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Lisa tried multiple “magic” fad diets but kept wondering: if they were so magical, why do people keep dropping out of these programs? She reached out to Nikkiey directly and started with WarriorBabe, and Nikkiey had her double her carb intake — after a few weeks, she felt her mental clarity come back, her workouts became more productive, and she could lift more weight. Her weight didn’t change much — but when she looks at her body, it’s clear now that it’s from muscle.

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– Hey, everybody. Welcome to our WarriorBabe Interview with our veteran WarriorBabe Lisa, Lisa has been a WarriorBabe for about nine months now. Right? Cool. At the initial start, you just dove right into the VIP program. You came in, you were eating less carbohydrates. I bumped your carbs up to watch like two 10 in that first week you dropped out. We were both like, “oh my God” but even though you’ve only lost about 10 pounds in total, you dropped down to like around the 15, 14 marker but even though it’s only been that 10 pound in your journey, your journey has been more of a stay the same way and watch your composition start to change. Right? So excited to kind of touch base on that here and then on top of that, plus it’s been an amazing thing to watch your transformation as a coach with your body but your mindset since day one of working with you has completely shifted you, you’re a very strong minded individual but there is you’ve gone the course of understanding how this is a journey and you have brought so much to the table recently in our Q$As and our huddles about the whole aspect of what the journey should entail on the mindset side of things. So it’s been amazing to watch your progress both mind and body and so everybody, Lisa is here today to share some pointers for you, babe, so that you can adopt some of her strategies into your own journey moving forward. So welcome, Lisa. I’m super excited to have you here.

– Thanks.

– All right, so let’s kick it off, let’s open it up and you tell us your story and how you got to where you are now.

– Okay. Going back a ways it’s really throughout my life I’ve just been on so many different, my own journeys, one bad guy to the next next year something new comes out and I’m like, oh, well, that’s why that wasn’t working ‘Cause I was eating this and then it was like, oh, well I’m not eating that, it was always this eat, this don’t eat that, do this, don’t do that and intermittent fasting and keto and oh, these are all the magic things and I’m like, well, if that’s the magic thing why do people keep going off of it? Why do they keep restarting it? If this is the magic thing and I was like, why can’t I ever stick with anything? And it was like, because this carbs, that’s what track me. Yeah. So I stalked you for like a year and I just watched what you would say and I was like, so many times like bells would go off. I’m like, oh my gosh. Yes. Like that’s exactly how I’m thinking. Like how does she go on thinking? And so after I kind of I trusted you before. I knew you and I reached out to you several times and you responded back directly to me. So I was like, okay, she’s real and I can do this and so when I reached out to you and I was thinking, I was eating like around 90 carbs a day. And I thought that was actually a lot, I was like, yeah, I thought that was a lot and so then you gave me that first week of it and it was like, I think the very first week, I think I was at like 185 or 190 carbs and I was like, oh my gosh and we dropped like six pounds that week and you were like, so then he bumped me up to over 200 that next week and I was like, oh my gosh, the first couple it took me a few weeks to start kind of feeling things but after like two, three, four weeks, my clarity started coming back. My mind wasn’t just a total fog all the freaking time and I had energy, I had strength. Like my workout started being productive. Again. I could actually lift heavier weight, just everything in general, just came together and so that’s what got me being a believer in the process and then from there the journey is just it’ll go on. I think throughout the interview, we’ll touch on it but that’s kinda got me to where I was like, okay, I’m a believer and you were right there with me. You were like, don’t freak out, this is good, it’s a good thing and, oh, and I was so hungry. Like you instantly gave me like all this more food. and after that I remember the first week I said, Nikkiey I’m not going to be able to eat all this food so much food and then at least after that that first week I was like, I need more food. I think every week, since then, I’ve been like I want more food.

– Yes and you’re pretty accommodating, how long have you, would you say that your journey has been with the whole fitness the whole try and the different things that you touched base on the beginning to what got you to like right here? How long has that been? I probably over 30 years.

– Wow.

– No, 30, 40 years of trying. I mean, I went from everything from ‘Cause when I was a teenager, I was like, I was buggy. I was very fluffy and so my mom, put me out like the very first diet I remember was the grapefruit diet.

