WarriorBabe Interview – Jill


Jill went down the social media rabbit hole of gluten-free, keto, non-dairy, and more — and as a nurse she knew all that calorie cutting wasn’t healthy. After joining WarriorBabe, she learned what foods she was eating too much of (and too little), and now even her kids have noticed she’s lost weight and is getting stronger.

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– Hey, everyone. Welcome to our Warrior Babe Interview with our veteran warrior babe, Jill. Jill has been a warrior babe for seven months now. Started at 177 pounds, and you’re 5’7″, 47 years old, and now is at 156 pounds. That’s a 21 pound drop. And, Jill, you are looking, hot. You are looking hot.

– Your transformation has been insanely incredible. You literally came into Warrior Babe and you just started putting in work. You have it just like head down, focused, and doing it. So everyone, Jill is here to share some pointers for you babes so that you can adopt some of her strategies to your own journey moving forward. So welcome, Jill. I’m excited to have you here.

– Thank you, so excited to be here.

– Yes, so tell these warrior babes and anybody that’s listening, tell them your story and how you got where you are now.

– Yeah, so I have, I’ve always been active my whole life, like danced, and gymnastics, cheerleading in the whole nine yards. And even after I had babies, I did weight programs and got all my weight back. And then the forties hit, and I did get mono early that year, which I feel like that kind of affected a lot of my, energy. And then I just kind of went downhill from there. So, I started, trying to just do what I could to get by, and it just never was enough. So then I went down the Instagram, social media route, where don’t eat this, to keto this, gluten free this, dairy that. And, I knew being a nurse, that, cutting food out wasn’t necessarily the answer. So, and I also knew that weights worked for me. So I just needed to get back to the basics. I wanted to be eating healthy. ‘Cause I was eating clean, I was eating salads, and just cutting everything out that was supposed to be bad for me. And I’m like, “I just know that there’s a certain amount I should be eating, and don’t cut any foods out.” Because I had had all the tests. I had allergy tests. I know dairy upsets my stomach, but like gluten, all of those things, I didn’t have to cut those out. So then, I found you. And I just read all these testimonials, about the amounts of food people should be eating, and right for their bodies and weight training. And I knew that that was what was gonna work for me. So once I, and I started more of the blueprint. Which was a great introduction, and I really did put myself into that, but it still didn’t feel like, trusting myself that I could tweak the process. So I just wanted to, I wanted to know. Like, it felt so annoying that I didn’t know. And so, and it was so simple once I did learn. That’s the crazy thing. So, ’cause I’m willing, I was like, I’ll eat whatever I have to eat, just to be able to have the weight training work for my body, because it wasn’t like it used to, so. Back in the day, I could just weight train and eat whatever, you know, pretty clean but, then the 40s hit and that didn’t work anymore. So once I got my energy level up, and you know, I got some vitamins right in my body that were a little bit deficient, that did help with my energy, but mostly just the desire to know how to fix it, was what. And then once I put my mind to it, I’m like, I’m gonna just trust the process, and that’s exactly what I did, so.

– So I know you started with keto. You were doing keto before you initially joined Warrior Babe, right?

– No, I mean I tried keto and I just like felt horrible. The one thing that I was really trying, was intermittent fasting, and I finally ended up going to see integrative medicine, just to like talk to them about hormones and stuff. And, he’s like, it’s the worst thing you could possibly do for your hormones at your age, is to like, go this extended time. And my cortisol level was high and I was sleeping bad, waking up in the middle of the night. And I honestly did not feel like that was right for my body. I would just push through and I would feel like my blood sugar dropping. I felt horrible. So yeah, that was the big thing that I did not like that I was trying to do. And I kinda felt like, you know, your stomach would be flatter or you, I did get a little boost of energy here and there, but overall no. Like not enough of the right foods for sure.

– Yeah, and we’ll talk about the psychology, psychological side of like eating more food. ‘Cause I’m curious to know what you were eating like before you joined Warrior Babe, and then when you joined Warrior Babe, and like where we placed you at. We’ll talk about that in a minute, but,

– Yeah

– You entire, from where you were to like where you are now, it’s, the transformation that you, I mean, like I, personally joined to see your stats and I’m like, oh my God. Yeah.

