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What’s up WarriorBabes. Hey everybody, Nikkiey here and welcome to our WarriorBabe Wednesday Live Q&A time together. I am so freaking excited to be here with you guys, hanging out with you guys, answer any questions that you have provide clarification provides you support here along your journey. So I am excited as you guys are tuning into this live Q and a be sure to comment and let me know that you’re here and tuning in so that I can see your guys’s names. Um, and I can say what’s up back. Um, if you guys are tuning in at a later date or a time after this has been done live, then please remember to do the hashtag replay and just keep all of your questions that pertain to this live Q a day in one area in the comment section below this Q a day.

Okay. So that Kate, our community manager can come back in and she can answer any questions that were done after or left after this has was live. All right. What’s up Jody? What’s up Chrissy? What’s up? Kate? Speaking of Kate, there she is. Everybody say what’s up, Kate. All right. So, and also to remember, as you guys are joining in, make sure you do say what’s up because the more that you guys comment right now, it pushes our, uh, video, this live video to the top of our Facebook group. So the other babes can see that we’re live and if they’re new and they’ve never tuned in, they’ll see it and they’ll be able to tap on it and there’ll be able to join in. All right. So help the other babies by commenting. If you don’t want to comment, smash, light button, whatever you guys can do to, um, engage with the video, it will help the video go to the top of the Facebook group.

Okay. So that the community can see that we are live right now. All right. We’ll get started in just a few seconds that to kick off our live Q a day. So if you guys have a question, you guys can start commenting your question beneath of this video. Um, and we can start kicking off the live Q and a, just a couple of minutes. All right. Before we do, I do want to give a huge welcome to all of our new warrior babes that joined us in this past week. Our community on a weekly basis just keeps growing and growing and growing. And I am so excited for all of the new babies who have joined this, this past week. Welcome you guys. You are part of an amazing community of thousands of women who are getting tone and becoming a stronger, more confident version of themselves.

Warrior babe is where strong is a new sexy, and you are a part of this community of every single one of the women that are inside of it. We’re all collectively working to get to the same goal, which is so cool because our community is so supportive. So inspiring, so motivating, and the fact that we’re all collectively working towards the similar goal, we’re all here to support each other along the way. So welcomes all you new babes. If you are new, I need to emphasize the fact that you should end be making sure you are, um, watching and going through the warrior Bay revolution, blast off emails. I cannot emphasize this enough and know the veteran babes are just sick of me, say, miss, but the blast offs are so important. If you are serious about this journey, if you are excited, if you are motivated now those warrior blast off emails will carry you through the first 14 days of transitioning into this lifestyle.

I will help you day by day by day, get yourself set up, get yourself grounded, get your goals figured out your why’s figured out, and that will carry your excitement and your motivation through the first four teen days where, you know, a lot of people will kind of STEM away after the 14 days. And they forget why they’re here. They forget their excitement. Their excitement has gone. All right. And our motivation has gone. But these 14 days, these emails, I said to you via your email inbox, um, are going to help you get set up. I mean, even day two runs you through the whole tutorial of the app interface. Okay? And I hope, you know, your why, your goal, everything, that stuff is so important for you to get figured out now so that you have a reason to show up on a daily basis for yourself and your workouts for yourself and figuring out your macronutrients for yourself, learning inside of my fitness pal and tracking your foods, um, your goal and your why will give you energy.

You’re going your, why it will give you images of the body that you want, which will then give you energy to show up for yourself. So make sure you’re going through the warrior people last off emails. Even if you’re a veteran, I highly recommend that you go through them again. Okay. Constant space, repetition. You know, the more you listen to them, the more they’re going to click to you at any point of your journey. So make sure you’re going through them. Take it seriously, especially if you’re new, what’s up Nicole, what’s up charity. What’s the babes. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. All right. So if you guys do have any questions, remember this is a live Q and a, there’s no silly or super question. I’m here to support you. I’m here to get, give you clarification on any questions that you have, uh, for your journey where you’re at.

I’m here to help you, um, during this live Q and a. So if you have any questions, now’s the time to start asking me the questions in the thread, and we can kick off this Q a day in a second. Okay. One more thing that does pertain around questions. If you’re new, don’t come into the Facebook community and start flooding the community of like asking questions that can be easily answered inside the application. Okay. This is my tough love to you, newbies. All right. Don’t flood the community. The questions I became, can we answer inside of the application? You know, where the workouts or how much rest should I be taking? Or where are the reps or where are the sets or where’s the schedule. It’s all there inside of your application. Take the time to search there, listen to everything that I’m sharing with you.

