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Livestream Community Call 10/15/20.

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What’s up. Hey everybody, Nikkiey here. Welcome to our WarriorBabe Wednesday Live Q&A time together. I am super excited to be here with you guys and hang out for a little bit, answer some questions you guys have about your journey. Remember, you can utilize just Q and a make sure you utilize just Q and a to get any clarification that you need for your journey. Right? That’s why I am here. Okay. So there’s no silly or stupid question. There’s no right or wrong question. Never assume that you have the answer to your question, because then you can just start creating this story inside of your head and think that it’s true. And then three months later, you find out that that was the wrong thing to be doing. Anyway, make sure you utilize this Q and a to get any clarification that you need from me about your journey moving forward.

Okay. So that’s what this Q and day is all about. I am super stoked to be here with you guys and spend the next like half hour, 45 minutes to shoot in some questions and answering the questions that you guys have. All right. So I, as you guys are doing in comment, say what’s up so I can see who’s here. And remember guys, you, and the more comments you guys leave inside of this video right now, like as much as you guys hit the smash smash, the like button and comment, Hey, it pushes our video up into the Facebook group so that all of the other warrior babes can see that we’re alive and they can join in and be a part of the skew and day right now. Okay. So comment say what’s up and smash. Like what informed me right now so that we can get the other viewers, you other women inside of our community to see that this is live.

Okay. And then if you guys are tuning in at a later date or time after this Q and a has been live after I’m done, then remember do the hashtag replay and just keep all of the questions that you guys have that pertain to this Q and a time inside of the thread area beneath where you guys are commenting. Hey, um, leader questions there. Okay. Did the hashtag replay and leave your questions there because then Kate, excuse me, we’ll come back and she will answer any questions that were left after this was done wise. Okay. What’s up everyone. Oh, I like the hashtag live. They stayed yellow was Valerie. What’s up Angela. Hey Christie. Hey Kimberly. Emily. Hey, long time. No, see Anton. Yeah, for real babe. What’s up. I’m glad to see you’re back. I saw the posts inside of the community. Let’s go.

Awesome. Well, I’m super familiar with a lot of your names. That’s why I love coming on to these Q and A’s. And I asked you guys to say what’s up because I can see a number, count a fuse here, but I can’t see who’s actually here by name. So I love being able to see who is here because I recognize a lot of your names. Uh what’s up Tanya RA. Cool. So welcome. You guys. I’m stoked that you’re here. If you guys have a question, we can fire off this queue and day and I’m sorry. My voice is a little like, it’s like kind of I’m noticing because I’ve been talking all day. I was filming a lot of content earlier, so my voice is kind of like, it’s starting to go. Um, so bear with me here. I’ll do my best, but uh, if you guys have any questions, definitely start commenting your questions because there’s a little bit of a lag time between zoom and, uh, Facebook. So once I see the questions coming in, after I’m doing my little opening and welcoming you guys in here, then I’ll start firing off the Q and a. All right.


First of all, before we do dive into this Q and

A welcome to all of the

New babes you guys on the team meeting and their day, my team showed me numbers from inside of our community. Our community was on lit last week on fire last week on lit that’s new. I wouldn’t say on fire, which is lit, which is my terminology. But anyway, our numbers were through the roof. We were past a thousand times and engagement and comments and likes and all of that kind of stuff. So that’s awesome to see, because that means we have a super healthy community, which is so fire. Um, you guys are awesome and welcome to all the new babes who were joining us. And this past week, you’re part of a community, a thousands of women who are getting toned and becoming a stronger, more confident version of themselves. And you guys are on a journey here. So what’s really cool is like, you’ll see the veteran babes have been in this for a while.

And a lot of the beams were sharing their like one year of post lax week. And that made me jump on my IgE and be like, guys, listen. Right? I got real, real honest. So my IAG and Allstate here, I said it before, you know, the moment that you guys accept that your journey could take, you know, six months, eight months, 12 months, 16 months, two years is the day that this journey becomes so much easier to become so much more fun for you rather than like two weeks progress, no progress, four weeks, no Browder, six weeks, no progress, right? This isn’t another quick fix. Okay, you guys are in this, I’m teaching you the real truth of what it takes to, you know, build muscle and change your body composition. And that’s not going to happen in overnight. It’s not going to happen in two weeks.

You cannot build it. If you’re lucky, you can build like 0.7 of a pound to one pound of muscle per week, depending on where you are at in your life. So two pounds of muscle per week, like put that into perspective for yourself. It’s only two pounds. If you need to build a lot of muscle, get realistic with yourself and understand this is a journey. You know, it’s going to take you a while to change your body composition, right? And it’s not sexy for me to say that it’s not, um, you know, nobody wants to hear that everyone’s wants to instant fix a quick fix. Well, that’s what I’m here to be honest and blunt with you guys. It’s not going to happen that way. So be real, except your journey. Love your journey. This is making sense to you guys right now, and this is firing you up.

