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What’s up WarriorBabes. Hey everybody, Nikkiey here and welcome to our WarriorBabe Wednesday, live Q&A  time together. I am super excited to be here with you guys. One of my favorite nights to come live and hanging out with you all and answer your questions, giving you support clarification on whatever it is that you guys need. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the Q and a, um, as you guys are joining in comment and give me a wave emoji or a Hey, so that I can see who is tuning in here. All right. And the more comments you guys leave underneath of this video, you guys know the drill by now, the more that it helps the other warrior, babe. See it that are inside of our community. If it’s our first Q and a, they never join them before. Um, then you guys by you guys commenting, Hey, what’s up on initial joining in here, it’ll push the video to the top of the Facebook group so that they can see it.

They can join in. They can see that revive right now. All right. So if you guys are, um, tuning in, in a later, at a later date or time after this has been done live, then remember to give the hashtag replay and then keep all of your questions that pertain to this live Q and a in the comment thread. Um, so that Kay, our awesome community manager can come back in and she could answer any questions that were left after this Q and a was left. All right. What’s up Kelsey? What’s the activity. What’s up, Ron? What’s up? You guys Madeline. What’s up babe? Happy Wednesday. Yes. Happy hump day. Um, cool. Well, I’m excited to see you guys are here. I see we’re getting a comment or a question already. Cool. Awesome. We’ll get started in just a few seconds. So if you guys do have a question, start commenting your question like Jennifer did in the, um, comment area below this video now, so that I can just start firing off the Q and a in just a couple of seconds with this lag time between super Facebook.

Um, so leave a comment with your question and we’ll kick off this Q and a in just a few seconds before we do. Um, cool. As you guys keep commenting, keep saying what’s up. Cause our visibility rate is going up right now. What’s up Bernice. Um, I want to give a huge welcome to all of our new babes. Who’ve joined us this past week. You guys are a part of a community of thousands of women who are getting toned and becoming stronger, more confident versions of themselves. So welcome to this amazing supportive, empowering, um, inspiring community. Everybody is here on the same journey, working towards the same goals. And it’s really cool to know that five o’clock in the morning. If you’re a morning workout person, there’s another warrior who was working out too. All right. So what’s up Kate? Um, awesome. So you guys are starting to leave some comments what’s up Kesha, um, or some questions, so keep questioning away so that I can get into those, uh, comments in just a couple of minutes. So again, welcome babes that are new. If you guys are new, yeah.

Pulley police

Make sure that you are going through the warrior Bay revolution, blast off emails. You guys, they are so important for your entire journey here as a warrior bam. And plus they two runs through an entire tutorial of the app interface. So you can know exactly where everything is, which will answer probably 95% of your starter questions here as a warrior view. All right? Speaking of questions,

Don’t be the person who’s

New who comes into the community and full bloods, the community with questions that can be easily answered inside of your application. Okay. We know that you’re not taking the time or it seriously to go in a play around with your new application again, day two, go through an entire tutorial where everything is in your blast out emails. So take the time to search in your application, listen to everything that I am sharing with you.

There’s a lot of golden nuggets. Okay.

It’s videos of me sharing with you starter tips macro so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Um, so you know how to track the best way to track, how to structure day posts, pre-workout meals. All that jazz is inside your application. So take the time and they’re like three minute videos. All right. Now, if your question can be answered inside of the application, click on the home screen, click need help. And then there’s a frequently asked questions, resource page that my team was entirely built out revamped and he answered a lot of questions that we get throughout the course of a warrior babe journey.

Okay. So check there

Then last but not least, if your questions can be answered there or in the app, um,

Then, you know, attend

These Q and A’s or listen to the recordings. There are so many frickin nuggets that get dropped here. Um, weekly, tons from mindset to macros, to workouts,

To tips that you need from a perspective, uh,

Of how I’ve of being on a journey. Okay? So there’s so many golden nuggets. So come you’re on this cue, new schedule them in your calendar, set an alarm, whatever you have to do to remember when these Q and A’s are 6:00 PM Eastern standard time, we notify you guys a day before. All right. So Mark it on your calendars, set your alarms for five minutes beforehand. So you can be in front of your screen and you can plug in and tune it. I can guarantee the more that you plug in and tune,

It’s going to help you along your journey, especially at listing to meet and helping give clarification to whatever you need. Any questions that you have and giving you some tough love. Okay. Really good at Tufts.

