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The answer was eating more ... a lot more
The answer was eating more ... a lot more


NAME: Denise Kuhn
AGE: 50
RESULT: Denise hated eating — all she faced were restrictions on her calorie take, and she actively avoided eating more food than she had to. WarriorBabe helped her completely change her outlook on food, and now she's eating what likes every day. At her school, her co-workers even ask: "Are you still eating?"


Let’s say, calorie wise, I’m kinda eating the same amount of calories but eating the other way, I was being very restrictive. And again, I was trying to eat foods I didn’t like so I would stop eating. So my numbers were supposed to be the same in terms of calories, not macros. But I wasn’t really eating it because I didn’t like it. So I definitely eat more now. I’m doing five meals a day instead of six just ’cause the way my numbers are, it’s easier to fit them in five. I definitely eat more now. Much more regular, foods I like. It’s surprising. You wouldn’t think you wanna eat all that food. Yeah, I mean, I love it and it surprises me that I can eat that much and still be hungry. Not that I always am hungry, but I’ll have days, past couple of days, I’ve actually been hungry, and I’m eating the same things I have been.

So I have up and down days with that. Some days I just don’t even wanna eat, but I’ll force myself to eat it ’cause I know I need to. Yeah, it’s surprising. You wouldn’t think that you can eat this much food and continue to lose. Yeah it’s amazing. When we’re actually in school, and people see I have a little refrigerator under my desk and I bring my food in every day and shove it in there and people will come in and out of my classroom.

And they’re like, “Are you still eating?” Put them all together, throw ’em in a fridge, and then you just grab. It’s not like I have all the pieces in the fridge and I have to put it together. I literally put each meal together, just grab it. And even when school was in though, I would still do that same thing. Put everything together. So the next morning I get up, grab my cooler, boom, boom, boom, pop ’em all in there that I need during the work hours. Yeah, it just keeps you on track. It keeps you accountable and instead allows you to use your weaknesses to make you stronger.

You know, it really teaches you that you don’t give a crap what other people are thinkin’. If you’re at the gym, don’t worry about other people watching. Maybe they’re trying to learn for you. ‘Cause I know I’ve had that happen to me, you know? So I don’t care what other people think.

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