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WarriorBabe Livestream Q&A 9/23/20


Livestream Community Call 9/23/20.

Get Toned And Change Your Body Composition

Gain proven processes, eliminate all confusion around diet and exercise, join a community of badass women, and achieve the toned body of your dreams.


Hey, everybody. And Nikkiey here and welcome to our WarriorBabe Live Q&A times together. I am excited out to be here with you guys right now. I love coming out and hanging out with you guys on Wednesdays, doing this Q and a, it brings fire. It brings heat. It brings motivation. It helps you guys know some clarity on anything that you have question-wise moving forward. So I’m stoked to be here with you guys, as you guys are joining in comment, say, Hey, what’s up. Let me know that you guys are here. Um, and plus the more that you guys do comment, the more that you guys smash the like button right now. So I can see who’s here in tuning in it pushes our video to the top of the Facebook group so that anybody who’s new and doesn’t know how to join into these live Q and A’s can see the video alive and can click on it and can join in and can listen to us and can hang out with us.

All right. Um, so smash that like button, let me know, you guys are here by giving me the Hey what’s up and help push the video to the top of the Facebook group so that everybody can see and chime into this right now. All right. What’s up, Emily? What’s up Laura? What’s up another Laura, what’s up? Carla. What’s up, babe? I’m super stoked to be here with you guys right now. So you guys are tuning in at a later date or time then, uh, do you guys know the drill? Do the hashtag replay and then just keep all of your questions here. Um, in the comment thread that pertains to this live Q and a. All right. So we’ll get started in just a few seconds. We’ll kick off this live and you guys have any questions. You guys can start commenting your question beneath this video, and then we’ll kick off the live Q and a in just a few seconds, because there is some lag time between zoom and Facebook.

All right. So keep smashing. If you guys are here smashed like button because you guys by just, you guys commenting right now and the one light that I got, come on guys. It’s it pushes our video up higher. I can see her, our visibility, our numbers are increasing. So come on smash that like button, you guys are tuning in. Let me know that you guys are here, comment and say, what’s up. And then you guys can start leaving your questions. See, there it goes. It keeps going up. So keep it up. You guys, um, if you got, if you got some start leaving your questions that pertain to this Q and a, and we’ll kick off the live in just a few seconds, um, with the, with the questions and everything. But before we do, I want to give a huge welcome to all of our new warrior BMC.

We’re joined this this week. I am so stoked. Our community just keeps getting bigger and bigger on a weekly basis. And I am excited to welcome the new babes into their community. You are a part of thousands of women who are getting toned and becoming stronger, more confident versions of, and what is so amazing. And I say this every week, and I’m probably biased, but I know you guys can back me up on this. Our community is so freaking dope. It is so amazing. The inspiration, the motivation, the support that everybody has for each other inside this community to push each other, you know, the posts that I see, the encouragement that I see, it’s just fire. And the thing that it’s in a Facebook group. I mean, can you imagine if we were all together, that’d be so amazing. It would be just a fire, um, community.

I mean, it is, but I mean more in person than being wild. Um, so all of the new babies welcome you guys. I’m stoked that you’re here. If you guys are new, give me a little wave emoji in the common area so I can see who’s new and I can get used to all the new names that are here. Um, if you guys are new to warrior, babe, please, if there’s one thing that I can say that will make a drastic difference to your journey, starting off here is by tuning into the warrior, babe, blast off emails. They are so important for you and starting your journey here inside of this program, they will help you transition into this lifestyle. Okay. And it’ll help you get your mindset down your goals down your wise down. What, why are you here and what do you want to accomplish?

Why do you want to accomplish it? And when you have that in written down or mentally thought through you are one step closer to being, um, one was a closer to getting your goals, but also being on that daily Trek to show up for your goals, right? If you have a reason why you’re working towards something, it’s easier to show up for yourself on a daily basis. All right. So make sure if you knew you’re tuning into the blastoff emails that are coming to you, just one video per day for the first 14 days that you’re inside this program. All right. Um, what’s up Sandra? What’s up, Carla, what’s up, you guys, if you guys have any questions, remember you can start leaving your questions. Um, but nice. My, the video right here, and we’ll kick off the live and just a few minutes to start leaving your questions.

