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What’s up WarriorBabes. Hey everybody, Nikkiey here and welcome to our WarriorBabe Live Q&A time together. I am super excited to be here with you guys. I love coming to the community on Wednesdays and Sundays with our Valley calls and just hanging out with you guys, answering your questions, giving you guys clarification, and whenever you guys need. So I’m super, super, super stoked to be here with you guys right now. So as you guys are commenting or as you guys are joining into this Q and a, um, comment and say, what’s up, let me know that you’re here and you guys know the Juul. The more that you guys comment and you guys do say, Hey, what’s up the more that this, uh, there’s comments push our, our video, our live stream right now to the top of our Facebook community so that all of the other beams can join in and they can watch this live right now.

So if like somebody who’s new and has never joined into a live Q and a before, they’ll see you guys joining into this right now and, um, commenting and it’ll give more engagement. So it’ll keep our video to the top of the Facebook group. Okay. What’s up Jody? Hello. Yes. As you guys are joining in comment and say, what’s up, um, if you guys are tuning in at a later date or time after this has, after this live has been completed, then I just keep all your questions that pertain to this live Q and a here in the comment thread. So that Kate, our amazing community leader can come back in and answer any questions that were left behind. Alright, so we’ll get started in just a few minutes. So if you guys do have any questions, which I see Jody, I’m ready with questions for you.

If you guys do have any questions, you guys can start firing away with those questions and we’ll kick off this live Q and a in just a few seconds, cause there’s a little lag time between, you know, zoom and Facebook. So, um, you got some comments away and we’ll kick off the live Q and a and just a bit, um, before we do, I want to give a huge, huge, welcome. Our community keeps growing on a weekly basis and the revolution and the blueprint and in the VIP. Um, so I wanted to give a huge welcome to all the new babes who joined us. In this past week. You guys are a part of a community of thousands of women who are getting toned and becoming stronger, more confident versions of themselves. So I’m excited that you guys are here in a part of our community warrior baby is where strong is the new sexy.

You guys should all be getting your swag who was ordered this week. Um, so I am stoked. I, I love I’ve seen a few. It seems like you guys, uh, the swag has showed up to a few local locations. I know when we were packaging it, it was like one day, two day, three day, uh, depending on where you guys live. So you guys should be receiving it all within the next couple of days and posts in the community. I would love love to be able to see you guys in your swag, sharing the arrivals of your shipments. Um, love that. I’ve seen a few pop-up in, in the blueprint and the revolution. So keep sharing as your swag, your eyes. All right. Um, you guys are new before we dive into this Q and a, you guys are new. I think Jody’s the only one here joining into our human day right now.

Um, you guys are joining in, let me know that you’re here. Let me know who’s showing up today. Um, if you guys are new, I need you guys to know and listen up. Please take the time to go through the warrior Bay blast off emails that are coming to you on a daily basis view the email that you signed up with. So those emails are so freaking important because they are going to help you with just one task to complete, uh, per day. That was we’ll help you get set up on your journey here as a warrior, maybe help you transition into this lifestyle. Everything I’m preaching, everything that I’m teaching, uh, will help you inside of those modules. Okay? What’s up? Here we go. Now the crew’s showing up. What’s up? You guys, Kimberly, Jenny, another Jenny Christie. What’s uh, Laura. Kate Kate’s here.

Rob, baby. What’s up big. Hey guys. Super excited to be here with you guys. Now you guys are showing up. Beautiful. Awesome. Welcome to the Q and a. I’m stoked that everybody’s here and I’m excited to hang out with you guys right now. Um, if you guys are new, remember, like I said, the Boyer B blast offs are going to help you guys transition into this lifestyle and help you start to learn my language. Start to understand what I teach when I preach and they want somebody who’s just joined us. Um, they will, um, help you guys transition to the lifestyle. Like I say, so it’s one video for the first 14 days in your email inbox. Don’t ignore it. Okay. Cause I guarantee you, if you’re somebody who goes through it after the forest for the first 14 days, you will be super excited about your journey.

