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Losing weight without losing muscle
Losing weight without losing muscle


NAME: Janna Prolo
AGE: 40
RESULT: Janna could lose inches and weight, but her muscle tone was disappearing along with them. She had always been a "cardio queen," but didn't know why she couldn't put on muscle. She joined WarriorBabe with two friends and made massive changes to her approach, and now they're all seeing clear results.


Hey babes. My name is Janna. I have been a WarriorBabe since March 1st, and I am honored to be able to tell you my testimony. I have been in fitness for 20 years. I was 40 pounds overweight and definitely didn’t want to be sluggish overweight. I was in my 20s at the time, and so I kind of started my fitness journey 20 years ago. Recently, last six months, I really decided that I wanted to get some toned muscle instead of being skinny. I could lose weight and I could lose inches, but I was losing muscle as well. So I had never heard of macronutrients. I kind of heard rumor through it through Instagram and other people who had been doing it and had been following Nikkiey, and I knew that she was mentioning macronutrients, but I did not understand anything about what macronutrients was or what it entailed.

So through Facebook, I ended up joining WarriorBabes along with two of my other good friends, and we did it together as a group. And we were very reluctant right at the beginning thinking it’s just going to be another one of those programs and we’ll probably end up liking it for a couple of weeks and then we’ll be bored with it. To be honest, it took a little bit of mind change because I have always been a cardio queen. I love cardio. I belonged to a gym that’s hit and I would go six times a week for 45 minutes and I was obsessed with it and sometimes I would go twice a day. I always thought cardio was the key to losing weight. I was losing the weight, but I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t putting on the muscle.

So until we joined WarriorBabes through Facebook and I was following Nikkiey and her story, and I knew that was the physique that I wanted. It has rocked my world. I realized I was starving myself of carbs and that’s what I had been doing the last six months especially, is I wasn’t eating enough carbs and I was losing the muscle. I didn’t have enough energy to build muscle because I didn’t have any carbs to create muscle and my fats were super high because I was on kind of a keto diet and my protein was through the roof. Everything that I was doing, I was working against myself and I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted.

So in the short amount of time, changing everything, changing to macronutrients, which I didn’t know what it was, I have seen a huge change and I’ve seen a huge change with my other friends as well. It has been so exciting and every day we go in there just pumped to do our workout. She changes her workouts every month, so it’s super exciting.

Now I was a little bit reluctant as well to go to do her program because I wasn’t really much of a conventional gym person. I didn’t like going to a conventional gym. I wanted someone to lead me and tell me, “Go, go, go, go, go,” and help me. But my mind has completely switched. I absolutely love this. I love putting on my earphones, being in my own space, getting my work done. And I love seeing the results that I’m getting. My results have blown me out of the water, my friends and my family. And I always get questions as to, “Yana, what are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing differently? Something has changed.” And not only that, my energy level has gone through the roof as well.

So I am ecstatic to tell you it works. It really works, but you do have to trust the process. I know it sounds like a recording, but it’s absolutely true because I was that person who wanted to only do cardio, burn 700, 800 calories a day. That’s what made me feel better. But this, seriously came from doing less cardio and eating more carbs, and I’ve never felt better and I feel like I’ve never looked better. Thanks to WarriorBabes, I feel like I’ve changed my life and I’m so excited to see what the next year brings. And I hope you are as excited and you get the results that you want, just like I did.

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