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6% fat decrease in just 4 months
6% fat decrease in just 4 months


NAME: Emily Nelson
AGE: 40
RESULT: Emily tried keto, Weight Watchers, and even SlimFast shakes, but nothing was working. Then she learned about macros and knew they were important, but had no idea how to count them properly — she signed up for WarriorBabe and tracks everything easily now. She wakes up knowing exactly how many grams of protein and carbs she has to eat to stay on track every day.


I was scrolling ironically on social media and Facebook, you know, and I’d see this this chick that has these shredded arms and abs. And she’s got these ropes doing this and I’m like, okay, what is this? That is you girl. I was like, I need arms like Nikki Stott is all I know because she’s freaking shredded. She’s got the arm vein, which I like is part of my goal too is to have the arm vein it’s getting there. So anyway, so I clicked on and read everything ’cause I’m kind of getting nerdy when I’m like into fitness stuff. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, I’ve tried keto. Dear Lord, I’ve tried a stupid SlimFast shakes, not working. I tried it all. It worked for a little bit and then it’s like, eh, we give up. And then I’m like, well I eat good during the week. But then comes weekend and I eat like and I drink. So let’s see that doesn’t work. So anyway, so I was like I wanna join this, this warrior babe. I’m like, I like the name too. So I was like, lemme get in on this. This is freaking awesome. So I signed up and I did my… and I also meant to tell you that I had heard the whole macro stuff. And I was like, yeah, I don’t know how to do that.

I can’t do it, but I’m like, can’t does not work with me. Will, I will do this? And so I did it. And like you said, I’m almost a year in. I decreased my body fat by almost like 6% within four months. I love to work out and now that I know how to do the macros. My number one advice is I use the MyFitnessPal. And I know there’s some other ones out there to track your macros. Do it the night before or the day before. Like have it done so when you wake up, it’s a no brainer. You wake up, you’re like, I have to eat 50 grams of proteins, I have to have dah dah of carbs. You just make it happen. You know, you do it the night before because if you do it the day of it won’t happen. It won’t work. You won’t eat enough or you’ll eat too much.

So my best thing is do it the night before or the day before. And a lot of times people get so frustrated and my macros aren’t working and I’ve had a couple of the babes reach out to me that have been nervous. And I’m like, don’t be nervous. A, we’re here to support each other. You know, believe in yourself, don’t rush it. Don’t get so stressed out that you’re like this is not gonna work out, forget it, forget it. Don’t, you know, just take the time, read through the you know, when you first start out read through all the emails, listen to the videos do it a couple times. I mean, you know if you have to just stick your ear pod in or air pod I always say that wrong by the way. Ear pods, yeah, whatever. Just, you know, just listen to it. It becomes, it’s like my mantra, I am a warrior babe, and I am so proud to say it out loud. Believe in yourself, trust the process. It will come.

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