– what. It was terrible. The cabbage diet and then it was the scars Dale diet and then it was just like one night and then it was like the eat one of every one kind of thing a day diet, you know what I mean? Just from one thing to the other literally literally my whole life and then of course, you would lose I’d lose weight but then I would get to that point and I would just, I mean, how much cabbage can you eat? I said, I don’t really eat cabbage to this day because it was that diet and so everything would just, it would always just end up, I abandoned it because it wasn’t realistic and there’s no way you can stick to that and every single time, I was just I would get thinner but I didn’t look necessarily better and I would always go off of it and then I would just Gorge, eat whatever, gain my weight back plus some and then the new, the next new diet would come along and I’ve done that for as long as I can remember.

– Yeah. What was that, do you want to share? I think we were just about to get like great into it. The way that we’re conversating already. I can tell that, like, I want you to be able to share like what you just recently shared on one of the Q&As ‘Cause this is just what we were talking about. We were talking about all these different diets and the things that you’ve done to your body over it over the course of these years and then you come to this point recently like you just shared, it was like the symphony just happened like a couple of weeks ago. Share that and what was that shift?

– Yeah, so obviously had more time on my hands lately and I’ve had a lot more time to think about things. and I started asking myself a lot of questions about, because I’ve seen improvement in my body even though I’m doing everything that I’ve always been told I couldn’t do. I couldn’t eat more. Definitely couldn’t eat more carbs, doing less cardio, all these things that I’ve always been told you have to do and so, trust in this process and I was like, why do I have these goal ranges? Like I have this this range of goals in my head that that’s acceptable to me that I can diet and get to this point. Why is it once I get to that point I’m just like, okay, I’ve won, I’m there and then I just start eating normal again and then I have this other range over here that that’s my maximum acceptable range once I get there that’s my kind of like, I’ve reached unhappiness now. Now it’s time to start going back this way and it was just kind of like the yo-yo effect. I would just keep going back and forth for all these years. I mean, heck that’s done a lot of damage to my body. My body was, was shot and it doesn’t trust it didn’t trust me. So when I started with you, I think I’ve had a lot of resistance in my body for months because my body, it didn’t believe me, it was waiting for that shoe to drop, oh she’s going to go back to what she was doing and I think that when I didn’t probably around the six month Mark is when I kind of started asking myself these questions and just here recently, I’ve really gotten serious about questioning myself and just wanting to know why I do these things and I’m still not a hundred percent to that point yet of all my wise but I am starting to recognize them which is really big for me and talk about them which anybody that knows me knows I was really big big share any weaknesses.

– Yes. A hundred percent. I know you so well, but that’s one thing that so many women it was on like a deeper level. Don’t realize that they do this back and forth and that’s something that you’ve come to the realization of. Why do you do this back and forth?

– Right. Yeah and I do it just because I only do it because I always had an acceptable weight in my head like I always had this goal like I want to get to whatever one 35 that’s where I want to get to and by all means necessary. I would get there. It was like a, it was like a challenge, like my challenge wait is one 35 go and I would do whatever. I had to add cardio with myself to death doing whatever, eating a thousand calories a day. Yeah. I know. Right and then I would get there and I would be miserable. I was hungry. and I just, I all around it and feel good. I didn’t have the energy to go do things. I had terrible brain fog, just all the time and I just thought there was something wrong with me and not understanding that not only was it my nutrition but my mental set had become so skewed that I actually thought that this was right. Like, this is how it should be and this is how it is and it’s not.

– Yes. So let’s touch base on that because you been pretty much around this same way and this is something that always screws are so many women’s heads. Like I have to be this particular way, like you’re saying I need to get to one 35, this challenge I need to hit this specific weight. I needed to lose 10, 15 pounds. You been sitting at the same weight for like fluctuating for what, like three months now. So

– yeah

– but we’re seeing the composition changes, your muscles are getting fuller and bigger your leg, you’re getting fuller and bigger. So how share with, share with us this, how do you handle see not that like the weight aspect, not really changing but then being able to look at the pictures and be like how do you analyze this? Not a weight thing. It’s like, your journey has been a lot of just, hey, your composition is changing.

