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A sustainable plan for the rest of her life
A sustainable plan for the rest of her life


NAME: Rachel Strobel
AGE: 44
RESULT: Rachel was falling short in her nutrition but always loved to work out. She joined WarriorBabe and learned about macronutrients, and realized she wasn't eating what she needed in order to get the body she wanted. After just 7 weeks, she realized this isn't a short term thing — it's a lifestyle, one she intends to follow the rest of her life.


Hello, my name is Rachel Strobel. I am 44 years old. I am a former police officer. I live in Arkansas and when Nikkiey asked me to do this testimony, I told her absolutely I would. The reason is because she and her program have made such an impact on me. I’ve always worked out, I’ve always been a person who loves to work out. However, where I was falling short was with my nutrition. I would put all this time in at the gym and I wouldn’t see the progress that I was hoping to see or thinking that I should see. I learned very quickly with Nikkiey that the reason is because of my eating, my food choices.

When I bought Nikkiey’s program and I started learning about macronutrients, I mean I always knew about protein, carbs, fat. As far as calculating them and eating based off of my macronutrients, I was definitely a beginner. At the time I was following different workout programs. I had tried different, if you want to call it diet programs, I guess, eating styles. I had tried all of them and I just was not seeing the results that I needed to see.

When I began with Nikkiey’s program and I started learning each week new things about the macronutrients and how important protein, carbs, and fats and getting the right amounts at the right times. When I started learning how important those things were, it just started to click. With her program, you learn all about the macronutrients, and you learn how important they are and what you learn for me, which was most important is that I can do this myself, is that this can be a lifestyle for me.

This is something that I don’t have to, okay, I’m going to try this for six months, I’m going to lose a little bit of weight, which I never really wanted to lose that much weight. My thing was I always wanted to build muscle and I realized very quickly with Nikkiey’s program that I was not eating in the way that I needed to be eating in order to get the body that I wanted. With Nikkiey’s program, the biggest thing that it did for me is it showed me that I could do this, that this was possible.

I began her program, I’m in my seventh week right now of doing the workout program and the eating. I want to say lifestyle because it’s not a short term thing. It’s something that you can do and that you will do for the rest of your life. If you do, you’re going to see the progress. You’re going to see what you want to see, and it’s a lifestyle. It’s something that you’re just going to continue to do, and it gives you the power to build the body that you want to build.

I am very grateful to Nikkiey and like I said, I just wasn’t seeing in the past programs that I was doing, I just wasn’t seeing any progress. When I put my mind to it and I said, “I am going to do this, I am going to trust the process,” then that’s when I started seeing the results. Like I said, I’ve been doing it. I’m in my seventh week now.

What made me decide to finally do it was just learning more about Nikkiey and learning more about the program, and just seeing her. I mean she’s a living example. She’s a living example that what she’s teaching works. I mean just look at her. Of course, I was always, before I bought the program there was a feeling of, “Oh my gosh, this is just going to be another program that I’m going to try for a while and I’m going to fail. Just some more money I’m going to throw out the window.” Definitely was not that way with Nikkiey. This is something I know, I am doing and I’m seeing the results. I know that I’m going to be able to do for the rest of my life.

The results that I’ve seen since I’ve joined, decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, my waist is getting smaller. The places that I want to be smaller are getting smaller, and the places I want to be bigger are getting bigger, which are my muscles. I’m definitely seeing the results and it gives you such a feeling of power and control, which is what I was always needing. Was just, I felt like I was out of control, that I had no control over my body and how I wanted it to progress and now I do.

I definitely think that if you’re stuck and you’re looking for something that is truly going to be a lifestyle and an easy lifestyle, it’s something that you can easily work into your life, then I would absolutely recommend that you join Nikkiey’s program.

Thank you Nikkiey and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience and hopefully get others to join. Thank you. Bye, bye.

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