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Works as an athletic trainer — and still saw massive changes
Works as an athletic trainer — and still saw massive changes


NAME: Kate Rieselman
AGE: 29
RESULT: Kate trains high school athletes, but even she completely transformed her mindset and her relationship with food. She wasn't new to the gym, but when she joined WarriorBabe, she found out she'd been in the dark about nutrition. Now she's a lower weight than she ever thought possible and finally has a positive relationship with food.


Hi guys. I’m Kate. I’m 29 and work as an athletic trainer with high school athletes and the WarriorBabe Blueprint has completely changed my life. I have a completely new mindset and have a healthy relationship with food for the first time and feel like a bad ass in the gym now.

Before starting the WarriorBabe Blueprint, I had done other online programs with coaching and had been consistently working out for about three years. So it wasn’t new to being in the gym, but when it came to nutrition, I was completely in the dark and realized that in order for me to get the body that I wanted, I had to get my nutrition under control and the results that I had gotten with the other programs that I had been on, were not what I wanted. So I kind of hit rock bottom and felt like I was never going to reach my goal. I was lost, I was frustrated, I was defeated and ready to give up.

Then I saw Nikkiey’s WarriorBabe Blueprint and talked to her, got more information and it sounded like too good to be true. So I thought about it because I didn’t want to sign up for just another workout program or another fitness program and this is unlike any fitness program I’ve ever seen, I’ve ever heard of, I have ever done. This program completely changed my life. The results that I had gotten with this program have been more than I ever thought possible. I now not only weigh the least that I’ve ever weighed or thought possible, but I have a healthy relationship with food for the first time in I don’t know how long because I understand it and how to make it work for me in order to help me reach my goals that I have for myself.

I feel strong in the gym. I feel confident in my own skin. This program has just completely changed my mindset to where I see more of a positive, the negatives when I’m faced with certain situations, stressful situations and Nikkiey helps you go through that mindset shift and teaches you all of these things that you need to be successful in your fitness lifestyle while inside the WarriorBabe Blueprint.

This program makes you be brutally honest with yourself and at times it can be uncomfortable, but that’s where I found my largest amount of growth and you have the support within the Facebook group that is great because this group of strong women, we all have the same goal in mind. So you can get feedback, you can get support, you can ask questions and be held accountable and it’s an awesome feeling having that community and support.

I loved the weekly question and the answers that she did because you could ask a question to Nikkiey, in real time, and she would give you the answer. So it felt like you were getting that one-on-one coaching experience. This program is tailored for you, so it’s not a cookie cutter, here’s your program from everyone.

If you’re ready to take your health and fitness to the next level, then you have to do this program and it will forever change your life.

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