– Right and so before I even say that, I’ll say that with you every single week, I’m accountable to you on Saturday mornings and I have check-ins with you. So that means my measurements. That means my pictures. That means my weight like that and so that’s the first time ever that I’ve had to be accountable with all of that. It was usually just me looking in the mirror and getting on the scale and so that number, that was everything that number was everything on the scale and so, and in the beginning with you it was because that just how I’m my had been wired and I would really freak out if my weight didn’t drop down or if it went up half of half a pound but yet I had been really good with my macros, my exercise but then, I just I had to sit back and say, I have to trust this process. I’m with Nicky for a reason. So I just started, I said I’m not going to concentrate on the scale. I’m really gonna focus on what do I look like? And I know that I do this, I take either my very first picture or I’ll take one month previous and I keep them, I put them side by side every week and the changes that I see in my body, I’m like, well, that’s weird. I’m the same weight but what am I look so much different? Why is my waste to change and why are my legs change? And my arm, everything has changed and my composition is changing and taking that leap of faith to do that. That was the first time ever that I had done that and that was a breakthrough point for me to breakthrough to say that I use that number for Nikkiey. I give that number to Nikkiey and I let I give it to you and I let it go. If it goes up and I’ve learned to, sometimes I’m on my period. So I may go up two or three pounds, things may not just be consistent with my body that week. I may not be eliminating properly. I mean, there’s a ton of things I could have had Chinese food and had too much sodium. Like that scale is just not, a rock solid number it fluctuates and so just understand that that is not my go-to. How do I look? Looking at those numbers, looking at my measurements, why am I, if I put on a couple pounds where ‘Cause my measurements didn’t change one single bit and I’m looking better. So I had to start trusting that process and that was a hard process for me to trust but once I did, once I went across that threshold then it just kind of, it just kinda all released and it all just clicked and it made sense to me and then that’s when I kind of really started opening up asking myself questions and just exploring.

– Yeah, that is so freaking powerful. It’s detaching yourself from that number and realizing how you can do that is by realizing the other variables that are coming into play and by looking at yourself, looking at your side-by-side photos and seeing Holy sugar muffins your body composition is drastically changing and then it’s barely moving but there’s changes like the pictures that I have to somehow put it into this interview but the pictures that you just recently shared with me you can dress, they see your quads are way bigger. Your arms are way bigger. The composition is changing. So your number is staying the same. So like bright, like you’re saying, bringing you through that threshold, just give me a number for Nikkiey and that’s it like the babies it’s a number for your check ins and that’s it their value lies in your, in your photos and how you’re feeling and those measurements.

– And the one thing we didn’t kind of put into that was that I may be gaining a little bit away now but we didn’t touch on the fact that I think you’ve brought me up like five or 600 calories a day and a couple of my cardio days. So like my food went up, my exertion went down and I’m still kind of really holding there. I mean, I haven’t had any major jumps a couple of ounces, but nothing major.

– Yeah. That’s another thing that we could totally touch base on is a, if your body was sitting at a caloric intake for a very long enough time for it to get adapted and in order to shock that body, we brought you up there 600 calories lowered your lowered, your expenditure but you can see that your body wanted that food because you’re not shifting. If anything, you’re fulfilling out even more.

– Right.

– So

– I got hungry that week increased me. I wasn’t hungry before and then all of a sudden I was like oh my gosh, Nikkiey, I’m hungry. You know, like I want more food.

– Yeah. It’s the moral like they were sharing with the women that they can understand it is that food’s not the enemy. The scale is not your go-to number. Your body composition is going to change. if your goal is to shape change your body composition, to get tone, to build muscle that number is not reliable and you need the food order to get there.

– Right and I’m learning that. I mean, every day I still, I’m still learning. I mean, I’m so far away from knowing everything I need to know but I’m so far removed from where I was.

– Yeah. So let’s talk about that. how do you deal with the psychological side of eating more food in order to get to the kind of goals that you got in mind? Now I’m really positive about it. Like, I’m I embrace it now. I’m like, yes.

– How about. You’re like, I get hungry food, how about that initial like when you first started the VIP and you saw that cop car number come through what was your thought process?

– I was like, oh my gosh. Like, no, can I know I don’t need that many cogs in like three days, is she kidding me? But then like when I was, like planning out my meal, I was like you have a bagel, I started getting excited, like permission that you needed to be able to eat the foods that you enjoy.

– Right and I was like, are you sure? Can I have, like, I can have a bagel? And you’re like, yeah. Okay. All right. Interesting.

– Yeah. So the psychological part was really pretty easy for me and I think it’s because it came at a good time for me, like I was ready for that increase. I was ready to shake things up. You’re ready for any change. You’re ready for that change because you were doing so much of the same thing with your diet and your diet, low calories and then you’re like, okay, she wants me to eat. Okay.

