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Loves her relationship with food
Loves her relationship with food


NAME: Quinity Williams
AGE: 38
RESULT: Quinity could lose weight, but struggled with seeing true muscle definition. After joining the WarriorBabe Blueprint, she's finally able to see her abs and feels better than ever before.



What’s up WarriorBabes and future WarriorBabes? My name is Quinity Williams. I am 38 years old. I have been a nurse for about five years. I have three beautiful children, two adults, two 18 year olds, and one two-year-old. Before WarriorBabe, I worked out about six days a week. I did mostly cardio and hit. I did lift weights, but the majority of my workout was cardio and hit workouts. I tried different diets. I tried keto. I tried low carb diet. I tried a nothing diet. I tried an ice cream diet. None of those things worked for me for the goal that I was trying to achieve. Did I lose weight? Yes, I did. But as far as toning up and really getting that muscle definition, that didn’t happen. So that’s what caused me to start looking for other things. And so I saw this gorgeous, like, lady just doing her thing, Nikki with all this muscle definition. And she was actually teaching you about your body, teaching you how to have a great relationship with food. And so I was like, “Wow, I got to look at this. “I got to, you know, read into this more.” So anyways, when I started doing research, some hesitations that I had was the cost, and how is this program different from other programs? I mean, I’ve tried other programs, how has this different? But I saw, like my concerns were quickly put to rest when I saw the passion that Nikki had. I mean, yes her body is gorgeous, but I saw the passion that she had and the passion that the coaches had to teach, to really rally behind you. A community that rallies behind you, that’s rooting for you, you know? And I fell in love with that. And I fell in love with, you know, the modules, no one really just sat down and just really taught. They were like, “Hey, do this on the workout, do that. “You know, don’t eat this, don’t eat that.” But Nikki shows us how to eat properly, what to eat, how to have a good relationship. I love fries. I love carbs, who doesn’t, you know? So, she’s teaching us how to have good relationship with food, how to work out according to your composition, your body composition and your goals. Everyone has goals. I began to see the lifelong benefits of coaching, having a community that loves you and that rallies behind you and that encourages you. And also that will get into your stuff too, get it to you, give you that tough love that you need, that push, that nudge. Some of us need that. And I love it. I love it. It’s like, bring it, let’s it go, you know? Because we need to get up sometimes and it teaches you how to fail forward, okay? You didn’t do good last night or whatever, keep moving, keep going, keep going. And I love it. I love it. I love it. I love the encouragement of the community, the accountability. You never feel like you’re ashamed. You know, I feel like shame was put to rest for me. You know, I feel comfortable, there are babes that are eagerly welcoming you into the group. Group calls are amazing. You learn so much just listening to the calls. Any concerns that you have, you feel like you are heard. You know, those concerns are not just looked over. And I love that. The results that I have seen are, you know, feeling better, looking better, physically, mentally. The modules are very helpful in teaching you so many things. I’ve gotten stronger. Physically, I look amazing, y’all I even got a little abs going on here. Huh! What! Okay! So why others to join others should join? Others should join because of the community support because of how you are taught, how to eat, to have a good relationship with food, they are rallying behind you, they’re rooting for you. They’re teaching you what to do according to your goal. So you’re always at the forefront. I love it. You’re never put to shame on your journey. You learn to eat foods, the foods that you love within your micronutrients. I didn’t know anything about micronutrients. So I learned those things throughout this program. I learned to trust the process because it works and I’m forever grateful and I will always be a WarriorBabe.

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