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What’s up everybody. Hey guys, and Nikkiey here and welcome to WarriorBabe Wednesday Live Q&A session with me, Nikkiey Stott. I am excited to be here with you guys. I’m doing a little bit differently right now. I’m actually hosting our live Q and a via my, uh, Nikki Stott Facebook page. So we’ll probably have some, um, people tuning in that follow me via that page that may not be warrior babes. So they’re going to get a little bit, you guys, you’re going to get a little bit of an insight on how I do these live Q is with the warrior babe community. So warrior babes. What is that? You guys, I am excited to be here with you all welcome to our warrior Bay, Wednesday, live Q and a, um, it’s 6:00 PM. Is there a time is December 9th and I am stoked to be here with you all.

So as you guys are joining, joining, whether you’re joining in from my Facebook page, whether you’re joining in from our community comment, say, Hey, what’s up so that I can see you who who’s tuning in and here he was here. Um, all right. Um, and say what’s up and the more that you guys do comment, whether you’re tuning in from my Facebook page or you’re tuning in from the community, the more that the comments come via this video, the more that it pushes it, a in front of other women who are following me on Facebook, or like, Hey, here’s this chick she’s lie. Let me tune in. Um, or if you’re in the community, it’s going to push our video up at the top of the face Facebook group so that all of the babes can see that we’re live and tap on it and join in what’s up Kate?

Hey babe. What’s up Michelle? What’s up Rebecca? Hey, Heather. Cool. From New York, Kansas dope. Awesome. All right, so guys keep commenting and let me know who’s here too. All right. And if you guys are tuning in, after this live video is done, do the hashtag replay and any questions that you have that pertain to this Q a day, keep it in the comment thread so that my girl, Kate, our community manager for warrior B will be able to come back in and she’ll be able to answer any questions that were left after this, uh, Q1 day was live. All right. So this is your opportunity, guys, ask me any questions that you have. There’s no silly or a super question, whether you’re following me on Facebook and you need questions about macros and workouts or mindset and some tough love, really good at doing that. Um, if you’re inside the community, have questions about your journey, questions about macros question about workouts. This is a time to be here with me live and ask me any questions that you want have alright, CT in the house. Let’s go. What’s up Michelle? Hey babe. What’s up? Brandon from Texas. Gabriela. What’s up, babe. Awesome. Cool. And remember too, as you guys start commenting your questions in the comments thread, there’s no silly or stupid question. Okay. I’m here to help you guys get clarification on it, whatever it is that you guys need

For your journey. Okay, I will,

I’ll be blunt. I will give tough love wherever needed. Um, and just to ensure and help you guys either to get out of your own way and just to follow the truth of what it actually takes to get to the goals that you guys are

Seeking. Okay, cool.

I see the Jody you’re firing route with the question. So before I do dive in again, we’ve got people tuning in from our fate, my Facebook page, and we got people tuning in from the community. I want to welcome all of the new warrior babes who have joined us in this past week. I am so excited that you guys are a part of our community. For those of you who don’t know warrior, babe, there’s thousands of women inside of our community who are focusing on becoming tone and becoming a strong, more confident version of themselves. Warrior baby is where strong is the new sexy. So if you guys are new welcome, you guys, I’m super excited that you are a part of the community it’s growing every single week. And those of you who aren’t in our Facebook group, you’ll kind of get a little glimpse of what it’s like being in seeing these comments here, but everyone is so inspiring.

So motivating, so supportive, um, and the babes follow the truth. Okay. They’re all working towards building muscle and getting tone, which is different than cardio bunnies and cardio addicts and Kati or hallux. All right? So that’s the main thing with our worry babes and welcome to all of you guys who are new. If you guys are new, remember, and those of you tuning into my Facebook from my Facebook page, we have an application that gives you monthly updated workout programs, weekly meal, new meal plans to follow narrows down. Your map goes to your body type. Guys, make sure if you are new and you’re going that you’re in a park where you wave that you’re going through the application, okay? Don’t flood the community with questions that can be easily answered inside of your application. Take the time to search there. Then listen to everything.

There are so many golden nuggets inside the warrior Bay revolution application. So make sure that you’re taking the time to search there, learn the material things I’m teaching you. You guys are habits and skills that will serve you for the rest of your life. Okay. Is that another 30 day fix to this or 21 days to the six pack? Abs these habits and skills are the foundations that you’re laying down for yourself that will eventually it’s the systems. It’s the systems that will get you to the result that you want of the end goal. But you’ve got to get the systems in place first. Okay. Focus on consistency, focus on sleep, focused on water, focus on your workouts, focused on, um, eating your macros, right. Consistently implementing all of this and that get you to your end result. Okay, cool. So I see you guys fighting with a Cho download about a little bit of that comment, but thank you, babe.

