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WarriorBabe Livestream Q&A 9/30/20


Livestream Community Call 9/30/20.

Get Toned And Change Your Body Composition

Gain proven processes, eliminate all confusion around diet and exercise, join a community of badass women, and achieve the toned body of your dreams.


What’s up. Hey, everybody. My hair’s a mess. There we go. What’s up, you guys, Nikkiey here and welcome to our WarriorBabe Wednesday live Q&A time together. I am super, super, super, super excited to be hanging out with you guys right now and to come live and do this Q and a. So as you guys are joining and comment and say, Hey, what’s up, send me the wave emoji. Let me know. Who’s here tuning in. And plus, as you guys know the whole drill, um, the more comments that you guys leave underneath of this video right now, it pushes the video to the top of the Facebook group so that anybody who’s new or has never timed into a live Q and a before, can see that we’re live and knows how to chime into it by just being able to click on it or you know, all that kind of jazz.

So as you guys are joining in comment, let me know who’s here and say what’s up so I can see the names, but plus help out the community by them being able to see that we’re live and pushing it to the top of the Facebook group. Okay. So I’m stoked to be here. If you guys are tuning in at a later day or time after this live is complete, then remain. Remember to do the hashtag replay and keep all of your questions that pertain to this live Q and a in the comment thread, um, beneath this, that Kate can come in and answer any questions that were left after the Q and a was live. All right. What’s up? Hey, Dana, what’s up? You guys. I know there’s more babes on here. Come on, everybody say what’s up so I can see who’s here. Okay.

What’s up Don? All right. We’ll get started in just a few seconds. So if you guys have a question, you can start firing your question in the comment question in the common area below, and then I can kick off the Q and a in a few minutes. Cause there’s like a nice little lag between zoom and Facebook. I say this all the time. Um, so then you guys started commenting now your questions and I will have questions to be able to go to and to co answer and kick off the Q and a. All right. So y’all whose ever’s here. What’s up, Valerie. What’s up, you guys, you three smash the like button here for me, because that will help this visibility in our community. There’s only seven of you guys watching right now. So smash that like button, if you guys are tuning in that will help bring the, not only bring it to the tablet, Facebook group, but also help the viewers to chime in and see that we’re live right now. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We’re jumping up now and viewers. Good. Good, good, good. Okay, beautiful. So if you guys thank you everybody. Thank you. Just keep smashing it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right. What’s up Sandra? Hello? Hello everybody. What’s up? Yay. Made it. I missed it this week. Nice. Keisha. Nice Kesha. Welcome. I’m glad that you’re here and you’re able to make it all right. So we’ll get started in just a few seconds. So if you guys do have a question that pertains to the Q and a, then you can start commenting, um, beneath this video. The questions that you do have Heather, hello? Sorry to my workout while listening. No worries. It’s all good. As long as y’all are showing up, I love that. But look, we’re jumping off in the visibility by you guys. Just helping out, smashing the light by in and commenting. So that, that way more people are going to tune in and see it. I don’t know why that algorithm is that way, but it is that way.

And the more that you guys engaged on this, the more that it helps our community see it. And the more that the community will chime into it. All right. So I appreciate you all. What’s up Kimberly? Hello. Hello. All right. So if you guys have any questions that seeing this Q and day, we can start firing it off. Um, and I will start answering any questions that you guys have before we do dive into it. I want to give a huge welcome to Auburn, all of our new warrior band, because I’ve joined this this week, our community just gets, keeps getting bigger. I can’t talk today. Our community’s keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and it’s so amazing. Cause you guys are all, we’re all on this journey together. We’re all a part of a community of thousands of women who are getting toned to becoming stronger, more confident versions of themselves.

You guys wore your baby is where strong is the new sexy. And what’s so freaking cool about it too, is that soon we’re all going to be repping the sweat, which is so freaking exciting. Cause I have heard people will say like have, have gone up to people inside the gym and they, cause they recognize the workouts are like, are you a warrior, babe? And it turns out that they are worried, but now that that’s happened to a select few, but can you imagine if we’re all rocking the swag and you just turn and especially if like you’re in Texas, because that’s where we have a majority of our babes are in Texas. You just look around you at the gym and you see another worry was swag. Like how cool is that? That is so cool. I cannot wait for that to happen.