And that way we can start running through, uh, and starting to kick off the Q and a one more thing that I do want to say before we, we dive into it is for anybody who is new, all right, don’t be a person that floods a community of questions that can be answered inside of the application. You know, take the time to really go through that. There are so many golden nuggets, um, that pertain to you starting off the pertain, the macros that pertain to workouts. There’s so many golden nuggets inside that application for you to learn. And I’m sure that your starter questions can easily be found there or, uh, or on a frequently asked questions, resource page, which is on the home screen. You click need help. And my team was seriously like, made it more simple for you guys to find the common questions I get asked or that you may have, and then have like a full-blown out answer for you to learn.

All right, this is what it’s all about, right? You don’t expect to come into this program and then get results yesterday. I’m helping you lay down foundations for yourself that will set you up for longterm success. Okay? So if you’re somebody who wants immediate instant gratification, sorry, this may not be the program for you. I’m helping you develop skills that will stop you from jumping onto the next bandwagon or dumping into unrealistic situations or unrealistic methods. Okay? So come in here, lay down your foundations, go through the blastoff emails, go through the application, go through our resources, fig, learn this stuff. The more that you learn it and understand it, the more that you are likely to follow through with what I am sharing with you on the golden nuggets that I am providing you. Right? What I like to say is that your journey is more than just a diet.

It’s more than just the macros. And it’s more than just a training. If you can get your mindset in alignment with those aspects and with the goals that you want to accomplish was just everything that I’m sharing with you inside this program, you will far meet the expectations that you have for yourself and the results that you’re seeking. Okay. So make sure you set your foundations here in the first couple of days, don’t just dive into and be like, yes, first workout. I do a warrior maybe yesterday. First of all, I got today. Yeah. That’s awesome. That’s great. But make sure you have your goal and your why, and what’s motivating you on a daily basis because if you’re like Cheryl, who does that and doesn’t get other things in alignment, then you’re going to be two weeks into it and you’re going to be losing the motivation.

Okay. So I have all these in alignment for you and the questions and the programming and the blast off, um, to help you lay down strong foundations that way you’re two weeks in and you’re still motivated. You’re so showing up for yourself, you’re still following through with the whole reason why you got started on this program two weeks ago. All right. So make sure that you go through each of the resources that are providing you, that my team is providing you. And let’s say you can’t find your questions to any of those two, like the app or the resource page. I do these calls every single Wednesday, 6:00 PM, Eastern standard time. Come here, be on these calls. If you can’t be on this call, attend the calls later and do the replay. And then Kate comes in our community manager and answers any questions that were left behind.

So literally you have unlimited amounts of support and unlimited areas to answer your questions and get clarity. Moving forward. Don’t assume that you know the answer and sure as hell, don’t compare it to programs that you tried or done before. I can guarantee you, my methods are different. Our strategies are different. And if you need clarification on anything, type it into the Q and a do the hashtag replay and Kate will come back in and answer anything that was left after this Q and a was led. That’s your best bet and get answers to any questions that you have, that fraternity you’re dirty. You can’t make the Q and a all right or last place. Literally. There’s so many avenues for you to guys to, to get the right answer. That’s the most important thing. And if you, if you don’t show up on the Q and A’s, you don’t leave the replay, then go into the community and ask the community.

And I guarantee you, one of the better avails will try man, or somebody will try them in the first 30 seconds after you post a two a minute, and someone will have a question and answer for you. All right? So make sure if you’re new, you utilize all of these avenues because we’re community, we’re here to support each other. I’m here to show up for you guys on a weekly basis, help you along your journey. So you have so many avenues of support. Make sure you utilize that. All right. So let’s kick off this Q and day. You guys what’s up, Angela. Angela. I am so excited for you. My team has let you know, when I saw you joined the blueprint today, they were all excited, their messaging and our chat. And they were like, can you see, did you see what I just signed on? I was like, Oh my God, Angela joined the blueprint. Let’s go. I’m stoked for you, babe. I’m excited for the rest of your journey. All right. So Laura, I never feel like I do the drag curls correctly. Do you have any tips? Um, I mean the one thing that I can definitely recommend is like, you want to say upgrade.

If you guys can see me

Little laggy, hold on. All right. So you’re going to stand up, right?

Wow. It’s really stuffy in here.

All right. And you’re going to just drag them up. I, so you can see that I’m isolating. My, my, my biceps are being isolated. You see that? And I’m squeezing at the top. So you want to just drag the bar up against your body and look how isolating the biceps and just doing that body week. All right. That’s how you do the drag curls. And if you’re not feeling it go a little bit heavier, increase the weight. Carla. I’m new. I set my macros and we’ll start.