You’ll still have the same motivation that you have when you first joined the same excitement that you first joined. If you go through the last off videos. Okay? So they’re going to help you on your journey here. What’s up Yana. Thanks Madeline. Yes. Like I said, you guys should all be receiving your swag this week, which I’m super excited to please share that inside of the communities. I absolutely love seeing that you guys are getting all of your swag. Um, alright. So before Jody’s comment gets too far down from everybody and said, Hey, what’s up. I’m going to start firing off una, if you guys have any questions for me. Yeah. Now is a time there’s no silly or stupid question. There’s right or wrong question. I’m here to provide any clarity that you guys need a four year journey moving forward. Okay.

So there’s no silly or stupid question. Please ask anything that you need clarification on. And I’m happy to answer anything here. So you guys have any questions. Now’s the time to start firing it away in the comment box there. Um, Jody says I only have one hour to work out daily with my workout schedule. I can work out six days per week to cut it down to an hour. I was thinking of following the four day split with core circuits and hit on the non lifting days. Would this work or do you have other suggestions? Um, if you’re going to drop it down to four days, I would even drop it down to possibly five days. And if you dropped down to three sets of everything, um, that’ll give you a significant amount of time to be able to get through the entire workout within an hour.

Um, and then you can do like your core, uh, every other day and every other day that you don’t do core, you can do your cardio. So, uh, but if your cardio doesn’t fit in on your lifting days, then you can still drop it to five. And on one of your shorter lifting days, you could, um, add in the cardio session there. And then the other days that you don’t lift, you could do cardio on those days too, as well. That would lead up to seven. So maybe the four day would not talking about it out loud. Maybe the four day split would be beneficial for you. And we do a four day workout split. You can do cardio the two other days in any day. That’s shorter. If you’re going to reduce it to three sets, you can fit in cardio on that one day too as well. So yeah, Jodi, the Fort, the four days sounds better for you. Um, and then doing cardio slash core on the non-workout days and any workout that is, uh, less in time, then you can fit in the cardio on the third day.


Debbie, that’s the one I’ve got. I can’t wait. Yes. Yeah. I just ordered mine. Yes. Beautiful Austin. You guys, I can’t wait for you guys to all receive it. Our community is going to be pop it. You guys were Pablo when the email blast. I can’t imagine what, like the blueprint already has a few people that received theirs. Like I was saying earlier, you know, we’re packaging it all up. It was one day a priority two day priority, three day priority. So it depends on where you guys live. But, um, anyway, I’d probably, that’s closer to me is getting it within the one day and then anybody that’s on the West coast probably gonna take, take the three-day, but I can’t wait for you guys to receive it. Please, please, please, please share it in the community. Laura, how do you get your squat so low without falling over?

Oh yeah, this is really good. And Madeline and I actually filmed a, uh, a form video for you guys, which we’ll be on YouTube in a couple of weeks. We did like the forum for squat, for dead lift and for bench press and the common things that we see wrong, which it sounds like you may be doing that by the way that you just said by falling over is a lot of women. Um, this is gonna be really hard cause I have no space. I’m literally up against a wall right here, but a lot of women and my desk is like in the way. So a lot of women squat by, yeah, this isn’t gonna work. Maybe

If I come around. Okay. So

A lot of women do a squat, like, like bending, they’re bending at the chest and then squatting down when you are, people are literally bending over. Instead of like the way to envision this, you guys is your upper body stays completely on top of your lower body. So when you have on the barbell, it’s not this it’s this. Okay. So your booty sticks out and you’re all bodies right on top of your lower body. Okay. Hey, another thing is too is you want your knees behind your toes as a common thing. You want your knees behind your toes. So a lot of this can cause you to want to fall forward, see that, but if you have your knees behind your toes, you’re going to be able to calm down in a proper squat and then push up through your heels. So you don’t want to do the chest. That’s the common thing to chest dip and then the knees over toes. That’s, what’s going to make you want to fall forward. You want your upper body to be completely on top of your lower body and calm down in the squat. I just did like yesterday, this is killing me and come back up. Okay. So there’s a little, there’s a little squat tutorial for you guys.



