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Fell in love with both the recipes and the workouts
Fell in love with both the recipes and the workouts


NAME: Sidney Johnson
AGE: 30
RESULT: The closer Sidney got to 30, the tighter her clothes started to fit. But it wasn't about being skinny anymore — it was about being strong with her two kids. She decided to try out WarriorBabe and fell in love with both the recipes and workouts. She's excited at the end of every workout and finally sees the muscle that was hidden deep until now.


Hey everyone. My name is Sidney. I am a mom of two. I have an almost six-year-old and a seven-year-old. I am a therapist, so my time is pretty limited for the most part. I have been working out since roughly January. That was my goal. I’ve never really had a problem losing weight or staying thin, but everybody said, the closer you get to 30 the more you’re going to have to work out, your metabolism will slow down and that’s no lie. It really did slow down and so I started noticing that my clothes were fitting tighter. I wasn’t comfortable anymore. I hated wearing a swimsuit, and those weren’t ever things that really bothered me before or anything that I really struggled with. So I got a gym membership. I was dead set I was going to get back to a comfortable level.

It’s not even the number on the scale, honestly that bothers me. It is just the way my clothes fit. And so I started going to the gym five, maybe six days a week. I was lifting. I was not doing any cardio because I hated cardio, but I really wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. And so I was looking for something more and I saw a picture of Nikkiey on the ropes and I was just like, “That is the body that I want.” It’s no longer about just being skinny for me, it’s about being strong with two kids. There’s a lot of lifting, there’s a lot of stuff that goes with that. Just trying to keep up with them. And I was getting worn out just walking from my chicken coop to my house and that was not acceptable for me. So I wanted to make a change and it was free for seven days. So I thought if nothing else, it’s just something I can try, and if I don’t like it, then I don’t like it. But I love it.

I love all of the recipes that she gives you. I love the workouts. I even have my husband doing it. It’s something we get to kind of explore together and hold each other accountable and that’s awesome. The Facebook group has been so helpful. I had heard a little bit about macro counting, but I had never really done anything with it.

I have used MyFitnessPal for about six months and I basically just used it to keep my calories in check. I wasn’t really using the macro counter on it. I wasn’t really even thinking that that would make a difference. And I was getting my calories, that wasn’t a problem, but I just wasn’t seeing the muscle definition for as much lifting as I was doing. I wasn’t seeing the results. I felt stronger, but then I still had this layer of fat and that’s just not acceptable for me. I wasn’t comfortable with that still being there.

Since starting WarriorBabe, I’ve added in some cardio per Nikkiey’s request and I have seen tremendous results. I have seen definition and yeah, I love the workouts, but my muscle was under there. I just had to discover it. And so by eating the way I was supposed to be eating and doing the cardio and just following the plan, I have really started to see the muscle definition. And it’s really exciting because I kind of challenge myself each time that I go to the gym, I have to tell myself, I have to give myself a pep talk because most of the days I’m exhausted by the time I get to the gym. It’s the evening time, I’ve had a long day, and so I have to tell myself, “This is going to give you that more definition.” And I just have her mantra in my head, squeeze your muscles, so that way it defines everything and I just have to keep telling myself these things and it gets me through the workouts. At the end, I’m super excited because it’s one workout more that I’ve done.

I just recently started to meal prep and that has made my life so much easier. My husband and I, both are loving it. So I definitely think if you are wanting to gain muscle, gain definition and lose some fat, this is a really, really, really easy program to follow. It seems complicated at first, but it’s really not. So give it a try. If nothing else, do the seven-day trial and just see what it’s all about. All right guys. Have a great day. Bye.


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