– Right. Let’s like, you get to that point. So I don’t mean to cut you off but you kind of get to that point where you’re like, what else do I have? What else do I have to lose, man I’ve been trying to have this whole way of things for so long and that’s usually where people that’s where I would fall off when I hit that point where I couldn’t make it change anymore and the frustration would set in and I’d be like, forget it. Tired of trying. Why am I trying? And so, but having you we could talk about it ‘Cause that’s huge. I could talk to you every week and say, what’s going on? Why is this happening? Well, let’s try this. Let’s try that, it just helped so much because they’re there. Those are things I don’t know.

– Yap. A hundred percent. All right. So let’s touch base on something that a lot of the women struggle when they first start is like when they first start getting into something with macros, the struggle is hitting their macros or planning ahead. So, and I commonly see this especially in like the revolution group. It’s like, I can’t hit my macros today or I’m off of my protein or carbs are here. Right? So, and so what are some pointers that you can provide them that have really worked for you?

– The biggest pointer number one, pointer plan ahead, plan your meals. The day before, there are no excuses, you cannot wing it. You will not meet protein goals. If you’re going to wing it you’ll go over in your carbs and your fats and you will not meet your protein goals or at the end of the day you will have some funky combination crap that you’re trying to put together because you have not planned properly or you’re having to eat way too many calories. When I eat, I plan my day. I don’t care, what’s going on the night before. It takes me less than five minutes to do my entire day. It’s just a matter of getting used to it and when you plan it that way all six of my meals are spread out. They are proportioned properly. I’ve got my protein spread out. I’ve got my pre and post-workout carbs where I need them to be. You can not succeed long-term for your lifetime with this. If you do not plan ahead, period if you don’t plan your day ahead of time it’s not going to work.

– Amen. Mike job, a hundred percent. Don’t just say they probably, they hear me reiterate that over and over. So it’s really nice having you come in and be like, plan ahead now. So talking about the protein which you brought up a good point is like, you will have some wacky combination with the protein numbers. You’ll be over the, I hear commonly hear this, that it’s hard for them to hit protein numbers. How do you hit your protein numbers

– Easily? ‘Cause usually I’m like, Nikkiey, can I have more protein please I hear you. This is not enough protein, I need more. So I have no problem. Like I don’t have any suggestions on that because I spread, like I said, I spread it out throughout the day and I have protein with every meal and

– what are your protein sources that you go to?

– My go tos are egg whites, lean ground beef, chicken fish. Those are usually my main wasn’t in with my pre or post workout. I’ll have a protein shake, an ISO, using an isolate way for my post-workout shake but egg whites are great because they just fill that protein source

– course stacked with protein and especially lean meats too as well. It’s just stacked with protein.

– Yep

– How do you go about the prep? How do you do your meal prep? I’m pretty much just on, usually on Sundays or sometimes half midway through the week. I’ll kind of refresh everything but usually I just make my big tub of my ground beef. My thing of chicken, I steam up my broccoli whatever my vegetable is for that week whatever my meats are everything is already in a big Tupperware in there and my whole family eats off of that and that’s why usually I’ll do it twice a week. My husband knows, like he doesn’t come in and say what’s for dinner ‘Cause he knows like, whatever’s in there, like there’s rice. I could go big thing, Jasmine rice and we’ll have that in there with some like new potatoes and so you’ve got, when I open up the refrigerator there’s always a carb choice there’s always a protein choice and then there’s either avocado for the fats or I’ve got olive oil or coconut oil whatever we have up there for the fats and it’s just, it’s easy.

– Yes. Number one pointer for the protein is just bulk it cook it and put it in a Tupperware, put it in the fridge and it’s there, you just pull it out, lay it put it in a Tupperware and if you’re on the run grab and go.

– And if you’re, there’s no excuses for, well I had an unexpected, this, I had an unexpected that I had to run out. I wasn’t expecting no, because I can just throw your food into a Tupperware very quickly, pitch you two minutes and the food is there for you. I keep it to go back. It’s always got like emergency things in there. It’s got my go-to rice cakes, got to have rice cakes, it’s got, packets of peanut butter or all inhibitor in there. I’ve got a couple of things with beef jerky. I’ve got some protein bars

– And their emergency go-to bag.