Um, so anyway, let’s, uh, let’s kick off this Q and a again, questions really quick before we do dive in no silly or stupid question. Um, I’m here to help you guys and support you guys. Okay. So if you’re tuning in from my Facebook group or Facebook page, um, and, or the [inaudible] Facebook group, we’re kind of merging here right now, which is pretty cool. I’ve never done that before. Um, and I’m super excited because it helps other women see what we’re all about, warrior babes, and then it helps other women. Um, then if you guys keep commenting, it’ll pop up in other areas for other women to tune into this Q and a. Okay. So take advantage of our time here right now. You guys are popping questions that you have. I’m going to start finding the way answering any questions that are popping up in the comment thread.

All right. So Jody, is it important to do the workout order or does it matter? No, it doesn’t matter. You can totally switch up, um, the weekly schedule, whether it be like shoulders and biceps and then legs and chest and triceps, and then, um, arms and then like another leg day, the only thing that you can move them all around. The only thing that I recommend is that you don’t have back to back leg days or like back to back back days. Okay. You can put legs. Um, you can, you can mix it all up, but just don’t put legs back together or back to back together. All right. Awesome. You guys, I appreciate the love right now. There’s so many hearts and so many legs firing away. Um, Jodi, I have BC A’s in my water all day take pre-workout and your blast and glutamine post-workout in my protein drink.

Is this proper timing for their supplements? Yes. Proper timing for those supplements. I kind of noticed since I’ve been putting BCAs, I share with you guys in my Instagram story. If you guys don’t follow me, definitely check me out Instagram at Nicki Stott spelled the way I spell it as you see it here, but I’ve shared on my Instagram on, on Sunday, about water and how I was putting in BCAs, because it was really helping me to drink water. Like I was just getting so sick of the flavored, the non-flavored water. So I added the BCAA exam, but then I also had injured blast with angioplasty actually does have BCAs in it. Um, so I would probably really watch how much BCAs you’re having throughout the day, because I noticed me personally, my stomach was getting a little upset. Um, I don’t know if it was something that I ate or if it was the BCAs on others, too many variables there, but I would just keep that in mind.

But yes, you’re doing right with the timing of their supplements. You can do glow glutamine, pre, and post-workout too as well. You can do one scoop before and one scoop after, um, again, dirty. I have a muscular pain. How often, and what does a refill meal or refeeding day look like? So what I recommend for really anybody that’s, you know, a muscular builder ecto build is to be having like one to two cheat meals. But I err on the more side of just having one a week and it’s a cheat meal or repeat again, I’ve explained the difference between what the difference is between a cheat, a cheat meal and a refeeds in previous Q and day, you can go to the YouTube channel, um, warrior, babe, and you can look at the previous Q and A’s and it’s a huge thumbnail that says cheat meal and the difference between cheat meal and refeeds, um, but essentially short, I’m not going to answer it in full cause you can go and look at that.

But short cheat meal is one untracked meal, um, that you don’t have to worry about tracking your macros. You can go to dinner, you can choose off the menu, whatever you want, you have to worry about it’s completely mindless, but you still follow a certain amount of set macros for your body during the day. Um, so it’s not like a complete day of being off track. It’s just one meal. Um, in terms of the refill, the refill is an entire day that Aish tracked and it’s an increase in calories. Both of the days are increase in calories, both of the day, speed up your metabolism, both of these help your body to burn more body fat, but really choosing the difference between the two is what works best for your personality. Do you need, are you somebody who doesn’t want to have to worry about tracking this meal and you want to be completely mindless and you have whatever you want, or are you somebody who likes to stay kind of all point doesn’t likes tracking doesn’t mind it and wants to track the refeed. So again, short and short, and that’s the difference between the two. Um, but that’s kinda what it looked like. And I only err on the side really towards one a week for all individuals


Week one where you been here. Nice, welcome. Ma’am


Dave’s Newland old checkout Cheryl’s interview. Nikki dropped today resignates to all about eating. Yes. Anybody who does follow me on Instagram, I drop that link on my Instagram. It’s also in the YouTube, a warrior, babe, you guys check out it’s me and Cheryl’s interview where, you know, big, bold, 58 years old, and she’s eating 435 grams of carbs. She’s gained 10 pounds. Um, but she’s focusing on building muscle. So anybody who kind of needs that shift where a lot of people don’t talk about that kind of stuff. Um, we’ve really nailed it down the interview and I couldn’t be more sodium how that interview, uh, played out. So again, go listen to it. You guys, it’s, it’s fire information. It’s amazing inspiration. And Cheryl is just amazing. Jodi, welcome everyone. I cue my questions all week so I can take advantage of Nikki’s brilliance. Nice, babe.