Um, there’s so many golden nuggets inside of this application. And if the question that you’re seeking, can’t be answered there. Then you can go to the home screen, click need help, and then go to the frequently asked questions, resource page, or on that resource page, we’ve made it, we’ve cleaned it up. The team has cleaned it up. And now it’s just revolution, blueprint all of our programs and questions that pertain to each and then broken down to nutrition and workouts and all that jazz. All right. Um, if the question is not answering the app or the FAQ’s, then come into the Facebook group, pop on this Q and a, I come here every single Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern standard time. And I hang out with you guys. All right. So if you can’t find the questions, the answers to your questions come to this queue and day set an alarm, be here five minutes early, get excited, show up, get your question answered.

You have me, you have a pro right here, and the creator of warrior, babe, helping you to answer any questions that you need answered. All right. Um, last case scenario, your questions should be going to support. All right? Like support’s not going to answer anything fitness or nutrition related. Okay. It’s more like tech, more membership, more that jazz. And you can also leave questions to Kate KSR, community manager. She’s popping in and saying hello to you guys. Um, and she’s always in the community 24, not, not 24 seven, she’s in the community every day in the Facebook group, replying to your question. So you can leave your questions. And I guarantee you, Kate has a set time that she comes in and she checks the questions and makes sure that you guys are supportive. She does a really good job at it. So don’t hesitate to ever leave questions in the Facebook community.

If you’ve done your research to try and find it first. Okay. All right. Babes where my questions at, I’m not just going to sit here and go on ramps here. Some of you guys have questions seriously. Now is the time like I’m not kidding around, like I come here and show up for you guys. Um, and I’m excited to be here with you guys on Wednesdays. I love coming here. I love hanging out. I love answering questions because it helps. It helps me know that I’m helping you guys and giving you even more support along your journey. So ask me clarification on whatever you need. There’s no silly or super question now time to, to, um, yeah. Questions can be about anything. It can be about what questions you have in terms of your fitness journey, the questions that maybe the macros and the app, the workouts and the app, um, your journey, that’s specific for you, whatever questions you, this is a time where you asked me those questions.

Okay? And then I give you clarification and there’s no silly or stupid question. Like I say, don’t assume I love saying this. Don’t assume that you know the answer to your question, because you could be going three months into your journey and figure out that’s a wrong thing to be doing. And then you come to beam and say, Hey, Nikkia, I’ve done this and I’m trying this. Or you’ve tried all of the fad programs. And they’ve told you one specific way and you assume that way. And then you’re working on doing whatever they sit for three months and it could be completely wrong. Now is the time to get anything


Anything you’ve ever tried, because I can guarantee you it’s wrong and come here and ask whatever you need. Clarification. All the carbs are good. You don’t have to kill yourself with cardio. You have to work on your mindset, right? Like I’m here to help you with any questions that you have.

All right. Yeah.

What’s up Sarah? All right. Jennifer asks, Hey Nikki, what’s the difference between a G and a reef feed. All right. That’s a great question. So both of them broadly speaking is an increase of surplus and increase of calories in the day. What they do, both of them is they speed up your metabolism. They give you more energy. They, um, uh, help with the whole feeling satiated and not feeling like you’re dieting, but they also help with the whole, uh, speeding up the metabolism and decreasing body fat. So because your body can’t be eating the same calories every single day and used to be thrown some kind of trick to make it work faster and not feel like you’re dieting the entire time. So broadly speaking is a surplus in calories. Um, the difference between the two, they do the same exact thing, but the difference really comes down to which one works better personally for you.

Okay. So a cheat meal is one completely untracked meal, not day meal. So you still eat, um, a structured amount of macros throughout the day. But at the end of the day, you have an untracked meal of whatever you want to eat. And this, I love to give people with personalities who need a break from tracking or who have families and want to go out and enjoy a weekend with their kids and their husband, or a couple of drinks on the weekend, right? So like, that’s, that’s the type of personality I would give that to you. They just don’t even wanna think about it. They want to, they want to have a mindless meal, a mindless untracked meal. That’s where I would give them a cheat meal. Reef feeds, um, re feeds are, you’re still tracking throughout the day. You just have a higher count and specific macros, again, higher caloric intake.

And majority is coming from carbs and fats. And I like to give really feeds to that. Don’t want to feel like they’re going off track, right. Sheet me like it’s, it’s so interesting. It’s two completely different personalities. And this one is like, they want to know that they’re still staying on track. They don’t mind tracking. And they want to know that they’re within their numbers on a weekly basis every single day. Okay. So, and you can make it, we can still make going out to eat. Like I do. Refeeds, I’ll make going out to eat, getting a burger, getting sushi, having a glass of wine. Like I work it into my macros when I have refeed days. Um, my faster high, my, my carbs are extremely high, so it works. Uh, but it really comes down to you. They both do the same thing. They both give an increase in food in the day, which helps to give you more energy, help the fat burning process help the toning process. But it really depends on which one personally will work better for you.


