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She was at the right weight ... but couldn't seem to put on muscle
She was at the right weight ... but couldn't seem to put on muscle


NAME: Cheryl Beaver
AGE: 50+
RESULT: Cheryl had trouble gaining muscle despite being at her ideal weight, and she didn't have anyone to help her through the process — even in Facebook groups, no one was giving her the tough love she wanted. She decided she would no longer accept that "this is what I'm supposed to look like when I'm older." With WarriorBabe, she finally has a plan to put on the muscle and tone she wants.


I didn’t feel the cardio was doing anything for me. I didn’t need to lose more weight. I just wanted to gain more strength and muscle. Yeah, I have, because of my age I have some areas that needed trimming but I knew muscle could help me with that. And just there was nobody to talk to, you know, they, we have, they have Facebook groups for accountability and friendship but nobody was willing to, to reach out and say, well maybe you need to try this. So when I saw you and well, it didn’t hurt that you were from Westchester, Pennsylvania.

I was dying to talk to you to find out where you went to school to see if it was the same school. Yeah, I thought, well, this girl from my hometown can probably help me. Your arms and your shoulders are my interest. I was like, yes, I want that thickness. And so I just clicked on the, you know it was in, over the course of four days, one video a day. And so each day I just watched the video and then it was, I think, 14 days free. So I was like, okay, I can do this. When I started going through menopause, I, that was I gained quite a bit of weight and I thought, okay, this is, I kept telling myself, this is what I’m supposed to look like when I’m older, this is just it. And then one day I was like, no it’s not. I can’t, I’m not happy. I’m not comfortable in my own skin, but there are tons of articles out there telling women my age, muscle is better for you I mean, I don’t take calcium pills. I don’t need to. I don’t even take a multivitamin.

I have, it’s almost time for my colonoscopy. And the doctor called me the other day and said you don’t need to come in for a consult. We’ll just send you paperwork ’cause you’re still healthy, you’re not on anything. If they’re listening, they’re not happy with who they are and if they want to be happy with who they are, just do it.

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