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What’s up WarriorBabes. Hey everybody, Nikkiey here. And welcome to our WarriorBabe Wednesday, live Q&A time together. I am super excited to be here and spending this time with you guys. So as you guys are commenting or as you guys are joining and commenting, or as you guys wondering where the live video was, there’s a little sidetrack there for a second. But as you guys are joining ALA, please comment and say, Hey, what’s up or Samuel emoji or whatever. So I can see who’s here and tuning in. And then you guys know the drill. The more comments that you guys believe right now, letting me know that you are here and saying what’s up. The more that it pushes our live video to the top of the Facebook group, to the, all of the other warrior babes can join in. See that we’re live.

This is the first one. They never have done a join into a live Q and a before they could, they could see us live. The more that you guys comment. So it pushes it to the top of the Facebook group. All right, Melissa. Angela, what’s up Francine. Hey guys. And if you guys are tuning in, after this has been ly save, then type the hashtag replay and just keep all of your questions that pertain to this Q and a in the comment thread that beneath of this, where I’m live right now, where you guys are commenting and you saying, Hey, what’s up. Leave any comments, questions that you have if you guys are tuning in after this has been live. All right, Emily. Hey girl. Hey, so pumped about the swag is here, guys. It’s here. Let’s see if my computer reaches. I have to unplug it, but it’s here.

It’s all down there. We did. We get him started. We’re going to start the fulfillment process in a couple of days. It’s a whole nother beast. This is a beast. I’m super stoked. I’m super stoked. It’s here, Laura. What’s up love. So I can’t wait to get mine. Yes, Tara, Tara. What’s up girl. All right. Well, anyway, I’m super stoked. Um, to be here with you guys right now, my there’s a, there’s a lag time between Facebook and zoom. So I just saw on zoom that you guys just saw the whole swipe thing. Yes, guys, I’m super stoked that it’s here. Um, Kim and I didn’t plan ahead or think ahead to bring all of the pieces out, you know, we’ve got the masks are pretty freaking amazing, actually. You know what, why don’t I do it? Hold on a second.

Yeah. Okay. Okay. Ready guys. I’m back.

All right. So, so this is one, this is our t-shirt. Okay. Can’t see myself. Cause there’s a lag time. Here’s a t-shirt. I am honestly guys. I am like, so beyond impressed, like I know next level, but like I’m so impressed with this swag right now. Like this material is so nice. It’s unreal. So this is a t-shirt super cute. Um, I’m currently wearing a small of the hoodies, Super, super lightweight, which is so nice of you guys. When, where inside of the gym super comfortable. This is a small, um, these are our crop tops.

Super, super cute. So if you guys have high-waisted pants, they, they work perfectly with high-waisted pants or like sweatshirts or sweat pants or anything like that. This is a small, no, this is a medium, this is a meeting and I’ve been wearing a medium, but I could probably get away with wearing a small too as well. They are super true to size. Um, here is the white crop top. Is this super adorable? Oh, I’m just, I’m just obsessed. I am just so obsessed with this swag line, right? Our starter election. Um, this is another, this is the hoodie that I have on blue and black. I w I’ve worn this like multiple times. It’s so freaking comfortable. This it’s like unreal. How comfortable all of this stuff is. I know that I’ve been, and it’s really good for the type of training that we do. So if you guys know aware this inside the gym, like it’s super lightweight, it’s super late weight. Um, so super comfortable, um, super airy. That’s the word I was looking for? Air it’s super area. Here’s our tank top.


I would do like the whole, like, you know, take it all off and everything, but I’m not going to do that right now. Um, this is the tank super, super cute. She nice little Razorback and the Razorback doesn’t come down low. It’s it sits pretty nice up high. Um, anyway, super comfortable. And I’m so, so, so, so excited. And you guys haven’t put in your order yet. You guys still can’t. We sell some items left in inventory and anything that’s over a hundred dollars. You guys get free masks. So these masks are I’m I’m amazed.


They fit perfectly. Check that out. Woo, light and black masks. And they’re, they’re big, like the great, very spacious don’t fall off your face, stay right up. They’re super nice. So never thought that I would be, uh, you know, COVID representing some mass, but super freaking awesome. And I’m so stoked. I’m with all of the, all of them, the apparel that we have in and just the way that it turned out and that next level, the next level is always spoke. Great. But there’s a little rundown for you guys. I’m super, super excited to have that there, but anyway, so now, sorry that that took up a little bit. Oh, I took up a couple of minutes, but I’m super stoked to, if you guys have any questions, um, that pertain to our Q and a, then you can always start asking your questions down the column area.