Oh, Bray. It’s Jodie been working out, lifting for over 20 years without making the progress I should. For the amount of work I put in, should I follow the macro or should I follow the more advanced, sorry, I keep getting questions and it bumps everybody up. Should I follow the more advanced level more reps are starting as a beginner? Um, I would still just keep it as four sets of like 15 reps, 12 to 15 reps. You don’t have to do five sets unless you feel like you need to for big, bigger muscle groups, um, that you can do five sets for legs and five sets or back. But I would just keep it overall. Four sets, uh, 12 to 15 reps. Um,

And then go from there. What’s really going to happen is your nutrition. Okay. I can guarantee, I can guarantee that you guys are, you could be doing workouts. You could be going to the gym, everything every single day, that’s all great and dandy. That’s awesome that you have that discipline to show up at the gym. But if your Mac, if your numbers, if you’re, if you’re not eating enough of the right types of foods for your body, that is a major reason why you are not getting the results that you want and the, or that you would expect. Okay, am I understanding right? There’s no cheat or review for us babes who come out as a Kirby, babe. Correct. There is no cheat meal or re feed. If you are a beginner coming into my program and your body type is curvy. Cause I’ll be honest.

You’ve been cheating for a long period for a long time. That’s the reason why your body is the way it is right now or why it has that shape. You’ve either done. Yo-yo dieting. You’ve restricted yourself. Um, or you just ate a lot of food. That’s why you are where you are. Right. Number one thing I say is take responsibility. You take responsibility. Okay. Um, I know that doesn’t have anything to do with your question, but yes, that is correct. You don’t need sheets just yet. I look at that more as a reward, come into my program, put in the work, get the results and then reward yourself with a cheat meal.


For I’m in the build and find it hard to have three cheat meals. I think one free day might work out better for me a hundred percent, babe, go for it. If you, if you feel like you have the three cheat meals as too much try, refeed a hundred percent all for it. How often do we should? How often do you, we should refeed how often should we re feed? Um, again, it depends on what phase you’re in. If you’re in phallus, you should only be doing it like once a week. And it depends on your body type too, as well. If you’re building, you can get up to two to three, um, depending on like, it’s really hard for me to answer that specifically because it depends where you’re at. It depends your body depends the phase that you’re in. Uh, but fat loss, it, you should be incorporating at least one. If you’re focusing on building, you can get away with eating

Two to three

Finished instructor. But as I neared 40, I’m not 44. I just, so they keep gaining. I eat eating clean for over a year now

Two. So frustrating. I’m only on my second week. So I’m hoping that getting

The right macro is where help me trim my skinny fat a hundred percent you guys just because you’re eating clean doesn’t mean you’re still eating enough. Right? I tried that game. I went from not eating barely anything to them, trying to eat clean, which only consisted of like three meals a day, which was really freaking nothing. When I really learned the truth, um, you have to eat enough of the right types and not 1200 calories, 1100 calories, a thousand calories. You have to eat enough to fuel the whole salvia process. And especially if you want to get toned, which you have to build muscle in order to get toned. And that’s, what’s going to change your body composition. You have to eat food in order for that whole process to happen. Okay. It doesn’t matter what age I have a 57 year old in the VIP who was eating 400

Where I just get her to 460 400, six

60 grams of carbohydrates. She’s 57 years old and she’s working on building muscle. So it’s possible. Even as you age, you just have the enough of the right types of foods. That’s the absolute game changer, Nicole, should we count college and protein and our goal? I’m getting conflicting opinions. Yes. If it has macros in it, which it does college, it has macros in it then yes. A hundred percent. Um, it’s not a complete protein, meaning it won’t fully digest as a protein, but it’s macro. So count. Um, same with like MCT oil, 14 grams of fat and same with some fish oils that you guys take. It has fats in it. You want to make sure that anything has macros in it. You count it. Like for me personally, you know, I have an energy drink, um, halfway through my day. I only sometimes have half of it or I have a whole one and has macros in it. I count it. Um, so make sure you are counting it.


