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No more brain fog
No more brain fog


NAME: Lisa Brothers
AGE: 50
RESULT: Lisa tried multiple "magic" fad diets but kept wondering: if they were so magical, why do people keep dropping out of these programs? She reached out to Nikkiey directly and started with WarriorBabe, and Nikkiey had her double her carb intake — after a few weeks, she felt her mental clarity come back, her workouts became more productive, and she could lift more weight. Her weight didn't change much — but when she looks at her body, it's clear now that it's from muscle.


It’s really throughout my life. I’ve just been on so many different, you know, my own journeys, you know, of one fed diet to the next, and the next year something new comes out and I’m like, oh that’s why that wasn’t working ’cause I was eating this. And then it was like, oh, well I’m not eating that. It was always this eat this, don’t eat that, do this, don’t do that. intermittent fasting and keto, these are all the magic things. And I’m like, well, if that’s the magic thing, why do people keep going off of it? Why do they keep restarting it? If this is the magic thing, and I was like, why can’t I ever stick with anything? And I reached out to you several times and you responded back directly to me. So I was like, okay, she’s real and I can do this. So when I reached out to you and I think I was eating like around 90 carbs a day, if that. I thought that was actually a lot, yeah, I thought that was a lot. And so then you gave me that first week of it and it was like, I think the very first week I think I was at like 185 or 190 carbs and I was like oh my gosh, it took me a few weeks to like to start kind of feeling things.

But after like two, three, four weeks, I was like, my clarity started coming back, my mind wasn’t just a total fog all the freaking time and I had energy, I had strength, like my workouts started being productive again, I could actually lift heavier weight. I started asking myself a lot of questions about, because I’ve seen improvement in my body even though I’m doing everything that I’ve always been told I couldn’t do. I couldn’t eat more, I definitely couldn’t eat more carbs, doing less cardio, all these things that I’ve always been told you have to do. And so trusting this process and I was like why do I have these goal ranges? I have this range of goals in my head that’s acceptable to me that I can diet and get to this point.

Why is it once I get to that point, I’m just like, okay, I’ve won, I’m there and then I just start eating normal again and then I have this other range over here that that’s my maximum acceptable range, you know? And once I get there, that’s my kind of like I’ve reached unhappiness now. Now it’s time to start going back this way. And it was just kind of like this yo-yo effect. I would just keep going back and forth, back and forth, for all these years. Well I do it just because, I would do it because I always had an acceptable weight in my head, like I always had this goal, like I want to get to 135, that’s where I wanted to get to. And by all means necessary I would get there. It was like a challenge.

Like my challenge weight is 135, go. And the changes that I see in my body, I’m like, that’s weird, I’m at the same weight, but why do I look so much different? Why is my waist changing? Why are my legs changing, my arms? Everything is changing, my composition is changing. And taking that leap of faith to do that that was the first time ever that I had done that and that was a breakthrough point for me. I plan my day, I don’t care what’s going on, the night before. It takes me less than five minutes to do my entire day. It’s just a matter of getting used to it. And when you plan it that way, all six of my meals are spread out, they are proportioned properly, I’ve got my proteins spread out, I’ve got my pre and post-workout carbs where I need them to be. You cannot succeed long-term for your lifetime with this if you do not plan ahead, period. If you don’t plan your day ahead of time, it’s not gonna work.

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