What’s up everybody. I see you guys do it again. Now y’all rock. Thank you so much for smashing that light button for bringing in more people. Um, anyway, so yeah, I’m stoked. You all that are new. If you guys missed the swag, the launch is if you go to the announcements, the launch is still in there. You guys can still get some swag orders in. Um, we are running low on some areas, but um, you guys can check out the swag and get your orders. And if you didn’t get any orders in this past weekend, when we went live with the swag launch, all right. So again, if you guys are new to, um, make sure you guys are reviewing the warrior, babe blastoff emails that I’m sending to you on a daily basis for the first 14 days inside this program, they are seriously going to help you.

So, so, so much to get your mindset in alignment with what you want to accomplish here. If you can get your thinking in alignment with your goals, you’re thinking, and then your feelings and then your energy and then your body, all of those in alignment, you will be unstoppable of what you want to accomplish for yourself, but you got to understand that it’s possible for you and you have to believe that it’s possible for you. When you get that all in alignment, you are unstoppable. You can accomplish what you want to accomplish and I’m going to help you get that mindset set up in the first, um, 14 days inside the blastoff email sequence. I’m sending to you one task per day. It’s going to help you set yourself up for long-term success. You’re going to really establish your goals. Okay? Why are these your goals?

Why do you, why do you want to accomplish these? Um, and then getting super crystal clear on that and making the committed decision. Guys, I listened to this thing today and I didn’t, if you guys weren’t able to watch my Instagram, I shared it on my story, but I’ll share it with you guys. Cause it’s seriously freaking resonated with me. Um, but it was a way to explain it the way, the same way that this man explained it, that I was listening to. But he said a committed man doesn’t believe in failure. When a man has committed, he sees nothing as a failure, right? So if you can be committed and understand, you’re going to embark on failures, but understand that the hundred times that you fall down and mess up, there’s a hundred lessons to learn. And if you can commit yourself that way towards what you want and get your mindset and alignment in, or once, once you commit yourself to what you want, you already start organizing your mindset towards that goal.

And the more that you organize your mindset towards that goal, the next thing comes is your you think, and then you feel in that same direction towards what you want to accomplish. Then the next step is your energy then goes in that same direction and your body goes in that same direction. So you guys understand that if your mindset is in alignment with what you want to accomplish, your body will follow, but you have to get your mindset on the same board as what you want to do, right? And be impeccable with your word, watch everything that you say, because if you’re saying, um, I can’t do this or I’m fat or I’m ugly, or I don’t like the way my body looks. Well, guess what? You’re you’re off of that alignment. You’re not you’re, you’re off of the thinking and the feeling. And if you’re off of the thinking and the feeling, well, everything else is going to be super hard for you to get in alignment.

You have to be in alignment here. You have to be in alignment here. You have to be alignment with your energy and you have to be then in alignment with your body. And when you are in alignment with that, you will be unstoppable with what you want to achieve, but understand it’s not the program that’s wrong. It’s not the program. That’s not working. You have to accept that this is your responsibility. You are the creator of what you want. You are the, this is making sense. Keep smashing that like button you guys. I want more of our babies to be able to hear this right now because I am going online, smash out like button. If it makes sense to you right now, you have to keep your thoughts in a positive manner on the goals that you want to accomplish. When you keep your thoughts like that, and you feel it, you feel yourself staying positive, remaining positive, committed to your decision, okay? With failing because it’s a lesson learned, then the energy and your body will come more in harmony with what you want to accomplish. Trust me, you guys.

I know it because I lived it. I know it because I have been through it. And I, when I first started my journey, don’t worry about the, how don’t worry about the, well, how am I going to do it? How am I going to track my macros? How am I going to work out? Yes, you have to figure that stuff out. But as long as you know what you want and you commit yourself to what you want, it’s literally as simple as that. And then making sure that you keep check on your thoughts, your feelings, your energy, and your body, and making sure that they are organized and in the same direction as what you want to accomplish, let’s go and buy in his gang. Smashed hardcore. Right now. Get your mind, right? Yes. Don Valerie. A hundred percent speaking. Truth. Yes. Babes. Yes, you is all in you.

You are the creator. It’s up to you. If you are somebody who has negative thoughts, you’re breaking that alignment. If you’re somebody who doesn’t feel like you can accomplish it, you’re breaking that alignment. If you’re somebody whose energy is low one day and Hey guys, listen, we’re all perfect humans. Don’t expect every day to be sunshine and rainbows that not going to happen, but you will learn more about yourself when you have a low day. And when you have a positive day, when you have a negative day, when you have a positive day, if you can learn more about yourself from the negative and learn about yourself on the positive and then see which one better serves you, obviously it’s positive, but you have to learn on yourself. That’s when you’ll more likely stay in the positive and you’ll see more positive things come to you.

