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What’s up babes. Hey, everybody. Nikkiey here and welcome to our WarriorBabe Wednesday, live Q&A time together. I am so excited to be here with you guys and spend this next 30, 45 minutes, maybe an hour. We’ll see how long we rock and roll here together. Um, and going through a Q and a spending some time, making sure you guys have some clarification on whatever it is you need moving forward. All right. So as you guys are commenting, as you guys are joining in comment and say, Hey, what’s up, leave me the wave emoji or whatever you want to do. Just comment so that I can see who’s here and who’s tuning in. Plus you guys know the drill is more as you guys comment, okay? The visibility will rise because the rest of the group and the community will see that we’re live and they’ll see the comments and it brings the video to the top of the group so that anybody who’s new and has never joined into one of our live Q and A’s before can just tap on it and see it and join it and see that, Hey, we’re here hanging out right now, doing a live Q and a.

Okay. So as you guys are joining in comments to, Hey, what’s up. If you guys are tuning in at a later date or time after this live Q and a is done, then just do the hashtag replay and just keep all of your questions that pertain to this live Q and a here in this thread so that Kate can come back after this is done, and she can answer any questions that were left behind. All right. So there’s no stone unturned here. Make sure that everybody’s questions gets answered and you all know all of the questions that you need. All the answers that you need forward, you have clarification. All right. So what’s up everybody? What’s up Heather? What’s up? Carla. What’s up Beth? What’s up Courtney. Hey guys. Good evening. What’s up. I’m excited to hang out with you guys here. So we’ll get started in just a few seconds.

So if you guys have like any questions that you have right off the bat that I’m on top of your mind, you guys have started commenting our questions below this video. And then that way we can just dive right into the Q and a, um, in just a couple of minutes. Okay. But before we do you guys, I want to give a huge welcome to all of our new babes who joined us this past week. I am so stoked for all of you, new guys who are a part of our, our community, our community, you know, hands down is so supportive. So motivating, so inspiring. And it’s really cool to see, you know, the new blood coming in and posting what you want to accomplish, why you’re here, your goals, and then seeing the veterans. And I’ve been a part of this and be like, Oh my God.

So excited. You guys are here and just like uplifting each other. It’s really cool. And the plus the new blood, new babies that come in, you guys get the veterans motivated and you keep them motivated. All right. So it’s really cool to see how our community comes together. So I wanted to give a huge welcome to all the new babes, you know, strongest where the new strong is the new sexy, and you guys are a part of a community of thousands of women who are getting toned and becoming a stronger, more confident version of themselves. So welcome to everybody what’s up duty. Um, welcome to all the new babes. If you guys are a new, remember watch the blastoff email sequence, okay, you’re going to hear me say this over and over and over and over again, but it’s

Truly an amazing

Aspect of what you’re getting apart. Being a part of is the first 14 days. I’m sending you an email, um, each day, which is one video, one task to complete. That’s going to set you up for long-term success here. Okay. Don’t ignore them because you’re gonna, that’s going to help you lay down the foundations here, inside the program, going to help you get your goals, set your Y set, you know, let your motivation up, light the fire under up, um, and you know, make a committed decision to follow through for yourself because it’s on you, right? You have the tools, you have the resources, this is a program that has helped thousands of women. And now you’re in the driver’s seat. You have to implement, right? You can’t just think that your goals are going to happen and then not take any action or the right action. Um, towards it. You got to put in the work, you got to take the action. You got to take that step. All right, I’m helping you for the first 14 days. Get in your alignment on what you want to accomplish

And then going into taking the action. All right.

So those first four, first 14 days of blast out email sequence is so, so, so important. You guys, all right.