Why? Because I’m not your friend. I am acting as a coach to you now. I’m not as hands-on as a coach and the revolution, but still I’m not your friend. I’m a coach. And I will tell you what needs to be done regardless if you’d like it or not, because that’s, what’s going to facilitate the results that you want to have. Okay. All right. Let’s fire off with these Q and a six. I see a couple coming through


Is it normal to gain weight at first, starting to add more carbs into my diet? If you are just starting out as a warrior bait within the week one or week two, yes, it’s completely normal. Your body is just totally adjusting to the macros that I am have programmed for you via the calculator. Your body will fully adjust. It’s completely different for everybody. It could adjust in a two week period. It could adjust in a one week period. It could adjust in a four week period. If you even reach out to the group and comment and like, say this, I bet you, you will get flooded with comments saying, yup. It’s just a part of the process. You’re feeding your body what it needs. Keep in mind that. And it’s a part of your journey. And then, um, it will adjust over time. Uh, Jennifer, sorry.

I skipped years initially. Hey, Nikki are the tempo sets in build all supposed to be slow on the negative. So Kate is somebody who actually programs our workouts on a monthly basis. She highly deserves the devil emoji because I know she kicks your asses on a monthly basis. So that is something that I know Kate is tuning in right now. And Kate, if you want to fire away on Jennifer, your Franco’s comments to give and provide your clarity. That would be bomb. If I know Kate, I would assume. Yes, but I will let her answer that question.

What’s up Francine. All right. Woo.

Hey, what’s up? You got some five questions for me firing away. Let’s go. All right. I have a question. COVID questions that piggyback off of last few Q and A’s number one. If we want to experiment a re feed, how much should we increase our macros for that day? Um, starter, I would probably increase 50 carbs, 15 fats. Typically I’d go as far as like, depending on the individual, 70, 80 carbs, 20 fats, but, um, I would probably recommend just starting at 50 and in carbs and the 15 and fats. All right. Number two, question for those struggling with adrenal fatigue, could you give a general bar ballpark of how to adjust macros? Um, I have if Bayview, Google or not Google don’t Google, if you search. Um, I have talked about this on multiple Q and A’s over the summer about how to adjust macros and I even have a rally call on it on YouTube, um, how to adjust macronutrients through different phases and all that kind of jazz.

Um, specifically with someone with adrenal fatigue, like I would do it on a weekly basis and just watch how your body responds. And it’s hard for me to be exact because everybody, everybody is different, but if want to take it small, I would increase by 20 carbs and five fats and do it until like you a feel better. Like I shared with you guys, a person using my blueprint program and she feels so much better by just eating more. Um, her adrenal fatigue is not as bad as it wasn’t when she first started my program. So to keep it light, I would try just 20 grams of carbs and five grams of fats. And just keep watching how your body’s adjusting to that on a weekly basis.


I read that super setting. The same muscle set is good for stimulating growth, but can we determine,

But can

Be detrimental long-term can you chime in on this? And this sounds like something that was read on Google or found on Google and multiple research points. Um,

I do

Not, I don’t agree with that. I, because what if you do my cut and tone for a specific amount of time, um, if you’re, cause you only should be cutting for a specific amount of time, so you would do that type of workout. And then you’ll notice in my, the build program it’s different, it’s a different ballpark. It’s straight sets, um, you know, lower rep schemes, all that jazz. So you’ve got to find line between just following one program. And then when you switch over to, to focus on building muscle, you’re following a different program. So you essentially have a break, um, and doing the supersets

Number four,

If I’m still getting hunger cues fatigue with the increase in carbs to one 95 grams and a solid cheat meal each week, what should I do? Can you do two repeats a week? If you’re still getting hunger and fatigue, I would try increasing your protein, um, by like five grams. I wouldn’t yet throw in another refeed. Um, that’s what I would personally do. And this is without knowing like your stats, your body type, all that jazz right now, I’m literally giving like a broad view. This sounds like you would really benefit and Murray from something like my blueprint program or my VIP program, um, where it’s a little bit more hands-on. Uh, but these are solid questions. So if you feel like you’re solid, then I’m happy to answer why a five. I know you go into detail on this and the blueprint program, but can you talk about adjusting macros based on your monthly cycle? You don’t adjust, you don’t adjust just because you’re getting your monthly,