Okay? This is like turning into a rally car right now. I think that’s just the way it’s going to go because I’m not getting any questions. I’m just going to keep up with this. Um, the more of the positive that you put out as well, the more positive you’re going to get back. The more negative you put out, the more negative you’re going to get back. Okay? So the more negative is going to happen. The more, you know, you’re going to find yourself in the cookie jar because you’re thinking these negative thoughts. You’re thinking I can’t do this. Okay, well then I’m just going to go stick my hand in the jar and whatever. it. Stay. Instead of beating yourself up, instead of judging yourself, instead of blaming yourself, take full responsibility for that action and then learn the next time you’re in that situation.

You know how to, you know how to accomp, you know how to overcome that, right? It’s all a learning experience. This whole journey, right? This is going way beyond the tactics of diet and exercise. Yes, those are extremely important. That is your, what? That is your how, but you got to get yourself in alignment with what you want to accomplish, because if you’re going along your journey without knowing what you want, without having a vision of what you want, it’s not going to be clear for you, what you can create. So you have to know what you want and you have to keep it simple minded. If you’re overthinking about everything, the overthinker is going to be the one that is having a hard time, getting everything in alignment. Keep it silly, stupid, simple with your thought processes. Just focus on what you want, get everything in alignment. And then I guarantee you, you will get what you want, but you have to stay in that alignment. And the faster you get in alignment, the faster you’re going to see more things come to you. More results, guys, I’m telling you, right? The results even comes down to the way that you’re thinking. If you’re stressed, you’re causing that thinking process. You’re causing other chemicals in your body. These are really specific stuff. You’ve got to keep your thoughts in alignment with the goals and know that it’s possible.

All right. So I’m going to that concludes that rant. Um, I got a question coming through. If you guys have more questions, let’s fire off this Q and a, but I really hope that that hit home for you guys because it truly does start within you. It’s not a program. It’s not another fad diet. It’s not another quick fix. It starts within you. Okay. All right. Nikita was a babe. I know girl, you would love what I just talked about. I just spit alleged truth and you would appreciate it, babe. So if you just to end date, I would definitely recommend going back to it. Cause you always fire them yet with like this girl speaks truth. All right, Rhonda, if I’m an ex dough in build, will it hurt my progress to do cheat meals instead of repeats? No, not at all. And Marie, hi, Nikki.

I asked last week about wanting a second. Let me move this. I asked last week about low stamina and hunger. I added the recommend 30 grams around my workouts and my workouts are way better, but I’m still super hungry during the day. Do you have any further suggestions on my workout days? If I’m 195 cars, one, five protein, 56 rest days I dropped down to. Okay. So right there, babe. And Marie, just keep your carbs, the same exact number across all days and see if that it helps really that’s something that, um, I only, I typically recommend that negative 25 days because I’m not hands on with you guys, right? The revolution. I can’t be hands on as much as I totally want to. That’s why I recommend that 25 days off. But ideally, if you are somebody who experiences that experiences of fatigue, experiencing hunger, um, experiencing, not sleeping well, carbs should just stay across the board on all days.

It’s super unique and different for everybody. As you guys know, nobody has the same exact macronutrients. And it’s hard for me to be a little bit more hands-on this community. But I told him once you guys to know that if you were experiencing that kind of stuff, then keep your carbs in at all levels. The same exact day. What’s up, Joanna Kesha, generally speaking, how long should you stay in cup phase before moving to build, I know results vary a hundred percent results do vary, but I just want to make sure I don’t stay in a clock deficit for too long. Okay. So Kesha, what I would recommend for you babe, is it’s again, totally different for everybody, but let’s say you still have a lot more fat to lose, or you still want to tone up a little bit more and you know that you have some body fat areas to bring down.

Then if you’re in a cotton, you’re in a deficit, you don’t want to drop your calories too, too low. So go to the rally call where I talk about doing a diet break. Um, it’s one of the past rally calls over like a couple of weeks ago. This is typically what I implement when I’m more hands on an individual. And I know that you have more room to go. Um, it brings your calories up by a significant amount and you drop your cardio in half, but this brings off a lot of stress that your body may be experiencing and allows possible weight even more, uh, dropped by you just eating more food. I’ve seen it so successful with so many women across the board. Um, but it’s a strategy that typically I do do hands on. So I know that doesn’t fully answer your question, but that can help you by using the calculator, going up to maintenance, um, and then cutting your car.