Okay. I’m new. I’ve set my backhoes and we’ll start doing strength training in next two weeks. Do I need to eat a protein carb and vegetable at each meal? How do I get all the fats? And I decreased my allotment of carbs with 25 grams each day for now. What if I’ve met my macros and didn’t get my stack in. Also, I’ve been working in a fasted state work, walking in a facet state. So you’re doing that great walking in the fastest state. Great. Now look, Carla, what I say on every single cue and day, every single one of these, if you are new, just keep trying to implement and hitting your macros on a daily basis. I talk about the breakdown in side of your app. If you go to, uh, transform and you watched the WB basics, I help I give you tips and those videos on how to your macronutrients literally.

So I would recommend you go into that section of the application and watch the videos that I’ve put together, because they will easily answer the questions that you have for me right now. And you’ll be able to go in there. You’ll know where they’re at, where the basics transform, where the basics and how to structure your day, um, pre and post workouts. All that kind of stuff is located in those videos. And what I can say to anybody else that is new is some starters. Here’s macronutrients is again, it’s a skill, it’s a skill that was serving for the rest of your life. And the only way that you’re going to get better at developing that skill is by doing it on a consistent, repetitive basis. Every single day, you get better and you get faster. Okay. So, and you don’t want them. Another thing is you don’t want to track as you go throughout the day.

You guys all know that I brought this up on previous Q and A’s. You want to be planning your night out the day before. Okay. So you want to be planning your night out the day before, and then you want to be, um, making sure that your macronutrients are sorry. I just had a pause. I am so bad at multitasking when I’m doing video, um, you want to make sure your mappers are playing out the night before that way, your day structured, you have hit the alignment of your macros. Um, and then there’s no thought process then the next day. But if you’re tracking as you go throughout the day, I can guarantee you’re doomed for failure because you’re going to get to the end of the day. And you’re going to have 20 grams of protein, 50 grams of carbs, and like 15 grams of fat till it hits the laugh.

And you’re like, I have no idea how I’m supposed to hit that. Um, so what’s really important is that you log in before you play around with my fitness pal the night before, and that will set you up for success the next day. Um, you do need to have a protein and a carb highly recommended in each one of your meals. Okay. And I talk about that and distribution, like it’s important to, for example, talk in layman’s terms, like say you have 140 grams of protein. Okay. Divide that by six. And that’s about, let’s see one 40 divided by six is 23. So that’s like your target number that you would want to have in each one of your meals. It doesn’t have to be that exact number. It can be 18, it can be 25, or it can be 26 or whatever, but that would be your range to aim with.

And then it can be a little bit higher in other areas. Um, so that’s like distribution protein and carbs and your fats. It’s just again about, it’s just about playing with it. It’s about Twain with about, it’s about logging the night before and setting yourself up for success the night before, and then you have everything in alignment. Um, if you’re doing that, if you’re just tracking as you go, you’re going to find yourself in, I can’t fit this in, or I don’t know how to get this to Marty over in this one. And now I have to, now I’m left with this much and another one. So really tracking them before it’s going to get you better at that. Um, and then same with the fats. Like just distributing it, right? Like taking the FAFSA, you have 50, and then you have to have, you’re eating six meals, but two of those are pre and post-workout, well, four of those meals would be

Quick math.

Would it be like 12 grams of fat in those, but you can even aim for 10 because some of your meals, some of your pre and post-workout meals would have a little bit of fat. Um, but the other meals could have like 12 grams. So like, it’s just about literally forget what everything might just add. And it’s literally just about logging the night before and then getting better at consistently tracking and consistently doing that, that way. You see how everything is panned out for yourself. Angela LOL. I’m excited. Yes. Awesome. Lara. Got it. Thank you. You’re welcome, babe. Cool. All right. Does anybody else have any questions because nobody, nothing else is showing my, um, my queue.


If you have questions guys, fire away. Where’s the squad at you guys. Come on.


