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Every pound she lost came right back before WarriorBabe
Every pound she lost came right back before WarriorBabe


NAME: Candy Bunk
AGE: 44
RESULT: Candy started off with inconsistent, flip-flopping results — now she's part of a community that's available to help every single day, even every hour, and her confidence has shot through the roof.


What’s up WarriorBabes. My name is Candy Bunk and I’m 43 years old. I am a mother to a 21-year-old son. I have been married to a military man for 23 years and I’m a police officer of 20 years. I do teach yoga on the side part-time. And I came into WarriorBabes by finding it off of Facebook. And I remember at first, the first thing that got me about it was seeing a little bit of information, but seeing a picture of Nikkiey. And I remember thinking, I want to look like that. How do I get to look like that?

So I checked out some more information and got on a call to find out more about the program. And I remember being a little hesitant because of the costs associated with the program, but it truly is a program that you get for life. And you get so much with this program that it truly is worth it. You get a ton of information throughout the modules that teach you so much about nutrition, and exercise, and your body type, and how to use food and macros specifically to fuel your body for the workouts and the results that you’re trying to get, whether you’re trying to build muscle or lose fat or do a combination of both. And before coming into this program, I really didn’t know anything about macros. I knew about low carb, I knew about low fat. I tried a couple of different programs. I remember trying Jenny Craig. And I had done pretty extensive workouts up to this point. I wasn’t new to exercise by any stretch of the imagination. And I remember they had me on 500 calories and I passed out.

So there’s a lot of unhealthy programs out there, but this teaches you how to fuel your body and get the workouts that you need for you, which everybody’s a little different. And if you’re doing it wrong, you’re not gonna get the results that you need. And that’s where I was at when I came into this program. About the last year, I had been doing the workouts. I had been doing massive amounts of cardio, like so much cardio, and I hadn’t been changing anything. I might have lost half a pound, but then it would be back. And I wasn’t gaining any muscle and I couldn’t figure out why.

So another thing about me is, even though I’m 43, I’m post menopausal. So my cortisone levels are high because of that. And then when you exercise, your cortisone levels go up. And then being a police officer, my cortisone levels are pretty high all the time, except for when I’m at home or relaxed. So that was inhibiting my ability to lose the fat and build the muscle. So I needed to learn how to use the food to fuel my workouts, to put the weights back into my workouts, and using the food the proper way to do that, and then burning the fat afterwards, but with less cardio. So who thought that I could do less cardio? But I’ve been able to do it. So I haven’t lost a lot on the scale, but I’m losing inches around my waist and my chest. And I’m building muscle for my arms and my legs now as well. And especially now, because I’ve actually signed up for the Chicago Marathon in October. It’s gonna be my first marathon that I’m gonna run. And I’m very scared, but I have every bit of confidence in myself now. So this program has taught me so much about that, and they give you every resource to do it. They give you all the tools. They teach you everything through the modules throughout the program.

And there’s a fantastic Facebook community that you get to get on, and you can get on it everyday. You can get on it every hour if you want to. There’s always somebody there and available just to talk to, bounce ideas off of, give advice of your own if you have it. And you have weekly, you have multiple times that you can jump on calls with Nikkiey herself, and just make sure that you’re going in the right direction. You can get validation to make sure that, you know, if you thought you were going in the right direction or you just have a question, you’re not sure, you’re not seeing the results you think you need to see, you can talk to her directly. So, and if you can’t get on one of those, you can send her a message. They’re all recorded so you can see that later. And you have expert coaches that are always available to you. So this program is truly, truly worth it. You do have a program that is there for you for life, and it is worth every single penny and more. I am so happy that I came to WarriorBabes. I’m so happy with the results that I am seeing for me. I am not one of those people that are gonna be happy as I get older just with, you know, things like, well, you’re just gonna lose muscle, and gain fat, and that’s what happens. That’s not for me, that’s not the life I wanna live. So I truly believe in this program. I support it a 100% and hope to see all of you inside WarriorBabes.

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