Um, and we’ll get started in just a few seconds with those questions again, before we do anybody. Who’s new welcome. You guys. I’m super stoked that you’re a party of our community. And here as here and a warrior, babe, you are a part of a community of thousands of women who are getting toned and becoming a stronger, more confident version of themselves, which is so awesome. Like every single one of you has every single tool and resource at your fingertips. And I was listening to something too today that really just, Hey home every day, single one of us is a habit loop. Okay? Every single one of us has a habit loop. So you guys have the tools and the resources at your fingertips. This program has helped thousands of women transform their lives, their bodies, hundreds of women transform their bodies. So, so what it comes down to is like, wherever you find it, right now, you have the tools and the resources to put you on the right track.

But if you’re stuck in a habit loop of, you know, being inconsistent and not following something, jumping from one diet to the next, I you’ve got to break that habit loop. You’ve got to get out of that habit loop to get any kind of success okay. For yourself and the goals that you want to accomplish. And what it comes down to is like recognizing the habits that don’t work for you and your goals and changing them and making it into better habits. Okay. So that’s something that I listened to today in a podcast. And I was just like, Oh my God, I cannot wait to share that tonight with the warrior babes. Um, because it just, it hit home. So that makes sense. You guys do me a favor, smash the like button so I can see that you guys, um, understand what I’m saying.

I just got a heart. Um, but I appreciate it if you guys like, so I can see that, that just makes sense. Right? Every single thing that you learned here or that I’m trying to teach you, whether if you’re in my revolution program or my blueprint program, it’s all habits, it’s all habit based. And there are, there are certain habits, right? There’s habits, if you want to eat junk food. Okay. But is that habit going to help you? Is that how they’re going to serve you? Is that habit going to get you towards your goals? No, not doing it every single day, but it is the habit of being consistent, being committed, being driven, being goal oriented. Is that, is that a habit that’s going to get you towards your goals? Yes. 120%. So you’ve got to focus on what habits you want to choose for yourself and make and learn them, embed them into your everyday lifestyle.

Um, and then, you know, once you, and it’s not something that, something that this is a podcast to said, it was like, um, the 60 days or the three months, it’s no, it’s like a 10 year journey. And as soon as the sprint, this guy has nothing to do with fitness. This guy’s on like the mental side, like the, like, like more, um, like philosophy and that kind of stuff. And when he said that, I was like, Oh my God, you’re preaching. You’re speaking my language. So yes. Laurie just listened to the rally call yesterday on habits. Yeah. Oh my God. That, I can’t remember when that one was, but seriously, like habits is, it’s all it is. You guys it’s just forming new habits. Okay. And then when you do it over a consistent amount of time, that’s how you embed these habits. Right?

And then you got to learn new skills to help these habits. So I hope that’s helping you guys right now. I get a lot of likes being smashed show pinks, risk, smash, that like button. Um, anyway, if you guys have any questions going off, I went off on a slag rent. Then I went off on a little habit rant. Um, now if you guys have any, I hope that helped though. If you guys have any questions that pertain to our Q and a, then you guys just start commenting the questions in the, in the comment area. And we’ll all start firing off some answers to any questions that you guys have. Remember that if you guys are new, there’s no silly or stupid question again, there’s no right or wrong question. Make sure you ask whatever you need clarification on here. Like utilize these Q and A’s utilize me showing up here with you guys on a weekly basis to get any questions you need clarification on answered that way.

You know, you have the expert, me, the expert coach helping you and what you need to be doing next. Right. So you’re not just assuming, okay, well, I need to be doing that or I should be doing this. Or maybe this is right. Like you have clarification here right now, um, on what you need. That’s why I do these Q and A’s right? Because there are so many when you’re starting a new journey, there’s, you’re, you’re in the habit loop of restrictiveness or other programs, or this person said that, right. And that got you to do certain habits now. Well, what I really, really, really, really good at is breaking bad habits. I’m really good at breaking belief systems that don’t serve you and your goals, right. Carbs are bad for you. Um, uh, low carb diets eat less than a thousand calories, right? Like I’m really good at being to say, no, that doesn’t work and you have to do this and you following through and doing it because why? Because I’m a, I’m a voice for you being like, Hey, it’s okay to do it. Like he says, do it, do it. So make sure you utilizing these Q and A’s, which I still have not gotten the question in the chat box area. So y’all is probably going to turn into like a rant session, but Courtney, not a question,

But I’m about a week away from joining blueprint and I cannot wait. Let’s go girl. Sorry for the, your name looks so freaking familiar.