– I’m just lucky.

– Her body keeps dropping.

– Yeah.

– Wow, It’s incredible. So, how are you handling right now, this quarantine of course?

– The food?

– Yeah, there’s like being, well I know you’re still at work, ’cause you’re an essential worker as being a nurse, but like, how are you still getting, and you work at home. Like how are you still handling like, how are you still handling quarantine, personal fitness and then nutrition side?

– I just feel like I was sad when the gym closed, ’cause I had a really good routine going since January when I started. And I would go get my workout done, and they got fresh towels, and air conditioning, and the whole, you know. And then I was like, oh, this is gonna stink. ‘Cause my husband did work out in the garage a lot. But back in the day I did do that. I did P90 in the garage, in the heat, with little babies there. So that was my big thing. And I knew I could do it, and then I just was, then I started to get excited, because I didn’t have to get ready to go anywhere. I could just literally throw my workout clothes on anytime, go out there. So I actually saw it as a big opportunity. Like I don’t have to travel kids with sports that I was supposed to be doing all summer. Like I was supposed to be gone like every weekend. And so that was kinda stressing me out where, how am I gonna work out? So I don’t know, I just found out like, I have two hours in my day, to work out, and just basically plan little foods. I don’t make big elaborate meals. So I don’t know, I was excited actually at the end to work out, because I saw me getting on a really good routine without the distraction of having to go places.

– Yes, a hundred percent.

– So.

– There’s more, you feel like there’s more time right now? ‘Cause like the kids aren’t in school.

– Yeah, I mean, my kids are pretty self-sufficient at this point, but, you know, I always felt guilty taking time away, and leaving, and doing something for myself. But then I was like, you know what, they’re on their phones or they’re playing games or they’re with their friends. I’m like, and I’m literally would just make excuses, I’m on my phone, I had to clean, I had this, I had that, and really, that’s what it comes down to. You have to be like, stop making excuses, and this two hours is spent for me, and I just had to get selfish a little bit about it. Which nobody saw it that way except me, my family was like, happy that I was doing that. But, yeah that was, mentality wise, I was just, I had to get excited about doing it. And, for the most part like I, it’s just part of my day now. I don’t, I schedule things around my workout, instead of my workout around my things.

– I love that.

– That’s a big thing.

– Yeah, that’s a big thing, that’s awesome.

– So, and if I mismanage, I have to work out, after working 12 hour shift, ’cause I do my five day workout regardless. So, I really try to not do that. Those are my two days off. That’s really good.

– I’ve been out there at nine, ten at night doing it, so.

– Wow!

– Yeah.

– Like I said, you just came in, and, you do the work. That’s what it comes down to. And even through quarantine it’s not stopping you. How are you dealing with the food during quarantine?

– Great. like, it’s just routine now, and, I mean macros, I made them this big, you know, complicated thing in the beginning. And really, once I clicked, and then they graduated me, I was like, oh, I’m on my own. Like that was kinda crazy, ’cause I was, I was making that so much more complicated than it was. So, I’ve helped my friend and my sister-in-law really, try to narrow it down. And I’m like, it’s, you don’t, you just have to keep it simple. That’s the biggest thing.

– Yeah, just-

– Like don’t over complicate, and it’s not really these big meals. And, you know, like they’ll say, but I, they’re eating out or whatever. And I’m like, you know what? You’re not, I don’t feel like you’re, you’re missing out or you’re… I don’t know. Like, I feel like I get cheat meal and on the weekends I tweak what I need, what I want. And the rest of the week, I’m eating for fuel, that’s just how I see it.

– Yes, functionality and fuel. That’s really great, like, a lot of people acquire their food to emotions, and eat for comfort, to understand that, your body processes your cells everyday in order to achieve the results that you want of, getting muscle or getting toned. Like, you gotta look at it as fuel. Because if you don’t look at it as fuel, then people don’t eat. Right, like,

– Right.

– A lot of women struggle with not eating enough.