You want half and seeing how your body does with that. And then the next move. If your body doesn’t move, um, then you can find a halfway point between your diet break macros and your, the macros that you ride the week before and find the halfway Mark, and then follow that with the same exact cardio hope you’re catching this, everybody, because this is literally like a goldmine piece of information to do. Now. I don’t recommend everyone do it and start using it like candy because it’s not meant like that. If you are, somebody keeps you like you, like you’re in a deficit for too long and you’re still more fat to lose is something that I would implement for you. And if you do start losing after coming up, then you’re buying needed that you’re buying need that food. It needed that, that, that break. And then I would just ride that out for like two weeks and then find that halfway Mark.

Yes, Ashley, isn’t a blueprint, a lot of women, if you are in the blueprint and you’ve experienced a diabetic, I just had someone lose almost two pounds and literally night and day, like I can’t wait to get on the blueprint Q and a and talk with her because really night and day by her going up and food, which is probably blowing your minds by, well, she increased people’s macros and they lost, yes, it’s totally normal. More food is key at the end of the day, you want to have as much food as possible. Um, but there’s a strategy to it. And I do this in the blueprint with a lot of the women, cause I’m more hands on inside of that community. So, um, hopefully that made sense, Kesha. And to answer your question again, it’s like in fully in detail, it’s, it’s different for everybody, but you w you don’t want to be in a deficit for like a year.

You don’t want to be in deficit for like eight months. Um, unless you’re doing these little dye breaks here and there. So it really, it really varies more. So pay attention to how you’re feeling, your energy, your, uh, cues, you know, are you getting more irritable? You’re getting way more tired. Are you more exhausted? And you’re not recovering. Then those are signals that your body needs a more food and maybe to come up to maintenance for a couple of weeks or higher intake for a couple of weeks. Awesome thing is super helpful. Good, good, good, good. I’m happy to hear that. That was literally golden nuggets. You guys is a strategy that I use to help so many women that know that they’d still need to lose more, but, um, you can’t, we can’t drop their macros anymore. It’s just going to be silly, stupid, ridiculous.

And they’re going to be at the 1200 calorie Mark. Um, so that’s a strategy that is widely used and works so nice. Lee. All right. And Ray officer, should we modify a diet exercise during the week? We are menstruating. I’ve heard so much conflicting information. Um, no, you don’t need to modify any diet. You don’t need to modify any exercise. Look, I can say this right now because I literally just got my period this morning. And, uh, thank you for everybody to give me love on Instagram. This one is brutal TMI. I am soaking so tampons. Um, but y’all, don’t need to know that, but anyway, you know, um, but anyway, so no, you don’t modify your diet and you want to be as consistent as possible with your diet. Once you start modifying it because of your menstruating and your cycle and everything like that, then you’re, you’re screwing with your metabolism at that point.

So I’m glad you guys all found that funny. Um, but anyway, so, and you don’t want to mess with exercise, just understand. I just made this a post on my Instagram, understand that the day, the week before your period, the week of your period, your energy levels are going to what, or you’re going to have low energy. Um, but just up to your workouts, don’t you have to push yourself, but like, just do the best that you can always do your best and do as much as you possibly can, you know, with your weights and stuff like that. Um, but if you don’t need to go ham, you’re not going to be able to go ham. Um, so understand that and know that your energy levels are going to drop. And then the week after you’re going to rise up an energy, gonna be able to push harder.

You’re going to have higher PRS. It’s all due the fluctuation of our hormones. The week of our, of our period, all hormones are low. So you’re naturally not going to have energy, any, any energy as you go about the other weeks of your cycle, different hormones, rise and lower. So you’re gonna have different types of energy. All right. Again, I talked about this in a blueprint too, as well. Um, and this helped Gail helps you guys understand that it’s not you, it’s not you, it’s the hormones that we deal with. All right. So no, you do not need to change or modify anything diet or exercise lives. Listen to me on that. Don’t listen to all the other conflicting information. All right, Sean Hannity for a building I’m asking one and a half minutes between sets same on 50. Is that good? Or should I arrest to ministry?