I can tell you were firing away. That’s what I, that’s what I say, guys. I show up to my community every single week. For those of you listening in on the Facebook page, every Wednesday, 6:00 PM, Eastern standard time, I’m here to answer any questions that any of my babes have about their entire programming, about whatever they need. Um, I even go more in depth in my blueprint, my VIP programs, because I’m passionate about seeing you guys succeed. Okay? And I love that like these Jodie shows up, that’s why she fired there’s string messages right away. There’s three questions right away. You know, the tip that she shared with you guys is to use the notes on your phone, to jot down questions and then pop it into your head so that you get the most out of this time. I can’t Jody. Thank you, babe.

Thank you. Seriously, like take advantage. We’re going to be doing this. I’m gonna be doing this weekly now on my Facebook page too, as well and sharing it inside of my community. So you guys will have a vantage of those following me on Facebook to be able to ask me questions and um, be a part of [inaudible] become a warrior, babe. We’re entering into 2021. If you’re not one already. Why? Why not? Right Michelle question, I’ve done a Q and a, I haven’t done the Q and day yet because I don’t want to waste your time, but been doing blueprint for three plus months. I’ve lost 10 pounds beyond happy best program ever. When do I call you to adjust macros? I went to Luna shore. I continue to cut successfully. Thanks. Awesome girl. Also, I praise you women who are a part of my blueprint program and who really utilize the program step by step and follow it.

Step-by-step and don’t need to make any adjustments because if it’s working, don’t break it don’t change it. Okay. So, um, Michelle, for you either you can tune in, whenever things start to stall when progress stalls, when measurement stalls are not really seeing changes in photos, that would be a good time to pop into a QA on the blueprint and chat with me about like the blueprint guys. I talked back forth. I can, it’s a little bit more intimate there. Um, then I can assist you in moving in the right direction or week five of the blue for a program is an absolute gold mine, Michelle. Okay. There’s how to adjust your macros. If you are hitting plateaus, um, if you’re not seeing any changes, then what will be your next step in the cutting phase to adjusting your macros? So that’s in week five. Um, so if you want to keep trying to do it yourself, which I do highly encouraged because that’s my main thing with the blueprint program is you have to be in control of your body for the rest of your life.

You’re learning it, you’re understanding it. You use my knowledge for guidance. Um, but we’d find is really going to, uh, just nail home the goldmine of information when it comes to macronutrients, Jodi, the little educational videos under transformed, speak about different module numbers. Where do we find those modules? It says to be sure to watch module two and in three, but I have listened to all the videos. Okay, good question. Jody said that I most likely from my old version of my blueprint program, polled, um, quest or pulled modules from that program and uploaded them into the revolution application. Um, so kind of get the little teaser with the blueprint program is, and that’s probably why it says modules, but I think this says modules really is a part of my blueprint program.

Chef, all that Nikki, hello? What am I supposed to do for exercise? If I am at the retraining metabolism one regardless of Oh, Mexico, I wish I was in Mexico. That’d be so nice. It’s so cold here. Um, but if you are, if you’re, if you’re retraining your metabolism, it’s okay to do the strength training workouts. But my only recommendation for you is to not do too much cardio like one to two days of doing cardio because the ultimate goal with retraining your metabolism is to start speeding it up. And if you’re somebody who was doing tons and tons and tons of cardio, your body has just completely adapt to adapted to that kind of training that you want to pull back on doing that much, that you can focus on retraining your body to speed up the metabolism. And by swinging the metabolism, a big factor that’s going to have help with that is muscle and stimulating.

