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What’s up WarriorBabes, Hey everybody, Nikkiey here and welcome to our WarriorBabe Live Q&A time together, Wednesday, December 2nd. It’s 6:00 PM Eastern standard time. And I am excited to be here with you guys. So as you guys are joining in comment and say, Hey, what’s up or, uh, send me the wave emoji, let me know that you guys are here and tuning in. Um, so I can see everybody who is here and plus you guys know the drill it times together, the more that you guys comment underneath of this video, the more that it pushes the video to the top of the Facebook group and all of the other beams are able to see that we are alive. So if somebody is new and they’ve never joined them before, there’ll be able to see that this video is super active by you just saying hi, and what’s up and commenting that you’re here and I’ll push this out of the Facebook group and they’ll see that everybody is here joining it and they’ll click on it and they’ll join into as well, which, you know, it helps the people inside of our community see that.

And plus it helps them attend these and plug in. So as you guys are joining comments, say, what’s up? Hello, Brooke. What’s up, babe. Um, and if you guys are tuning in at a later date or a time after this has been done, um, do the hashtag replay and keep all of the questions that you guys have in the comment thread here beneath of the video that pertains to this live Q and a, because then Kate will come back in and there’s Katie what’s up. Kate, Kate will come back in afterwards and she’ll answer any questions that were left after this Q and a was done live. All right. So make sure you guys comment in this area, if you’re listening to it after we’re live here. All right. Um, what’s up Vicky? Hi, babe. Uh, if you guys we’ll get started just a couple of seconds.

If you guys have some questions, start commenting your questions. Um, and we’ll dive into the Q a day in just a few minutes. Okay. So if you have questions, start commenting them. Kimberly, what’s up, baby? How you doing? I’m so excited to be here with you guys. I love coming here on a Wednesday nights and hanging out with you guys. What’s up Ronna. Um, want to give a huge welcome to all of the new babes who joined us in this past week. What’s up guys, this is your first Q a day. Give like a little wave emojis. So I can see that this is your first Q a day. Um, you are a part of a community of thousands, of so many amazing women. So when you support a woman, so many inspiring women, uh, who are working to build muscle, get tone and become a strong, more confident version of themselves.

So welcome to all of you. New babes warrior, babe is where strong as it is sexy. And I am so excited that you guys are a part of this amazing, amazing community. You guys will see it for yourselves as you guys tune in, plug in and get yourself grounded here inside of our, our space. Um, so if you guys are new again, welcome, um, please make sure that you’re going through the warrior Bay revolution, blast off emails. I probably sound like a recorder to so many of you guys here, all these Q and A’s, but I just have to always put emphasis on the importance of these emails that are coming to you for the first 14 days inside the program. And then there’s also inside the Facebook group. Um, there’s a file area, our units area that we have all of the blast off emails, um, wive there, and they’re all, all the videos are live there.

All right. So go through them. They are so important for your journey here and Dave to run through an entire tutorial of the app inside and what it looks like, where all the workouts are, where your macros are, how to use the calculator, how to look at the weekly schedule for the workout breakdown, how much cardio you should be doing that’s all on day two. Okay. So make sure that you’re going through those, take them seriously. Um, and on that note, if you’re new, don’t be, the person asks a bunch of questions inside of their community that can be easily answered inside of, uh, the application or buyer FAQ resource page, or by tuning into these live Q a days on a weekly basis. I come here every single Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern standard time to hang out with you guys and answer any questions that you have, uh, for your entire journey.

Here. I, this is a valuable piece that you can use for your journey about macros, about workouts, about mindset. You know, we just had, the holiday was Thanksgiving. How are you guys doing now? Are you back on track or do you need a little Swift kick in the? You can find that here by me answering your question slash giving you tough love. All right. So tune in on these Q and A’s every Wednesday, 6:00 PM Eastern standard time. Um, don’t miss a beat. I’m always here for you guys. All right. So if you guys do have questions, fire away at the questions, all right. Take advantage of the time that we have together here, because I want to be able to help you guys in anything that you need. Okay. Macros, um, best road to go on. If you need an adjustment, energy’s low Sam, Miller’s low, you’re super hungry. Your workout. Do you need some tough love around card Hill? Um, do you need some tough love to holiday? Whatever it is, fire away.

I hope that you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving too, as well last week. Um, you know, I’m really adamant about memories over macros and you guys getting right back to it on Friday. And that’s a habit that you are instilling for yourself by refocusing, by enjoying a day off. And then by getting right back to it after the holiday on Friday, whereas a lot of people, they go off the rails for the entire weekend, and then it’s really hard to get back on track on Monday. And they kind of just keep until the new year hits in 2021. So if you are that person who needs a little kick in the start, now, that’s the best thing you can do. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t go into the rabbit hole of, Oh, I’m a failure for the last four or five days. You pick right back up and you start over again.

