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Used to teach spin and HIIT ... now she's a WarriorBabe
Used to teach spin and HIIT ... now she's a WarriorBabe


NAME: Jennifer Moore
AGE: 38
RESULT: Jen tried intermittent fasting, low carb, paleo, and more — and she was already a fitness instructor! Her life was turned upside down when her husband was deployed, and she knew she needed a new plan that was simple, functional and made sense. She did her research and found WarriorBabe by searching, and it has dramatically reshaped her mindset around food and she has a ton more energy.


Hi guys. I’m Jen. I’m 38 years old. I’m a mama to 10 year old and a seven year old. I am a military spouse. My husband’s currently deployed. He’s been gone for about a year. I’m a stay at home mom right now. I used to teach spin, sculpt, hiit at a local gym until he left, and then that changed things up. So I decided to join WarriorBabe. WarriorBabe has completely changed my life, it’s gotten me out of that workout slump that I was in while I was teaching. And reintroduced me to all the principles that I’ve already learned about and known since I was in college. I got a degree in exercise science. It’s really reintroduced me to the importance of balanced nutrition and what it does for our bodies. So before WarriorBabe, teaching at the gym and doing personal training, I was giving all this advice to people and not practicing it as much as I should at home.

I was trying all the things out there. I followed intermittent fasting for awhile, low carb, no carb, carb cycling, touched on paleo a little bit, all the different things, all the different things you read about. And what I was finding is that I had no energy at all on most of these plans. It was really messing with my hormones, combination between the stress of my husband being gone and at these crazy fad diets that I was trying completely messed me up and I was really looking for a way to get back on track. The fitness part of it has never been a problem for me. That’s what I do. I’m not a stranger to the gym. I’m not a stranger to the different exercises and how to put together a proper workout. So that part of it was easy.

However, I do love what they give you on WarriorBabe, easy to follow and functional and makes complete sense. So I came across WarriorBabe just by doing my normal research online. I’m learning every day about new fitness practices, everything out there. I decided to join to see if it would help me with all of the symptoms that I was running into with all the other things. I was not unfamiliar with tracking macronutrients. However, I’d never done it as much as I should have. Never written down the food, never calorie count, I’d never done any of that. So learning all of that was a huge step for me. But I found that it has completely reshaped my mindset on food and it’s actually made me more aware of how unhealthy I was eating before. Not in the sense of eating unhealthy foods, but not eating enough foods and not giving myself the proper nutrition that I needed.

I joined because I loved Nikki’s body and I loved her testimonial and I was like, I want to look like that. Sign me up please. So I’m roughly about five weeks into the program, but I did just get back yesterday from an eight day camping trip. So I had a little bit of, I wouldn’t call it a setback because I still worked out while I was there. I still ate is as properly as I probably could, with the exception of some camp food and national ice cream day was yesterday.

But so far my results have been incredible. I don’t have that lack of energy that I was seeing before. I can make it through the entire week without just feeling like I need to crash. I don’t have any more cravings, which is amazing because it would get to the weekend and on those other diets and just want to eat everything in sight. I don’t feel like I need that anymore because I’m already giving my body the nutrients that it needs. I don’t feel like garbage after a cheat meal anymore. And most importantly, and actually seeing an increase in my muscle and my strength now. And I had gotten to a plateau before and this has really turned all of that around. So I just feel better overall.

WarriorBabe has definitely taught me the importance of balance and how important all the nutrients are to our body. And by taking away things like carbs, we’re really putting our body in a bad place, and our body and our mind. And reintroducing all that to my body has been the best thing for it. So why you should join WarriorBabe. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at, this program is so easy to follow. It’s laid out for you, and you’re going to be joining this community of women who have the same goal. They are motivating and they’re supportive and they’re responsive. And it is an incredible community to be a part of. And you’re led by Nikki who is amazing, and her rally calls are awesome and they will keep you going and they’ll keep you motivated and you’re going to love this program. So join today. I highly recommend it. You’ll see results and stick with it. So good luck.

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