Your muscle. Cardio is something that does not stimulate muscle. It does not need strength. It does not need muscle. Um, so what your body does is a adapts to using and conserving calories. Uh, whereas when you’re in and building and focusing on muscle, you know, your body’s more efficient at burning calories and a speeds of the burning process. So a part of the retraining, your metabolism, you guys, which I preach in my blueprint program, um, is you’re speeding up, speeding it up. Okay. And you’re either most likely to drop weight or maintain weight. You may gain a little bit. Um, but the main thing is that, and you get your metabolism healthy to then go into whatever goal you’re focusing on. Would that be cut or build? So again, for exercise, I would just focus on strength training and doing Wilton, no cardio,

Jodi. What about within the workouts? Okay. To do what is listed first in the workout for the day to do the exercise list. At first as a maybe third, I switch up the dependent depending on the machines available. I get what you’re saying. Um, while I don’t encourage that. It’s okay. So yesterday, Kevin, I don’t recommend that. Um, so what you want to make sure that you don’t do though, is changing up the super sets. So you don’t want to have exercise one of X super set one and exercise two super set three, and put those two together. You want to keep the supersets together. Um, but if needed, yes you can, but I don’t recommend it.

Ah, you’ll

Be here and I’m really excited for you. Beautiful. I love that.


What’s up Tootie, Trudy. I am loving the blueprint program just started a month ago. I am menopausal endomorph. Good evening. I’ve almost met all my backers. Okay, cool. I have been eating whatever, just to get them in examples, chocolate covered pretzels, maybe an ice cream bar, how much damage and setbacks in my face. And I’m losing the weight I need. Um, I am a firm believer of balance. Um, but you also want to be making more lifestyle changes in terms of your habits. So, you know, if what got you to be the endomorph body is chocolate covered pretzels and ice cream. Then you know, you, you may just keep getting the same results that you’ve been getting. Um, so I don’t, if you’re doing it every day, that’s a big, no-no like start choosing some things that are a little bit healthier that you can put into play with your macros. Um, but I’m all about balance like every so couple of days, yes. Treat yourself with that. If it can fit into your macros, but I want to be doing it every single day. Um, but I’m excited that you’re part of the blueprint, babe. And I’m stoked to see how you progress in it.

Jody will, there’ll be another special on the blueprint. I was sick with COVID and miss the black Friday deal. I think I’m ready for the blueprint. Maybe. Um, typically if you feel like you’re not the music you are, so the nervous feelings you guys it’s just you and your growth, it means that you’re growing in your fitness journey. And that’s why I’m so excited when people say, Oh my God, I’m so excited. I’m so nervous just because yeah. Well your future self is like finally, Jodi, finally, Mary, finally, Michelle, you know, like you’re finally doing something that was getting you more in alignment with your goals. So if you guys are ever nervous or excited, like


It, get in it, join it. It’s going to be a huge answer to all the things that you’re trying to accomplish along your journey. I guarantee it, those kinds of emotions are fire. I’m not answering your question, but the team, and I don’t have any specials in the mix right now, possibly, maybe for the new year, but we’re more so leaning towards a VIP specials than we are. Um, the blueprint specials, but I mean, blueprint babes like pre like Johnson comments. I mean it’s well worth either we’re doing special or not. It’s, I mean, your health is your wealth. So, you know, it’s well worth your investment in yourself is exactly what it is. It’s an investment in yourself. And, um, trust me, like, I mean, I’m biased because I’m the creator of the program, but if you follow it, if you implement it, if you put it in the work, you won’t need another program. Again, I’m not just saying that. I’m saying that because women inside the program have said that. Okay. So yeah, babe, if you want to drop the blueprint story blueprint, uh, how you guys have enjoyed it, that’d be awesome. So other people not just me, um, can see your comment.

Uh, I thank you. And yes, the weather is beautiful. Cabo. One more question. As for striker workouts, it could be, it could be the at-home demo work at, or there’s another one that I’m missing. I have full access to the gym. And so that’s cardio. Yeah. Um, well cool. Turned out the cardio, but um, for the question about dumbbells, um, you, you can, you can, Oh my God, you can do tremendous work with just dumbbells. Um, if you just own dumbbells in your home, you can do tremendous work. Um, but there is inside of the booger program in week three, there is an entire, um, at home or in gym five or six week program, three month program, three month program, um, that you can follow us in week three of the blueprint program, Jodi, the macros one video says you should always have a protein drink after every workout.