In cakes, uh, what muscles are supposed to work? Dolphin kicks is supposed to work your booty. If I’m thinking of the right exercise, Guys, give me some love on that squat. I see a lot of hearts firing up. Give me some level on that. I just zoom is so behind. Like I literally just watched myself through that. That’s hilarious. Um, but yeah, that we should be putting that video that we did, uh, should be dropping in, um, a couple of weeks or proper form. Cause guys form can make all of the difference can make all of the, if your form is completely off, like That’s hilarious. Thanks guys. Yep. Chest it. Thank you. Yup. No chest. If you guys no chest it. Keep your upper body on top of your lower body knees behind the toes, which is very, very universal, um, for understanding that, but the chest dip is what causes you on go forward into the ground.

Okay. That’s

The question, Jennifer. Hi, in a cut. I was eating 1500 calories on my bill that I started in September. I worked up to maintenance 2000 calories. How do you know when to stop, step up the calories, even more, I’m having a hard time eating just the 2000 calories. Then I wouldn’t even bother stepping it up. Make, make that work for you. Hit hit your 2000 calories, make it work. Um, a way for you to know to increase is if your measurements are not moving, if your weight is not moving. Um, and if you, if you’re having hunger cues, that would be a good thing to be able to increase your calories upwards. Jodie, I can get the cardio core on three, nine lifting days for sure.


Core hit three days and lift 14

Does that

I do hit in court. Only not lifting should have pre and post-workout meal. Same as lifting days. Um,


You can still get away with having a pre-workout with just do some chords and cardio and the post-workout afterwards you might benefit. I wouldn’t really do a shake though that you can still have a pre-workout meal and make it like a fast acting carbohydrate or complex carbohydrate. But I wouldn’t, you could probably use


Mashiach. Right? So like I wouldn’t do a shake on that day. I would probably just stick it to whole foods.

Good. I’m glad that helps. Yeah.

Ashley form is everything.

All right.

Hi, I’ve asked you a three Titus in my wrists and can’t do pushups. What’s a good substitute for pushups for those who can’t do them. When they’re programmed to go up against a wall here, we’re going to turn this into a, into a two, um, exercise Q and a, where you can go up against the wall, come up on the slate. And if you bear quality, you guys ever noticed me how bear claw, my pushups. I blipped bear claw because it helps me in my wrist because I was in a car accident a couple years ago, not my fault. Um, and this woman just cut out right in front of me and I just T-boned her and my airbag deployed and cut my it cut my skin. But anyway, it jammed up my wrist too as well. And um, so I, I bear claw my pushups, not, I don’t break my wrist.

Like good. A lot of people deal with their pushups. I bear claw. Um, and you can bear claw and either put the, put it on here. So you’re just coming straight down the ground. Um, or you can bear claw and put it down on the ground like that. It doesn’t, it doesn’t break your wrist as much. But if that doesn’t work for you, then you can come up against a wall. Okay. You come up against a wall here at the wall, just come on a slight incline and then you can just do push ups like that.

That could help you

Smash that like button for me right now, guys, if that helps.

Okay. Let’s see.

Yeah. Anna, could you explain BC BCA BCAs? Not sure

If that’s the acronym for during your workout. Are you talking about BCAA? Is we talking about BCAA is a branch chain amino acids. They’re really, this is a thing with branch chain amino acids. They would be CA’s and the whole craze, if you don’t eat enough protein, which is something that none of us worry about, struggle with, if you’re hitting your macros, um, there’s protein synthesis inside of the BCAs. It has, uh, the, uh, last chain of amino acids called leucine. And that helps with protein synthesis. So that helps you with keep maintaining protein levels in your body throughout the day. If you’re not eating enough work, to be able to have that problem. Um, that’s why I always go to whole foods rather than taking supplements. But, um, you can, you can use BCAA is if you don’t like drinking water and you need flavored water. Okay. But other than that, if you just stick to whole foods and eating enough of the right types of foods, if you have enough protein, you’ll be solid. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. The drink. Yeah. So there you go. You want me to spend your money on BCAs? If you don’t like drinking water shirt, go for it. Um, if you have a hard time hitting your protein,