Now, if you guys have,

And let’s dive into the questions, all right, so you guys have any questions, leave me some questions. I want to be able to show up here for you guys and make it help with any clarification that you guys need moving forward. Right? Never assume that you guys know the answer on what you should be doing. There’s no silly or stupid question. There’s no right or wrong question. Okay. Never assume ask

Questions AKA

Right now, while we’re all in this Q and a, so that you have the right clarification on what you need to be doing or making sure that you are doing the right thing. All right. Utilizing these Q and A’s, it’s so freaky valuable, right? Because I’m going to say this. If you’re new, take the time to go through the course content, take the time to look at everything, to, you know, say your foundations. Like I say, inside the application, go through all of the videos I’m sharing with you. The step-by-step process, I’m getting this whole foundation set up for yourself.

Okay. And then if your questions can

The answer inside the app, there’s an entire FAQ

Sections that my team has like rebuilt

So that you can just type in the search engine, something about, you know, rest day macros or, um, structuring your day. And that will give you a whole entire article around the question. The answer that you’re seeking to the question that you have. So you have the app, you have FAQ’s, then you have this Q and a on a weekly basis. I’m here every single Wednesday at 6:00 PM. Eastern standard time. You get to ask me directly any questions that you have, and you need clarification on that’s a huge win. And if, um, if you can’t show up to the live, then you can still post your question. And then a cake can ask, or he can answer anything that you have left behind. All right. And then if you’re, if you don’t use any of those resources, then use a Facebook group. Okay. But never go, assuming that you have the answer to your question, because then you can create this whole story in your head.

You can create what you think is the right move. And then find out three months later, it wasn’t the right thing. And then you’re spinning your wheels, trying to get the right thing moving forward. Okay. So make sure you ask questions, never be afraid to ask questions. Never assume never, ever, ever, ever assume that you know the answer. Okay. Ask questions for clarification. All right. Let’s dive into this Q and a, you guys have any questions, please start leaving them so that, um, I can answer any questions and kick off this live Q and a right now. All right. Sean would really, would really appreciate your thoughts and advice. I read this week, women who use birth control pills, having more difficult time, building muscle mass than those who do not. Is this true about one and a half years ago? My OB GYN put me, whoops, put me on a lot lower dose birth control to regulate my periods and helped me through menopause.

I’ve been doing a program for over two years. I definitely see muscle definition, but I often wonder why is from progressing so slow. Now I’m wondering if it could be the birth control. What are your thoughts on this? So I talk about this in my blueprint program, actually, I’m in the hormonal week, I think that’s like week sex, week six, and while birth control, it’s used differently across, um, all women, you know, to manage different things. Um, and depending on what everyone you go on, you can see and have a difficult time losing weight. That’s why, I mean, I personally, again, I’m not a doctor, I’m not your OB GYN. So remember that, but I’m using my personal opinion on this matter. I don’t take it. I don’t recommend it because it’s artificial, unless you have a reason to be taking it, right. This is my personal opinion again.

But unless you have a reason to be taking it, like you have to manage something or you just want to regulate, you just, you have to manage something. Right. So my personal opinion is I don’t recommend it. I don’t want people to take it because it can mess up a lot of hormones. Right? If you’re, if you’re just taking it because really don’t have to regulate anything. Well, you’re adding artificial hormones in, um, to your whole system. So that can make certain levels, rise, certain levels fall. That’s why I don’t recommend it because it can play a factor in results. Yes. Now, in terms of what you’re specifically asking building muscle, I don’t know how much I believe that. Um, to be honest, I really don’t have too much research or understanding on that affecting muscle mass, because if you’re eating enough of the right types of food and you’re in a surplus, um, and you’re doing the right types of workouts, you know, as you age, it’s going to get harder for you to put on some muscle.

Okay. Just that’s just point blank. And, uh, the honest truth, it doesn’t mean that you cannot, but it will take time. Um, and it depends on the body type. It depends on so many factors right now to, I don’t know if it has too much of an effect on building muscle, but to me, my truth what’s rooted in me is like, I don’t know if you, if you eat enough and you train the right way and your inner surplus and your mat, you’re doing the best that you possibly can in your workouts. There should be no reason why you cannot build muscle. Unless like, unless you’ve got other things medical wise that need to be drawn to the table, then it doesn’t sound like you do. So I don’t know. That’s my personal opinion on it. I’m not OB GYN. Yes. I have my nursing background. Yes. I have an understanding of this, but I don’t, if you’re eating enough, moral of that story is if you’re eating enough food, enough of the right types of food and you’re in a surplus and you’re doing the right types of workouts,

You should be able to build muscle.

