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Setting an example for her 4 year old daughter
Setting an example for her 4 year old daughter


NAME: Amanda Ritz
AGE: 37
RESULT: Struggling to get back to a weight where she felt healthy mentally and physically, Amanda was 37 and had tried paleo, keto, and cutting down heavily on carbs. She spent her lunch hour going through all of Nikkiey's free info, then jumped in with both feet. Not only has she lost 4 inches from her waist, but she also feels confident that she's able to be a healthy role model for her 4 year old daughter.


Hello, I am Amanda Ritz. I am 37 years old. I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, my rambunctious four year old daughter and very active three dogs. I first came across the Warrior Babe information on my Facebook feed. And I saw the picture of Nikki, which is hard to pass up when you see her goddess-self on the advertisement and you go, whoa, look at her. And I started reading the content and the information that was on the advertisement and it really resonated with me. So I decided to sign myself up in the email and I spent my lunch hour that day going through all of the free information that Nikki gave us and watching the videos and listening to everything that she had to say. So needless to say, by the end of my lunch hour, I jumped in with both feet and didn’t even talk to my husband about it. I just decided that this is what I wanted to do for myself and I was going for it.

Really in the beginning, my goal was to get myself back to where I wanted to be mentally and physically and be happy with my physique again and be proud of my body again. And really be that good role model that I want to be for my daughter. It’s nerve wracking being a mother of a young daughter in this society with body image being what it is. So, I want to really be that role model of health and nutrition and confidence and strength for my daughter. So didn’t think twice, I just jumped. What I can say is I have tried every program out there. I’ve done paleo, I’ve done keto, I’ve done the low carb thing. I even way back in the day in high school did the cabbage soup diet. So I’m not new to the fad dieting on any level.

I’ve always generally been good with my diet. I love healthy food. So that’s never been strange for me and hard for me. It’s just, I also like my non-healthy food, like my chips and my wine and my ice cream. So the beauty of of macros and macro counting is that you have the ability to fit those things in and not feel deprived and not feel like you’re doing something so awfully wrong that’s just going to just throw you off track. So it’s been an amazing learning experience. I was definitely new to macro counting from the beginning. I actually called my sister who is not new to it and had a panic attack on the phone. Like how am I going to eat this much food? And I don’t even know where to begin. Oh my gosh, I have to track all of this. And it can be very daunting in the beginning because there’s so much information and you feel like there’s just so much to absorb and to learn.

But the beauty is that this is the only program that I’ve ever been a part of that outright freely gives you that information. Nikki gives you such support and knowledge. She wants you to truly understand how these nutrients work in your body, what you need to build muscle. What different routines different body type needs to get the results that they’re looking for. Different cardio, things like that, that other programs just don’t do. They all make it a one size fits all. And you’ll get these life changing results in 30 days and be happy and have everything you’ve ever wanted.

But, at the end of the day it’s about putting the work in and knowing that if everybody’s on their own journey and what’s beautiful about this community is that all of the Warrior Babes really support each other. It’s daunting putting your before pictures out there, day one and saying, this is me. Take me or leave me. But it’s amazing the support that you actually receive from women that have never met you, that you may never meet in life. Hopefully you do one day, because you do end up building relationships and getting to know these women and following their journeys and supporting each other. So it’s really empowering to have, you know, I would say for anybody that’s on the fence with joining Warrior Babe, do it for yourself. If you want to feel strong, if you want to understand how nutrition plays such an important role in creating the body that you want and feeling fit and being strong for the rest of your life. Jump in.

This program supports you if you are having off days, if you are just kicking ass and taking names for weeks and months at a time. Everybody is here to support you in your own journey. I’ve personally lost over seven inches around my body. Four which was around my waist, half inch on each leg, quarter inch on each arm. And only four pounds on the scale. So it’s amazing and I’m very happy with where I’m at and where I’m going. And I know that this is only teaching my daughter how to be a healthy and happy individual as she grows. So I say, thank you.

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