Then go for it. Um, but we don’t have that problem. So, but if you want to drink that and he totally can, Jodie, I need to shed some fat. Should I do burn first for a while, then go to build when I am leaned out. Yeah. So this is the thing. This is the thing when it comes to this, this question, because I’m not. So hands-on my revolution group as I am with the blueprint and the VIP. So you can better, this will better answer your question, more suitable to you because you know your body, if you have a decent about a muscle structure underneath of your body fat, then yes, go for the burn first, go for the cut first, um, and go for reducing your body fat so that you can show more of that muscle tone. If you are somebody that needs to build muscles, say you have, you know, you’re skinny, fat, you need to focus on building up some muscle.

Um, that’s gonna end the long run. Building up more muscle is going to help you with decrease it in your body fat. So, and while you work on the building phase and yes, you’re going to be eating a lot more, which y’all better know by now, food is not the enemy. Food helps. Um, if you focus on building, building and going into the building macros and the building workouts and your skinny fat, where you need to put on muscle tone, you’ll still go through a body. Recomposition but let me tell you, like that’s where patients comes to play. Like it’s not gonna, if you’re building muscle, it’s going to take you a year. It’s going to take you like a year and a half. And so you can really start to see that those muscle gains, if you’re like skinny, fat, I really need to put on some muscle. Um, so that, that would answer my question. If you’re somebody who has artists have decent muscle structure underneath the body fat, then hell yeah, go for a burn, go for a cut. Um, but if you’re somebody who, you know, doesn’t need to lose much weight, but just needs to, uh, add some muscles so that you can go through body recomposition, then go for the build and go for the, those, those, those, those macros.


Awesome. Allium. Glad that helped

Yana is a super protein drink. Well, it doesn’t have protein macros in it. It has the branch chain amino acids or amino acids are protein, right? It doesn’t have protein macros, but it has a bunch of different branch chain amino acids that make up the protein complex, um, of the whole of just protein. Okay. So then in there’s 21, like branch chain, amino acids, the most important one, leucine is the one of the last ones that helps with the protein synthesis in the body. If you drink it, it’s not protein. Um, but it has the makeup of proteins cause of the brushing of you acids. That makes sense.


Jodie, I like me to say it’s nice water health, for sure. Yeah, sure. A hundred percent. Um, when Deanna was saying more stuff, it’s just something that I would look at the ingredients. Right? Always look at the ingredients. If it’s something that you can’t read, you can’t, I have put it in the body. I’m trying to get better at that. I just like, I’m learning a Lonnie new, the energy drinks I’ve been obsessed with, um, have tons of the fake sugars in it. So, you know, I’m working progress too as well, but that’s just something that you want to pay attention to. Like you want to look at the ingredients and if you can’t read it, then don’t put it in your book.


There you go. Yeah. It works for people if I don’t want to waste BCA. So it makes me drink my water. Yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah.


Jenny, what’s your take on supplements that are supposed to help with adrenal fatigue. Okay. So I love Todd. This is something I talk about my blueprint program. Um, I’m really big on adrenal fatigue. I’m really big on hormones, just because of my nursing background and like knowing what, what works food wise. I have a woman inside of my blueprint program right now who came in with diagnosed like adrenal fatigue. It’s diagnosed her doctors helping, or there’s no supplements that can help you with it. It’s it’s food, it’s food. I have her up over 200 calories. Um, she’s not somebody who she’s somebody who needs to lose weight, but the adrenal fatigue and getting that fixed first is what matters most always fixing your internals is what’s going to get you. It’s not it’s it’s, what’s going to get you the results on the outside eventually.