What’s up, Laura? What’s up? Michelle. Michelle, can we get with you on the blueprint Q and day, Carla, I’m new to the group. I started strength training. Do I need to do cardio every day? I have asthma. Is it okay for me to walk every day, instead of hit also, what are kids? What are case workouts that are posted meant to be? I have watched all the videos and have combed through all the information.

It is invaluable. Got it, babe. Okay. So the answer to your cardio question, maybe you missed it while you were reviewing all of the information, but the, the answer to your cardio question is inside of, um, the weekly schedule. If you tap on the weekly schedule, you can see how many days you’re supposed to be doing cardio. You do not do it every day. Okay. You don’t, you don’t do it five days a week. You don’t do it six days a week. You don’t do seven days a week. Okay. Recommend just starting out at three dates and no, you do not have to do hit. You can choose to do steady state cardio, which steady state cardio is a lower intensity cardio, right? So you’re just doing a brisk walk. You’re doing a walk on an incline and treadmill, right? So it’s less stress in your body in regards to hit, which has a lot more stress.

Um, I would recommend probably listening to, to just better your mind around cardio and to help your mind around cardio, if you’re somebody who it every single day, anyone in general, not specifically you Carla, but the past rally calls where I’ve talked about, um, the difference between low impact, low steady state cardio and high intensity cardio. There’s a massive difference why I recommend one over the other is really, really important for you guys to understand, especially if you’re older or even just in general. So that’s the past rally call you guys can listen to. Um, but no, nobody, nobody, you guys, nobody should be doing cardio every single day, unless you’re a competitor and you’re getting ready for stage and you have to do that kind of work. Nobody Mark. My words, you are doing yourself a disservice. If you are doing cardio every single day, if your ultimate goal is to build muscle and get toned, which getting toned is building more muscle then, and you’re doing cardio every day.

You are doing yourself a disservice, okay? If that makes sense to you, if you understand what I’m saying right now, please smash the like button. So I understand that it is getting across to you guys. We are not cardio bunnies, okay. Nobody who is a warrior, babe is a cardio bunny, unless you are somebody who is like a triathlete is, uh, running marathons, right. Then that calls for different measures and different trainings. And that’s why I would recommend moving up to my higher program so I can, so it can be more hands-on with the type of training that you’re doing. Good. The light button is being smashed right now. Be useful. Um, continue to smash it. You guys okay. Because I need you guys hear that loud and clear do not do cardio every single day. It isn’t a major disservice. All right. So Carla, but welcome, babe.

I’m super stoked that you’re here and I hope that that information, Oh, Kate’s workout. So the weekly workouts that she’s posting up into the top of the group that she makes it’s just to keep our community engaged, right. Because of COVID we started that. We started that a couple of weeks, months ago, and COVID first hit just to be giving you guys more like at home based workouts that you can do. Um, and you can, uh, still, you know, have a challenging workout while at home. So that’s why we started doing those workouts for the week. Um, you don’t have to do them, but they’re there to just add in a little bit more, uh, while you guys are, if you were still at home, your gyms are not open liquid lucky and Lily button. Did you pop the 21? Viewers? Let’s go. You guys, all right, Laura, I could not lose an inch on birth control plus the brain fog and emotions. Yeah. You guys like, again, like


My personal opinion on what I’m saying around that. It’s just things that I’ve learned. Things that I understand. I don’t understand it fully. Um, but what I do understand is that it can cause a lot of different levels of hormones. And once that happens, I mean, you guys gotta understand we’re women. And when we have hormones, like men is another story. When we have hormones in play, there’s so many different factors that you have to take into play when it comes to understanding your macros and the workouts that you should be doing and all that kind of stuff. And I do go deeper into that and my blueprint program. And then VIP is just way more hands-on. Um, but you gotta keep that in mind. So like birth control can be, unless it’s something you have to be on, you have to be on it. If not, I don’t recommend it because there’s just, there’s so many, I don’t want everybody running and getting off of birth control, but like again, just ask your doctors, you know, clarify with them.

