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What’s up. You guys. I am so sorry. Um, hopefully we can kick off this live again. My wifi just completely shut down and I’m literally connected to my personal hotspot right now, so, Oh man, that stinks anyway. Welcome you guys. I am going to start this whole thing over again because we do all of this stuff to our channel so that anybody who’s tuning in after we’re actually done live here can watch the entire thing. So let’s just, just start this all over again. Welcome beams. As you guys are tuning in now to this new live video, please let me know that you’re here. Hopefully we can get this, the same attendance that we had on the previous one that everybody can know that now I’m back live, but at least comment, let me know that you’re here and that you were tuning back in.

Um, so then it does help, you know, the more that you guys comment, it will push our video to the top of the Facebook group so that they can see that we are back here and that we are alive and that they can tune into it and everybody can tune into it. All right. And just a friendly reminder, if you guys are going to be catching this, uh, live after it’s been completed, then remember to do the hashtag replay and just keep all of the questions that you have, um, for this Q and a day, um, that pertain to this Q and a in one area. All right. So that CA Kate can come back in and she can answer any questions that were left after this live was completed. All right. So hopefully you guys are tuning tune back in, um, w our numbers are getting back up there.

So please smash the like button comment, say that you guys are here right now, so that it gets our video to the top of the Facebook group. And other Bates can see that we are here live again. All right. And if you guys do have any questions, if you had them in the last one and post it in the last video, bring them on, carry them over here into this live video. You gotta love technology. You gotta freaking love it. All right. So where are your questions on, into this one? And we’ll start off this Q and a and just a few seconds. I don’t think anything can happen to my personal hotspot. That’s why that’s great that I have that in situations like this. Hopefully my wifi turns back on because I have all of my other community call later on tonight. But anyway, I’m excited to be here with you guys and run through this Q and a hello, Heather, what’s up Kimberly?

What’s up Laura. What’s up beams. All right. So if you guys have any questions, you can leave the comments, leave your questions in the comment area or not area. And I’ll fire off, answering some questions in just a few seconds, but again, let’s give a huge wall of anybody who’s new. Let’s change it up this time. Since I just said it in the last video, if you are new, give me the wave emoji, let me see your name and let the community see your name. And then that way we see when you see, we see your name inside the post, inside the community, we know that you’re new. We can help you out in anything that you need. All right. You’re literally a part of a community of thousands of women. We’re all on this same journey together, working towards the same goal of getting tone and become a stronger, more confident version of ourselves.

All right, babe. So remembered to where your babies were strong is a new sexy, and I am so freaking excited that our community is so freaking amazing. You guys all rock it’s really starting to pick up, which is so cool. You guys are all sharing your successes. You’re all sharing your wins, which is so awesome to see that inside of our community, because a, it gives the new beams, um, so, um, fuel and some motivation to keep going and then better and babes. You’re seeing these new babes come in and you’re getting excited because there’s new bloods of community. So super stoked for you guys. Um, anyway, so if you guys have any questions, remember, you can start leaving your questions here in the comment area. And I will fire off for Q and a in just a few seconds. It may be a little bit lower.

I’m not getting the same numbers that we had from when, when, when I was live in the other, uh, video, but you know, that happens. Technology cuts out sometimes. So if you guys have any questions, now’s the time to get them answered here on this Q and a while, have some time to spend with you guys. Um, one thing I do want to talk about before we do dive into any questions is questions. Okay. Don’t be that person. You know, if you’re new to our community, please don’t come into the Facebook community. And so our flooding, um, the Facebook group with questions that can be easily answered by you just taking some time going through the application and getting yourself grounded and set, um, foundations, where yourself, by going in and looking at what material you have available to you literally have to all the tools, all of the resources that have helped thousands of women transform their bodies, get tone and feel more confident inside that application.