– That’s what I used to do.

– Yeah, let’s talk about that. ‘Cause I love that you elaborate it on. ‘Cause a lot of women complicate macros in the beginning. Like, they just get overwhelmed and kinda like walks out the door, but, personally I’m like, I can’t ever think of following something that’s not macros. I just can’t,

– Yeah.

– I can’t wrap my brain around following anything that’s not macro oriented. So let’s talk about like… I appreciate you elaborating on that, ’cause a lot of women needed to hear that. But let’s talk about that psychological side of eating more. Like what were you doing before, and then like, when you came into Warrior Babe, how did you deal with having to eat more food to get, to the goal that you’ve achieved?

– Well, I feel like I did with the fasting. I tried to eat in the window, but then, I felt like I was overeating. ‘Cause you’re trying to get it all in during the window. But, I know that, I’m not like a huge meat eater. So, the protein, I probably wasn’t meeting enough protein and definitely way too many carbs. And then, fats in your head, you feel like you need good fats and so, I was having too much avocado. I mean, based on what I know now, way too much avocado, way too much. I mean, maybe butter in my eggs, and like full eggs. I ate real eggs, which now I’m an egg white person, ’cause I wanna put my fats other places. So, yeah I mean, I felt like some days I wouldn’t eat barely anything, and then other days I would be starving, you know, just depends on, or you would have all your calories at dinner kinda deal.

– Yes, yes.

– That was a big thing. So, now I just feel so much better with my, food just spaced out. And I’m not super anal about, like, I mean, I know you’re supposed to time it, but, if I can’t get it in or if I’m not having my workout till 10 or 11, that’s probably my breakfast or pre-workout. So, I kind of end up sometimes having them a little closer together, but, I feel when I need to eat now. So, that’s huge.

– Yeah, and how did you deal with like coming into Warrior Babe? Were at easy in terms of food and all the, carbs of it-

– Oh my Gosh, I was so full the first, yeah, that was hard. You had me eating. And, probably I mean, coming out of Christmas, I felt like I was just eating, you know, candy and crap, that I shouldn’t have been eating to begin with, but. Yeah I got, I was full, really full, eating that much food, and then I was starving.

– Exactly, that’s another thing that a lot of women struggle with. They come in, they’re like, they go in at first, like transition week, they’re getting the macros are trying to hit ’em, and they’re just like, oh my God, I can’t stuff one more thing in my mouth. And then all of a sudden there’s just like a switch that goes off. Like the metabolism has rolled up and then like, people are like asking for that food back. Can you, like share more, elaborate more-

– I remember looking at my phone like, did I switch the macros on accident? Because I was starving, and I’m like this can’t… Yeah, like I felt like I had accidentally tweaked them the wrong way or something, but, no, I was just… So, yeah I mean the up and down, and I kind of met that 20 pound, that’s where I wanted to be in six months kinda deal, that’s was just like an initial goal. And then you started adding some food. You know, I don’t want to like, gain weight back, but I do, I did feel like my muscles deflating, just from being in the cut so. I definitely can lift heavy, I mean, I’m lifting so much heavier now, it’s crazy, just from having more food.

– Yes-

– But, I’ve actually still been losing, with all that food-

– Exactly let’s talk about that too. This psychological part of eating is really good to talk with you about, because you, you’ve gone through the cut, you reached your goal. Yet, now you’re, we’re adding in more food, and you’re still dropping. So, yeah, just share like your emotions, like how you felt with that. Did you expect this to still be happening? And-

– I did not expect to keep losing weight. Because I mean, I feel like, what am I at 190 carbs as of yesterday? So, I just work out extra hard today. I mean, I always do try to put my mind into it, but like I definitely feel, I feel so much stronger when I’m eating like that, it’s crazy. So, I’m just, I don’t let it really affect my emotions too much, just because I will still trust you, for what’s happening. So, I can’t, if I go back to my mind, where I’m not supposed to eat this much or this food, or, then I’m going down the same rabbit hole. So, I’ve actually gotten results with this, and I don’t plan on changing it.

– Yeah , just keep going, increasing your food and dropping, that’s

– Yeah.