Does this include cardio only days? Um, no, it does not include cardio. Only days. If you’re doing cardio only days you could be having full on normal meals. Ashley. Yeah, girl, you’re killing it out there. Definitely worth the investment in blueprint. Michelle blueprint is awesome. One-on-one conversation with Nikki is unbelievable, such specific direction on your journey. Speaking for itself. You guys thank you, babe. I appreciate it. There’s only so much. I can say I’m biased around it, but I think it’s a bomb, but it’s so much helpful when you guys speak up. It helps other women see it as well. Michelle bluefin is so worth it. The amount of knowledge and the program is incredible. I thought I knew a lot prior, but it didn’t knock comparison. What I’ve learned. It’s a formula specific to my body and I’m in control of it. I’m accountable to myself and it’s awesome.

Also, all I have at home is dumbbells and mini bands and I make it work. Yes. Buyer. Thank you, babes. Uh, Trudy question about cardio days, I do the step mill three times a week, 30 minutes. Am I benefiting from adding 20 more minutes of abs afterwards? I, I wouldn’t do 20 minutes. It’s kind of like overkill. Like what I don’t really recommend is, um, like three sets of like two to three different exercises. Um, and like rep counts of like 15 to 20 or like one minute holds of planks or rushing or like, uh, things like that. But 20 minutes is just overkill. I wouldn’t, you naturally you guys and all of strength, training workouts, your abs are engaged. Um, so you know, you’re working all of the time and they’re just like the calf muscle they’re being worked all of the time. It’s more so a decrease in body fat. It’s going to get them to show


We’re doing body weight training only, are we limiting ourselves or is it so positive as long as you are creating resistance and putting that time under tension, um, you know, on a week to week basis, and maybe you could hold some movements, like, uh, um, putting, like, holding, like going in like a, like a, like a hold in a squat like this, and then coming up, um, meaning keeping a little bit of a rough count longer in terms of time and more time and attention than sure. Absolutely. That’s definitely a positive move. Um, the, the main thing with body wave is you want to create mind to muscle connection. Okay. So like, if you are somebody who is really good on that mind to muscle connection and you feel the muscle engaging and it’s burning, then yes. Or putting it into that metabolic stress range.

That’s good. That’s okay. That’s what you want. Um, but I mean, to be blunt honest, like in a progression standpoint, you want to be able to like, you know, it focus on how much, like are you getting stronger? Are you, are you breaking down the muscle appropriately? Are you increasing the way? Just a tad bit each week? Um, so while yes, for me in my, in my, where I am six years into my journey, I can do body weight because I’ve gotten such a great muscle to mind. Can our mind muscle connection, um, love for somebody? I don’t know how far you are along your journey. You know, for somebody who maybe just starting out resistance is really key. So you really want to implement that resistance

On your muscles.

Not saying it’s not a bad thing. It is a good thing. You can totally make progress with body weight, but I’d almost like do body weight and then add resistance. If you’re working from home autumn and you only have access to your body weight, get a pair of dumbbells. And literally that’s all you, you can make. Like I just had amazing progress would just on belts, Eliza habeas question. I know I’ve heard you say that we shouldn’t stay in a cut for more than six months. I’ll be approaching six months in January. If I haven’t met at that long fellow school by then, should I just move into maintenance, macros? Um, so I talked about this in a rally call and you can Alize, uh, find this on the YouTube channel warrior, babe, you might have to scroll back a couple to find where I talk about like a diet break.

And that’s probably something that I would implement for you. If you know, you have a couple more, um, more of that loss to lose, you still have more of a majority to go on with decreasing your body fat. You can give yourself a diet break which lasts for one entire week and then see how your body responds. And like, I break it down inside this rally call and then coming off of that, like you will just either go again, go back into a cut slowly, bring your macros down, but you’re giving your body a break. You’re giving your mind a break during that week of the diet break. So it’s not that you had to it’s end, it’s bring your numbers up to maintenance for that entire week week. So, but it’s not like you have to sit there for an entire month of two months for somebody like that. You know, if you know, you have more fat to lose at something that I would recommend you do. So I would go check out the, uh, round the call that I did. I don’t miss. Um, I don’t know what it was, but it’s on the YouTube channel.

Jacqueline. What tips do you have for keeping on track with your nutrition, for people who work jobs that they are consistently on their feet? I’m a veterinarian. Yeah. I can totally relate to this Jacqueline. Okay. Because before I needed warrior, babe, my full-time thing, I was a nurse. I was a tech inside of an ER and I worked in emergency room, like, so I had no idea DIA what’s what’s coming in those doors. I mean, in the nursing field, you have no clue being an emergency room what’s going to happen. And I was constantly, always on my feet. Um, constantly, always busy had no idea what was going to happen. I didn’t let that to turn me though. I was somebody who made sure I could scarf down my meal in five minutes, literally, no joke. Um, I would tell my coworkers, I’d be like, Hey guys, I’m going to scarf my meal.