And then it helps click a perspective in your brain and what to expect on your dirty smash, the like button for me, police smash the like button, because I want to see that you guys, I can see it firing. I want to understand. I want to know that you guys understand what I’m saying. Okay. Because then when you are like the veteran where your babes who have been in it for a year, and they’re the ones posting their posts after a year’s work, that can be you. If you accept nice, I’m seeing it, fire guys. That can be you. That will be you. If you just put your head down, do the work, you know, you don’t have to be perfect. Right. But you have to be consistent. Okay. And you have to show up for yourself and when you don’t want to, um, and that will get you to that your transformation that will get you to the 16 month transformation to the two year transformation. And then at that point where I’m at six years into my journey, it’s just a subconscious habit at this point. It’s just like driving a car, riding a bike. Okay. It’s just something that I do.


It works into my day. Okay. So that’s where you guys you’re on. You’re maybe starting maybe a year and maybe two years in. Right. But anybody who’s new. First of all, it’s cool to see that you’re new because you’re gonna fire up the new, uh, the veteran babes. And then the veteran names are gonna fire you guys up for the results that you guys can have. But I need you to understand if you are new, it’s a journey. All right. So except that now, and then when you’re six months in, one year in, you can look in the mirror and you can see your hard work. You’d be like, Holy

Wow. I did it.

It’s working. I guarantee you, this system works. You just have to do the work. Okay. It’s worked with thousands of women. I’ve coached women for over three years. Now I’ve changed hundreds of women’s bodies, right? You just have to put in the work. Okay. You have to get past yourself. You have to get past your limiting beliefs. You have to get past the that you’ve tried before. I’m going to read, love it. You have to get past your excuses. You have to just show up, just show up. Even if it doesn’t make sense to you. Now you have the tools and the resources just put in the work. Trust me now. Believe me later. Okay. So anybody who’s new welcome. I’m super stoked that you guys are here in farthest community. I am I, you guys posting your photos last week, fired me up, um, seeing the transformations and that you guys are creating for yourself.

Like it’s, it’s so freaking awesome. So hats off to the veterans. Welcome to the new babes. I see you guys firing away with some questions, so let’s dive into it. All right, Tanya, how often should I check, adjust my macros? So that something is so hard for me to answer, to be bluntly honest. I mean, that’s something that I do inside of my blueprint program. So if you’re inside my blueprint program, that’s the question to save for QA. And one of, um, and if you want to check out the blueprint program, you’re going to worry babe.com and you can go to programs and check out the blueprint by clicking on that tab. But to be honest, um, to be honest yet, it’s like, you know, it depends on so many variables and something. I just can’t cover it inside the revolution because it’s so in depth, um, there is a rally call that I did a while ago that talked about the factors that I take into play, uh, to adjust or change your macros.

Um, because even though your weight styles, you know of your measurements are still moving, then the macros are still working. Um, if your energy is low, then maybe you need a little bit more of one particular macronutrient. Um, there’s so many different variables that come can come into play. So it’s hard for me to really answer that question. Um, again, if you want to check out my blueprint program, that’s something where I cover. I give you the exact tools, how to adjust one, to adjust. You have Q and A’s where you talk directly to me. And I’m able to figure out if you need an adjustment or if you just need to keep going. Um, so that’s something to check out. All right. And hi, Nikki, I had to post and run because I teach at 6:00 PM, but I will come back and answer to your, listen to your answer on the recording.

Cool. I asked you about this on a previous Facebook live and reaching out again about hunger and stamina. I’ve been on the program for about seven weeks now, and I’ve, I’m still struggling. The first time I asked you, you recommend it to up. My daily card was like 30 grams and I did, but I’m still waking up hungry. I’m hungry during the day, like ravenous, my workouts are worse and I’m losing the muscle that I previously asked for. My period came two weeks late, which is very abnormal and concerning. I don’t want to give up worry baby, but this wasn’t what I was expecting. I hit my macros and point every day. Except right now I’m at 195 carbs, 56, one 25 and cut back working out four days a week because my body is not keeping up. Thank you for your help. I love you in the program.