Jennifer, I just restarted again. What’s do we do if we are full by meal for keep going, keep feeding yourself because your metabolism will eventually get, um, into alignment with the foods that you are eating. Okay. You can’t one day eat four meals next day, eat two meals and a third day decide you’re going to hit all of your macros. You’re just sending your body, mixing those at that point. So you really just, you want to keep going. You want to keep feeding your body. And I guarantee you, it’s going to feel like a lot at first, but after a week or two weeks of consistently eating that much food, then your body will get used to it and it will start adapting to it. And it will, you’ll almost be like, okay, I need more food as typically what happens is I’m sure a lot of other veterans more or behaves can really preach to that. Um, but that’s how it works. I’m eating more protein than I’m used to. Should I still eat anyhow? Yes. Again, you are training your body to recognize what you are doing and the more that you are consistent with it, and the more than you hit it, I guarantee you it will get adapted and it will start shifting into, into actually burning through the food and sending you hug nursery, hunger, hunger signals. I can’t talk today. Hunger signals that it wants more food. Okay. So really it’s important that you just are consistent


I buy it by Brown rice cakes. Are they considered a complex car because they are Brown rice or simple because they are processed. Um, if they’re processed are definitely more of a, uh, a simple carb, but if you look at the ingredients and if we is the number one ingredient, then it’s more complex.

Cool, Jennifer, you’re welcome. All right,

Cheryl, best way to let handle leg soreness. Um, it’s a good thing. Um, uh, actively, very freaking soared. Um, I did like day yesterday, but AIDS a good thing. B, make sure you stretch, make sure you are stretching. Okay. And then staying hydrated. Another recommendation is using glutamine, um, which is things that I recommended before, but that helps with recovery that helps with soreness, making sure you’re taking multivitamins. I mean, there’s so many different variables that you could add in, but stretching is important. Hydration is important. Um, doing cardio after legs is nice because you move that lactic acid out. And then what’d, I just say, making sure you’re taking a multivitamin glutamine is a good thing to try. Those are all things that can help you,

Uh, with the soreness process.

Valerie, I just want to say that I joined blueprint a few weeks ago and I’m still taking a lot in, I also just joined the revolution. I’m enjoying the app. Thank you. Nice to be welcome. Well, I’m stoked that you’re a part of the community. One day. I can definitely say with the blueprint is again, everything that I provide, every single one of you is skill is a learning process. And that’s exactly how I got started and trying to understand everything. Um, so it was just taking it step by step, step by step. Understand you’re not going to get results yesterday, but you are teaching yourself how to, um, be in control of your body and get results that are long-term. Well, Lori. Yeah. First ingredient is Brown rice and that’s probably definitely more of a, of a week

Based product. Um, but

Like caramel, uh, rice cakes from Quaker. Those are definitely more simple.

Cheryl, thank you. Leg day was brutal.

Nice, good. I like to hear, yeah. My legs are extremely sore right now. So even me just like standing and walking around and moving my legs today. Like I just went on a walk before this. Um, it really, it helps to filter out that lactic acid. Okay. So the worst, I mean y’all could probably do. And if you have a desk job, this is probably speaking to you. If you’re sitting at home doing your work from home, um, it’s really, it’s bad to be sitting the entire day after leg day or that lactic acid is literally just building up in there. Get up, walk around. If you work in an office, get up, walk around, get outside, walk around, schedule little breaks throughout the day. If you’re working on home, do this same thing. Like even in best, I got a standing desk because this is where I work. Um, and I went out for a walk earlier cause I was literally in my office all day. So schedule that self and for yourself. Um, so your muscles so that lactic acid can lactic acid can filter out so hard for me to talk today.

Uh, Laura loving blueprint myself. Nice. I love hearing that you guys blueprints call is up next to at 7:00 PM Eastern standard time. So I’m stoked to get on there with everybody Nikita what’s up. B can you explain how the exercises work do we do all of them? Say for instance, arm, do we do all our Pixar? No, you do all of them. Every exercise that is programmed in the app you are supposed to do. We wouldn’t write them down. You weren’t, if there were optional, do them When the exercises, if you click y’all it’s in the app. Come on guys.


If you click on strengthened in your app,


You click on to strengthen and you click on one of the exercises. There’s literally a whole list of, of explanation, of like how it all works, how the super sets work, rest, time, all that kind of stuff.

And there’s even if you click on the weekly training schedule at the top, if we tap on that, that also brings out more, um, more rules to follow with the, with the weekly training schedule. And if you click on one of the exercises of like Monday, Tuesday, or whatever, chest triceps back by subject, click on that, there’s an entire, uh, rules list inside of there. There are SISA. Hi, Nikki. I finally went back to the gym and well, I feel that I had lost so much strength. Kate lifts, same as before, but I’m there and started again. So it feels so good to be back. Nice Bay that’s that’s awesome. And yes, if due to COVID you guys are working out from home, but you normally work out in the gym. I can tell you there’s a drastic shift when you do start going back to the gym and understand that, okay, don’t go fricking ham.