You Benard. I do. I


I think I know you, but anyway, um, yes, that’s awesome. I cannot wait for you to bump up to the blueprint. That is honestly, that is like our hottest program right now. You guys, our hottest freaking program. Um, I there’s advocates that could speak to it. I could speak to it right now. There’s advocates that could speak to it in the group, but that’s awesome. I can not wait for you to join us up there.

That’s it. I graduated a year ahead of you fire Shannon. That’s awesome. Wow. What a small world. Uh, all right. Christie, how long would you recommend keeping the same macros? I read you shouldn’t stay at the same macros for too long. So yes, that’s correct. It depends out. So how have, have your macros worked for you up? Like, are they continuing to work? Like, are you still continuing to get results? If you are, then there’s no need to change them. Right. I’ve had, and it’s different for everybody, but I’ve had women that stay on the same macros for two months and they’re still consistently getting results. So if you are so consistently getting results and make sure you’re checking all data points, right? This is something I do inside of my blueprint program. They take photos, they take measurements, they measure their weight. Um, they do it all in Excel sheet and then they share it in the community.

So, you know, taking all that data, cause some people respond in weight and measurements, um, but not really in photos, but then people will respond to photos and not really in weight with and respond and measurement. So everyone’s completely freaking different. So, you know, I’ve had women sit in the same macros for so long because you’re consistently getting results in one of those data points. So that’s where I would say, yes, stay if you’re consistently getting results, but if not, and you’re staying at the same macros for too long and you’re not getting any more progress. Then that means it’s a ShoreTel. It’s a ShoreTel sign that your body has adjusted to that macro intake. And now is your job to, or me as your coach, if you’re in my other programs to that so that your body can respond more. Um, or if you’ve been at these macros for a really, really long period of time, then you can employ some, something that I shared in the rally call, which is something I do in the blueprint program, which is called a diet break.

Right? And for one whole week, you raise up your calories super, super high. Um, and then you stay there for an entire week and it works wonders. People drop weight, people maintain the weight. Um, there are so many different strategies. You guys, uh, there are so many different strategies. Um, but if you want, if you’re not in my blueprint program, this is something that I just completely covered. You don’t even have to worry about. Uh, but that’s the answer. My long-winded answer to, if you should say your macros or if you should, it for a long period of time. All right, Tara. Um, so as I do back in this group, I have ordered all their stuff. I’m ready to start blueprint all, be watching week two soon. Let’s go, babe. Tara was an alpha female Tara, as soon as you joined, I saw your name pop up in, uh, in my teams, uh, portal. And I’m like, I know that name. So I, I asked Robin who brought you into the program? I was like, did she mention anything about alpha female? And uh, she was like, yeah, she did. She was a part of it. And I was like, Oh my God. Well, that’s awesome. So incredible. I’m glad that you’re back. And I cannot wait to help you further inside the blueprint program. Uh, Cheryl was, um, Cheryl, Cheryl Guy, Cheryl was eating 435 grams of carbs. Mike drop 57 years old. Absolutely killing it. Um, Christie. Yes. You’re welcome babe.


Laurie, Hey, I just hopped on to, I’ve had a hard time making these calls recently. Laurie, what’s up babe? Happy that you are here. All right. Well, does anybody have any questions? I know that, you know, I absolutely love showing up here for you guys on these Q and A’s and I love spending the time with you, but the main reason why I’m here is to answer any questions that you guys have. Right? I’ve got off on the swagger rant. I’ve gone off on the habit ran,

But I’m waiting to answer some more questions.

Uh, Reyna, why I am gaining weight instead of lose my clothes are feeling tighter. I’m am I doing something wrong? Well, it really depends. Right. And uh, how long have you been in this program? How many weeks have you, are you being consistent? If you are not being consistent? Well, then there’s your number one answer. Um, you gotta be consistent staying in the same macros, putting in the same workouts, putting the same cardio. Um, and uh, if that’s the case and maybe some things maybe need to be it’s really, that’s such a, uh, my answer’s going to be very specific, but that is a really, I don’t have as much detail as I need to further answer that question. Daddy just got here, what’s up. And plus your body takes time to adjust. So if you’re just getting into my program, like your body could take three weeks to adjust to what I’m trying to have you do. Um, Jenny just got here. What’s up, Nicole, you sent a question above.

I have no question from you, Nicole.

