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Losing weight without losing muscle
Losing weight without losing muscle


NAME: Janna Prolo
AGE: 43
RESULT: Janna could lose inches and weight, but her muscle tone was disappearing along with them. She had always been a "cardio queen," but didn't know why she couldn't put on muscle. She joined WarriorBabe with two friends and made massive changes to her approach, and now they're all seeing clear results.


Hi, my name is Janna. I’m 43 years old and I’ve been a Warrior Babe for nearly two years now. I’m just here to tell you on my own, how much I have loved the program and how much results I have gotten from the program. Anytime I get a chance, I love to share my experience and my belief, and my progress from Warrior Babe. If I’m not getting results is because of something that I’m not following, has nothing to do with the program itself. I found Warrior Babe a couple of years ago, scrolling through Facebook and saw Nikkiey’s physique and was very intrigued. And I was thinking to myself, “That is exactly the kind of tone that I have been looking for.” So I looked a little bit more into her program and I liked what I was seeing. I was curious about macros because where I was doing before was a keto based diet. And I was run ragged. I was doing an intense amount of cardio all over the place in the gym, doing weights. Didn’t really know what I was doing, how I was doing it.

I was depleted on energy because I had no carbs. And I thought, you know what, I’m just gonna change this up and see where, where this takes me. And it was crazy. It was tough for me in the beginning because I couldn’t believe in my mind that it was okay to eat carbs. Everything around me, myself, my friends, everything was telling me that carbs are bad. So that was a big change from the beginning. And, limiting my fats was a little bit tough, I’m not going to lie, but it definitely worked. It took time and it was definitely a lifestyle, but it worked over time. And I have never ever seen the results that I have gotten from any other program. Keto, lifting heavy weight and forget doing tons and tons of cardio, ’cause that’s what I was doing. I was running, I was running my butt off, I was doing elliptical, I was doing stairs, I was doing double workout, sometimes I would do triple workouts, and I was like, “Why am I not getting results?”

So, I am just in love with Warrior Babe, and I know that if you give it a try, you’ll love it too. The super sets are super fun and the workouts themselves go really fast because they change on a monthly basis. It keeps it very interesting. Macro counting, once you get it, a little difficult at the beginning, but once you get it, it’s kind of fun, it’s kind of like a video game. I use my fitness pal. So I encourage you to just give it a whirl like me.

I was just the scout who was doing endless amount of workouts, eating not enough carbs, just give it a roll and see what it does for your body, ’cause it really, really has changed my body, and has changed my way of thinking. And her rally calls are awesome and she always has a Q and A, a live Q and A every week. So if you need to check in, you can check in with, with, Nikkiey in person. I don’t know any other program that does that. So, I’m signing off and I hope you get the results that I did.

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