Voice in my body? You’re the best go out. Thank you, Sean. No, I think, you know, one and a half minutes is, um, is pretty significant amount of time for you to rest during your, during those sets. And especially at your age, it really comes down to, you know, okay. After you do your set, how’s your breathing and can you get your breathing back under control before you go into the next set? Um, if your breathing is under control really easily, then go into the next set. Even sooner than that, then the minute and a half, um, it’s not under control and you’re still huffing and puffing. Just take a second, maybe a little bit longer, and then, um, go back, go into the next step. But a minute and a half is pretty sufficient at all


Jackie, I’ve been doing the strength workouts for three months. I want to build the lean muscle. I’m definitely stronger, but not sure if I should switch to build or not. I’m not losing any more that well when you’re in the, uh, it depends that doesn’t really give me much context. To be honest, I’m doing straight into, I guess for three months I wanted to build a lean muscle. I’m definitely stronger, but not sure if I should switch to build or not. Well, if you want to build lean muscle, you can’t be losing you. Won’t be losing body fat at the same time. You need that body fat in order to build a lean muscle. So I think you should get a little bit more clear on what your goals are. If it’s to decrease body fat, then you would do, uh, the burn programming. If it’s to, um, build lean muscle and you got to eat more food to do that, which is going to be your you’re going to put on some body fat in order to build the muscle that you want. So there’s two ways that you can go with that one.

Ashley and grill day three of mine is in tents. Uh, you know what? It’s probably the full it’s. I know that all of us are on the same cycle and it’s super interesting, cause we’re all in sync with the full moon. If you guys didn’t know that, which is pretty dope. Um, but it must be the full moon, you know, this, this round because yeah, mine’s intense, but the one thing to look forward to with the aging. Yeah, for sure. I cannot wait till I don’t get this thing on a monthly basis. Uh, Carla just started the strength training. I’m doing four days. So I need to follow the order of the exercises on this training page or can I pick and choose which sets to complete? Um, you D you can go so you, you want it. Okay. I’m thinking about the strength and you’re in the blueprint.

So yes, you’re fine to do the sets if you want to go out of order, but any super sets or art together, you guys don’t mix up. The supersets keep the super assessed together. Other sets, you can kind of move them around, but the supersets always stay together. Cheryl, what’s up, babe. And Marie, thank you. I love how amazing and supportive you are. You’re welcome. You guys. Absolutely Mikita. Thank you, babe. Kimberly, a couple of weeks ago in the Q and a session, you challenged us to increase our lifting weight. Not only was I able to increase my lifting weight, but I was also able to increase my reps. My mindset was totally holding me back. Not anymore. Although I do think Kay is trying to kill us this week. Thank you so much of the push I’m feeling great. Yes. You know, you guys, we had our team meeting yesterday and I brought up all of your comments to Kate.

Kate. Obviously she sees it, but she didn’t say much on the, on the, um, on the team meeting. So I brought it up and I was like, Kate, you weren’t this Sterling, this group this month, she is killing you guys. These workouts are intense, which is great because you all are, especially at tricep and chest wall, but it’s good. That’s a worry of your workout. She does definitely deserve that devil emoji a hundred percent. Um, but I love that you did that. You said that can really, because yes, I share with you guys in a couple of weeks ago, um, that I was lifting with Madeline that you guys know she’s on the team. Um, you guys probably seen her on my Instagram. We did live workouts together. I was lifting with her ed. You know, when you’re lifting with somebody else, you really get out of your own way.

You really just start putting more weight up. Like, I don’t know how to explain to you just, it’s just, I guess, the atmosphere being with somebody else. Um, and so I’d like do so much more weight than I thought that I could possibly do. And it was wild, absolutely wild. So I challenged all of you guys to go onto your workouts because we’re the only ones that are holding us back with those workouts. We kind of go through the motions and we don’t even realize it. So again, and challenge, you guys accept it. Lift, go heavier tomorrow, go heavier. Don’t worry about, you’re like keeping obviously the right forum, but you’ll find yourself that you you’ll you’ll do even better by lifting and focusing on the form that you could actually go heavier. Basically. That’s more of that right there, but I love it. Kimberly. Thanks for sharing that, Sean. Awesome. Makes sense. Awesome. It’s awesome. Not having monthly once a hot flashes go away. Mindset matters. Yes. Bothered my hobby started joining me in my work as this week and he keeps saying I’m a warrior dude, poor guy story. I love it. Kate. He’s loving your workouts now to get him on MACRA now to get him on macros. That’s so awesome. I love that warrior dude. Maybe something, maybe something down the road for sure. But that’s awesome

Now to get them to the word in the macro. Seriously, if y’all want to get your hobbies on the macros, the calculations are definitely way different. Um, but you guys can pretty much just add like a thousand calories on top of what you’re eating and then do the same, like 30, 40, 40 split, 30, 30, 40 split.


