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Finally got menopausal / post menopausal body in order
Finally got menopausal / post menopausal body in order


NAME: Nilda Rau
AGE: 54
RESULT: Nilda was eating 1,000 calories a day and her body was no longer functioning well, but she still wasn't losing like she wanted. After starting WarriorBabe, not only did she lose that initial weight, but now she's actively working to gain weight and pack on muscle. She loves that you can tailor the program to exactly how you want to look.


Hi there, my name is Nelda. I am 54 years old and I am a mother to two young men and soon to be a grandmother, which really excites me. I currently work at a healthcare facility where I’m employed as a department director for therapeutic rec and supportive social services. I am new to macros and the Warrior Bay Program. I’ve been struggling with weight loss now that I’m postmenopausal. Programs that I had tried in the past, Weight Watchers, 21 Day Fixed, 15 Day Facebook Challenge, while in the past I had saw good results in terms of weight loss, I wasn’t able to maintain. Every time I went off the strict, the initial plan, the weight would come right back on and now that I’m postmenopausal, I have found that those programs just weren’t working for me and in fact, I was working out more, I was eating less, I was eating anywhere from 900 to a 1000 calories a day, so I was hangry. I was hungry, tired and irritable, and my body was just not functioning the way I’ve known it to function in the past.

I came across the Warrior Bay Program on Facebook. I saw a 10 day free trial and decided that I would give it a try. And initially I was a little skeptical, I thought I would give it a couple months, try and see what it would do for me. And I was pleasantly surprised. Not only have I been able to take off weight, I am currently on a muscle building phase where I’m trying to actually put some of the weight back on and build muscle and that excites me. I’m looking forward to see the changes that my body will make as I add muscle versus fat. This program provides skillsets for life. It provides you with information and knowledge on macronutrients, what they do for your body, how your body responds to certain foods. It also looks at the exercise aspect and lifting and what lifting program works best for your body type.

And you can choose, you can tailor it. So if you can only fit in four days a week, training for your fitness goals, then that’s okay. That’s the program that you use. If you can do more then you do that, so it is something that you can tailor and make fit your lifestyle and I love that about the program. You also get access, access to the creator of the program and her staff. You have live Q and A’s where you’re able to ask questions about the program itself, maybe some difficulties that you’re having. You also have the Facebook group. Women who are on this journey with you that are experiencing some of those changes and you’re able to ask the group questions and the groups there to applaud your successes, whether they’re small or whether they’re huge. We’re there for each other and we become a really neat family, so to speak, of women that are on the same journey.

And what I really like about this program, what I’ve learned so far, is that it constantly adapts. Nikki works really hard to continue to modify the program to make it even better. She knows the program, she created the program, she’s lived the program and continues to live the program. So if you’re thinking of joining, I would say to you, why not? This program offers you skillset, It offers you support, and it provides for you what other programs don’t, and that’s it changes with you. So if you’re sitting on the fence, I’m going to tell you right now, get off the fence. Sign up, try this program. It will change your life. So with that, get on the internet, sign up, you won’t regret it. I know I haven’t. Bye.

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