Trust me. Don’t go ham because your body will be so fricking sore when you that first week back. Okay. Take it easy. Take it late. You’re definitely working your muscles. If even if you don’t feel like you’re sweating inside the gym, you are still working your muscles. Okay. Definitely more than what you were doing at home. So make sure that you’re not going hand and then that you will notice a massive difference by getting back into the gym. I know I did. And I couldn’t, my hamstrings were so tight for like two weeks. Um, because I went to, I went too hard on them, so that’s awesome. I remember getting back into it and yes, I understand being, be kind to yourself and understand that you won’t be as strong as you were before COVID started. Okay. So know that, be aware of that and just be happy that you’re going back into the gym and being able to lift. So, cause that’s fricking exciting. All right. Babes. Anybody got any more questions?


Whose, uh, whose gyms are open? Give me a one. If your gyms are open and give me a two, if your gyms are closed,


There’s such a lag time with Facebook and zoom.


Nice. One, one, two, two 50 51.


I know. Oh, but I do not want to go back. Oh, okay. My God. I was like dying to be able to go back. Hey, to each their own though. That’s so yeah, 50, 50. Well more so too. Wow. There’s still a lot of people’s gyms are closed. It’s crazy.


One of them due to medical reasons can go. And my personal gym. Nice. I bet that’s when you had your own personal gun. That’s nice. When I was only working like 10,015 pounds, that was just not cool. I was not getting effective work. I mean, I was making it effective, but it wasn’t what I liked nor what I was used to. But uh, wow. That’s wild. It’s still so many people’s gyms are closed. All right. Um, Angela, I just have to say that I had gotten really bored with my meals. I was eating and that led to my derailment. When I finally got my head in the game, I decided to try out the meals and the weekly meal plan. I was surprised how good they are in super easy prep or all the recipes that are the meal plans are all the recipes that are in the meal plans, all the recipes.

Not sure what that question is it didn’t. I think there was a couple of typos, Angela, but I mean, those, those recipes are fired. And if you guys follow me on Instagram, I always share it. Well, here and there, I share what I eat. Usually Instagram sees it first and Instagram eats it first before I do, then there’s some times where I’m just too freaking hungry and I need to scoff it down. But I, my, all my meals literally are like, like three ingredients and it take legitimately like three minutes to prepare. Not even, um, I have all my stuff. If it’s pre cooked, like if you guys do meal prep, it shouldn’t take you that long to prepare your foods. That’s why meal prep is such a insane. How many of you guys meal prep? Let me know if you guys meal prep. Give me a one. If you guys don’t meal prep, give me a two, two a meal prep. One, two. Um, if you guys like your more fresh meals and you kinda like prepare as you go,

But yeah, I mean, all of my meals saved in the app after the week is moved. Oh, okay. No, they’re not, they’re not saving the app, but Kate does add them to, um, the, does she added, she adds them to a section inside of the application where all the swap recipes, she mostly, she always adds them to the swap recipes. So you can always go back in there and she’ll add in like your top favorites. So that swap recipe area. One, one, one. Nice. Narcissa okay. I hear you want to mix it up. Nice. Two knocks at breakfast fire. Yeah, Juan Neil was a game changer. And like I said, all of my meals are like three ingredients or less. I planned the menu for the week and cook daily. Nice. Beth, do you want to come here and do that for me? All right. Let me go back up here. And Marie had one.

Um, where are we at? Where are we at? There we go.

Hey, Nikki. I have been on the program for about four weeks now and I have noticed that on some days I’m more hungry even after I hit macros and I have less stamina during my workouts. Like some nights I’ll wake up at three in the morning, starving. And I’m wondering if I should increase my calories. And if so, which macro certain increase in by how much I’m currently hitting 165 carbs to one 25 protein, 65 fats working out five days a week. I would increase your carbohydrates for sure. Already increasing by like 30 grams and see how that goes.


Emory also makes sure that you’re implementing your cheat meal. Okay. Your cheat meal

With them with that feeling. Emily

Is my meal prep day. So helpful. Yes,


Instant pot, shredded chicken proportion in the freezer all time.

Yes. Yeah.