Okay. So you got to fix internally first, before you can get the results outward. And that’s a really hard thing for a lot of people to process what it’s freaking darn it’s truth, truth. Okay. So this woman in my blueprint programs eating well over 200 calories, um, and she’s, she just popped up on a Q and a on Sunday. She’s like, I’m feeling so much better. Um, like it’s, it’s, I’m feeling I’m healing. I’m getting better. Like now I’m going to start focusing on a cut. And I was like, that’s so great. I’m loving. Like we’ve, we’ve had her sat at those macros for awhile. She’s been sitting on it for over a month. So just the constant eating and fueling your cells with the food and the right stuff and, and eating and, um, taking it a little bit less on your workouts for just a little bit of time. Just a month can make a world of a difference for a six month period that you want to go into losing fat. That’s what a lot of people have problems trying to figure out or trying to like, like accept one month of just working to heal. Your insides is what can make your entire journey of like a year or two years of going into fat loss or building muscle so much easier. You have to heal the insights first before you can focus on the outside appearance. All right. So

That’s nutrition, hands down is going to help with adrenal fatigue. I wouldn’t recommend any supplement.


Just popped in my head, but totally goes against what I just said. So I’m going to keep it with nutrition. That’s hands down. The most important thing. Um, Jody nuture bio has a period of artificial. BCA is no dyes. Yeah. Neutral bio is bomb. They have such a great stuff. It’s unbelievable there. And their labels are totally transparent.

I’m getting ready to bolt my carbs at 383 next week. I’m not scared of the cars would have a hard time coming up with getting those in without adding more sugar, get burned out of bagels and rice. Also, my build is pretty clean, but I have gotten pretty fluffy in my abs. Is this normal? Yes, it’s normal. Um, I would keep just watch that with your body, um, so that you can pay attention to, you know, how your body’s adjusting and take control of that. Um, a lot of the, for the, for the carb sources that I use, I use like, it’s probably so bad to say, Hey, goes, it goes helps. Me fruit helps me getting more veggies helps. Um, so those would be really, that would just be carved focused. Um, I can never go wrong bagels. I switched out my bagels. I go with everything bagels sometimes, and I go with raisin bagel, raisin bagels, and I’ll switch out. My breakfast is daily. I’ll do everything bagels with eggs and egg whites. And then I’ll do cinnamon bagel with cream, cheese, and eggs and egg whites in the morning. And I alternate through those

Beth speaking about hormones and artificial additives. Do you only eat the expensive free range, antibiotic free chicken and meat. I’m consuming mass quantities of chicken now to meet my protein needs and spending a lot more money than I used to. I spent a hundred dollars a day on chicken. Is it worth it? Oh my God. Wow. That’s a lot for chicken. Um, I get my chicken from Costco and I get the organic chicken from there. Um, I’m not sure where you get it from, but it is, it is important, you know, like putting into your, it’s putting into your body, that kind of stuff. Like this is the way I look at it from just being a nursing and being in the ER, like I would see people that come in their sixties in their seventies and I just look at them and I’m like, wow. They only changed some things back in their thirties and their twenties in their forties. They probably wouldn’t be here today. So you gotta think about that, like changing everything right now. So that, that, cause it will benefit you when you’re older. Right. So that’s what got, that was one of the main things that got me to change. Just being ERMC like, Oh my God can control this. I can work out and eat better. Um, so that’s, that’s, that’s my, my thought on that.

Uh, thank you, Jody. Thank you babe. You guys rock, you’re working towards it.


K K coming in clutch with the carbs, dry fruit packs. It big carb just with lower volume. Nice. There we go. Ellie. I’m in the medical field and I am super motivated, motivated by my failed patients. Yeah. I mean, I was just a huge eye-opener for me working in the medical field in the ER, and just even before my ER experience, I was in the nursing home. I was a CNA, um, taking care of older people so much fun, but I, there was just a lot of that where I was like, wow, I can take control of this right now. So it is really important to focus on what you are putting into your body. I mean, like I, like I say with like, you know, my Ilani news some here, so I have some artificial things here and there, but I would say that I’m leaning more towards, you know, the, the, um, antibiotic free, the organic, you know, all that kind of stuff is really important. Don’t think about your health is your wealth. Like that is so true. And like, it’s, I wouldn’t even worry. Like for me personally, in my opinion, like the money that I spent on food as well spent, if it’s $300, it’s $300 towards my health. So

That’s how I feel.