Okay. You start tomorrow. And then the more that you do that, the more that you a reward, you’re like, you realize this, you, you change it around, you pick it up and you change it around. Uh, the more that you’re going to, you’re going to instill that kind of habit in you. And the more that you start to trust yourself, even more around those kinds of situations. Okay? Cause it happens to all of us, right? We’re not perfect. But the thing is, is that you win majority of the time. You catch yourself in those down moments. And when you feel like you’re beating yourself up, because you weren’t on track for four days. And instead of going a month, you pick right back up and you turn it around. All right. So I know there’s so many people who probably hit the gym on Friday and were like spending an hour doing cardio majority of the time.

I know for me, when I was in the gym, I saw like 10 women up on the treadmill, just running. And I’m like, God, probably just beating themselves up because of the Turkey dinner that they had the night before. So know that you don’t have to beat yourself up like that. You guys, you just get right back to it. Three days later, your body will dissipate. The water will dissipate. The sodium will dissipate. The sugar will dissipate. Okay. It’s all going to go away. If you just get right back on track right away. All right, I’m going on a rant. So I’m gonna stop going around. Does anybody have questions, please ask questions, guys. What this Q and day is for


All right. Peeps, come on. You stand here and look pretty for you guys. Or I’m not going to waste your time or my time. I’m going to tune off of our Q and a. If nobody has any questions for me,


I was waiting for this question. This is something that I was just informed my team. I’ve I’ve been aware of it, but my team was working on it. Um, it’s not really in our hands is developer’s hand. So, um, we turned off validation. So you guys don’t have to enter in your email address right now, but that’s something that they are working on and I promise you, it will be up and running soon. All right. My team is well aware of it. Best bet you guys could do is follow up. My team is telling you to do right broken. Kate are telling you guys to clear cache and the reinstall, the app or whatever they’re telling them to do, follow that. And I guarantee you, it can, you guys can fix it in a matter of like five minutes. Okay. If something with servers or something like that in the tech world that we’re trying to figure out, it seems like this happens once a year and happens every time around this year. Um, so it’s gotta be with some kind of update or something that’s going on. Um, but I can assure you that it is going to be fixed.

What’s up Patty?

All right, guys. Well, I’m not going to any questions, so I’m not going to spend more time on here when I’m not here to actually say I knew it. It’s always how it works. Um, what are your favorite exercises for back fat? Especially on the bra line. My favorite exercises are macros. My favorite exercises are nutrition. That is what’s going to reduce that over time. Um, you know, just hitting the workouts, hitting our back workouts, hitting our leg workouts, doing the rows, doing a lap pool downs. Um, all given time, that’s going to calm down, but that’s patience and time and macros hitting them, being consistent with that.


All right. Let’s try this again. So that was the only question I got. So I’m going to, I’m going to, um, I’m going to tune off for our Q and a guys come though to these every week and be prepared to ask me something. There’s so many people, um, that are inside of our community that I knew this would start firing off. Okay, good. Good. I’m glad we’re starting to fire off here. Um, but seriously, like take advantage of these, like out of the six days of the week that you guys are doing the workouts and hitting your macros, there’s gotta be something that comes up that you’re questioning. And that’s when you encounter these Q and days and you can fire and ask me anything that you guys need questions on. All right.

Did he ever, have you ever had trigger points? Of course I’m human. Um, of course I would be lying if I said that I didn’t, but the thing is, is that I recognize the trigger and this is what happens in my brain. I go one of two ways either I go down the Avenue of, I know that if I hit my trigger and I listened to the trigger and I start eating the food, it’s going to be an entire day of being off because that’s just how I operate. Or I recognize a trigger. I listened to the trigger, I see the trigger I gave the trigger love and I move on. And as soon as I give it, love it dissipates as soon as I recognize it. And I’m watching the trigger, it dissipates, you have the choice. Whereas I have the choice as well.

Like I know the one path I’m going to go on and I don’t want to, because it’s not going to be supportive to me and my goals. And I know the other path that if I just watch it, give it love and choose differently. I’m going to be set guys. And that comes with time. It comes with time. It comes a failing. It comes with messing up. You’ll learn more and more and more about your own personal self along this entire journey. You’ll recognize your triggers and you’ll be able to choose the best supportive action after the trigger on what supporting you on your goal. You always want to ask yourself, who are you becoming, right. And how would that person respond in the moment of a trigger? Would they go down the Avenue of that’s not supportive or where they go down the Avenue that is supportive?