I just need some guidance. Awesome. Cool, babe. Well, you’ll catch us on the recording. Um, so something I need to stress and make sure that you are doing is that you’re utilizing, um, your cheap meals. Okay? If you’re not utilizing your cheat meals, that’s a huge amount of calories that you are missing out on a weekly basis. And we’ll help those, uh, hunger days and help those, you know, help you come up, feel better. And then you’ll use that energy through your workouts and through the next days. And then you’ll realize once you get to another point, okay, it’s time for another cheat meal. So make sure you’re utilizing their sheet meals. If you are utilizing those sheet meals, then my next recommendation for you would be to up your protein intake. So get it to like one 35, one 40, maybe. Um, if it’s around your body, weight times 0.8 to 1.2 is a ballpark range that you can be in for protein and protein. This is specific macronutrient that is not only going to help to recover and build the muscle and help with that stamina with carbohydrates inside the gym, but it’s also going to help to curb your hunger. Okay. So it’s, it really fights cravings. Um, and it, it just, it makes you feel fuller longer so that we might next recommendation. So give that a whirl and make sure you’re implementing your cheat


Danielle year and a half. And I feel amazing. I love that Beth, glad for your success. I think I love the reason that you engage with everyone you’re taking the time to spend with us. You’re not just sending a recording video like others do. Yes. I was just talking about that with my, uh, my team today. I was like, you know what? Like our revolution group, it’s fire. It’s awesome. Rally calls probably could use a little bit more callers in on that, but you know what I said to my team, I was like, I just show up. I’m just going to continue to show up because me showing up and me being here for, if it’s just a half an hour or 45 minutes to you guys who actually tune in, take this seriously, you guys are on the other end listening to this and you’re getting motivation.

You’re getting support. You’re getting inspiration. Maybe there’s something that I say just clicks into your brain. You’re like, Oh, that makes sense. But maybe didn’t make 6 cents six months earlier. Right? So I will always show up for you guys. It has been something that maybe I will take like a week off of doing a call, but I’ll be back. Right? So I’m always here. I think that is a huge thing. Um, to your guys’ success is just me showing up for you guys, me being your cheerleader, which I love to do. I love letting you guys know that your goal is possible.

Well, you just have to be on the receiving end to do it. So I love you guys. Um,

I’m Jody new. This is day three for me. Nice, babe. Welcome Jody. I am so excited that you are here. You’re a part of an amazing freaking community. And what I can just say is like what I said at the beginning and make sure that you’re going through the warrior Bay blast off videos I put together. Um, it’s one email per day. This has one video inside. That’s just going to help you to transition into the warrior babe lifestyle and me giving you like starter tips that will keep him motivated and keep you going, know your goal. Know your why? So make sure you’re really taking those seriously because I personally,

I think one’s a huge, uh, progression tool

For the babes, for anybody that’s new. Um, because you can start in a program and kind of,

And just be like, what do I go? What do I do? Um, and then 14 days, or like, you know, motivations

When he first started. So if you carry those videos out, if you get excited on a daily basis, my program works. It’s helped thousands of women. Like I said, I’ve transformed hundreds of bodies. Um, so you just, you just carry those videos out in that work. And then by 14 days, you’re like, I, you know, it’s just about doing it over and over and over and over again, macros workouts, macros workouts, till it becomes a habit and you’re doing it just like you would drive a car or ride a bike. So not just saying that to you, Jody, I’m saying it to anybody. Who’s new and hasn’t commented. Cause I know you guys are on the backend is listening to this. So just be patient, be patient with the start of your journey. Give yourself grace, take responsibility for any actions that you up on.

Don’t blame. Don’t judge yourself. Just keep moving, fail forward. All right. Oh, that’s awesome. I love seeing other babes welcoming new babes. So cool. Kim, you rock I’m really? You will always be my favorite hashtag evil genius. Yes. I love it. I love you. Emily. Rock Christy. The bluefin program is totally worth it. I’ve learned so much. Yes. Anybody who was in the blueprint program helped the other revolution babes come on up during this up in the blueprint program, way more in depth, way more education, way more. Why and how and how everything works right now. Don’t get me wrong. The revolution program has hands down. Amazing. Emily is a perfect example from her interview that she shared with you guys. She’s been in the revolution. She’s not in the blueprint, but there’s just more to the blueprint program, right? I you’re you’re you have more access to me two times per week, being able to talk to me, making sure everything’s going right.

You’re moving the right direction. What are some things that maybe need to be tweaked, right? Because everybody is so individual, everybody needs and requires different things. Like you, that’s listening your body, your structure, your balance, your hormones, or minerals or proteins. Like if you want to get really deep are there’s nobody else who has that same make up. Right? So the blueprint is just way more tailored in that aspect to you as an individual. And then you being able to soundboard off of the coach who can help you go in the right direction to me, I look at it as like, you know, you can get results inside the revolution. No problem. But the blueprint is like, okay, we can, we can make those results happen faster because there’s more dialect and verbiage around exactly what you need. So anybody who’s in the blue-green program speak up.

