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She didn't want to lose the weight ... just the fat
She didn't want to lose the weight ... just the fat


NAME: Jennifer Lee
AGE: 30
RESULT: Jennifer hated the restrictive diet given to her by her last coach and had to force herself to eat. After finding Nikkiey through Instagram, she jumped straight into a cutting phase and went from 129 lbs down to around 116. Though it wasn't easy, she had everything she needed to commit and is tackling — and crushing — one goal at a time.


I guess I really started getting in like I was always kind of the I’m just gonna go running kind of work out, like I never actually lifted weights. And through college we would just kinda do it every now and then. And then in PA school, one of my roommates actually convinced me to do this program like weightlifting program with her. And so that kind of like introduced me to it. And then once I got out of school and moved to Houston I started more working out every single day doing like orange theory, doing kickboxing and just basically just becoming more active. And a friend of mine had suggested this other girl who seemed to be like wanting similar or like was doing similar things. And she introduced me to a coach who had done some body building. And he kind of, basically he put me on a very strict diet.

I’ve ate the same thing every single day, for however long. And it was very bland and I hated it and I just forced myself to eat it. But I feel like that was the first kind of understanding of like what I wanted and like how to attain it in some ways. And so that helped me, my Google searching a lot more just to be able to figure out kinda what I wanted. And then you popped up on Instagram and kept saying the exact same thing that I wanted. And I was like, yes, that’s it. Like this is what I want. I don’t wanna like lose a ton of weight, I just want to get the fat off my body. So we started out in a cutting phase and I was at 129 and got down to like 116. And that was a struggle. So it’s basically like jumping straight in, of here’s all your macros, here’s what you need to eat. Here’s your water. And then just learning that, like how each of the foods that I ate affected my body.

You have to just focus on each goal. Because otherwise you’re like Oh my gosh, it’s gonna take me four years to get the body that I want. I’m done. I’m just gonna eat what I want. Whereas if you think, okay, I have this goal in mind it’s probably gonna take me anywhere from three to six months. And then you just pick it up, okay, let’s just make it to the end of, like my cut ended the end of August, September area. So I was like, let’s just make it to then. And then throughout that time you’re like each day like, you’re like okay, I’m six months closer. I’m almost done, I’m almost done. And then you just kind of and then after that you were like, okay, let’s reevaluate. Let’s go back into a maintenance phase. Let’s go into a building phase. And you just set smaller goals throughout the year.

And the next thing you know, it’s a year and a half and you’re like, Holy crap, where did time go? I feel so privileged to like one, just be a part of the community, and having been with it for a year and a half now like there’s some where your brain sort of off-sells, like we started at the same time. And so it’s really cool to be able to like see their journeys, but also just encourage the new people and encourage them in their journeys and be encouraged myself, because life’s hard. And sometimes even if it has nothing to do with fitness or food or anything like, sometimes we just help with these like life problems. And it’s just really cool. Like I have never been a part of a community that’s so uplifting. And that’s so encouraging in your goals and like your struggles, and just constantly wanting you to do your best.

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