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A complete mindset transformation
A complete mindset transformation


NAME: Erica Collins
AGE: 24
RESULT: Erica was killing herself with cardio and never measured anything out. She met Nikkiey in school and asked her questions constantly, and the answers transformed the way she approached working out. When Nikkiey started WarriorBabe, Erica joined without a second thought. Her loves the mindset part of the program and loves finally being held accountable.


Hey, guys. My name is Erica. I’m a full-time registered nurse in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m 24 years old. I joined Warrior Babe back in October 2018 now.

A little history of my diet and exercise before joining the program. I just want to throw it out there, I’ve never done any program before this one. Diet-wise, I ate whatever I thought was healthy so a lot of chicken and rice, veggies, fruits. I never measured anything out. Workout-wise, I had a good general knowledge of how to weight lift. I was weightlifting a lot before this, just trying to go as heavy as I could, so I had a lot of muscle mass coming into this program and then at the end of my workouts, I’d kill myself with cardio.

I met Nikkiey in nursing school. When I found out she was a professional body builder, I asked her a thousand questions. I was like, how many cheat meals do you have a week? How do you eat all your meals? How do you not have any sweets? All this stuff. I’m sorry, Nikkiey, I was obnoxious, but I just desired the results she could achieve. She was cut up. She was so committed to the gym and her diet, and I just wanted that. As soon as I found out she was creating the Warrior Babe program, I didn’t have a second thought about joining. I was like I’m finally ready to invest in myself. I’m finally ready to see the results that I want to see for myself.

Ever since joining, I don’t have a single regret about it. My mindset has changed on my diet, my exercise, my whole mindset behind it. I love the mindset part of Nikkiey’s program because mindset is going to shape your entire view of how to achieve the goals that you want. She holds you accountable, which is also huge. She tells you day one that this is on you. You’re accountable for your results. I love that. My mindset is incredible now. If I have a bad day, I start over the next day and I don’t kill myself with cardio and be like, I have to do an extra 10 minutes of it to get rid of those extra calories I had for eating Oreos or something.

Another thing that was huge for me was the macro portion of it. Before, let’s just say I needed a macros for dummy booklet because I did not understand macros. I didn’t understand the science behind each one of them, and I didn’t understand where those macro calculator numbers were coming from. It was just so frustrating. I was so sick of reading all the stuff on the internet. I was just done it.

Joining the program, that was a big thing for me, was to understand macros, understand the science behind it and become a macro genius like Nikkiey is. Guess what? She provided me with the tools to be a macro genius now. I’m not a macro dummy anymore. It was amazing. She teaches you the science behind every single one. She teaches you when to eat certain things, which is huge because many programs just give you a meal plan and you don’t know why you have to eat certain things at certain times or if they even know themselves. That was huge for me.

The whole workout part, I’m now the smartest, hardest worker in the gym. I go into the gym. I have a structured workout. I can get my workouts done in about an hour, an hour and a half depending on if I have cardio, and I don’t have to kill myself with cardio. All the workouts, the weight lifting portions part of it, so, so, so challenging. I thought I was conditioned before, but no. Every single workout, I die. I kill myself. I work as hard as I can. I am the smartest, hardest worker in the gym, and that’s also a huge part of it.

I do not have a single regret about joining this program. I do not think you will have a single regret about joining this program because I’m finally seeing the results that I desire. I’m starting to see the cuts. I’m starting to see the striations. I’m finally starting to look in the mirror and be like, I am proud of how hard I’m working. My body is transforming, and I’m so amazed by it, and it’s all because of Nikkiey. I love her, and I love this program, and I don’t have any doubt in my head that you won’t either.

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