– Everyone’s dream. But the thing is that you’re just you’re, what I’ve noticed with you, inside the program is like, you’re just like, okay. You know, like you just do it, right. Like, you just put in the work. There’s no question to ask, because I think the big thing is the trust. Like, if you’re getting the results, why, question it? Like, the results are happening, things are working and, you’re meeting, the belief, your true north is being a nurse, and what you know you need to be doing for your body, right.

– Yeah, and I know that, I mean, no one’s going to do it for me. So, and you know, you have those days, especially like I’ve always noticed, every time I’m about to get my period, I have, you blow, you feel like you’re gaining weight, you don’t have energy and I’m like this isn’t working, and then you stop. But now, with this program, I still feel like tired and not as, you know, motivated just whatever. I mean, I still go get it done, it might not, and I told my sister-in-law this, that might not be your best, you go out there and you do what you can, but at least in your head, like for me, it’s like a mental thing. I cannot miss a day. I cannot mess up my macros, because I don’t want to feel bad the next day that I did that, for a temporary little fix. So, I don’t know, I just, and then, that next week, I’m stronger and leaner than ever, just because I pushed through, it’s crazy. Like, and I have so much more energy. So, I totally know the week of my period, I’m gonna feel this way, and next week I’m gonna feel awesome. So, that’s huge.

– I’m so, I’m glad that you’re elaborating on, exactly the points that women need to hear, with this interview, especially, I only ever talk about the PMS side or the periods side, which is so great, because, you’re right, like yes, you know, you’re gonna feel this way. And, I think a lot of women get wrapped up in the emotion of like, they just, it’s more of like a subconscious thing to just go in the kitchen and eat, the chocolate to feel better. But you’re kind of above it, on the conscious side of things, you’re like, I know this is happening, and I know I’m gonna be fine next week. So, why derail progress right now, only to be almost hitting that, hitting the reset button, on the work that I’ve kind of put in the past, like week or two, right?

– Well if I have gone over on something, ’cause I forgot to log it usually if I, I mean, I’ve gotten a little more intuitive with it, but, I just don’t beat myself up about it. I’m like, just get up and do the next day, you can’t hold onto that, and that’s a huge thing I used to do. So, I just let it go and keep going.

– Yeah.

– It’s not been many days, that I’ve gone over, but, I try to be really disciplined about it.

– Yeah, how did you use to-

– I don’t like that feeling that I’ve failed, I don’t like that. Like I want, I don’t, there’s no reason to not hit my macros, ’cause I’m gonna have a fat cheeseburger tomorrow night. You know what I mean? Like that’s and I never feel good after I eat that big meal, ’cause I’ve had to meet all the macros all day, but, it’s just psychologically, it’s, you know, I know I have a day off, so, I don’t need to do that the rest of the week, miss it.

– Exactly, how you don’t get into one, like you have your meal, it’s satiated, you cate your cravings, whatever you want it to have. And then you just, it’s not, it doesn’t turn into two days, three days.

– No.

– One month, just get right back on track-

– And I, on the weekends, like I just make, I tweak, I mean all the week, I pretty much copy paste and hit my same. I mean, I’ll tweak stuff here and there, but, mostly dinners is the only thing that changes. But, on the weekends, if I wanna go have sushi, I fit that in, it’s not that we don’t go out and do things, I just fit it, so.

– Yeah, let’s elaborate on that. ‘Cause you have a family, have a husband, you have kids, like how do you, successfully still track your macros where you have a family?

– Yeah, well I just, I mean, I definitely do it the night before, that was a huge lesson early on. And if anybody can take anything from that, that is key, because you can not get up and go, play as you go, it doesn’t work.

– Nope.

– But, I do, because I do try to keep things pretty consistent and I keep the same foods in the house. that I know I can, I know how to meet my macros with those. So, the biggest thing is to find out what we’re having for dinner. So, because dinner is what changes every day. And I’ll, I ask ahead of time, my husband likes to cook, so, I just ask ahead and, I eat everything they eat, I just weigh it and know what I can have. The scale is your best friend.