That’s it,

You don’t, it’s just like sending your body Mariscos while you’re gonna adjust your macros for one period of the week and then adjusting the next week. It’s like sending your body Maurice codes. You’re going to have gone to block off just, it’s not consistent at that point. Um, there’s no need to adjust based off of your monthly cycle. Uh, Jody question. Okay. So hopefully Emory, that answers all of your questions. Um, K answer Jennifer’s question and yes, it is correct to slow down the negatives. Thank you, Jennifer, for answering that and thank you for asking it and thank you Kate for answering it. Um, okay. Jodi question about workout. Been quarantined at home because explosive exposed to someone with COVID. Are there any complete at-home workouts while I have to stay at home for 10 days? Yeah. If you go to warrior babe.com, we have a six week at-home workout program and it’s specifically designated either towards whatever equipment you have.

You can choose bands, you can choose dumbbell, you can choose body weight. So even if there’s no excuse, if you have nothing, get my body weight program, it’ll kick your. If you have dumbbells. Awesome. Get that one. If you have band awesome. Get that one. They’re all specifically programmed to whatever equipment you have at home with our at-home workout program and the app, we base it off of dumbbells bands, body, weight, all that jazz. Um, but you can go to my warrior, babe.com and you can check out what exact equipment you have and then download that specific program.


Nice. So Jody, if you have bands and dumbbells and you could, we have a bundle, you can bundle all three of those workout programs together and kind of mix and mingle. I mean, it sounds like we’re all going back into lockdown mode, so why not bundle it? And then you have a six week band one, you have a six week dumbbell it’s 12 weeks, and then you can maybe intertwined body weight in there. That’s

How many weeks?

18 weeks,


Not the app for those workouts. There’s a, if you go to

Hold on a sec, can you scroll down Raleigh? Must’ve taken it down. Hold that thought, please.

Oh, we’re giving it away as if so if you download the app, which is, you’re getting a cheaper anyway. So if you pay for the app, you get a free at-home workout program of your choice. I thought we still had it separate from that, but I guess we don’t. Um, so you can still, you can still order the program. It’s $47 one of them by itself. So even if you only get it for $27, it’s still a discount.

What are the benefits of the blueprint versus a revolution? Oh Lord almighty. Holy cow. Anybody is tuning in right now. That’s a part of the blueprint program. Then comma comment. There is a massive difference. There’s way more one-on-one um, like in terms of, in a group setting, I should, I shouldn’t say one-on-one is a group setting. We have four different calls per week. Right now we’re launching that next week. So we have a Sunday call, a Tuesday, call a Wednesday call and a Thursday call that goes for two hours and I have the ability to be able to speak to you directly. And then I also have some coaches who chime in on these Q and A’s too, as well, who are able to speak to you directly. This is a new launch that we’re doing next week, but in terms of like more personal touch, that’s it like you upload your stats, you upload your photos. Um, you, you know, share, you know, how long have you been following these macros where your cardio at, um, we give you more per, like, it’s not completely personalized. That’s my VIP program. Um, where it’s more hands-on I should say in terms of personalization, but the blueprint is still gives you accessibility to me and be able to chat with me one-on-one um, in a group setting on a weekly basis.

Hold on a second.

I’m asking what I know we have a specific link. So I just asked my team with the link is, and I will fire it away here for you, Jody.


How long do you do the cutting phase for Christie? Okay. So again, this is super, super, super unique, um, to the individual. Okay. Somebody could go into a cut, uh, for four weeks. Somebody could go onto a cut for six months. Um, it’s really all dependent on the time that it takes you to reach your goal, um, or you know, where you feel good at your body, or if like your body’s starting to send you a signal. So it’s completely different. It’s such a broad answer. It’s completely different for everybody. It totally depends on your body, your structure, um, and how much fat you really need to lose.

