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Nurse-approved nutrition
Nurse-approved nutrition


NAME: Jill Griego
AGE: 40
RESULT: Jill went down the social media rabbit hole of gluten-free, keto, non-dairy, and more — and as a nurse she knew all that calorie cutting wasn't healthy. After joining WarriorBabe, she learned what foods she was eating too much of (and too little), and now even her kids have noticed she's lost weight and is getting stronger.



I’ve always been active my whole life, like danced, gymnastics, cheerleading, the whole nine yards. And even after I had babies, I did weight programs and got all my weight back. And then the forties hit and I did get mono early that year, which I feel like that kind of affected a lot of my energy. And then I just kind of went downhill from there. So I started trying to just do what I could to get by and it just never was enough. So then I went down the Instagram social media route where, don’t eat this, to keto this, gluten-free this, dairy that, and I knew being a nurse that cutting food out wasn’t necessarily the answer. So then I found you, and I just read all those testimonials about the amounts of food people should be eating and right for their bodies, and weight training. And I knew that that was what work was going to work for me. I feel like I did with the fasting, I tried to eat in the window, but then I felt like I was overeating, cause you’re trying to like get it all in during the window. But I know that I’m not like a huge meat eater.

So the protein, I probably wasn’t eating enough protein and definitely way too many carbs, and then fats in your head, you feel like you need good fats. And so I was having too much avocado, I mean, based on what I know now, way too much avocado way too much, I mean maybe butter in my eggs and like full eggs. I ate real eggs, which now I’m an egg white person. cause I want to put my fats other places. So yeah, I mean, then I felt like some days I wouldn’t eat barely anything and then other days I would be starving, but I know how to meet my macros with those. So if they, the biggest thing is to find out what we’re having for dinner. Because dinner is what changes every day, and I’ll, I ask ahead of time, my husband likes to cook, so I just ask ahead and I eat everything they eat, I just weigh it and know what I can have.

The people who are within the WarriorBabe community have that same feeling and goal. And so to hear their struggles and their, you know, successes to, to watch everyone succeed is huge because there’s not many places you can go and get that positive affirmation. So that’s what I love about it. I know I can go somewhere and get, look at that and scroll through the pictures and hear people’s struggles, hear people’s successes. And I feel better because, it’s within you sitting here. Like your kids, aren’t gonna tell you, my kids have noticed that I’ve lost weight and that I’m getting stronger, but you’re not going to hear it every single day, right? Yeah.

Like one of my biggest goals was to wear shorts again. I hadn’t worn shorts in like four years. And one day I walked out of my room in shorts and literally my whole house noticed. My husband was like, “Are you wearing shorts?” I’m like, “Yes, I have leg muscles.” I love sandwiches. And I always like not get sandwiches cause there was bread. Right? So I used to use the Dave’s bread, thin bread, Dave’s Killer Bread. And then I put a wedge of Laughing Cow light cheese, I spread that on the bread and then turkey, and a little bit of mustard, and then I grill it and it’s like a grilled cheese sandwich.

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