– Yeah. ’cause sometimes I’m out and I think I’m coming home and then something happens and I missed that three hour window and the thing is by now, at this point, being in the program, almost nine months, that means that I’m going to have to change the macros but because my day is already set and now I’m so used to doing my macros. All I do is go in and adjust. Do I need to reduce my fats in this meal? Do I need to increase my protein? It’s easy at that point because everything is already in there and I’m just recalculating and tweaking, a few of the things’

– A hundred percent. So this is a really good question. How being that you are so advanced with the macro side of things now, what do you, what got you to that point?

– I did not like being hungry and I would always screw up. I would, I was not being prepared enough in the beginning and after talking with you and you’re like, get it planned ahead of time and doing that it going to be being able to go to the refrigerator and know that it was there. and I could just grab it, poor planning was the reason that I saw why having everything set was so important because when I pour plan, I pour eat that’s not really a proper sentence. But

– N0 you just said it point blank or play or eat.

– Yeah, really. It’s really as simple as that and if you are not eating properly nothing else is going to go, right. You’re not going to feel like doing your workouts and it’s going to throw you psychologically off that you already screwed up your day. So why do I need to work out? I’ll just start tomorrow which is another psychological game we play. That’s why we always wait until Monday to start a diet.

– Exactly. So touching on like logical side and your mind to shift a Ben has been so amazing throughout your entire journey here as a WarriorBabe what do you think is the biggest mental shift that you’ve personally made here for yourself in your fitness journey?

– Oh, I’ve had a few my biggest mental shift would really have to be the letting go of the number. That’s my biggest one, that’s huge for me letting go of that just letting the scale go and realizing that it’s about me getting me to where I want to be but to be able to stay there and that scale number was not gonna do that for me, being able to accept that maybe I don’t really know what my true proper weight should be, maybe I need to let my body tell me that and work with my body instead of working against my body and so after I just, just getting rid of that number out of my head. maybe 135 is not my weight.

– Oh, your girl, you got muscle on you now, you’re going to do a comp maybe. I mean, we’ll push it down there but that’s necessary. Yeah. It’s kinda just like going where you get to your goals whatever point it is. So you get to your goals that’s what weight you are, Cause I mean, you could be like, we joke about on the calls, Pam wants to be 170 and B be packed with muscle and somebody who is five two would be completely different numbers. Like everybody’s completely different and just focusing on your goals and then whatever your goal is that’s your weight.

– Yep.

– That’s huge.

– Absolutely.

– So what do you foresee for somebody who’s just starting their journey besides the planning ahead and poor planning equals poor eating. What is something, what advice would you give if you were just face to face sitting down with somebody and they were just starting their journey and they asked you, okay, how have you been so successful? What’s the advice that you would give them that when they’re just starting their fitness ready.

– The first thing would be that you really have to be honest with yourself. You have to understand some of the things that maybe gotten you to where you are. That it’s kind of a tough one because in the beginning sometimes you don’t recognize, I know with me that probably wouldn’t have resonated because I wouldn’t have recognize that about myself yet because I thought I knew what, I kind of thought I knew what I was doing wrong or doing right, so that’s kinda tough with me but I think just really being honest, especially as somebody starting off with you, being honest with you I know a lot of people think that they can not be honest, like I hit my macros or I was really rampant and that’s only Robin them because you’re here to help them. You’re not here to criticize them. So that’s why I’ll tell you, like if I’ve screwed up, like I had a really bad week I just screwed up because then you understand that my numbers went up but there was a reason for it. It’s not because my macro is at the right spot. It’s because I more macros and I should have or maybe I ate less than I was supposed to and I didn’t get my water in and my body I’ve got inflammation I’ve got a lot of things going on. Like just really being open and honest, I can’t talk about anybody on any other fitness journey but with you and just being honest with you because we have a lot of things going on with us, I have a lot of stuff that causes inflammation in my body. I let you know that stuff because it makes sense to you or being at the age where now I’m going to start being, middle post-menopausal or menopausal, those are things that we have to understand about our body. So I guess for a new that you just have to understand that maybe everything that you’ve always been told is not the truth and it’s not correct and it’s not right for you. So that if you’re coming into this program you need to learn how to trust the process. You need to understand that you’re going to be probably eating more than you’re used to. You’re probably going to be doing probably less cardio than you’re used to but that each one of us is different and that you and your team are great and you figure things out and to get us where we need to be.