Ron. I’ve been having a banana and 1.5 scripts or super card before and after workout is at too much of the super carb. Oh yeah. There might be a little too much, babe. I would just usually typically when I use my super carb and I have high, high carb counts, I would add in two scoops of the super carb. So you can totally get away with two scoops. That’s like 50 grams of carbs right there.

Yeah. On it is, it is you really? You are what you eat a hundred percent guys. I can look at somebody walking down the street and I can like tell exactly what their lifestyle is. Like just by the way that they look not judging. I’m just like, I, I look at it and I’m like, you can tell how they live, Jody, I’m jealous. I have no problem hitting my carbs. I finished my pre and post workout and I’m basically left with fat and protein for the day. I know I will bump up sometime, but right now dealing with as a curvy girl. Yeah. Protein you’ll learn. It’ll it’s, it’s just, you know, whatever, uh, like chicken, egg, whites, um, ground Turkey, if you’re a vegan, the artificial, the, um, the meats, um, Satan is another really good one. It’s just a lot of the meats.

That’ll help you hit those protein numbers, yogurt, Greek yogurt. I absolutely love, um, protein. You’ll learn it. It’ll be, it won’t be hard after you just keep going with it. And fats fats, you can use peanut butter. You can use, um, olive oil. Olive oil is great because it’s just straight. Two tablespoons are, um, are 14 grams of fat. So avocado. That sounds really good too. Yes. Michelle, your health is your wealth. Yes. Yana my officiator. No, not really. I used to be, I was pescatarian for about six months. Um, and I did a lot of like tilapia Cod. I did a lot sloppy on Cod in my, when I was, uh, competing. Um, I’ll do, I’ll do sushi. You guys know mine sort of social media on my Instagram. I do sushi. I do a lot of sushi, but other than that, not no I don’t meal prep. It that’s another really great source of protein though. Um, tilapia and Cod. Really great. Yeah. Michele coconut oil is another great fat Rib. Any more questions for me?


We got you guys putting in some swag orders. Now, do we have here? I can drop the link for you guys.


Anybody who did an order, you guys can go to that link that I just dropped in the comments and order your swag.


Amy? Yes. I’m competing in 32 weeks. So do you, do you prep to stage? Yeah, I that’s my love, that’s my passion. Um, I have one of the BA you gotta come up to the VIP for that, but yeah, a hundred percent. Oh yeah. True to fit. True to fit. Yada yada. Yeah, for me, I saw some babes posting the blueprint. Um, but she’s losing a lot of ways. That could be why. Um, but she said the medium hoodie was a little too big for, I think that they fit perfectly for me. I’m super true to fit. I’m in a small right now.

So you guys

Can see it. My desk is super high right now, but yeah, I think it’s true to fit. Um, will it be restocked soon? Yeah. We’re, I’m going to have to go through the inventory and check that out so we can get some orders in. Um, I know we were running super low on somethings, but I will, once we get all of our out, I’m also going to be restocking our checking our inventory and making sure that what we have here is true. So keep an eye out over the next

Couple of weeks, but you did get the crap. That’s awesome.

Then we need to get mine so excited. Yes. Yes. You guys super stoked. Um, um, uh, you, you, again, like as you guys get them start sharing with the community, I wanna see, I want, see your community just full out. It was swag.

All right, babe. As well, I’m going to pop off for our Q and a. It’s been so much fun hanging out with you. I absolutely love coming to Wednesday nights and, um, being a part of this Q and a with you guys getting clarification, just hanging out, having some fun, doing some squat variations, you know, some pushups on the wall. Um, I love spending this time with you guys. So keep up the good work. Remember right now is what matters the most. Okay. You guys showing up for yourselves right now through the holidays, um, you know, enjoy yourselves on Thanksgiving, enjoy yourself on a date, have worry about macros memories over macros, but then the next day you get right back to it. No excuses are at work, your leftovers into your macros

At that point. Okay. So

I love you guys keep up the good work and I will catch you on the rally call on Sunday.

Bye everyone.


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