– Yeah.

– For sure, like I literally have, this little tiny $10 scale that has changed my body, like.

– Isn’t that incredible-

– I didn’t weigh like my protein powder, like when you guys taught me that, I just didn’t realize that every little scoop, you know, it’s way off. So, that’s a big deal.

– Yeah, isn’t that incredible? ‘Cause like, you know, a lot of women think that they’re eating healthy. I’m kind of pull back on that, on that topic. Like, a lot of people think that they’re eating healthy, yes, but like, you know, what’s the actual amount of sweet potato that you’re putting on your plate? What’s the actual amount of chicken that you’re putting on your plate? Could be like the, the actual consumption of what you eat and how much you eat throughout the day, attributes to the hitting the 190 carbs or whatever the protein and the fats. Like, a lot of women think that there’s a disconnect between like eating healthy and eating enough. And that’s,

– Yeah helps you become aware of being like, wow! I was not eating,

– Yeah.

– Anything, near to what I should have- Having whole salad was way past, what I mean, you’re getting healthy, but, you shouldn’t have that. And I’m full with what I’m eating. So, that just tells me that my body has what it needs. Like, I’m never hungry after I eat any meal of the day.

– Yeah.

– Like I’m full, full from that one setting. So, and I know another one’s coming.

– Yeah, exactly, yeah, absolutely. And so, maybe you can share on your awareness too, for a lot of women, they look at, they look at tracking everything that they eat or weighing everything that they have to eat, as like obsessive. What would your take beyond that, seeing what it’s caught in you too right now? And how, what can you share on like insight with that?

– I mean, if that’s the one thing you have to do, to get your goal, that’s not hard at all. Like once you learn how to use the scale, and I just always have it there, and actually by eating kind of repetitive meals, like, I have the same pre-workout eggs, oatmeal, you know, the same shake that I even weigh, like my weigh, you know, all the powder and everything. I already know the numbers that I have to eat, 40 grams oatmeal, 33 grams of protein, like it’s in my head already. So, it just makes it so much more simple. But, if that’s all I had to do to get my goal, it’s not hard at all.

– Yeah-

– That’s the easiest part.

– Yeah exactly, when-

– It’s way easier than working out. Right? Yes.

– I told my, you know, I was talking to my sister-in-law, and she’s like, “Oh, in the morning, I’ll have to weigh in.” And I was like, you know what? Either do it the night before, but it literally takes a minute to weigh it. Like, yes, it feels kind of tedious if you’re not used to doing it, but, it’s such a small amount of time for such a big game. Like, there’s no.

– Yeah, absolutely, and honestly brings more of awareness through how, what you are actually feeling your body.

– Yeah.

– It helps me- And it does make you like when I go to a restaurant and I don’t have my scale. I know, what I can totally guesstimate like two ounces, three ounces of chicken, and like, I make it work. I don’t need, necessarily the scale anymore, I’ve done it so much now that.

– You took the work I mean I’m not, you know portion sizes counting macros, it’s not obsessive. I look at it as a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life, and you, don’t necessarily need to track macronutrients or like weigh it out for the rest of your life. But, A helps you to be way more aware and B it helps you learn what actual portion sizes are, you saying, that you can go out to a restaurant and say like, you know, you wanna fit it in, into your macronutrients, you just, portion size or talk to the leader and be like, hey, don’t put, don’t cook my shit butter and oil, you know?

– Yeah.

– Yeah that’s-

– Now, you’re just very in tune to the fats, the carbs and the protein of everything you eat, literally. Like, and I never, and I knew those things, I just didn’t know how to apply it. So, yeah.

– So you-

– For me it’s way easier than starving yourself half the day, or eating all fat all day. Like, I had no energy at all, I felt horrible on keto, but, you know, and I didn’t get results from that. So, there’s no way I could do keto and go out in that garage and do the workouts I’m doing, there’s, you just don’t have energy for that, no way.

– No way, cause your muscles need water.

– Water’s a huge key to all of that. Yeah. Water can be talked about in a whole another interview. How many, how much water are you drinking a day now?