All right, Ben love the workouts. Okay. Doing the macros pretty much on point. But if my little Alaska is not budging straight, I dropped off some cars. I’ve been doing macros consistently since March. Should I stay the course longer? You, if you haven’t adjusted your macronutrients system since March, it would probably be, um, a like if I was talking in the blueprint and this was a situation, if I got a little bit more context, I probably understand. But if you haven’t adjusted since March, you’ve been using the same macro stance. Absolutely. If you create a little bit of an adjustment, uh, to carbs to fats, you’ll, you’ll, you’ll start

Moving again. Right. You’ll

Still continue to get the results that you want by just tweaking those numbers a little bit. Macro should always be tweaked. Um, and that’s something that,

And the blueprint program again, I think you guys can

That by now, but, uh, yeah, so I would just try tweaking that, but again, like, let me just be blunt and honest, like, um, your body, that body fat on your belly maybe the last ago. Um, just like some people’s body fat in their legs this last ago. Um, some people have it. Everybody is different. Everybody carries body fat in different areas and more stubborn than the other. So, you know, your back, we’ll take a little bit more, your legs could take a little bit more. Your stomach can take a little bit more depending on the kids that you had, or if you have a specific structure from having kids just accept that, right. Love your body for what it is because you gave birth, you made a human being, which is just bringing incredible. Um, so be okay with that imbalance that you have love it. Um, you could definitely make it better with working on changing your body composition, but you can always make anything better. But if it’s something that may not change the way you see it or want it accept it, all right. And again, like I said, it’s different for everybody. So keep that in mind,

Jodi, is there a diet plan that matches our macros and the app? Or do we just figure this out ourselves? Where are the cheat meals? Are they in the app? I’m new, new, so maybe it is there, but I have not found it. Yeah. So as you go through, you’ll see in the menu where I’ve laid out a cheat meal and how to go about her meal. Um, there’s also inside of the transform section. There’s a worry basics and there’s tons of videos, uh, that will help you with understanding the starter questions that you may have. So library questions can definitely be found inside the application or on like the home screen. If you click need help, there’s entire FAQ section. Now, when it comes to the other than that, you asked our meal plans are a generic overview of the macros that would be for your body type.

They’re not exact. Um, because everybody, again, like, I wish I could cater that much like to you exactly inside of this app, but it’s just, it’s hard. We’re not yet at that type of programming. Um, so we put in the biotypes who put in the macros, that would be in a broad range around that, but, and then you could use those meal plans and then just tweak the quantities. And what I mean by tweaking the quantities is like, okay, you have a half a cup of oatmeal for carbs, but that puts you over just bringing it down to a quarter cup, um, and versa, you know, with like a tablespoon of fat that puts you over it, bring it down to a half. Tablespoon quantities always play around with the quantities to get it within the plus or minus five. Now that seems overwhelming. Don’t let it overwhelm. You just take it day by day with playing around in my fitness pal, playing out distribution of your macros, play around with logging and tracking. You’re not going to be a genius off the bat. You’re going to fail multiple times. Um, take it day by day. Okay.

Valerie. Yes.

I can’t always tune into the rally calls, but I always go back to listen to them. So keep them coming. Cool. I will keep that in mind, babe. Jody, doing blastoff. Nice. Awesome thing of coming to blueprint. Yes, let’s go. I love that, babe. Cool, Victoria, what’s up, babe? Haven’t seen your name in a little bit missed you. I love this is also too. I show up because there’s a lot of you guys who have been in it and you guys show up here and I recognize your names and that’s, what’s so cool about our community because even though like I haven’t met you guys, I don’t know. You guys have in person. What’s so cool. Is like, I have a relationship with you guys basically through the program and through being all these Q and A’s with you guys. So

I love this,

Uh, Sydney. Well, I like then the way that you spell that, uh, do you recommend any of the fat burning supplements from coalition? If you want to cut phase? Um, if so, which supplements and when do you reckon that recommend taking them before workout? Anytime we schedule I’m currently, I’m doing Opti greens, Opti reds. Perfect. That’s great. I mean, Sydney, honestly, no, I’m not gonna recommend any fat burner, your best fat burners doing the workouts, doing the cardio, um, on a consistent basis week after week, I’m not gonna recommend any fat burner to be honest. I mean, I have my top favorite supplements inside the app that goes to protein. That goes to some things that you can use while you work out to give you a little bit more fuel and energy opt agreements, Opti reds are fabulous, but you won’t find me ever really repping unless it’s one I make and it’s hands down, like something that I, my team and I put thought into, and it doesn’t have the chemicals or that you can’t pronounce on the ingredient lists. You’re not going to find me recommending a fat burner,

But that may be yeah.