Been way off on macros prior to this way too low on protein, especially that is how my main problem with not showing the results I want in the gym. Hey, what you know matters, girl, is that you’re here now and you’ve got the resources. You’ve got the tools. Now. It’s just you implementing what I’m having you do. And I guarantee you, if you do what I’m telling you to do and you listen to me, trust me now, believe me later, results are typical. Okay. This program has helped thousands of women. It’s transformed hundreds of women’s bodies. Um, all you have to do. The only thing that separates the people that come into my program and don’t get results is work ethic. It comes down to work ethic. It comes down to commitment. It comes down to, if you fail, you get back up and you just keep pushing forward.

It comes down to learning. It comes down to time management, right? All of those things. If the people are inside of my program, they’re not getting results. I guarantee you, it has to do with one of those situations. Smash the like button right now for me guys, because that’s the truth. Like that’s the truth I have I set. And if you come all the way up to my VIP program, which you guys a VIP program is open. Now we have open spots. We’ve got some fire, new coaches on board. I’m so freaking excited to have them. They know their. There you go. The smash, the light button. Um, but when you come up to my VIP program and now with my new coaches, we have serious standards. Um, we hold you all to a very high standard because we know what has to be done. And if you’re not going to do it, it will give you tough love. But if you’re really not going to do it at their tough love, I have no problem kicking you out of my VIP program. I’ve done it before and I will continue to do it again until we have, we already have a pretty hardcore community up there. Um, but that’s where people come to, if they are serious about accomplishing their goals. All right. So actually, if you guys are interested in applying to the VIP program,


Get you all the link. Let me just make sure this is the right one.

And it is all right. There you go. So hell yes, let’s do it. And guys, meaning when I said that I had five new fire coaches, Sarah is one of those five fire coaches. Ed, she’s the one that’s got the most tough love. I mean, I could feel it through zoom calls. So super excited about our new coaches and what to answer. Um, the VIP program question. What is it? It’s one-on-one coaching. So it’s done for you. We build out your programming. We meet with you. One-on-one um, the coach is getting in-depth on what you need. That’s going to help you get to your goals. They make your macros, they make your workouts. They check in with you on a weekly basis. I mean, there’s so much that goes into it. That like, if you aren’t like, if you are getting results,


That’s what I mean. Like we push you to get it’s. It’s what takes starter. People usually like eight to 12 months to get results. VIP, you’re guaranteed to get results in like six, five to six months. Um, cause initial setup is like learning. You learning your body. What rec, what goes in your body? What needs to be done? What kind of programming do you need? And then the coaches do that for you. You guys meet weekly and fig and you guys conversation, you do check-ins photos, everything like that. Um, that’s what goes into it. And again, like we have high standards in that VIP program. Um, we, you have to go through a team member to see if you’re a good fit to come into it. Like my team knows that we have standards, so we don’t accept everybody into it. Um, and if you don’t show up in it, we will kick you out. So if you guys are interested in one-on-one coaching that the VIP application, that’s your best bet. Sorry. Let me go back up to some questions. How do you know you are eating the right amount of macros? I know it’s a silly question, but I’m confused. You go into my application that you have access to you go to, um,

The, hold on a sec,

You go to the warrior, babe calculator, which is inside of the,

The retrain area. And that’s where you figure out your macros.

I can guarantee you because of my calculation is very unique. It’s I’d start something you’re going to find online. It’s not something that, um, is cookie cutter. It’s specific to you. Um, and that’s how you’re going to know what macros you should be eating. You have to just follow my application. You log in.

Can you go to retrain, okay. Click on retrain, click on the WB calculator. And that’s where you,

You start the whole system and you will get your macronutrients down to what body type you have. That’s how you know which food, how much food you should be


Yeah. I have a hard time figuring out my activity level. I do weights five days a week and cardio four days I’m training for a race, but I sit all day for work. What activity level would you consider? I would still consider 1.5, five, a hundred percent. You’re doing a lot of your training for a race, which is more dangerous or you’re doing lifting and you’re doing that cardio. Absolutely. I was still considered at 1.55,

Which is moderate.

Sandy. Last time the group mentioned in blast, is that a drink during workout or way? Yup. Yup. That’s exactly it. You just drink it when you work out and during what your workout love it. I’m obsessed with it. Use it almost every time