Nikita. How are you so happy? Well, on your cycle, I would have been passed out by Nally for real girl. I had such a rough morning. It was unreal. Like got up, did my morning, what I always do, and then bye. I’m making breakfast and I’m just like, Oh. And it just came on. As soon as that happened, I ate really quick and laid back down for like an hour and a half. And then I was, I was just, I was so slow today. I did some work and then I went for a walk and then now I’m here, but I’m going to crash hard. I got this community call with you guys at the blueprint and a half an hour. Then I got the VIP at nine o’clock. So I had to show up. I still had to show up and you guys, you guys get me on that vibe anyway, naturally. So thank you.

And Ray, could your period get wonky in the beginning of training and due to change in exercise and diet? Could your period get wonky in the beginning of training? Yes, absolutely. If you introduce anything new with nutrition and training, of course you can throw the period cycle off just a little bit, just really important that you still get it monthly. And if you guys didn’t know that your period can naturally change every six months, eight months, everybody’s completely different on that too as well. Um, but yeah, that’s totally normal and totally happens, but just really important that you do get it on a monthly basis. You’re welcome, Valerie. Thanks for always showing. Of course I love you guys.

So Carla, when you say 30, 30, 40, what macros are those? So it’s 40 carbs, 30 protein, 30 fats, Nikita your beef. Thanks babe. Valerie VIP. Very curious about it. Just where they will fill out. I will fill out and be shocked by the price. So VIP is way, way more hands on. You’re working directly with the coach. Um, you guys are going as far and as deep as establishing proper form. Okay. So that can share a lot of value in what I, what, how, I mean, we crossed all barriers with you inside the VIP. You’re going down into learning about form. Um, you’re setting up appointments with your coach. You have coaches, you have meetings on a weekly basis with the community. Then you have with meetings with me and everybody like, so you have your own coaches meeting with your coach and her babes.

And then you have one with me and the entire community, all coaches, all babes that’s on a weekly basis. Um, our new system that we just implemented, you guys have Voxer support with anybody who’s new, that’s coming in. You have boxers and forests. Are you able to voice message your coach? Um, I mean, Jesus, what when people say price is, it’s the value that you get. Okay. And the more that’s going to get you in and on the right track towards your goals. So you can do a faster, you should throw the price out the door because it’s the value that’s coming through from the programs that we have in place, it’s going to help you get to your goals with more support, um, more hands-on we do your macros or do your workouts, or do your adjustments. We do your check-ins like all that kind of stuff. VIP is way, way, way more hands-on and you have the time with an actual coach. So that coach has coming into play and is working with you. So, I mean, geez, if you put it on price, on like personal trainers, people pay, like I heard somebody paid $250 for a session with a personal trainer and I was like, Oh my God, that’s insane. So just think about that,


Um, my little silent VIP, but absolutely crushes. It, VIP is

Totally worth the cost. Invest in yourself now or pay for doctors and medications later, like drop Mike drop and Denise has made incredible

Y’all you guys probably listened to her

Interview. We’ve done the interview together and she just absolutely crushes it. So, yeah. Sorry about the type I meant fill out the gotcha. You’re welcome, Valerie. But yeah, y’all we have spots open. I highly recommend it. Um, it’s totally here. I can actually drop the link here for you

Let me make sure that that

Yep. That’s the application. And we currently have a couple more spots. I opened up 10 last week. We had five people come in and then there’s five more spots left. So, you know, if it resonates with you with what I just said, take the time to fill it out. Take the time to chat with my team. You’re going to be able to talk to somebody and make sure it’s the right thing for you. And if not, then stay in the revolution or come into the blueprint program.

All right, you guys, I’m going to go year up for my blueprint call that I got next. So, but I absolutely love you guys and I love showing up you guys. I love hanging out with you guys. I love being here with you guys. I hope that that little rant at the beginning of this Q a day really resonated with you guys. If you guys missed it, go back to the beginning and listen to like five minutes in to like, I don’t know where I stopped ranting at like 10 minutes, 15 minutes. It really will help you guys. Oh, this is, it’s just all myself picking out my face. Fricking zip from my period is ridiculous. It’s fricking massive. But anyway, I love you all. You guys remember get more organized, more in alignment with your thoughts, your feelings, your energy in your body. And all of those are in alignment towards the, in the same direction to what you want. You can accomplish what you want. You are the creator. You do this. You go after on a daily basis, stay in alignment and go in one direction to the goals that you want to accomplish. All right. I love you all. And I’ll see you guys for our rally call on Sunday. All right. Bye everybody.


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