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Vacationed with a two piece for the first time in 14 years
Vacationed with a two piece for the first time in 14 years


NAME: Jessie Arnold
AGE: 32
RESULT: Jessie had no idea what a macronutrient was before starting the program and worried she would be overwhelmed. But after all the videos and her personal fitness tracker, she feels confident — and knows she always has a group of WarriorBabes ready to help. She dropped a pants size, had to buy new (smaller) clothes, and wore her first two piece at the beach in 14 years.


Hi. My name’s Jesse. 32 years old. I have two kids, nine and 12.` I’m a wedding cake designer and we homeschool, so we’re on the go all the time. Before WarriorBabe, I did Beach Body for about a year and a half and I saw a little bit of progress, not much. So I was looking around and trying to find something new. WarriorBabe came up on my Facebook page and Nikkiey’s video made me super excited.

If you would’ve asked me what a macronutrient was before starting this program, I would have said, “I have no idea.” So I was really worried that I was going to be overwhelmed, but after all the videos, I felt pretty confident. I love MyFitnessPal. I love the group. Everybody is so super helpful. I love seeing all the befores and afters. Everybody’s super motivating.

I try to be helpful as much as I can and I just can’t say enough good things about this program. I have a lot of people asking what I’m doing. I had a lot of like little health things before I started this. Since eating this way. I have had none of them. I’ve dropped a pants size. I just had to purchase clothes because everything’s too big. It’s a good problem to have. I bought my first two piece in 14 years and just went to the beach with my family and had an amazing time.

So I just can’t say enough good things. Thank you to Nikkiey for sharing everything that she’s learned, all the lives, all the rally calls; it’s just super helpful. I always feel like I have somewhere to turn if I have questions and I just love that we’re just constantly learning. I just love it.

To anybody who’s starting out or thinking about starting, if I can do this, anybody can do this and we are all here to help you. So good luck and talk soon.

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