All right.

Fire away, key finery. This question’s only in for you

My TMD email or to fire away the link.

And also to piggyback off of Christie, what you were saying with the, how long do you cut for? I think I’ve mentioned this on, there’s been like I remember of the summer, I was really just like going Q and A’s here with you guys and I’m reiterating the same thing over and over for weeks about how to adjust that so much so that I turned it into a rally call, which is on the YouTube channel. Not sure exactly like what week it was, but I know it was during the summer. Um, and then I would talk about, you know, when do you know what phase to move out of? How do you know a phase to move out of? How do you know to move into the next one? How do you know when it’s time? And again, this is everything that I go into grave detail inside my booth and program. Um, so again, that’s open for you guys to explore the option of moving on up from the revolution to the blueprint. Um, but yeah, check out the YouTube channel. Um, check out the past rally calls that I’ve done and then search inside of the Facebook group the past Q1 days.


Christy, I’m new to start this week. What’s the reefy cool. So when you go inside the application, you click on transform on the homepage. You go to WVU basics. There’s an entire video in there that breaks out with the differences between a cheat meal and a re feed. It’s basically a surplus of calories that helps you to continue burning weight, body fat, and speed up your metabolism, your metabolism, and help you to accomplish the body that you are here to work towards. I’m so not getting this link. I might, we might have to just comment this after For the link for you guys after this Q and A’s done, I’ll fire away with the link. Once I get it, Amy, I’m working out a hundred percent at home, have up to 40 dumbbells. Once you grow my legs and glutes, any tips, train them a little bit more during the week.


You know, make it like a three day or like a two day with a split between hamstrings and glutes and hamstrings and quads. And then like the third day, just be like a glute focus with an upper body like shoulders and yeah, follow follow with Kate’s written for you guys and the build workouts. Um, stay because there will be something that will be dropping around black Friday for you guys, um, has to do with what Amy’s asking. I’m not going to give it away. Okay. Yes, Jodi. I will, um, post the link in the comments. Oh, I got it. I think this might be the bundle. Hold on

Second. You guys said there’s a code for you guys.

Yeah. This is the bundle, which I would recommend you do get quite, there’s a code. If anybody remembers what that code is,

It would be dope to fire away. Here, there we’re done

Messaging my team while I’m on a Q a day.


Ah, there we go. Here’s the code. So it’ll save you $20. There you go. Guys. Bundle it up. Sounds like we’re rocking through this. COVID again, this second wave. And everything’s going to go back down into lockdown. So go get these at-home workouts. They are fire. They are brutal. They’re hurt. They will kick your even by just using dumbbells bands and

Body weight. Okay.

And it’s a six week program and your workouts change every two weeks. So you have the same workouts for two weeks and then it changes for another two weeks and it changes for another two weeks. So you have three different workouts inside of this workout program of just one of the bands, dumbbells, or body weight. If you choose to bundle it up, like what I just said then, um, you’ll get basically Nine different workouts. Wow. Nine different workouts and you’ll have 18. Yeah. 18 different weeks of workouts.

All. So no more questions

Guys, if you guys have any more questions, love it. Getting it now. Fire. Yeah. Anybody tuning in listening, go get it or going to lock down. Um, but it will kick your promise. So if you guys don’t have any more questions, um, I will stay on for a couple more minutes. Leave the questions that you guys do have. And again, always utilize the resources that are at your fingertips. You guys, I was talking with my team and just realize how much content there is for you on the YouTube channel, especially all of these Q and days, um, go to the YouTube channel and you can just click around in the video. Um, rally calls. There are so many golden nuggets. There’s so many golden nuggets that are outside of your application too. That are in the YouTube that are on the previous Q and A’s are on the rally calls, um, fire away at them, immerse yourself, plug into everything that I’m sharing with you, Jody, right back at you, Austin, you guys, I appreciate you all appreciate you guys showing up to these Q and A’s. I love hanging out with you guys on a weekly basis. So keep up the good work. Um, we will be here for next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and I will probably dropping, um, what we’ve been creating for you guys that day, which will be super exciting. So make sure you tune in on that day. All right. So next Wednesday, I’ll see you guys then.

Bye everybody.


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