– I usually drink about a gallon, gallon and a half, it just depends on my workout and the heat.

– Yeah, absolutely, if was living where you live, I would be going down water like it’s a job.

– I have this little thing in my head, like in between every set, I take five big sips and I’m done with a liter, with my workout, so.

– I think that’s awesome.

– Play a little head games with yourself.

– Exactly, it’s what I do. cause so many women. So, this is the thing, so many women struggle with getting the water in. They struggle with hitting their macros, when they’re first starting out, right? So, what are some pointers that you can give them in that realm as to how to get more water and how to drink more and then how to hit their macros, when starting?

– Well planning the night before is key, putting them in. And then, in the beginning I did really watch the time. Like I would, you know, try to work out or have my macro, like the, you know, space the meals out, because then you weren’t starving. If you tried to group them together, then you would be really hungry by the end of the night. But the water for me, I mean, I’ve always been a big water drinker, but I, I would get up and drink literally half my liter, like I have a 32 ounce and I would just drink half of it right when I got out of bed, and then, pretty much the other half of the time I had my coffee. So there’s one down, one with my workout. And then, I just, all day have, I have it with me all day. So it’s, wasn’t really a chore for the water, especially when I’m working, it’s a little bit of a chore, but I still try to hit it.

– Yeah, how do you deal with being on shift as a nurse?

– I keep a water bottle with me at the desk all the time. So, whenever I come out, I literally try to drink half of it.

– That’s awesome-

– And I’m a really good snack. I kind of view them, my meals as snacks at work, because I just, I have to go to the bathroom and I’ll run in, down my snack really fast. And, because you know, I’m a labor nurse, so you could be pushing with someone three hours and I’m like, I feel my blood sugar drop now, I just have someone come in and take over for a minute. And I can down one meal in like two minutes, no problem, so.

– Yes, say that fucking louder, please-

– Yeah.

– Because, I literally like,

– Yeah.

– The Q and A’s and the revolution or in any of the Q and A’s with the behaves. The common thing that I hear is like, I’m too busy at work, and I’m like dude, I was a nurse, I work with nurses, like you-

– You just have to bring simple food. You can’t have a platter with your napkin and your fork and your knife.

– Yeah.

– That’s not the kind of food you eat. I eat cottage cheese, a sandwich real quick. Like, and I’m full, I bring pretzels in a sandwich, my cottage cheese, yogurt, my shake, the shake you can down at the desk, like that’s. So, and then I make my breakfast every morning and eat that right before I go in, so.

– Yeah, you eat right before you go in for the three hour mark until, you know, shit isn’t fun and then eat again, and then you just, you figure-

– At this point, they all know that I have to eat so.

– Exactly.

– They’re great

– Yeah, and how was your work performance? Like how has your, like, are, you more on point? You’re not, you know, yeah.

– Yeah, my brain is way more clear. I don’t have like the up and down, I used to live on coffee, ’cause if you’re a fasting until noon and you’ve been up since five, you’re starving and your brain is like not good. So, yeah I’m way and I do drink a lot less coffee, because I’m eating and I’m drinking water. So, that was another huge revelation, like I don’t need that, I was looking for energy that way instead of, but now I don’t need it, sometimes I don’t even feel like drinking coffee, it’s crazy, and I am a coffee freak.

– What. Yeah.

– Well. That is awesome, so cool. Alright so, yeah it’s really, you don’t bring like chicken, broccoli and rice to your shift, you bring snacks, you bring stuff that’s really easy for you to hit and down within two minutes, seriously, like, and telling, just asking, like that’s a thing I think a lot of women are afraid to be, just be like, “hey coworker, hey guys, can you just watch my patients or cover my desk for like two minutes, while I go scot down my food.”

– Or I put it in the purse under the desk, and I just keep eating.