– Yeah. The honesty is definitely, I completely agree and I appreciate everything you so over the honesty is probably the most important thing and that’s why you and I hit it off from the start because you were open honest if one overall macros or something like that at the beginning, you were thinking, I did this. When we went on the way on vacation you were open and honest it talking on the honesty game because a lot of people think that they can get away. Like you’re saying like, yeah, I hit my macros this week. and that right there, if you actually didn’t and then I’m like tossing my brand, I’m like, why the Kevin numbers move? Why haven’t anybody has anything shifted that can make the whole situation even worse? Like if I need to shift numbers and you’re actually not eating it and I cut you down lower, like your metabolism can crash. If I ended up doing that and that’s why not only the honesty on that end but also the honesty and responsibility for where you are at the start of your journey coming into it so that you know that everything you’ve done can needs to be more probably need to be fixed. Now there’s gonna be a different outlook moving forward. Like you said, you’re meeting more food just the whole mental shift of responsibility and honesty when you first start off with something a hundred percent.

– Right.

– Great advice. Love it. So what would you say being a WarriorBabe means to you?

– This one I actually wrote down because I knew that I wanted to say it, right?

– Yes.

– Me and my squirrel mind but I said, WarriorBabe is a total and complete mindset shift. It is a physical, mental and emotional shift to become the very best person that I can be. It has challenged me daily, weekly and monthly to dig in deep and hard and find the strength that I need to change my body and my mindset.

– Wow. That is awesome and you have legitimately lived that experience that you just shared. You have come in created an insane shift with not just your body but like I said, in the beginning your mindset has totally shifted. I mean, one of the biggest things that I think that I kept replaying in my head because I know it’s going to help so many women is the fact when you shared that, I’ve done the 12, I’ve done decades of abuse to my body with the different programmings that I’ve tried and done and now I’m realizing that I still, I have decades moving forward to actually do it the right way.

– Right. Yeah, absolutely and like I had shared on the one called too, I said, I know that we always kind of talk about the journey and I’ve said that I I’ve kind of removed myself from that word because still to that, to me the journey somehow has an ending to it, people talk about the race and I’m like, well, those definitely end and so for me, it’s just becoming more. I just, I’ve tried to transition it to the lifestyle that I have moved into, the proper lifestyle for me that this is here to stay. It’s not somewhere that I’m going to get to a certain point and then be like, okay, I’m here. It’s just a constant it’s going to be my lifestyle, eating my macros properly, exercising properly and that’s important for me.

– It won’t be live until you go 120. I hope not. I don’t have enough money to do that.

– Well, let’s close it out with giving the beams your like favorite snack or a favorite macro combo that you enjoy eating on a daily basis.

– Okay. You’re going to laugh. So my favorite snack that I love is a piece of a ZKO bread toasted with Biscoff Cookie Butter on it, my daughter had got me turned onto that and like I fit my whole day. Like I put that in first, before I do anything else

– Where did you get that Biscoff Cookie,

– The grocery store and the Peanut Butter Aisle and it’s the best tasting and you get the crunchy ‘Cause the crunchy actually has like the cookie bits in it. Instead of nuts, it has the crunched up cookie. It’s so good.

– My GOD It’s under credible, a brand.

– And the good thing with it is on some days, like I’ve run out of protein but I still need carbs and fat. So that’s got the carbs and fat and hardly any protein. So that works good.

– Perfect . That’s sounds amazing. I’m going to go to the grocery store right now and buy some.

– What brand is it?

– I think it’s actually just Biscoff it’s like from the cookie the cookies that like they give you on the airplane. Just really good cookies. Yeah. I think it’s just this cough. Nice. I’ll send you, I’ll send you a picture of it. Okay. All right and then what would you say is your favorite muscle group to work out shoulders? Nice. I knew he was saying, yeah, show their shoulders off. Yeah. They’re feeling a little weak today but that’s only because of your workout. So for those of you who want to learn more about the programs that offers and how to get started you can go to www.WarriorBabe.com and become a part of thousands of women who are getting toned to becoming stronger, more confident versions of themselves and Lisa is one of them. Lisa, you shared so much great value, so much great insight in terms of, it’s not just the body transformation but it’s also the mental transformation and you are living proof of it. So thank you for your time here. I appreciate it. You’re welcome. I appreciate you. All right. Bye everybody.

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