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She cried when she couldn't eat her mother's cookies
She cried when she couldn't eat her mother's cookies


NAME: Kris Abens
AGE: 30
RESULT: Maintenance


Hey guys, my name is Kris. I am 25 years old and I work in sales for a company that my brother and I started.

So, where I started before Warrior Babe Blueprint. So I would say I was pretty advanced when it came to tracking macros and just kind of being aware of, you know, nutrition stuff. I was a college athlete, I played lacrosse in college. After college, I transitioned into CrossFit and then I transitioned into Olympic weight lifting and then I transitioned into bodybuilding, which is where I met Nikkiey. I am one of the lucky souls that gets to work out at the same gym as Nikkiey.

So the other plans that I was following, nutrition plans and training plans. Nutrition wise, I followed this one program for a very long time called renaissance periodization. And really the only thing I got from that was a very unhealthy relationship with food.

It was a very restrictive diet plan, which you see a lot these days. It demonized lots of types of foods. Basically all you can eat on that program is chicken and broccoli and the occasional sweet potato. It was not great. And if you knew me, you could ask my friends how crazy I was on this program. I was bat shit crazy, okay. I cried when my mom made cookies because I couldn’t eat them. That’s how crazy I was. Okay, don’t do that. And my results were honestly mediocre at best.

Those programs were more about calorie reduction rather than messing with your macros to kind of change body composition. So rather than leaning out, I was just kind of shrinking. And my performance in the gym would go down, my energy levels would go down. So, the results were not great and I was stuck in a place where I felt like the only option was to just starve myself to get where I needed to go. And that is obviously a very dark place to be.

As far as training programs, after the renaissance periodization program, that’s when I got into Olympic lifting. And I went way in the other direction. The training program I was on was really intense. It basically forced me to hit PRs, personal records, on my lifts every week. And it got to a point where the only way keep up with the program was to just keep eating. So I was just blowing up like a balloon to keep up with this program.

So, when I met Nikkiey, that was when I transitioned into bodybuilding mostly just for aesthetics, you know, everybody wants to look good, especially with the summer coming up. So, I met Nikkiey in September and I immediately started working with her. And together we did a 12 week cut, which was really my first experience with a successful cut. And not one where I’m just straight up starving myself.

So, she really opened my eyes to the impact that focusing on your macros can have. I never really focused on those. I always just kind of focused on calories. But moving the macro numbers around, Nikkiey is a genius with this stuff. So that really opened my eyes to a whole another type of nutrition plan, which I’ve been able to carry with me now that I’m in maintenance. Those strategies have been huge for me, especially mentally, just staying mentally sane, you know. Going out to eat with friends and having a few drinks on the weekends. You know, obviously not all the time, you want to stay in moderation with everything. But, you know, it really gave me an appreciation for just having some balance in your life. And making your nutrition plan work for you rather than trying to work your life around some nutrition plan.

So now, obviously I’m on maintenance. And I’ve maintained a level of leanness that I never have before, which was the goal. When I initially started working with Nikkiey, I told her I wanted to stay at a certain level of leanness. Normally it was a lot of bouncing around, which is super unhealthy. I kind of just wanted to get to a point and just kind of maintain and coast. And ride it out as the lifestyle. And I have gotten there. I’m so pleased I’m, you know, eating a good amount of food. My training is great, look fricking fantastic. I still have veins in my arms, which is like, that’s like a weird thing, but it’s really important to me. And yeah, I still have those even while I’m like eating so much more. My energy levels are way up. My sleep is way better. Just everything feels fantastic.

So, Nikkiey, thank you for everything. I have never been in such a good place in my life with my training and my nutrition. I recommend this program to literally everybody that I talk to. All of my friends, my family, I try to encourage all of them to talk to Nikkiey because she really knows her stuff.

The first thing that initially grabbed my attention was that when she would talk about nutrition, she would talk about eating enough. Making sure that you’re actually eating, which is not what you typically hear. It’s always, you know, cut this out. Don’t eat that. And like, you know, cut your calories, blah blah, do tons of cardio. And that’s not what Nikki’s program is about. You know, it’s about fueling yourself properly to get the results that you’re looking for.

So everybody, use Nikkiey Stott, Warrior Babe Blueprint.


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