She meant, well, that was still a good rant. Um, you met my muscles. Do I ever have trigger points? Um, yeah, I mean, I really have tight shoulders, um, because I really bad at stretching. So please take this as advice. You guys, please stretch your muscles. Um, because when you are constantly striding training and you’re constantly working out like this, you’re growing, right, your muscles are growing and getting toned. So they need more space to be able to grow when you don’t stretch just all the fibers and all the tissue are just condensed in one area looking to be able to grow. So my trigger points are like my sh my shoulders are very, very tight. Um, that’s, that’s answering the question that you’re seeking or the answer that you’re seeking to your question. Uh, uh, I’m an exome build. My current macros carbs are three 58. Okay. Carbs are through da protein, one 42 and fat 70 getting ready to bump up 25 grams carbs and two fat. Do these numbers seem right, or this fat seem low. Fat seems to below. I bump up five grams of fat.

Um, lately I do not seem to be recovering as well. And I’m experiencing an extreme daytime fatigue. Um, that could be something around with those carbs, cause you’re eating a significant amount. And if your body, I would probably try and break up your carbs, do just breakfast and then maybe like carbs around, do a couple meals in between, which is protein and fats, and then your carbs for like primarily around your workout. Um, and then more carbs for dinner, but have maybe a block of period in your day where you don’t, you just have protein and fats try that. Cause it sounds like that could be some carbs could be causing you that fatigue. Um, other than that, though, I would be trying, especially bulk your carbs around your workouts a hundred percent. Um, that should be something that you do anyway. Um, other than that, maybe check out, you know, uh, glutamine, which I really recommend. If you can get it at a coalition nutrition, it’s a specific recovery supplement, um, that I would highly recommend that you use and mix it into your protein shake before and after your workout. Why don’t we put the weight in that we want to be for our macros,

Because it’s not your weight that you’re starting at right now. You got to feed your body what it needs right now. And that’s going to put you in the appropriate deficit of where you are right now. If you put down the weight that you want to be, you’re going to be eating, not enough food. So I would you do that?


Jody, does a blueprint take a huge time commitment? Is there more, is this more for people who are competitive of absolutely not. It’s done at your own pace. It’s an entire seven week course, but you can either choose to go 14 weeks and double the time, or you can choose to go through the course material at your own pace and speed it up. Um, so it’s not, it’s a learning experience because I’m teaching guys how to do this kind of stuff. And then you also have the Q and A’s to bounce off my, my thought process. Um, but no, this is completely, really, I look at it for beginners, but then in between, like there is levels of advancement to know how to adjust and use your macros, uh, throughout your entire being control of your body for the rest of your life. That’s, that’s my motto with the blueprint. Um, Vicki, what’s the name and author of the book you’re reading. So, right. So right now I’m reading the atomic habits and it’s by James clear, it’s really good. Um, I had never really praised a book as much as I appraise atomic habits. It’s literally all my verbiage that I probably said to you guys, numerous freaking times written in the book, not joking. If I could read a book and be an author of a book, this would be it it’s a game changer, an absolute game changer,

The Athena where there’ll be a home option for bill and I’m so ready, but not looking to go back to the gym for a while. For me personally, like you gotta be able to use the kind of equipment that’s inside of a gym. Like if you, I mean, by all means order a squat rack and get a barbell and be able to do that kind of stuff from home. But one thing with building is like that resistance that you get from three ways and those dumbbells and the machines that are inside the gym. So I would, I don’t see in our foreseeable future that we’re going to have an at-home workout program for build, um, because of my methodology around it. But Hey, you never know, we could always add that in Vicki. You’re welcome, babe. What’s up Yana. All right. Cool. Does anybody have any more questions for me? I turned my heat on way too hot in here and I’m sweating balls.


Okay. Thank you for posting that.

Kimberly I’ve been so hungry lately. Should I increase my protein or should I try to recognize it as a trigger and tried to get it under control? Um, first thing I would do is yes. I would question the trigger. Why, why, why are you hungry? Are you bored? Are you emotional? Are you stressed? Um, kind of ask yourself that, am I hungry or am I being triggered by some kind of emotion? Usually, typically you’ll get an answer. If not, um, I would down some water, try and chug some water. Um, and then wait 10 minutes to see if you’re still hungry. Cause you’re the thirst and the hunger cue is trigger is recognized by the same STEM in your brain. So I would then do that then if you’re still hungry, then yes, I would play with protein. I would adjust by five or 10 grams, um, on where you are right now, Jody. So blueprint will be all. I need to know what I need to do for life. Yeah, no joke. There’s literally seven weeks of information each week probably has anywhere up to 10 videos that you’re able to watch and learn. And there’s everything on adjustments in week five that you’re able to know exactly how to adjust macronutrients,

Kathy and I have a ton of them Bell’s and a couple bars and a bench also bands. So I’d be able to sub rebuild at home, just need ideas of sub lat, pull downs and leg extensions, hamstring, curls, et cetera. Um, I would look at getting like a, like a yoga ball or like one of those big stability balls. You can do hamstring curls. That way you can also view a band so you can hook up the bands to either shut them in your door and then lay down and do single leg curls. Um, if you have dumbbells in the bench, you can sit off of the bench and do leg extensions. Um, my, one of my VIP babes actually came up with this idea that, you know, then incline bench, the inclined part, she actually lowers a little bit and then sits on that side and does a leg extension. So she has more room with her likes to be able to do the full extension, uh, with it. And then lat pull downs. You can, if you have a big super band, you’re able to put the super band in the door and just be able to pull down with it.

