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Doesn't need caffeine for energy anymore
Doesn't need caffeine for energy anymore


NAME: Shanon Stahl
AGE: 43
RESULT: Shannon joined Beach Body when she was 32, but it wasn't until joined the WarriorBabe Blueprint 10 years later that she feel she finally understood her nutrition and body type. Armed with proper eating and exercise, she's sleeping better and has way more energy and is finally seeing definition in her upper body.



Hello, Warrior Babes. My name is Shannon Stall, I am from Alabama. I am forty-three and I have six kids, three biological and three stepchildren that I’ve raised since they were little. I am a stay-at-home mom for the most part, a seasonal CAC professional, that I’ve been doing for 12-13 years. And, and I have a group, a group fitness certification and a personal trainer certification. So I’ve been doing that for the last six years. Other things that I’ve tried in the past before I joined Warrior Babes, was I suffered from an eating disorder from the age twenty-two to thirty-eight, anorexia and bulimia. Throughout those years, you know, I obviously worked out, but not to the extent of reaching anything, obviously, because I was not fueling my body properly. I joined Beach Body when I was thirty-two and I started working on healthy eating, learning about nutrition, learning about fitness during that time. And that’s when my love of fitness became a passion for me. And that’s when I also started training a group fitness. Let’s see, I had hoped that over the years of learning about fitness and that I would obtain the body image that I had in my head of myself, which was basically to be skinny. I didn’t really think about being strong or muscle until I got a little bit more knowledge in my trainings for my group fitness certification. And then my CPT, when I later got that recently. Beach body gave me a little bit of understanding with all of that, you know, fitness obviously, and a little bit of nutrition, but not to the extent that Warrior Babes and Nikkiey teaches us. I had no clue what body type I was. I had no clue how to obtain a strong, lean, muscled body for me. I had no way. I mean, I kept, you know, I got, I had the education, but even the education that I had, it just seemed like I could not comprehend how to obtain it for myself. And, every, everything that I had done was not getting me there. So I did not have any hesitation or objections for joining Warrior Babes. I have watched Nikkiey over the years since I joined Beach Body actually, you know, whenever Nikkiey came onto the social platform, I was instantly intrigued and loved just watching her body transform and had always wanted to have that as well. And that was what I had always, you know, aimed for just could never get it. And, and it was mainly because the nutrition, the nutrition, the nutrition was the main part. I had no idea how to fuel my body properly. I knew how to eat healthy, I just did not know how to, I didn’t know how to do it other than just eating healthy food. So, I signed on as soon as I had the money, and it took me a couple of years because you know, six kids. But yeah, I had no hesitations, no concerns. Let’s see, oh, our Facebook community, our Facebook Warrior Babe community is amazing, different women from all kinds of, you know, variety, age, ethnics, just a wide range of women coming from different backgrounds. All of which we have one thing in common and that is that we have all tried to obtain the physical goal aspect of what we want our body to be for that we’ve been trying to, you know, we’ve been doing several things and just knocking our heads on the door, you know, against the wall because we’re not going anywhere. You know, it’s just the same thing and same process. And we just never reached that goal that we’re aiming for. I love that we can get on calls daily, weekly with coaches that are certified, trained dieticians, fitness trainers, just all, all different degrees of coaches that help us fix and tweak our, our programs to fit our needs and our goals. I would not say I’m a beginner or an advanced person when it comes to macros, I would say I’m kind of intermediate. I was not calorie deficient, but I was still, I was still kind of under eating. I was not under eating traumatically though. So, I knew a little bit that I needed like, I didn’t know the gram amount of what my body needed or my body type. So I would say I was kind of intermediate with the macro education, which is the main purpose of why I signed on with Nikkiey. It was, it was to get the education of how to fuel my body from where I wanted, what I wanted for my goals, which was build, I wanted to build muscle, excuse me, and lots of it. So I knew I was going to obtain that with somebody who was knowledgeable in that, in that field. So, what results do I have so far, so how do I feel? I feel way more energetic as far as like, I’m not, you know, having to drink caffeine to keep energized. It’s the food that’s energizing me now. Cause I’m eating the proper amount for my, for my goals and my body. So my energy levels have gone up. I sleep way better. I was having tons and tons of problems with sleeping over the years, I mean, it’s like a thing. I am not as irritable and I don’t crave sugar, like I like, like I, you know, I can’t live without it. That’s how, that’s how I was craving sugar. Like I had to have it every day. Not necessarily, you know, certain foods, it was just sugar. It was chocolate, it was like, I was, you know, deficient of something, obviously. So, I’m a lot stronger. I, I got a little bit more definition, especially in my upper body. I joined back in July of 2021. So right now it’s just my, how I’m feeling so much as, you know, any weight goals or anything like that because I want to build and maintain. So I’m kinda about the same weight that I was, but I can tell that my definition is getting better and, and I’m stronger, I’m lifting heavier. And yeah, so basically, I sleep better, I got more energy. I’m stronger, I’m not as irritable. I’m not craving as much. So that is a lot of my, my results so far. Why should you join? So I would say if you have been on your fitness journey for a short period of time or a long period of time, but if you feel like you’re just, you’re knocking your head on a wall and you’re not going anywhere and you’ve been trying and trying and trying and trying, and it’s, you know, it’s just like right there, a foot away and you just can’t obtain it. It’s probably going to be your nutrition or it’s probably gonna be how you’re exercising. Either way Nikkiey and her community is so worth it. So, I would say, invest in yourself and do it. And so that’s my testimony for Warrior Babes, and I am going to be a Warrior Babe for life.

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