– Yeah, exactly, some of my bags are great. So what is some advice that you could give someone, who is just starting their fitness journey? So, I would say, first do your research and learn what you need to know before you start in. And then, you got to trust a process. Like you can’t jump around, you can’t do this half heartedly. I remember, I felt horrible when I first went to the gym. ‘Cause I always been, like in key workout clothes and you know, wanted to be that person. I was always fit. And then I was so embarrassed in my arms and just everything that I just put a big T-shirt on, and I just didn’t even look in the mirror, I put my head down and I just did the workouts. Got on the elliptical and went home. And I just kept repeating that, following every single day he told me, and then one day I was like, I can wear a tank top. ‘Cause my arms look better. So, but like, if there’s anything like you just can’t nitpick every day and every little role and every little, and soreness, you have to fight through a couple of weeks of that. So, it’s just like put your head down and do it. And you’re gonna, consistency is the only thing that’s gonna work, like you can’t, you can’t if you give up and you start, keep, stop, start, stop, start, that’s not gonna work. So, just every single day plug at it, and then one day you’ll be like, “Wow! My back rolls are going away, that was like huge for me.” Like seriously, I was, that was the one thing, and I knew that was gonna be the last to go. ‘Cause you taught, you said it was fat loss, and I knew that I just, you know, it’s the spots that you want to go are gonna be the last ones to go. But one day you’re gonna wake up and you’ll be like, clothes are falling off like, it’s so, That’s my advice, I guess, there.

– Yeah absolutely-

– Consistency and discipline, because you’re not gonna feel like doing it every day.

– Exactly, I mean, have you messed up, right? Have you, have you?

– Oh, yeah.

– Yeah you hit rocks in the road, but what did you do? And plenty of days, I don’t feel like going to work out, but, I know I’m gonna regret it if I don’t. So, I don’t ever not do that for sure, unless I’m on my death bed. Yeah. That’s awesome.

– Like I, I’ve suffered from migraines my whole life and they’re just, literally, I maybe have one a month now. It’s so crazy.

– Wow!

– Yeah.

– That’s wild.

– Yeah.

– That’s awesome, babe. So, those are some huge pointers consistency, ’cause so many women Monday through Friday great, Saturday, Sunday off. Back on it, Monday through Friday. And then they’re like, “Why am I not seeing results?” Why don’t, why do you think you’re not seeing results, right? Consistency is really key, that’s a great pointer. And I love the fact that you said don’t nitpick, don’t nitpick yourself. If you can’t love yourself right now, when you’re starting this journey for yourself, you ain’t gonna love yourself when you reach the goal, you’re not gonna love, you’re still gonna be nitpicking at those points so.

– That’s why you need pictures.

– Yes, yes 100%.

– It’s crazy.

– Yeah. It’s the worst thing ever in the beginning.

– Yeah for sure, yeah, yeah. A lot of women are like, I don’t wanna take pictures, but like, why are you starting this journey? Because of that picture, right? To change that.

– Yeah. And it kinda brings them to more conscious awareness too, of like, “Wow! This is what I look like, great” I’m sure you felt that way, like, “Wow! I need to make a change, and this is why I make change.” Yeah.

– Yap.

– So, what does Warrior Babe mean, to you? What does being a warrior babe mean to you?

– So, I feel like it’s, I mean, just being a part of a tribe of people who have the same goal. Like it, you know, you’re not gonna have this support or you’re not going to hear it, from everyone around you every day. Like this has to be something with inside you, and the people who are within the Warrior Babe community, have that same feeling and goal, like, and so to hear their struggles and their, you know, successes too, to watch everyone succeed is huge. Because there’s not many places you can go and get that positive affirmation. So I, that’s what I love about it. I know I can go somewhere and get in, look at that and scroll through the pictures and hear people’s struggles, hear people’s successes, and I feel better, because like, you just, it’s in, within you, sitting here, like your kids, aren’t gonna tell you, my kids have noticed that I’ve lost weight, and then I’m getting stronger, but, you’re not gonna hear it every single day, right?

– Yeah.

– Like one of my biggest goals was to wear shorts again. I hadn’t worn shorts in like four years. And one day I walked out of my room in shorts and literally my whole house, noticed that, my husband was like, “Are you wearing shorts?” I’m like, yes I have leg muscles. So he noticed that like big time. But yeah, I mean, that’s what I loved about it. And then if I have a question or, you know, you’re always kind of, you don’t wanna feel like you’re in the dark and not, and especially when you’re beginning, you don’t really understand the macro so gray, you don’t understand the workouts. And then there’s always someone you can ask and lean on that way. So, that’s been huge.