What it just comes down to is now you putting in the work, okay? That’s the big key factor you putting in the work. This has worked for thousands of women. It can work for you too. You just have to put in the work. All right? And one step is if you’re new and take the time to go through the application, and I guarantee you, 95% of your starting questions can either be answered there. Or in our frequently asked questions, resource page, which is the link that I have right above or below or somewhere around this live video right now. And you can click on that. And my team has organized that entire database to help you guys out with macro questions out questions, how to use the app, technical things, support questions, all that kind of stuff. So if you guys have any questions, you can always click that link above, find them on the live Q and A’s.

Or if you go to the home screen on your application, you can click on need help, and you’ll find the entire freedom house questions, resource page there too, as well. All right. So step one, take the time to go through the application. Really lay down your foundation. Step to go to the frequently asked questions, resource, step three, attend these Q and A’s y’all. I can’t stress that enough. All right. I show up here every single week inside this community to answer any questions that you guys have, don’t be intimidated by me. Okay? Ask the questions that you want clarification on. I’m here to help you. I’m here to be there as a part of your journey and coming here every single Wednesday is how I can do that by answering any questions that you guys have. All right. And then Kate answers any questions that were left behind. So even if you can’t make these live communities, still ask the questions and the Kate comes back to answer them. Okay. And then last spot you guys should all be going. Why am I not getting any questions yet? Come on guys. I mean, I know our numbers aren’t as high as the last video, but this is a Q and a

All right. Um, what was I saying?

Questions support should be the last area that you guys go to get your questions answered. Okay. If my support team is not going to answer anything that’s MACRA related or fitness related, it’s more. Hey, how come I can’t get into my app related questions? Okay. So, Oh, I thought I just wrote down for a second.

Okay. Way.

Make sure that you are taking the time to go through the course, the application. Okay. That’s going to help with 95% of your starter questions. All right. So that being said, now that I just repeated that from really the first video that I started doing live, and then I’d get kicked off. Here we are. Sally has a question for me. And if you guys do have questions, please, there’s no silly or stupid question. Ask me a question. I’m happy to verify, clarify anything that you need clarified on. Um, what are your thoughts on adjusted carbs based on fiber and sugar, every carb is a carb, and that’s why I say not to track net carbs. Like you do with keto. You want to track every single carbohydrates. Um, that’s how I feel about it. That’s my whole mythology around it. You know, some people do digest fiber differently than other people. Um, but still it’s, it’s still considered a carbohydrate. Um, sugar is still considered a carbohydrate there’s sugar inside a white rice or sugar inside of white flour, white bread. Anything that you guys eat that has white based products or flour based products. Right. So

Sugar is still a carbohydrate. Okay.

Matter of when you use those carbohydrates throughout the day, which matters the most, right? So again, that’s inside your application too, as well, talking about the timing with mash with carbohydrates. Um, but

Yeah, that’s my

Methodology around it. You don’t want to, um, do net carbs. Okay. Because really that causes your body on a daily basis to fluctuate with the intake of carbohydrates. So there’s no consistency there. So calculating a true carb as everything helps your body with consistency. Right? And this is something that I’m, that we’re speaking about. And I’m speaking out loud from Sally’s question, majority of your carbohydrates should not be coming from vegetables. Okay. You want to focus on getting whole carbohydrates from oatmeal, from rice, from breads, from Biggles, from, you know, the cereals that I share with you guys, um, uh, sweet potatoes, uh, fruit, right? You don’t want all your carbohydrates to be coming from vegetables, because like I said, not many people can digest that fiber. Um, and you’re not getting the really true amount of carbohydrates that you want to be able to use for your workouts.

Right? The food that’s, the carbs are going to give you energy are the complex and the simple carbs, the whole foods, not the vegetables. Okay. So majority of your foods should not be coming. The majority of your carbs should not be coming from, Oh, smash that like button, this makes sense, guys, smash that like button. I see you guys doing it, but this makes sense to you guys. You want, regardless of your carbs to come from whole foods, just like I say, even when proteins come from whole foods, uh, fast come from whole foods, really? There’s nothing that you can really, Oh, MCT oil. That’s a conservative fat. It’s not a food, but anyway, always go to whole foods. Okay, beautiful. I see the like button being smashed. Cool guys. And you guys smashing it too as well. It brings visibility up. Visibility is increasing so awesome. And probably like babes that thought that I was done kicked off by my wifi are probably coming on back in here and seeing that we are live because our video is now being, it’s staying towards the top of the Facebook group, which is good. All right.