And I always be five steps ahead of everything else that was going to be happening that day. So like for instance, if I heard the ambulance, uh, phone and we were getting a code or we were getting something that was going to require a lot of time right there, I run into the break room, scarped out my meal. And I reset. I go back out on the floor, only was I fed, but my energy was fine. I wasn’t shaky because I was glass low-glycemic levels. Um, I was able to perform better for my patient. So it’s just a matter of being like being, um, prioritizing your time and be like, Hey, I needed to step away for two to three minutes. I mean, sometimes you guys, I would go into the freaking bathroom and I would scarf down my meal. Um, and then once I started doing this for myself, the entire emergency department started getting on board with it.

So not, will you better yourself? You also better everyone that you’re working with, but I don’t really, I don’t look it. I, I know you’re not using that as an excuse, but I don’t, I don’t take that excuse of everyone like coming from me and working in the ER, like I made it work and you guys can make it work too. So those are some of my tips. Okay. I’ve been a worry for five years and still use information from the blueprint to keep moving forward in my journey. Life changing. Yes, Kate is our community manager too. She’s bombed is always on top of everybody inside the community. I appreciate you grow. And you’ve done such an amazing job with your body in those five years. It’s freaking incredible. Uh, Jody, how much of time commitment does blueprint require for the learning pieces? Not gym time.

I work full worried. I wouldn’t have time to get the knowledge piece in. Well, you have it forever. You’ve access to it forever. Your membership doesn’t expire. It’s a one time payment and you have the entire course for lifetime. So you can listen to the modules at your own pace. But module is max. One of my modules is 35 minutes, 37, maybe to be exact, all other ones are like 10 to 20, 10 to 15 minutes. Um, so it could be you listening to it while you’re doing cardio. It could be you listening to it while you’re doing a workout, screw the music, turn on some knowledge, piece bombs, right? So, um, it’s a matter again, prioritizing your time. But if it’s something that’s serious to you, I look at time as you know, you’ll make it work. Eliza, I feel like fat is continuing to stick around on my stomach more than anywhere else.


Don’t know really how to answer that question. And just more of a statement of autumn. I follow BBG.

It just

A workout plan, exercise wise and keeps me engaged, motivated, and always pushes me.

I have no idea what PBG is

Anyway. Okay. Where are we at


I caught last week’s Q and a, a little after the fact. And I just wanted to say that I would love to have an at-home build option, especially with COVID some new thing about and consider it for the future. Are things considering it, Catherine, can I join just for the macro aspect and continue going to group exercise classes three-day stretch three days hit. Um, so I’m really big on, you know, if your goal is to be in tone and build muscle, like you want to follow my strength training workouts because macros go in accordance with that backers. I’m giving you inside the program, go in accordance to that. You guys need to understand like you cardio people that do orange theory and, and you’re trying to build muscle. Like there’s a fine line between the two of these. There is a fine line between the two of these.

Okay. And you know, how can I, I want to be able to adjust to, so you guys to understand that like warrior babe, what I do in terms of strength, training, and in terms of what your cardio should be like. And in terms of macros, they all really, really go together. And if you’re intertwining my macros with orange theory or group training classes, you guys gotta understand, like you’re adapting your body to that, to be a cardio endurance person. By doing those types of classes, the orange theory you burn my coaches for the VIP really telling me, cause one of them was an orange theory coach, you burn like 800 calories in that freaking like that’s just absurd. Um, and this is why so many people, you know, who do a lot of cardio, you’re eating lower calories. You’re, you’re, there’s a lot of stress from your body.

You’re running for a long period of time. You’re doing a lot of cardio and this actually slows down your metabolism. And this is what been deemed like the, the, uh, fitness road is like metabolic damage, but it’s really just that your body has adapted to this, this metabolism slowing down. So what I mean here is like, if you’re doing this car to activity that requires like very little strength and very little muscle. If he’s group training classes in orange theory and you’re doing a lot of it, that activity requires burning a lot of calories. Then your body’s just going to start adapting to that. Your metabolism is just adapting to that. So your body recognizes, okay, we’re burning a lot of calories here doing this activity, doing cardio. We need a Durham. We don’t need a lot of muscle and strength. So let’s learn how to conserve calories by pairing down your muscle and guys muscles, metabolically active.