Heather. Hey, I thought I was muscular. When I first started, I went back to the questions and I’m skinny. I’m in a build. How many days should I be doing cardio? I walk my dog every day and do elliptical machine three days. And one day hit. Is that too much? Yeah, girl. It’s too much. If you’re focusing on building muscle, um, honestly I would just, if you walk your dog every day, I would say there’s pretty sufficient enough amount of cardio. And if you just want to add in another day, one day on the elliptical, that’s fine. But you, if you’re focusing on building and you’re putting in, you know, eating all that food and, and training that way, that’s going to be the, you want to focus more on that than the cardio aspect. Cause too much cardio can be counterproductive to building muscle. Jody, do you adjust and redo the macro calculator as we as lost? No, no, no, no. Um, if you are getting results with my macro calculator, if it’s broke, don’t fix it. Wait, what’s that saying? What’s that saying? You guys know if it’s, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Okay. So if it’s working for you keep using those same macros, it’s working, your body knows it. It recognizes it. If you start adjusting it and you’re gonna, if you’re gonna lower it, like it will eventually a plateau. If you’re trying to adjust it according to your weight loss. Okay. So no need to adjust the calculator as you continue to lose weight, um, keep it the same. Don’t modify anything until you experience a plateau.


You. Ain’t broke. Don’t fix it.

I was close. All right. Here’s got more questions for me.

Super bright right now that looks so washed out in this zoom video. All right. Well, if you guys don’t have any more questions for me, then I’m going to, Oh, did the BCS count and macros? No PCAs don’t have any macros in it. Um, same with inter glass inter glass doesn’t have any, which there’s conflicting things online where it says, enter glass has carbs. Not true. There’s no carbs and into glass and BCA is no, there’s no, uh, macros in them. But anyway, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna, uh, close down our Q and a tonight. It’s been real hanging out with you guys. I love coming here on Wednesdays and providing support to the community, making sure that you guys have, uh, clarity on any questions that you do have.

I knew it as soon as I close it down. More questions. All right. There’s my last one. Okay. I have a question I’m like confused on macros. I find myself not knowing how to count. I mean, I do have a budget. Can’t afford my fitness pal Tedros, or like a free app or like a similar way for me to count my macros. I’m just confused and need a small breakdown. That’s super easy for me to understand. Yeah, girl, you, you can still use my fitness pal. Um. I went up to my parents’ house like two weeks ago and helped my step-mom on the non-premium break it’s down and it’s a little bit harder, but it still helps you to understand, you know, the, uh, small distributions of meals. It gives you, you know, um, breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, whatever.

Um, it still

Gives you the basics. You just, the thing is

Like, it’s, it’s not that

How to count is that you’re not giving yourself the time to learn how to do it. Um, and it’s not that you’re confused. You’re just not giving yourself again the time to learn how to do it. Um, inside the application, inside the transform section, there’s videos of me teaching you how to structure your day. Um, there’s videos teaching you, me teaching you how, what pre-workout, what post-workout, what meals are good. So utilize the resources to Mika that I’m providing you inside this program. Um, it’ll help you understand. And then it just comes down to you putting in the application, which comes down to you, putting the time towards trying to understand it and trying to get, um, trying to learn it right. I’m giving you the tools and the resources. The application just comes down to putting the time into doing it and look guys don’t, if you’re new, don’t expect to understand it in a week. Okay. This I can guarantee you, macros

Is an amazing

Way to have a sustainable lifestyle, to enjoy yourself, to still lose weight, to still get tone, but you have to put in the work to learning it. Um, and it’s not going to happen overnight. Um, and you’re going to fail. Okay. Be okay with failing the okay. But in that failing process, just learn from it. All right. Open up my fitness pal, go into your kitchen, start scanning barcodes, because it’s as simple as that and start playing around with the meals inside of my fitness pal. Just start doing it. That’s what it comes down to just start taking action and uh, putting, putting in the time.

Cool. You’re welcome.

Yeah. And it is worth it. I mean, hands down, Jody, it is worth it, but I mean, I can understand too. It still gives you the features to be able to learn it. All right. So I hope that helped you Tamika and I hope I know that helped a lot of big inner babes. Okay. It just takes time at the beginning and be okay with failing. But the more that you consistently put into time to learning the whole macro side of things, which I give you all the tools and the resources and the app, um, the more that you do it, the faster you’ll get it and the easier it’ll come. Okay. All right. I’m out. I love you all. I appreciate you all keep up the good work, keep putting in the work. Like I said, at the beginning of this Q and a, the biggest difference between the people who come into this program and the ones that don’t get results.

And the one that do gets results is work ethic. It’s discipline, it’s learning, it’s failing. It’s showing up for yourself and putting it’s work ethic. That’s what it comes down to. Okay. So if you’re not getting results, it’s not the program to you. So figure out what you have to do in order to change. And if you are getting results, keep making that work ethic stronger, especially now through 2021, because now is what matters the most. All right. Go crush you guys. And I’ll see you on Sunday for our rally call. All right, bye. You want to have a good rest of your evening?


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