Else have any other questions for me now is the time to kick it off. All right. Join on. Sally strain asked me some questions so that I can help you guys remember. You don’t want to assume that, you know the answer to your question. You don’t want to assume that maybe you’re doing it the right way. The best thing that you could do is get clarification from me. Because if you’re assuming, then you could be like A week, two weeks in two months in. And that assumption actually gets, uh,


And you could be doing something that’s completely off than what you should be doing. So ask your questions. You guys, I’m not going to bite your head off. I’ll give you tough love, but I won’t bite your head off

Guys. I’m not going to waste my time slash your time. Just looking pretty on this QA Ray now, all right. I think we did lose some visibility from me having to, uh, from my wife, I crashing and me being on my personal hotspot. So if you guys don’t have any more questions, remember you can always leave your questions. After this live Q and a is complete and Kate will come back in and she’ll answer any questions that you guys have. But since I’m not getting any more, I’m going to close down our Q and a right now, it’s been a lot of fun hanging out with you guys, being able to, you know, be kicked off the wifi. I have to restart a whole live. And then,

Uh, being here right now

To answer Sally’s question. All right, babe. So everybody, remember it comes down to your work ethic. It comes down to how much work, how much do you really want to accomplish this goal? Right? How much do you really want to change your body composition and understand, remember what I say? It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s not going to happen in two months. It’s not going to happen four months, right? You’re changing your body composition. That’s something that takes a heck of a lot of time. A lot of patients and you just putting in the work on a daily basis, those small wins add up to that big goal that you are working to accomplish. And let me tell you, I am, I’m almost six years into my journey and there’s still aspects of my body that I am still working on. I got hit on my, uh, IgG from four years ago, a photo of me and I was blown away. I was like, wow. I look that was two years into my journey. You guys, two years in my legs were and what they are today, my shoulders aren’t as kept as they are today. It comes down to you.

Trust me, building hostile and changing your body composition. Let me tell you, except that your journey is going to take a long time building muscle.

So it’s not something that happens overnight. Gender, your body composition is not have somebody happens over night. I’m still working on it six years later. Okay? So fall in love with your journey. Um, fall in love with every step of it, be patient and just look at small things, small wins on a daily basis. Okay. That’s what matters the most. And then always remember to take your start-up photos because I can guarantee you six months from now. If you’re putting in the work, you’re going to see a drastic difference. And that’s going to motivate you to go another six months and then you’ll have a year photo. Would you see of the warrior maps have shared their year photo. That’s just a year, right? Don’t get me wrong. You can still accomplish a lot in a year. But then those war games are like, alright, what can I do in another year? Right. Then you have started photos to two years and then two to three and three to four, four to five then.

And on and on.

Yeah. Now is one of seeing my body composition change two years later. Yeah, you guys, when I saw that on IgG, that was two years in my dirty. And I was just, I couldn’t even freaking believe I looked like that. Like there’s so much has changed from then to now, which is a four year time period. And you guys always can go into my IgE, scroll down, see where I was, because it’s not where I am today. Okay. So remember that, like don’t compare your day one to my day, 1,800 and so on. Right? Just focus on your journey. Fall in love with your journey, Valerie. Okay. So the question, water intake question. When you mix your opties, do you count that as water taken now? No, because I focus just on this and if I can get this down, that’s a win. Anything outside of that is extra. So I always strive for a gallon and then I have my Opti greens and then I have my, uh, post-workout protein. So to me, that’s extra. If I can get extra, that’s freaking great. Your goal is definitely a gallon, but look at those as bonus. If you can get bonus that spawned.com.


All right, guys, I’m going to tune out. It was awesome. Hanging out with you guys and blueprint, babe. I’ll see you guys next at 7:00 PM and then VIP, you guys I’ll see you guys at 9:00 PM. Bye everybody. Have a good rest of your evening.


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