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Finally feels like the best version of herself
Finally feels like the best version of herself


NAME: Valerie Moyer
AGE: 49
RESULT: Valerie had made a habit of buying courses and programs, but could never bring herself to follow through — now she feels like the best version of herself through WarriorBabe and is finally seeing real tone.


Hi, my name is Valerie. I am 49. I am a banker, a wife, a mother of two beautiful young adults. I joined the WarriorBabe program not because I wasn’t familiar with working out. Actually had a pretty good handle on that part. I just really could never really figure out why I worked out so hard and I would never get the results that I thought I should have based off the intensity of my workouts. I now know that the reason why I wasn’t getting the results is because my nutrition was just destroyed. My metabolism was destroyed. I went from hardly eating to low carb diets, to carb cycling to keto. I’ve tried several different cookie cutter programs on Instagram, where they came in a PDF form and you know they pass this the form to you and say, here you go and good luck. And that was it. So I would say I yo-yo, and I just never really stayed consistent with the, with what I had purchased. I would say that pattern it exhaust me, it frustrated me. It just destroyed me. I would say I began to give up.

The mental self-doubt that went on in my head was depressing. I stopped looking at myself in the mirror and I use a lot of self doubt words. There was a lot of self doubt going through my head. So I just kinda accepted that my physique was what it was. I would say about eight months ago from today I was going through Facebook and a WarriorBabe bait ad popped up on my Facebook and it was Nikkiey with her bowel robes. And I was like, that girl was hot. I would love to have a physique like her. And I was just in awe but I was just like, don’t fall for it. Nope. Scroll up. Kept going on Facebook. And I’d say about two days later the ad popped back up in my timeline and I was like, dang this thing is haunting me is calling me. I should just, just open it up and just give it a look. So I finally did. I opened it up and I listened to what she had to say and my mouth just hit the ground. I was like, wow. She speaking everything that I was looking for. Someone to teach me macros I’ve about macros but I had no clue how to get started with them.

I was missing that aspect of my nutrition. I needed someone to be brutally honest with me. I needed someone that was going to provide me with a non cookie cutter, a macro allowance. I needed support. I needed a coach. I needed to be accountable. Someone to hold me accountable. And I was like, man that’s legit. And I said, nope, I still wasn’t ready to commit so I scroll back up. I’ll be honest with you that night I went to bed and I could not sleep because it was weighing on me all night long. I was just thinking, oh man, this is the perfect program that I should give it a try. I think it will work. And so I got up that next morning and I plunged in and purchase a revolution program. And I’d say I was in it the revolution for about two and a half months and I was seeing results. The weight was coming off, inches was coming off and I was learning a lot and, but I want it more. I was just like, I need more, I need more information. I need to know how to make my own workouts. I need to know how to make fig figure out my own macros if I need to. I needed and wanted all of that. So I plunged now into, well, I should say, upgraded into the blueprint program, which I absolutely love.

I am like so grateful for all the knowledge that Nikkiey has shared with us in this community. Everything that Nikkiey offered in her original videos she delivered, I couldn’t ask for more. Not only have my body started to transform but my mindset, it was on another level. I didn’t, I put the tools to work that she provided and everything just started working out. I mean, just trickling into the, it just all just balanced, started balancing out and I would say that, Hmm. What would, I would say that the tools that she’s given us, or given me made me the best version of myself that I’ve been in a very long time. I’m no longer afraid of carbs. I’m no longer afraid of looking in the mirror. I’m not using all those self-doubt words that I had before. I just wanna say, thanks Nikkiey, for creating this program and for developing the community of the WarriorBabes. I love this program and I guarantee if anyone’s out there and they’re considering join this program that get off the fence, jump into it both feet in and give it your all. Trust the process and become a WarriorBabe. It’s the best decision that I’ve made for myself. Best investment I’ve made in myself. And I can’t see myself anywhere else but being in WarriorBabe. So thank you, Nikkiey. And I hope to see you babes out there.

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