Um, Michelle, a question about supplements. Do you take BC AAS and Interplast I do not take BCAs. I have some, I was like, Oh, what the hell? I’m just going to order some from coalition. And I barely have, I barely use them, um, into blasts. I do use, so I use angioplast for every single one of my workouts. Um, and I love it. I only do like a half of a scoop because it’s so freaking sweets. Um, but it’s got a lot of really good, uh, pieces of supplements inside that intro, blast

Vicky. I’m watching you with my hubby. He wants to know your thoughts on carb cycling what’s up Vicki’s husband. Um, my whole philosophy on carb cycling is I don’t do it. I really firmly believe in the same exact macronutrients on a daily basis so that your body recognizes what you’re doing. And it works with you instead of against you with carb cycling, you’re coming down and calories are coming up in calories. You’re coming down in calories, coming up in calories, which that for a lot of people and older women, it could be too much. Like I call it like, you’re doing Mars code with your body. So it’s doing too much. And your body doesn’t recognize what you’re trying to do now to say that I’m totally against it is, is wrong. Um, and I have changed my views over the years of being an industry.

It can work for some people, okay. But like I preach, like I promote and everything, and this will never change is that everybody’s body is completely different. So what works for Vicky may not work for Michelle. Right? And I say this to my blueprint group, you know, when I’m on those Q and A’s, I’m like, Hey guys, what you’re hearing me talk to Jenny about is not what used to be implementing. And it’s not what I’m going to be talking to Valerie about. Okay? So like everybody is completely different and there may be strategies that your body will respond to better than following the same macros every single day. Right now, when, what I’ve seen with carb cycling is it’s a very minimal group that I am able to get people’s bodies to respond with that. No problem with just hitting the same consistent numbers on a daily basis and adjusting with how your body adjusts to it.

All right.

Nice. Awesome. What flavor did you get? Michelle? All right, Nicole, there we go. I’m new and love this group. I’ve been really good at my macros and meal planning the last two weeks or so, but the blue is real with this. Shane’s trying to get used to all the protein I’m coming from Quito. So babe, just take it, take it day by day. Your body is kind of in shock from what you were doing to now, what you are doing and it’s okay that you’re experiencing this change. Your body will eventually adapt. It may take some time. A lot of women can talk to this and preach to this. Right. I remember like a year ago when everybody was commenting was like, Oh my God, I’m like two weeks in and I’m not hungry. I’m not, I have no, like, I feel like a bloated and then four weeks in they’re like, can I have more food?

So your body takes time to adjust, especially for coming off of something like keto. So just to give it more time, Jenny, on several days I work out early doing build workouts and a couple of days a week I teach a circuit training class or before feminines full body weight training. Do I up my carbs with 25 grams on those days? Um, well, if the circuit training is like a cardio kind of base class and no, I wouldn’t, uh, no I, at the end of the day, no I wouldn’t because it’s only 30 to 40 to 45 minutes. Vicky. You’re welcome the flavor you recommended. I dunno what I recommended. I think I have strawberry lemon balm or something like that. That one’s really good. Or dragon fruit. I think I just ordered a dragon fruit. A lot of them are great. Any flavor from, uh, from neutral bio and inter blast was great. Again, they are sweet though. Some, for some reason I’m not getting a lot of your guys’ questions.

Um, but I see him. I don’t think you answered this question above single arms are so hard. It is. Is it normal? The, I didn’t see this, um, above something must be wonky with Facebook right now because I didn’t get, um, Nicole’s question anyway. Anyway, I do see a single arms are so hard as a norm, more than I need to, uh, use less weight for single arms versus both arms. Yeah, a hundred percent. I mean, think about it. Think about the, the philosophy, the science behind that. I mean, you’re using two arms to pull weight, right? So you have the force of two arms. Whereas when you’re doing single arm, anything, you only have the force of one arm. Uh, so typically it’s completely different. Um, so it’s totally fine to use less weight for single arm movements. Christy. I bumped my macros from 1500 prior to joining to 1800 to 2300. The bloat is real, but it does get better. nice girl working your way up. And those numbers that’s fire. Orange mango is great. I don’t think I’ve tried that one. Grape is good too. Yeah. Ooh. Grape is good. Like Kool-Aid nice. I haven’t tried the grape one yet or skeptical on that one, but any of those ones are, like I said, they’re fire.

All right. You guys, any more questions we picked up there and that in the, we picked up their full show,

Oh, here’s a water bottle.

