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Lost all her vacation weight
Lost all her vacation weight


NAME: Michele McCleery
AGE: 52
RESULT: After a 3 month vacation, Michele put on almost 18 pounds. With WarriorBabe, she went into a 4 month cutting phase, reversed all the weight gain, and moved into maintenance. She loves the definition in her arms, eats 2100 calories a day, and is keeping off the weight.


Hi, my name is Michele McCleery, I’m 52 years old, I’m a retired librarian from school system. I just celebrated 31 years with my high school sweetheart. We have two children, a son who’s 24, a daughter who’s 23. I decided to join WarriorBabe back in September of 2019 and thought, oh my fitness pal, I can log my food, I’ve always been pretty conscientious of what I eat. So when I thought about starting, I knew I had a big vacation coming up for about three months and I thought, well, I’ll just wait until I get back. My weight was a little bit higher than what I normally was, but it wasn’t out of control yet, so I thought, oh, it’s no big deal. So I waited till February of 2020 when we got back from vacation and I noticed, gosh, my weight had jumped up almost 18 pounds. And I thought this was the time to jump in and just go for it. So the pandemic hit of course, and my biggest downfall is always eating out. We like to eat out since we’re empty-nesters. And without that option I really had no excuses. So I jumped in and with the revolution program, which is a great place to start, gives you the basis, gives you all the information, the Facebook group is fabulous. There’s no better support group than the Facebook group.

So in June I had lost my 18 pounds, and I just was starving for a little bit more, loving the program, loving the fact of counting macros, I can eat a sweet here and there. I have a cheat meal, which can be just about anything you want. And loving the toning I was getting. I’ve always been fairly thin, never had to struggle with my weight or anything, but I was always the skinny fat, never had, never saw the definition in my arms or the abs that I’d love to have. So I joined Blueprint, the end of June, 1st of July, and I’ve now been on that for about six weeks. The only other two programs that I’ve ever done is Adkins with my husband to support him, he had great success. But my body loves carbs and the first two weeks of not having carbs, trying to fulfill that void, I gained 12 pounds by eating all the meats and cheeses. The other program that I’ve done is the 21-Day Fix and it worked, I was probably down to my high school weight, which for me right now at my age I thought was a little bit too low. But on the 21-Day Fix, I was limited or I felt very limited, I felt like I was starving myself.

So now since joining WarriorBabe, going through the cut for the first four months, and now I’ve moved to maintenance, my macros are inching up, inching up. I’m at almost 2100 calories and my scale was still dropping for a bit, a little bit, I’ve leveled out. I’m really liking the definition in my arms. Haven’t got quite to the abs section that I’m really wanting, but I know it’s coming. It’s slow and steady wins the race. When Nikki says, “Trust me now, believe me later,” it’s definitely the truth, because in the beginning everybody is frustrated. You want a quick fix and this is not a quick fix. In the first six weeks, sure, I saw some weight dropping and I wished I would have taken measurements in the very beginning. So when she says, “Take your measurements,” definitely do it, because the scale isn’t always the only way measurement of success. And really if you could stay off the scale the first six weeks and just take measurements and pictures, it is definitely far less frustrating. The Facebook group, like I said, in this community is just unbelievable, unbelievable.

Everybody supports everybody, everybody is on the same journey, and it just helps you reaffirm that what you’re doing is the right thing. Yeah, I guess my biggest piece of advice is trust the process, stay consistent. Consistency is the key, obviously to this program. If you think that you can go in 50% of the time of any program and get the results you want, obviously that’s not gonna work. I was very consistent in the beginning, because we had no distractions. And now that things are loosening up with this whole pandemic thing, sure, I’ve gone out to eat. And weekends I’ve had weekends that I just had too many guests that I maybe didn’t count everything, but I was conscientious.

So my results have not gone off the rail. If I have one thing to say to Nikki is thank you, because I can eat anything really and stay within my means and still have results. So this program works. I suggest it to anyone from 19 to 70. I’m going through menopause and it’s still working where I thought I’d never get rid of the belly fat. So thank you and good luck with your journey.

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