night before, you are setting yourself up for success if not, you’re gonna be one of those people that I yell at all the time. Like, you having a hard time hitting your numbers, what are you doing? Are you’re tracking the day as you’re going? And yes, you’re gonna hit that wall hard.

– Seriously you’re gonna fall down, yeah.

– You’ll be macro hoarding at the end of the night, you’re gonna be like 70 grams of carbs, 15 grams of fats, 30 grams of protein, there’s just no way.

– I know, it’s so true, it is so true. ‘Cause I think that was another thing that I was, literally I charted, I was staying up like way too long trying to figure it out and then I was like, once I figured it out, I’m like, okay, I got this.

– Yeah so, if it took you like a little bit at first to start but how fast can you do it now?

– Oh God like three minutes. I mean less two minutes I mean, ’cause I know what I’m gonna eat and I just put it in and MyFitnessPal and it pulls it up heck, especially if you use it all the time, it’s like, oh, check out filet, and it’ll be like right there. Or egg white blah, blah, blah, blah just fill it right in, it’s awesome, love it.

– Yes a hundred percent. So, what is some advice that you would give someone who is just starting their fitness journey?

– Trust the process. Don’t want, I mean, it’s one of those, yeah you want it now, I mean, who doesn’t? Who doesn’t wanna be ripped overnight? Okay well we all know that that’s doesn’t happen, unless you go to like, you know, LA and you get like 500 nip tuck, squeeze, pull, pinch. That’s not healthy people, in case you’re wondering don’t do it. But no, yeah in all seriousness, trust the process, have patience, it will come. I mean, yeah it sometimes it sucks and sometimes it takes longer for people, sometimes it’s quicker for people but everybody’s different, everybody’s built different. You have to just trust in yourself and have patience and know it will happen. So that’s my best advice.

– Put in the work I love that, that’s so spot on.

– Yeah.

– Say it louder. That’s great. All right so, what does being a warrior babe mean to you?

– It means that I’m a badass I’m just gonna say that, that’s my number one. And it means that I can set goals, I can, my computer just totally freaked out on me sorry. I can set a goal and I can do it. And you know before, I would set a goal, but then I’d be like eh, it’s not working after a couple of weeks so I’m just gonna forget it. This stuff works, like it makes me feel empowered. It makes me feel literally strong physically, mentally, and this community is amazing. I mean like you cannot get a better community. I mean, we all lift each other up, we rant, rave, pump up, bring down, but we all, we all are one and it makes me feel, it makes me feel really good. Honestly I feel badass you know.

– Hell yeah, strong is the new sexy.

– Hell yeah and I always put it is in a capital whenever I hashtag that because it is the new sexy.

– Yes you do that. That’s awesome babe, that definitely every word you said is what warrior babe is you know, empowerment, strong, badass, sexy, having the body that you want, knowing that you can do it, and everybody comes together and supports each other on their goals I love that that’s awesome.

– Yes, yes ma’am it is I love it.

– Yes.

– Warrior babe for life, hashtag that every time.

– I wonder who’s going to get the tattoo first.

– I’m in, I’ll do it. My cousin is a tattoo artist so we can all go see him.

– Oh yes thanks. All right so before I ask some of the closing things that I normally ask, is there anything that you want to be able to say to the babes that are listening in terms of inspiration, motivation, I mean, you pretty much nail on the head but is there anything else that you wanna say to them?

– Gosh, just believe in yourself. And a lot of times people get so frustrated and my macros aren’t working and I’ve had a couple of the babes reach out to me that have been nervous and I’m like, no don’t be nervous A, we’re here to support each other. You know, believe in yourself, don’t rush it, don’t get so stressed out that you’re like, this is not gonna work out, forget it, forget it, don’t. You know, just take the time, read through the, you know, when you first start out, read through all the emails, listen to the videos, do it a couple of times. I mean, you know, if you have to just stick your ear pod in or AirPod, I always say that wrong, by the way, AirPods yeah whatever. Just, you know, just listen to it. It becomes, it’s like my mantra, you know, I am a warrior babe, and I am so proud to say it out loud, you know. Believe in yourself, trust the process, it will come I promise.

– Spitting bombs right there you’re spitting bombs. I love it, yes. All right so with that, what would you say your favorite snack or your macro combo is?

– Oh, that’s hard ’cause I like everything. So my favorite snack okay so I love the caramel, caramel however you say that caramel rice cakes with peanut butter and sugar-free jelly. It’s like one of my favorites. I love the, I mean, just for an easy snack those built protein bars are pretty good sometimes when you’re on the go and you can’t, you know, go whip up whatever, that’s my favorites. Those are probably my two favorite snacks ’cause again I’m creature of habit. I like what I like so I’m gonna eat it. And I love, and the rice cakes are great and they got a crunch which I love to have a crunch and peanut butter and sugar-free jelly I mean hi win-win.

– You still have the foods you love and enjoy, you just gotta make them work.

– That’s right, that’s right.

– And then what’s your favorite muscle group to be trained? What do you love working out? Look at those shoulders, I keep looking at your shoulders.

– Like, well ironically I was just gonna say shoulders. Look I love shoulders and I love yours and I love Madeline’s because y’all’s, like I want the pop, you know I want that in my hands. That and legs, I love leg. I mean, I did that today and it’s, everybody’s like God why do you love legs. I’m like, because A, I burn over 600 something calories just doing the weights. Just doing, and that’s why I posted today, I’m like, you guys can burn calories doing just weights, but I love legs and shoulders. I had to pick two.

– That point that you just said is so true. You can burn, everyone’s always focused on the calorie side of things. So you can burn, you can burn calories working out and then you burn them even longer after that with the muscles recovering.

– Oh yes you do for 24, 36 hours yes ma’am.

– Yes, say it louder they need to hear that ’cause someone’s talking about the number in the day but it’s the number over time. It’s the build up classes

– Heck yeah.

– You’re doing.

– That’s right you burn it and you keep eating to fuel that burn so yeah baby.

– Yes, what a way to close it out, I love it. So for those of you who want to learn more about the programs that warrior babe offers and how to get started, go to www.warriorbabe.com and become a part of thousands of women getting toned to becoming stronger, more confident versions of themselves. Just like Emily shared with us babe. Thank you this was a fire interview with you. Super high energy, your results and transformation have been amazing. And the end point that you just shared it’s just massive golden nuggets. It’s like, listen, literally guys like listen to what Emily just said, rewind this and listen to everything, take it into perspective for you and employ the strategies that she’s employed on her journey ’cause her transformation’s insane, insane.

– Thank you.

– Thank you for being here on this interview I appreciate you.

– Oh, you’re so welcome this was so fun, and thank you so much for letting me share my story ’cause I could probably talk all day I know, you don’t wanna hear that.

– All right, everybody with that being said we are tuning out.

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