Hats off because I’ve had ed used many hats off to me and my team because I’ve used many, many, many blender bottles and this one is high freakin quality. It doesn’t drip. When you’re trying to sit out of it, it doesn’t like spill and you don’t, you won’t lose a ball because it’s attached to the circular, the middle middle guy in there. It’s attached to it. I’m stoked. Like I said, I’ve used multiple, multiple wonder bottles, the lost the balls all the freaking time. Um, and for my blender bottles out there, I literally have to suck out of the cap before I take a sip or I’m guaranteed to have the cap dripped down my shirt. But not with that one.

I love the swag. How do you order? Yes. Here you go, guys. I’ll get you all. I should have put it that, um, link in the description above, but I will post a cure for you. There’s a swag link. I went through the swag at the beginning. Um, I should’ve posted like them, but you know, there’s this waggling guys it’s coming. I’m so stoked again for you guys that didn’t see at the beginning of this, there it is. There it is. Here’s that the hood is how do you use these as a hoodies tanks? T-shirts and the farther one crops in the middle of one, how to pick up our final item because there was a little hiccup with COVID and everything like that. So finally picked up the remaining of the pieces today. We’ve got the mailers on the way we’ve got the printer here. We’re going to make a portion of this area, a fulfillment center, and we’re going to start firing away, getting all these orders to you guys. And I cannot wait. Okay. Uh, I, some days I only have an hour to work out what I should prioritize weights or cardio. I am trying to tone and lose fats. Um, well I would, I would still get both in I’m always like, how can I get both? I love it. Um, so I still get both in, but what I wouldn’t do recommend for you is drop your sets from four to three and try to make it three sets. Um, and then make sure you can get at least like 20 minutes of cardio in,

Um, Jenny, when you are cutting Ken, you do little workouts or no. Um, no, I wouldn’t recommend that because you have more with the, with the burn workouts, it’s higher intensity, there’s more endurance. Um, so that’s going to help with the whole toning and shaping process with the build. You just, the build is like strength and it’s like volume and like pulling as much as you can into every single one of those lifts. Um, whereas, so you’re not going to have as much energy to do that because you’re not eating as much to sustain those kinds of workouts. So, no, that’s my answer.

Both associate to get mine in looks like we’ll be Sunni. Yes. We were like, right on schedule. We promise you guys like four to six weeks, there was a hiccup, which I, we were like, no, you have to do this. It was honestly, this is like a whole nother beast. Okay. You guys have been a part of like this entire journey running a businesses is a lot, but this is like a whole nother beast, which I’m really freaking excited about to learn this whole thing. But, um, that’s going to, so we’ll be firing away from them in a couple of days, which should only take only three days max, to be getting to you guys with our shipping. Um, which is super exciting. Cause like within the next like week and a half, everybody’s going to have their swags.

Any other questions? You guys?

Oh, I got so much love from that. Thank you. I’m like watching myself, like watching it catch up. It’s like a delayed reaction. All right. Anyway, you guys, I am not going to get getting any more questions from you guys. So I’m going to shut down our Q one day right now. It was awesome. Hanging out with everybody. I love spending the time with you guys. Um, love coming here and showing up for you guys so

Well, this is sometimes

Never. I always, this always happened sometimes there, when there are five in our workout, time could be an issue in order to get it all in. I wasn’t sure if I should do three sets of 15 and four sets of 12, I would do three sets of 15. Absolutely NIU when caps will be added to this way.


You guys know I’m terrible with secrets. So we’ll definitely have be having another round of swag coming in for sure. Um, this is definitely like the baby trying to figure out all of this, which is a lot of fun. And it’s been what a process, like I shared with you guys, when we made the launch, it was like a process that we were starting a year ago and then it got sidetracked. And then I got focused on again and then COVID hit and we had a little bit of a hiccup, but it’s here and it’s super exciting. And now we’re just learning along the way. Um, but there will be an next round. So, all right, you guys, I’m going to tune out from our Q and day. I absolutely love it. You guys keep putting in the work. Remember what I said about the habits at the beginning of this Q and a, if you didn’t listen to it, it would turn tuned in late, go back and listen to what I said about habits.

Okay. It’s, it’s a game changer, right? If, if all this we’re all habit, we are habit loops. We are constantly in habit loops. Okay. So, um, remember that in order to break that habit loop, you have to create new habits and that’s what I’m giving you and helping you with and like providing you on the mindset side of things. Um, the food side of things, you know, the work outside things, right? So like, um, you’ve gotta, you’ve gotta be open and willing to change your habits in order to create the success you want. So remember that. Okay. I love you guys. Keep up the good work and I will catch you guys on our, on the rally call Sunday 6:00 PM. Eastern standard time. Be there. See you there. Bite.


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