So when you pair down your muscle, you’re slowing down your metabolism at the same time. So that you, at that point with your, if you’re focusing on this cardio, you’re becoming more efficient at being an endurance cardio machine. Okay? This is why I stress that cardio is not the answer. If you are getting hungry. So like hands up over this, because it hits home for me and for so many women that needs to hear this. If your goal is muscle, if your goal is to be tone and to be lean, you can’t be doing orange theory. And these group training classes and bootcamp and you know, full body workouts like your body you’re, you’re, you’re adapting it to be cardio and right. You’re adopting it to be a cardio addict. Okay? So if your workouts don’t really burn that many calories, but requires strength and muscle.

Now your body is like, Hey, let’s build this muscle and we can be less efficient with calories and speed up your burn, right? So if you eat less and Andy and you exercise more and more, especially doing things like that, cardio, which doesn’t demand a lot of muscle in a lot of strength, you’re teaching the body to become more efficient and not need a lot of calories and what your metabolism is then slowing down. Okay? If you guys do workouts that are solely focused on muscle that are solely focused on a strength, you’re fueling your metabolism to speed up. Guys, smash the fricking leg button right now, if this is making sense, I hope to God, I just shared this with my VIP group last night. And I’m so glad I kinda kinda got brought on kind of going on a rant, but it kinda got brought up tonight because you guys need to hear this. Okay? You guys need to hear this. Thank you. The like buttons being smashed. Okay. If your goal is to build muscle and to be toned and to be lean and to have that sexy physique Cardi was not your answer. You need to train your body to strength, train. Okay? You need it. And veer away from training it to do in Dorrance. Spilling lions. Go on crazy right now. Let’s go. I love it. Fire, fire, fire, fire. Cool. Um,

Where did I leave off

Michelle? One of the best things I’ve learned in blueprint is the importance of low impact cardio simply walking. We don’t have to work out our bodies in the ground doing constant hits. Yes. Thank you. It seems like my rant just happened at the right amounts or mountain right time. Thank you, Michelle. Yes. You guys steady state cardio while it may be boring. It’s a lot less stressful on your body. Okay. There’s 800 calorie burning orange, orange theory, and a group training classes like, yeah, that’s cool. And all but not when you want to build muscle. All right. Amy knew Bayview. I have been building muscles. So feel a bit like a seal with a layer of fat trusting. The process is going to work right. And waiting for the macro part to do which job went through menopause two years ago. Yeah. If you’re focusing on building muscle, building muscles, a mindset, and it’s a journey, it’s a six month journey. Like I talked about with Cheryl and Sabra interview. If something that doesn’t happen in like two months, okay. Building the body as a process, building the body building muscle takes time. Um, so yes, building it. You’re going to put on a little bit of body fat with, with building muscle. It’s totally normal. But when you focus on like going into a cut, decreasing your macros and going into caloric deficit and bring your macro sound with it, that’s where your hard work shows.

Melissa. I have a question about stretching

When doing upper body and then cardio, would you suggest stretching after strike training before cardio, after the entire workout is complete, I would do it after the entire workout is complete. And then when you’re doing the stretching and focus on it, you can be drinking like your protein shake and all that jazz.

Sorry. There was a lady to my previous question.

Lesbian. If you can recap, I’ve answered so many questions since then. I’m going to be brutally honest. I do not remember what you wrote, Amy, everything. I went, everything I want is on the other side of consistency. That’s a fire, freaking affirmation. Everything I want is on the other side of consistency. Let’s go. I love it. Vicki. Hey Nikki. And your eyes, you story, you were in your pool and super cold hotter. We’re curious about the purpose of that. Yeah. Um, it’s definitely, it does metabolize fat a little bit more if you consistently do it. Um, I used to do it when I lived in Bali for like three to four times a week.

I was in like 40

Degree cold pools. Um, but it, it helps with metabolizing with the fat, but it also helps with like bring and being clear. And, uh, it’s kind of like a form of meditation. Um, it’s, it’s really good on so many, also deeper layers of like cellular processes and being, um, healthy in that state of, of, uh, research look at Wim Hoff whip Hoff. I’m looking at doing such a bad way of explaining it, but Wim Hoff, uh, w I M H O F F is like, he’s known as, um, why not Latino Nez. He has a, he’s an interesting name. Um, he’s like a crazy, he’s a crazy guy, but for he’s he’s so bright.

