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More confidence and muscle than ever — within 5 weeks
More confidence and muscle than ever — within 5 weeks


NAME: Ashley Tatum
AGE: 30
RESULT: After nearly starving herself with restrictive diets, Ashley found WarriorBabe. She hadn't been to the gym in a year, but seeing Nikkiey swinging ropes lit a fire underneath her and she made the dive. In just 5 weeks, she's finally seeing muscle tone and feeling stronger and more confident than ever.


Hi, Warrior babes. My name is Ashley Tatum. I am 30 from Kentucky. I currently work for the Department of Defense for the National Guard, but I am also in the process of joining the Army. For me, I’ve always been one to follow a counting calorie program, very low carb, honestly, very low food at all. I practically starve myself on a normal basis to try to get these results. Let’s get skinny. Let’s get skinny. I never could get there, all that I did … and I was a college athlete. All that I ever did was just destroy my metabolism. On top of that, destroy myself confidence in my body and the way that I saw myself. I felt horrible. I was just so fed up, like what’s the point anymore?

I got to the point where I took an entire year off of the gym until here recently, just five weeks ago, I found the Warrior Babe program via Facebook. A Facebook ad came through. I saw Nikkiey on there. I think she was swinging the ropes. It just lit a fire underneath me just seeing her positivity and her energy. Let’s face it. She looks great. I just thought this girl knows what she’s doing. For some reason, even though I had tried all these things before, I just felt like I have to try this. She just seems like she knows what she is talking about. The girl has got it going on. Let’s see what this can do for me.

I decided to join and I was super excited. I was slightly nervous as well because I had not been in the gym in a year, but I was also about to start my training for the military, and so I wanted something that was going to just … You know what I mean? Give me the results that I have always been wanting, that lean, toned, muscular, just fit, healthy body. So far, the results have been phenomenal. Not only the way that I’ve seen my body change in just five weeks. That’s fantastic. I have leaned out and I’ve really not lost much weight, but I’m seeing muscle tone and I feel stronger and more confident than what I have been in the past few years. I’m eating more food than I’ve ever been able to eat before. Counting macros is phenomenal. I love it.

The other thing that I love the most about this program is I have always had such a negative body image. What Nikkiey does is she starts you out from the basis. She makes you do exercises that helps you figure out your inner why. Why are you doing this? What are your reasons? Why do you want to do this? She makes you take a deep look and really be honest with yourself about where you’re currently at, where you want to be, where you see yourself, your triggers. She teaches you positive affirmation. She teaches you how to literally rebuild your confidence, which, let’s just face it, health and nutrition is not just a physical aspect. It’s a mental aspect as well. If you cannot get there mentally, it’s going to be even harder to get there physically.

That was another reason why I love this program so much already. It’s been eye-opening and very educational for me, and I can’t wait to see how much further I progress in the next three months to six months to even a year because she’s taught me how to love every single step of the process. It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon. Take your time, learn, grow, play with your macros, almost like a science project to produce the results that you want.

The Facebook community that we have is fantastic. All of these women on these rally calls that we have on Saturdays, and Nikkiey is just a firecracker that just lights you up with these amazing calls. On Wednesdays, she does FaceTime with you and you get questions that you get to ask her, and she’ll literally answer anything. She takes the time to make sure that you are really understanding and getting what you need.

I encourage every woman out there to join this program because if you are looking for accountability, if you are looking for results, this is the program that you need to follow because you will find it all here. Thanks, guys.

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