I saw you answered and I answered just now battery. Should I be monitoring heart rate during strength, training and steady state cardio? No, I, the heart rate number is silly. Okay. Just push yourself, challenge yourself. All right. And if you’re challenging self, your heart rate is going to be in that perfect zone. Um, strength training. You won’t get into like a hit atmosphere if you’re like PR or like a, uh, cardio app at heartbeat, you’ll stay within your fat burning zone. Um, and for cardio, if you can’t hold a conversation with someone, then you’re doing too much, um, you don’t really have to worry about that. Just kind of gauge on how you’re feeling. That’s the most important thing. Don’t go off the numbers with that. Um, and how I say that in general with everything, but it’s, it’s most importantly, how are you feeling and how can you hold a conversation with somebody else? That’s when it’s challenged

And Ray, can you also talk about the time under tension when lifting? Yeah. So time-honored tension is basically one year performing the movement of the exercise. Okay. Time when attention is the 12 reps that you’re doing, which will take you like 45 seconds to complete or 30 seconds to complete, that is your time under tension. And the way that you had can increase the time under tension is by slowing down your reps and really focusing on the actual movement of the exercise that you’re doing. This makes sense. You guys smash that like, but it was about to explain it even more. So time and attention is when you’re actually doing the reps of the entire movement. Okay. When you’re, yeah, it’s about, that’s the time under tension when you’re doing this, that takes about 30 to 45 seconds. The way you can slow it down and put a little bit more time under tension is slowing it down, squeezing, slowing it down, squeezing, slowing it down, squeezing. Okay. That’s time under tension. Your muscle is under tension at that point. All right. So that’s exactly what it is. I’m glad you asked that.


Well, you should be focusing the most on is mind to muscle connection. If you are going like this, there ain’t nothing happening. Okay. There’s nothing happening. Slow it down. You don’t want to increase it. You definitely don’t want to. Okay. Maybe I’m sorry. You want to, you don’t want to make it go by faster. Okay. You want it to be able to spend as much time under tension to really break down the muscle fibers, but don’t make it like a minute rep like a minute long where it’s like, you’re going super slow. Like just create the mind to muscle connection. And that’s your time under tension. That’s the most important aspect. Something is in my eye,

Still working out. So does that matter during the blueprint Q and a typically listen to interact during rest, but I’m not sure if blueprint works the same way. Um, and just, this is your first day and anybody who just recently joined the blueprint program. What I always say on the beginning of those calls is like, if it’s your first Q a day, just taking a step back and listen, I don’t even actively, I don’t have, if I don’t recommend newbies to be interacting on their first live in Q and a, because you’re going to get used to how I converse with the community and how the community converses with me, because you’re going to be able to hear other women talking, um, and me game planning their strategy. All right. So if you’re a new, um, it says you sign up today and anybody who’s listening to me, your blueprint call, I would just take a step back and listen, but eventually you’re going to want to be able to talk to me.

So you’re going to want to be able to be on muted and strategize with me for five minutes on what your game plan should be and right. And you’re amazing. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Oh, this is an awesome information. Thank you, babe. Thank you. That warms my heart. I love seeing that and I love I’m grateful for you guys. I’m grateful for you guys are putting in the work and showing up for yourselves. That’s fire. When I see our community lit, like when I see our community like sharing their success stories and just coming together as one, like that’s my dream come true. And now just helping more women be a part of that, um, is amazing. So you guys are my motivation on a daily basis. Y’all rock


All right. Based on that note, I’m going to tune down our queue and day right now, because I got to jump on the blueprint in 20 minutes, um, and still need to do some diving into those babes check-ins so I will catch you guys, Ashley, for real, you changed the game for me, forever grateful for you in this lifestyle, you guys are going to make you cry. Uh, amazing, amazing, amazing. You guys so much, you guys rock and I couldn’t be more grateful for someone, but for a group of women who just does the work, right? Because you guys know, I appreciate it before your goals, aren’t going to be achieved by passive action. Just taking a step back and wanting and wishing and not putting in the work. Okay. This requires work. All right. So I couldn’t be. So I’m so grateful for you guys and, and being able to follow through and show up and do it.

That’s where I love you guys are all smashed in a little hard, but I love you guys. And Marie said, one more. Should I put the extra 30 grams? Of course I was right before my workout, more fuel than my workout. I’ll put it around and I’ll put 15 carbs before and 50 carbs after I guys. I love you all. Thank you for the heart buttons they’re making my night right now. Keep up the good work and I’ll catch you guys on Sunday’s rally. This week. We’ll be here at 6:00 PM Eastern standard time. All right, bye everybody.


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