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Nikkiey told her to work out LESS
Nikkiey told her to work out LESS


NAME: DeeDee Monahan
AGE: 51
RESULT: DeeDee worked out constantly and cut down on her eating, but she still wasn't seeing results. After joining WarriorBabe, she realized she actually needed to eat more — a lot more — and that working out more wasn't the answer. Almost 2 years later, she's healthier than ever before at 104 pounds without depriving herself.


I was 51 when I started with you, I’m gonna be 53 in August and I’ve always loved fitness I’ve always walked. I’ve always done classes and, then I got certified to be a fitness instructor, and long story short I owned my own bootcamp business so I teach classes so fitness is my life. I’m a physical therapist assistant. So I like helping people. I like helping people towards their goals and with their journeys and everything but I needed some help myself, especially in the nutrition department. I could work out all day long, but I learned that after joining this group that I was not doing the right, I wasn’t eating right. ‘Cause I wasn’t seeing the results. I was working out all the time but you couldn’t tell that I was working out all the time.

Yeah. And that was my biggest concern. I’m like, I work all the time why can’t I see any results? So you really brought it to my attention that I needed to really work on my eating. And that was a struggle. I wasn’t eating enough either. That’s my biggest thing. I would have like probably two shakes a day and then dinner, I’ve totally was not feeding my muscles. If anything I learned through this is you’ve got to eat, I eat the same stuff, so I don’t have to plan like I don’t spend all day Sunday planning my food. Some people do that and I think that’s great if that’s what they need. But I just eat the same but that’s just me. And I need easy peasy, but it works for me. I eat the foods that I like, I go to the store I get what I need, and I know what I’m gonna have for the week. I am a macro lifer. That’s how I’m gonna live my life for the rest of my life is just because I finally found what works. But you really gotta learn consistency. Yeah I did it. I would do really good, and then I remember this summer you were saying, “you better get on the ball, before we start this competition training. Or you’re not.” I remember you saying and I’m like, I will I promise, I will. But I slacked. I was having a great summer. The beers were really good, hot dogs on the grill were really good, but I would every week I’d be like my pictures aren’t changing. I don’t look any different. And you’re like, ’cause you’re not doing it right.

So this summer is gonna be different. Yes, I’ll probably, I’m gonna have my beer and I’m gonna have a hot dog, but I gotta plan it better. I’m 104 pounds now and I’m eating 275 grams of carbs, we all have the same goal in mind. We wanna get stronger and we wanna get healthy. We all have that, but it’s getting there. It’s hard. You have to work for it. And no one’s gonna do the work for you. You can tell us everything to do but you gotta work for it. But I think being part of like being a warrior babe, is empowering. It makes you part of a family and you don’t wanna let that family down. You don’t wanna let everybody down and they’re watching you, even the warrior babes we’re all watching each other. We’re feeding off each other. It’s like,” Oh my God look at so-and-so’s biceps.” I’m like, I want those. I think we feed off each other and it’s good energy.

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