– Yeah, you made it closer about talking about the support side of things it’s so true. It’s like you, you go into the community is, and you’re just seeing other women who are like-minded like you, working towards the same goals, but, one day one pops into the group and they’re like, “I fucked up or I’m experiencing this” and everybody, those are the ones that, I like see, and then there’s like 50 comments underneath it a bit. I’m just like this, it’s such a supportive atmosphere, when you have like minded women around you or, you know, virtually who are working towards the same goal is to kind of, gets you to wake up everyday. And you’re just like, “I know there’s another warrior babe.” Especially in Texas, you know, there’s tons of you guys down there. I know there’s somebody that’s, you know, here working out doing the same thing, hitting their macros. So it just helps you to show up even more, which is so cool.

– Yeah, and especially when you see them there, you know, before and after their muscles that they’re able, you know, after they’ve worked so hard, it’s like, I want those,

– Yeah.

– Or I have those like-

– Yeah exactly and you’re inspiring. So, I know you’ve inspired so many women and they’re like looking at your before and after, and they’re like, damn, and that just motivates them. So you’re inspiring them, and then you’re, you’re inspired by them. So that’s, what’s so cool. Yeah, that’s awesome. So let’s close this out with about, your favorite snack or your favorite macro combo.

– So like, I’m pretty simple. But, I really like, I make this sandwich, I love sandwiches and I always like not get sandwiches ’cause there was bread, right. So I used to use the Dave’s bread, then bread, Dave’s killer bread. And then I put a wedge of laughing cow light cheese, like the, I spread that on the bread and then Turkey and a little bit of mustard, and then I grill it and it’s like a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s so good, and it’s like perfect.

– Now my mouth is watery. Oh my God! I need to try this out.

– I just see it’s a little bit like non-fat spray and it gets crunchy, like, yeah, it’s so good. So it’s like real cheese. But you have turkey in it. So I used to Applegate Turkey. It’s organic and good so, yeah.

– I need to try that out.

– And then all American and chocolate rice cakes, are my go-to at night. That’s my dessert.

– I also love American butter.

– Yeah. I just mailbox, they just delivered it.

– That really get awesome, you got more. Great, I’m gonna have to try out the act better. Dave’s killer bread, the laughing cow and some Turkey. Oh, that sounds so good.

– So good.

– Yes, alright so and then what’s your favorite muscle group to work out?

– I think shoulders and back, those are like my two go-tos. So, I mean, I like legs, let’s just say so, hot. I looked at my heart rate the other day and I was like, oh my gosh, I’m 165. And I was just doing squats or something, you know. But yeah, I love legs it’s just, I am exhausted after leg day for sure, so.

– Yeah.

– And I feel like some of them, I get a little, like, you know, it’s the heat, I think that’s really affecting me right now. I do miss the leg press and, things at the gym that I used to be able to do. But, I’ve made it work. We have at least the squat racks and that’s good.

– That’s awesome, yeah a squat rack sounds so nice.

– Yeah.

– Yeah that’s good, yeah. A lot of warrior babes hate shoulders.

– Yeah.

– Yeah-

– I didn’t like them at the beginning at all. Because I felt like, I was, you know, you can’t really lift very heavy with shoulders, so it was a struggle. But, once you start seeing your traps, and your results come in, then that’s nice to get the pump.

– Yes absolutely, oh, I love it. Alright guys, so for those of you who want to learn more about the programs that Warrior Babe offers and how to get started, check out www.warriorbabe.com and become a part of thousands of women just like, Jill. And just like all of the other women who we’re talking about that are inside of this program, who are getting toned and becoming stronger, more competent versions of themselves. Thank you Jill, for your time today.

– Thank you. you dropped some serious golden nuggets, some serious bombs that will help these babes. You expanded on so many things that women are struggling with, I appreciate it.

– Good, thank you.

– Yep, alright, bye everybody.

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