So I definitely check him out.

Do you have a website for your plan? Www dot warrior, babe, that com Michelle, you speak the truth. I brought on average 200 to 250 calories during weight. So I’m dropping weight. Yes. A men. That’s exactly what I just said. You’re training your body is to build muscle and be less efficient with calories, but speed up your burn. Right? So when, and when you’re doing too much cardio, your body’s like, I need to conserve these calories because this woman’s doing it during. So I need to like, hold back and save it, right? Because it needs to be able to send you energy and bursts of energy throughout that kind of workout. Um, but with weights, you’re building muscle muscle is metabolically active. It’s a part of your metabolism. What if you do cardio and shank workouts? Yeah, absolutely. I’m not saying don’t do no cardio. Just like what a one of the babes just mentioned. Like you go walk on a treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes at a low steady state incline of like, uh, a N speed of three, and you will still drop weight, steady state, less stress. You’re putting off stress when you’re doing the workouts and the, in a good way,

Spot on

A hundred percent sense. I love your passion. Thank you so much for that explanation. Yes. You’re welcome guys fired.


Good is shaking out. I w I do want that lean and toned body, but I love jogging. I’m new at blueprint and love it. I guess I need help combining both of it’s possible. Yes, absolutely. You guys, I’m not saying don’t just, don’t do the 800 calorie burning classes and like orange theory. And that dad is your you’re adopting your body to train like that. You’re now strength training. You’re just adopting it to train with strength with, with focusing on that. And like, yeah, cardio can be done by again, StairMaster steady pace, but doing a steady pace is still going to kick your. Like don’t underestimate steady state cardio because it’s going to kick your. Um, but it is possible. Okay. Like you can, you can combine both. You just told me be doing Eland or calorie burning classes. How important arresting is. Rest days are very important. Um, very important. That’s kind of, you know, where the muscle grows. It grows during rest. It grows in 24 hours, 48 hours outside the gym by your proper nutrition and being able to sleep properly and all that jazz. So they’re really important. And I like to like either do two to three week. I used to only do one and I just drill my body into the ground. I work out five, four to five times a week right now. And it’s optimal for my body.

Seven. How about the sauna after workouts? I found in meditation, I’ve worked out. Yeah, absolutely. A hundred percent. You can do this song. I want to count it as cardio, but yeah, you can do a for sure. Sama is a great forum and it’s great for health too, as well. 20 days of workout, three to five. While if you’re in the warrior Bay plan, we have four or five or six to eight players that you can find.

All right, you guys, so I freaking love coming and hanging out with you guys on these Q and A’s. Um, I appreciate being here with you guys. I’m going to answer these last couple of questions coming in, and I am going to turn off the Q and a, because if it’s a few minutes, I jump on my blueprint program and I do a Q and a with them. Um, we go for two hours on those blueprint calls. So, and it’s more intimate. We do zoom, but I’m able actually to meet you and chat with you. So it was pretty cool. Definitely. Guys, if you’re following me on my Facebook page, um, checkout warrior, babe.com, check out the blueprint program, check out the VIP program. Um, it’s, it’s honestly, it’s the best thing that you could be doing for yourself getting inside of one of these, uh, for 2021. Okay.


How do you feel about cottage cheese being one of the best muscle building proteins for the body? Absolutely. If you are, can handle dairy for sure. I love cottage cheese. Uh, do I do during my ability, I do less cardio to zero cardio because lifting more, I’m burning more adding cardio would not help in this process starting to cut in mid January. Then I add a couple of hit workouts or run is, yeah, that sounds correct. A hundred percent, hundred percent

Dope. Okay. I’m going to jump off because I know that more questions are going to keep firing in and, uh, I would love to be able to hang out with you guys and spend the whole evening year answering questions, but I need to tune out and double my blueprint QA in 15 minutes. All right. But guys, Hey, this is your first time tuning tuning into one of my Q and A’s here. If you’re following me on Facebook, I’m going to be doing this every Wednesday. So you don’t make it a point to schedule it into your calendar and Mark your alarms at Nikki’s going live at 6:00 PM Eastern standard time. All right. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy being here and spending this time with you guys. Um, and then my Facebook group, my community warrior babes. You guys know the drill every Wednesday, 6:00 PM. Eastern standard time. All right. You guys. Boom. Awesome. Cool. Have a great rest of your day too, as well. See you guys.


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