Hint to what may be coming

On the road.

All right, Jody. Got it. We’ll go through transform and learn. Cool. Victoria, love you, Nikki. Sometimes I tune in just to feel your energy, keep pushing us coach. You got to be the absolutely do it. And I’m glad to be doing you live today. Always watch the replays when I am not here. That I’m someone who does great info here. Yes,

You guys

Rock. I’m going to make me cry. Danielle, your energy is contagious. Love seeing your face. I love seeing you guys show up here. You guys rock my world.

All right.

I’ve been working with a ton of online programs and coaching. Never seen anything like this. You are amazing, Nikki, you guys stop. I’m going to start crying.

You guys are the reason why I do this.

So the reason why I wake up on a daily basis, but the reason why I filmed hours of content, the reason why I make this program made this program. I do it all for you guys to bring the truth for you guys, to know exactly what you need to do and get rid of the that’s out there and just do it. So I appreciate you guys and show up. We appreciate you guys so much. And you guys rock Kimberly Ridge. You was going to ask about plateaus tonight. As I feel as though I’ve hit a plateau and I just hit month three, but I woke up today and decided what’s going to crush my work on increase my reps. Sometimes my mind needs a reboot. So to everyone out there, I trust the process and reboot your mind every once in a while and make sure you are in the right mindset. It is literally everything. I love this program and uniki guys Thank you. You’re the best. And I love worry. We have so much.


Guys are going to make me stay up all night


Just keep making this program better and better and better, which we are actively doing right now. But now I want to do

It more. I

love you guys. You all rock and it’s again. I appreciate you. And I appreciate this because seeing that kind of feedback like lights me up, like our community is amazing. You guys are amazing. The support is amazing.

I’m speechless.

I appreciate every single one of you guys. All right, anybody else have any questions about anything? I will be here for a couple more minutes to hang out, answer anything, any clarification, um, any way that I can help any support, any tough love I’m here. And they will answer any questions that you guys have for the next couple of minutes. I got the blueprint Q and a 7:00 PM. I have a couple more. Um, that’s another thing too, with the blueprint. Like you can do like little check-ins before these, before I hop on on QA calls and we’d go on the QA calls for two hours because I do my best to try and talk to everybody and make sure you all know what direction I need to go into next. And I got my VIP later on, which VIP spots are open. You can work directly one-on-one with the coach. So anyways, thinking about that, we got VIP spots open. You just go to warrior, babe.com/vip to apply. That would be fired to bring you guys all the way up. One-on-one coaching, not with me, but I have a team of expert coaches who I’ve handpicked and they are fire. And they’re amazing. And you, they do all your work for you. So that’s another thing to think about


Do you have a ton of questions, but feel like I should learn so I can ask educated questions. You got it, babe. And that’s something that I say all the time, you know, don’t ask questions that can be answered inside the app for you to learn. Like I will send you right there. I’ll tell you to go to that portion so you can learn and soak it all in. Um, and then come back. If something doesn’t make sense, utilize these Q and A’s for any clarification that you need,


Would be so helpful to see any as many home workouts as possible without gym equipment. I know there’s only so many things you can think of, but all, but all the home workouts with machine without machines are really appreciated. Yeah, absolutely. And then if you go to also to Beth, um, which we will always try and make our at-home workout section better and better and better each month, but because of like the whole COVID situation, I did create six week at home workout programs, bodyweight, one dumbbell, one band, one. So whatever equipment do you have access to at home, um, there’s specific programs on our warrior being website, which you can then choose which program will best suit you and the equipment that you have. So, but we will always do our best to make, um, the at-home workout program better. We filmed a lot of exercises last week. I don’t know if you guys call that on my, on my IgE story. Um, but there’s a lot of new stuff coming, coming your way and another program too.

Oh boy. I,

You guys know terrible secrets, parable. All right. But anyway, I appreciate you guys. I love you all. I thank you for your feedback because it just house. We know that we’re going in the right direction. Our community’s on fire. Like I shared at the beginning of this, um, QN day,

Our numbers,

My team showed me numbers from our community. Um, and our numbers were through the roof. The engagement, the likes, the comments, everything you guys. So keep it up. I appreciate you guys. And I’ll catch you guys on our rally call 6:00 PM on Sunday. Be there if you’re not there catch replay. And I’ll see you guys next week for our Q a day at the same time, Wednesday, 6:00 PM. Eastern standard time. All right,

Keep up the good work. Bye.


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