So, yeah, it sounds like you have a good, a decent amount of stuff. Yeah. That’s awesome. Patty, anything different for over 60 year old besides doing four day workout, nailing your macros, nailing your macros,


Yana. Do you do any T-Rex ever? No, not really. I mean, we have a T-Rex downstairs in the gym, my apartment, but, and I used it last week and I don’t know as low as I go. I still don’t feel as much resistance as I do with, um, you know, dumbbells and barbells. So I’m not, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t use it a lot. I program it for my, my VIP’s. I put it in their programs, um, because it is a bad-ass piece of equipment, but I personally do not Ronna. I do take glutamine. How many carbs should I do before? And after workout, I currently do 60 grams. That leaves to still have 60 at each meal. Yeah. Pull more. I will do like 70 in before and now.


During my workouts, should I be drinking BC or just playing water? You can do either. Or actually blueprint is awesome. I’m in build and I do all workouts at home. I haven’t been the gym in over a year and the content and videos are fire. Seriously. I literally listened to them over and over everyday. Life-changing if you are on the fence, do it. Thank you, Ashley. I appreciate that baby. I take, don’t take it from my, my words of advice, right? Like, yes, I’m going to say the blueprint is bomb. I’m the creator of it. Um, it is bomb. I put my whole life and soul in it. And plus here’s a funny story and a good story for you guys when the blueprint was born, it’s one warrior, babe, actually at the time was alpha female and female was going through a cease and desist.

We literally had a rebrand. The entire company we had to take had to take alpha female off, everywhere on the website because somebody else has that trademark and I wasn’t able to use it. Um, so they, and they weren’t letting us use it. Even if we were trying to buy it from them, they weren’t letting us. So they filed a cease and desist, which is an illegal terms telling us to shut down business. So at that point that was rough. And um, this is how the blueprint was born. I re I built the entire warrior Bay blueprint in the moment of all of this happening. And uh, yeah, this that’s why it’s my baby. And it’s gone through like two different alterations or three different alterations with content now. And it’s just gotten, it’s just gotten way better. So yeah, I can talk about it all day long. I love that program, but take it from the word waves are actually inside of it. Yana, how has your stretch routine better? How’s your stress routine going? Do you feel better? I got to get better at this. Um, Hmm. Yeah, me too. Me too. I need to get better at it and I’m going to get better at it. I, uh, I needed to keep implementing those specific habits that really important. And I have it. So thank you on it because that helps

Rhonda. Thank you. I joined the blueprint and can’t wait to get started in it and soon. Cool Patty up. You’re welcome, Ron. I look forward to seeing you up there, Melissa. Ha what’s up babe. Talking about alpha FEMA. Melissa was an alpha female. Holy. I haven’t seen your name in a long time. I hope you’re doing well. Bam.

All right guys. I am, uh, going to close out our Q and a right now, since I’m not getting anymore whole, my goodness, Melissa. I’m so sorry to hear that. There’s anybody that can fight it. That’s you, you got it. Um, but I’m going to close out our Q and a. I appreciate you all. And uh, if you’re on the fence about the blueprint, come on up. We want you up there. It’ll be well worth it. I’m telling you. So, uh, go to the warrior, babe.com. Click on joining the warrior, babe blueprint, check it out, apply for it. Book a call with my team. My team will help you through it. See if you’re the right fit for it. And then we’ll see you up there. All right guys. Well, I appreciate you all and have a great rest of your evening and I’ll catch you next time.

Okay. Make sure you do plug into these Q and A’s guys seriously, before I pop off right now, plug into these Q and A’s every single week, 6:00 PM. Eastern standard time I come here, I help answer any questions that you guys have about your entire journey. I appreciate all those hearts right now. You guys rock, um, and it’s such a valuable asset to you and your journey here. Being able to ask me something that you need clarification on, or you need help. Okay? So set an alarm, Mark your calendars, come to this Q and a show up for yourself, right? Show up for yourself. This is a great accountability piece that you could be adding to your arsenal. So I hope to see more of you guys next week. All right. I love you all have a good rest of your evening. Keep crushing it. Keep up the great work and I’ll see you next time. All right. Bye everybody.



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