That’s what

I, that’s what I can say. That’s the most important thing. What’s up Eliza. What’s up Valerie. Sean. Okay. That makes me feel so much better, Nikki. Thank you so much, by the way. I love the color razor of backtalk. Thank you. Thank you. You guys is actually blue live.


Yes. You’re welcome, Sean. You know, again, it’s my personal opinion. So I want to, I obviously, I’m always honest with you guys, but you just talk it over with doctors, you know, that’s why I have to say that, um, save my own, but you know, I, I don’t think,

I don’t think birth control is, is it is important.

I got to keep my, my subconscious mind is like Nikki say it unless they’re dealing with something. Right. So, um, but then that’s such a hard lesson to learn. Oh, I’m sure that has to do with the cardio aspect. Maybe.


Eliza. Yeah. I had to get off birth control because of the mood swings and wanting to get all the time. Yeah. Yeah. It’s crazy. It’s artificial hormones, artificial hormones, because maybe you need it because other hormones are lacking what they should be doing. Um, that’s why it’s recommended. Right. But if you are healthy, if you are, you know, uh, again, fury gone, gone down the ramp birth control, but if you’re healthy, you don’t mean to be taking it. Yes. I can understand if you want to be popping out babies, but Teddy, no. Download an app, right. Be aware of when your monthly cycle is when you’re ovulating be smart. Okay. There’s other ways and pumping I’m so I’m sure you’re better into no, this then with this new I am so holistically sound and we’ll do anything holistic before pumping in meds and running to the ER, like this is coming from a nurse.

Like I was a nurse before I stopped and became worried and full time. So please understand that you guys like I will do anything holistically before you’re giving me medications. I mean, if we’re going to try and do natural childbirth, but anyway, all right, Martha Love your program, Nikki. You are a queen. Thank you, babe. Thank you. It’s all because of you guys. I wake up and I do this every day, making this better, making it more Bulletproof, making it more valuable to you guys. Like you are the reason why I do this. So I appreciate you. You all rock. Thank you for putting in the work. Thank you for doing it. Thank you for listening, right? You guys are the ones that listen and just apply. You are the ones that get so much further than the ones that second guessed. And like I say, this is going to be on our shirts, our logos, our t-shirts, whatever.

Trust me now. Believe me later trust we now. Cause that’s the biggest and most important thing that anybody who’s new, just listening to me. It’s the first time maybe you’re listening to me on my YouTube channel, whatever, if you’re new and you’re just coming into one of my programs, trust me now, believe me in a year. And I say year, because that is realistic. It’s not sexy for me to say, that sounds sexy for the fitness industry to say that, but it’s realistic for the goals that you guys have in mind for yourself, for decreasing faculty. The fact that didn’t get on there overnight, it didn’t get there in three months. It gets a compound effect over time, right? So if you have a compound effect over time in the right direction with eating enough of the right types of foods and working out consistently and doing your cardio that you’re, you’re supposed to do, that will compound and that you can trust. You can believe me in here.

Eliza, I took progress pics again today and got so excited and pumped. I’m loving this program next week will be three months. Yes, let’s go. You guys. I love, I love, love, love, literally like my energy level by just reading your guys’ success stories goes like this. It goes like this. Okay. Especially for the revolution group. Like so many people think that they have to join the blueprint. They had to join the VIP. But you guys in the revolution group, you guys just have the app, the workouts macros, like I’m not hands on with you. So that’s even more hats off to you. Babes were doing the work and getting the volts like fire, fire, fire, fire, and everybody who thinks they have to join. The other one. You don’t, you can be the revolution. You can generate amazing results. I mean, look at Emily Nelson, right?

