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Finally learned how to eat for her unique body
Finally learned how to eat for her unique body


NAME: Anna Miller
AGE: 32
RESULT: After her third child, Anna saw her love handles and back fat but couldn't get rid of them no matter what she did. When she joined WarriorBabe, she finally learned to eat for her body and got the support she needed in the private Facebook group. After just over a month, she's already noticed dramatic changes and is confident she'll continue to shape her body how she wants.


Hey everyone, my name is Anna and I’m 32. I have three kids. I do the billing at a trucking company and I do part-time photography. I also have a degree in allied health science and I’m continuing my education with a nutrition and fitness program. So I’ve been doing Warriorbabe for about a little over a month. And in that short time I have noticed some drastic changes. After my third child, I had the love handles and the back fat and I could not seem to get rid of it no matter what I did.

So I was getting a little upset. It’s like I’ve always been fit and I’ve always been healthy and no matter what I did, it just didn’t seem to work. So when I found Warriorbabe, it was really a blessing. When I was a kid at 13 I started doing fitness and I’ve always been fit. I’ve always been into eating healthy. I don’t eat a bunch of junk food or go out and eat a bunch of ice cream every day. And it’s like, I do indulge every once in a while, but for the most part I’ve always considered myself somewhat healthy. And after my third child, that’s when it’s like I kind of got those problem areas that I didn’t like about myself that I just couldn’t get rid of. And when I found Warriorbabe, I started to notice that those things actually started to melt away.

So that’s one thing that I absolutely love about this program is that even though I thought I was eating healthy before, it really opened my eyes to how I should be eating. So now it’s become a way of life. One thing that I love about Warriorbabe is the support group. They are so supportive, everybody. And it’s nice to know that there are others like me that are doing it too. When I found Warriorbabe, I actually was scrolling through Facebook and I was thinking like, “What can I do to help change my body?” I wanted to do some kind of macros program because I’ve heard so much about it being so great. And then I found Warriorbabe and I think it was kind of like a blessing. I’m looking for something to change the way that I look and then it pops up on my Facebook.

So I believe that Warriorbabe will continue to help me. Everything that I’ve learned from Warriorbabe is excellent. And I look in the mirror and I love the way that I look. I’m not looking at my body thinking, “I wish I could change this about myself,” or, “I wish I looked like this.” I actually look in the mirror and I like the way that I look. I think I look good and I hope that it’ll continue to change my body and I’m really glad that I found it. Thank you.

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