She did the interview when she shared her pictures. I’m sure share pictures. I know she has it’s down in our thread somewhere. Um, but that’s just a revolution. You all, can you listen to me? It’s not the programs. It’s not the, um, you know, the workouts. It’s not the, it’s just, those are important tools. It comes down to you implementing the work, you doing the work, you getting out of your own way. You’re getting out of the way of your own excuses and being real with yourself and a prioritizing your time. And what you think is important and

Planning and doing the work.

That’s what it comes down to and believing in yourself, believing in yourself, Michelle, almost eight months in and can’t wait for one year. Literally your lifestyle works.

You guys are gonna

Make me like, like I just run around right now. I’ve literally been sitting at the computer all freaking day. And by just coming on this Q and day with you guys, I feel like I want to go run a marathon. Like I love you guys. I love it. You guys are amazing. That just gets me so stoked. I’m so proud of you guys. You just put in the work. That’s what you’re doing. You’re putting in the work and everybody’s had success stories. Like we make a good team too as well, almost eight months in and can’t wait for one year. Literally your lifestyle works. Yes guys. And let me just tell you, right, because I’m here. Right? And I, um, this is me reaching back and like, come on guys, come on, come on, follow me, come on. Right. That’s me. I’m here. I got the answers.

I’ve got the results. I’ve done the work. I’m giving you guys exactly what I do. Exactly what I’ve done. Okay. And y’all are putting in the work, but I can tell you here, once you get here, once you establish the habits, you learned the skills, it and you just do it and do it and do it and do it and do it until the job gets done. My team wonder that and you do it and you do it and you do it over and over and over and over again. And it just becomes a subconscious habit. It becomes just like driving a car. It becomes just like riding a bike. It becomes just like going swimming. You become so natural and so easy. I don’t have to think about it. Okay. But everybody who’s just joining and just learning this. You have to learn it. You have to develop this skill. It’s not going to just do it itself. Okay. Car is not going to drive itself. Not yet at least. Right. You have to learn how to do it.

All right, Gary,

It works. It’s worked for thousands of women.

Come on, come on. Let’s go.

All right. I love you guys. I’m going to end on that note since I’m not getting any more questions and you guys all rock, keep up the good work and just keep doing it, keep doing it over and over and over and, and over and over again until it becomes so-called have like riding a bike, like driving a car, like going swimming over and over and over and over again. So you don’t have to think about it. And you guys again too, I’m not going to end it. Now I’m on a rant. I’m like buy me because I’ve been doing it for so long. I was able to go to my parent’s house last night. And they were like, Oh, Nikki, stay for dinner. And I was like, Oh. My macro is starting to work out. Say, ah, it. I’ll just swipe out.

You know, my egg whites and swipe out what I was going to eat and fit in a meal with them. And I did it and I still actually had to eat more when I came home. So like, you guys will learn to do that, but you have to do these small things first and do it over and over and over again. And so you become a macro genius and it becomes a second nature. You’re doing your logs in three minutes. You’re out to dinner with your friends. Oh. Don’t have what you thought they were going to have swipe out, put in something new. You guys got it. I believe in all of you,

Carla. Yes, it is okay to decrease number of meals, like at least get in five. Okay. Get in five meals. That’s including your pre and post workout. Um, but as long as you hit your macros, just watch your distribution. I’m just saying that I’m going to overwhelm you guys with distributions important because you don’t have cravings throughout the day. So just make sure you got enough protein. Each one of your meals. All right, Laura, you got girl. I’m glad they do. I’m glad my rants teach you guys something. All right. You all rack? I’m a to now keep up the good work, keep putting in the work and just keep doing it. Just keep doing it and doing it and doing it. All right. I’ll catch you guys on Sunday for a rally call be there because he’s radical. Hasn’t been Whitley recently. They have been on fire. Yeah. Okay. You missed the past one. Listen to you. It’s about social opinion and I was going, I was going, I right, everybody. I love you all. Keep up the good work and I’ll see you guys on Sunday. Bye everyone.


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